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welcome to my fantasies
Oh, no, not him again. 
22nd-Sep-2013 08:38 pm
Why do I even listen? Urgh, did I really need another reason to dislike Marini? Nope! Yet, he provides me with one, once again. I read some comment on AfterElton (Yes, I know, it has another name now) and went searching for it because I know that AE has it's own way of interpreting things, but I found the supposed comment Marini made on www.bethenny.com.

The first question asked of him was: "Would you ever lie to the press to help a famous gay friend stay in the closet?"

I appreciate his attempt to be modern in stating that it's 'uncool' to be the closet (was it ever 'cool' to be in the closet? It's been called a lot of things, but 'cool/uncool'????), and good fo him, that he was a witness during a same-sex wedding and I agree that it's most likely better to be who you need to be, however I still think it's not HIS decision to out anyone and/or discuss their sexual orientation with others, especially members of the press.

Now I'm even more happy that he only started ruining acting in B&S since season 4, so Luke Macfarlane could come out on his own terms and not because Marini couldn't keep his trap shut.

I recently watched Wentworth Miller's speech for the Human Rights Campaign about how much trouble he had had to accept himself and how he struggled about coming out, (I wonder in how far it cost him his supposed relationship with Luke Macfarlane.) and I'm glad that he didn't have someone like Marini thinking his internal fight is 'uncool' and go yanking him out of the closet by discussing with the press what another actor is not ready to discuss with anyone just yet.

Nope, again he didn't score many points with me.

Just my opinion, though.
23rd-Sep-2013 04:54 pm (UTC)
I totally forgot about this guy! If he hadn't been in B&S, I still would ignore his existence. :|

I can understand where he comes from because this whole concept of in and out is practically inexistent in France. The few celebrities that did come out about their sexual orientation did not receive praise or congrats from the rest. The reaction to such announcement would rather be a shrug, a so what, or annoyance at someone for sharing something considered private.

Actually, most gay celebs that come to mind didn't make a huge deal out of it. It's out in the open like straight people are out in the open. Weird, right? Cultural differences, I guess.

However, I am absolutely against outing. Mind your own business and let people decide what they want to share about their personal life on their own terms. Thank you very much :)
26th-Sep-2013 07:57 pm (UTC)
We, Dutch, have so many gay actors, show-hosts, newsreader etc, that we don't care much about it either. Yes, in general the reaction is 'good for him/her' and we move on with out lives.
But confirming to the press that someone is gay (thereby outing him/her) is a totally different thing and should not be done. That should indeed be up to person in question.
Glad we agree! :D
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