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welcome to my fantasies
14 steps to hapiness - step 5 - compromises 
24th-Sep-2008 12:56 am
kevin/scotty valentine rose

2.12 Compromises

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: PG-13
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Morning after pill.

“I want to be dead.” Kevin moans, pulling the chair in the kitchen backwards and wincing at the terrible noise it makes.
“Of headache or embarrasement?” Scotty asks, giving Kevin a quick look.
“Whichever one is fastest…. So, how much of a fool did I make of myself last night?”
“All my friends think you’re cute by now. Is that any indication?”

“Oh, God, tell me I didn’t do some striptease-act to ‘Big Spender’ or something….” Kevin moans in horror. Scotty grins at the thought. The idea alone is enough to tease Kevin with, but he goes for honesty instead.
“No, you only butchered Tom Jones. His fans will be so happy with you. Besides… I said that my friends thought you were cute, not that were insanely jealous of me, so… you didn’t strip.”

He waits for Kevin to break down Scotty’s reply, then watches a silly grin appear on Kevin’s face:
“Thanks,…” but then the grin disappears and unsure he continues: “… I think.”
“How are you feeling now?” Scotty asks, he stands behind Kevin and softly runs his fingers through Kevin’s hair, massaging his head. Kevin leans into the touch.
“Much better if you keep on doing that.” He grabs one of Scotty’s hands and kisses the inside of his wrist. Scotty smiles and kisses Kevin’s forehead. “And that too.” Kevin almost purrs.

Scotty puts a glass in front of him. It has some undefined brown liquid in it and Scotty orders:
“Drink that first.”
“What is that?”
“Grandma Wandell’s magic potion, cures all aches.” Scotty answers, as Kevin smells the drink.
“Let me guess. It kills you?”

“Yup, but fortunately… it also raises the dead.” Scotty laughs.
“Doesn’t surprised me. With that smell.” But in spite of his sarcastic remark he drinks it all.
“And now: Shower! You threw up last night and though I cleaned up, I think I may have missed a few spots, judging by the smell.”
“EEEEWW!!” Kevin claims and leaves for the bathroom.
Scotty is in the bedroom when Kevin exits the bathroom, looking much better than earlier on.
“Hey! Your grandmother’s venom worked. I feel like I could…. conquer the world!” Kevin declares, dramatically raising his arms. Scotty cannot help but laugh as he needed those hands to hold up his towel and now… the towel is on the floor.

“Oh, oh, I think I might have made it too strong.” Scotty sighs with a grin.
“I’m going to start by conquering… you.” Kevin pushes Scotty on the bed.
“But…” Scotty protests as Kevin kisses the side of his neck. “There’s….” Kevin kisses his nose. “I have to…” Kisses his eyes. “We….” His cheeks. “Oh, whatever.” Scotty wraps his arms around Kevin and surrenders. He hates fighting anyway.
2nd-May-2009 05:01 pm (UTC)
“EEEEWW!!” Kevin claims and leaves for the bathroom.

I love that line the best! =)

It reminds me of Kevin's very, VERY adorable expression in one of the scenes where Scotty came back to the loft with decadence called Sebastian because the she-she birthday kid refused to eat Sebastian. The "Kevin's expression" came on right after Scotty said "The little mermaid?" and it's just too cute for words!
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