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Fanfic: AU K/S Can't lose? 3/4

Can’t lose? 3/4

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty, with a dash of Chad and Jason.
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: I may borrow the idea of K/S, the story is mine. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: AU… so as usual:

This is an AU (Alternate universe) and this story is definitely sci-fi-ish and characters may or may not react out of character or not be who they are in the original. If you can't handle that, don't read this story.


Scotty wakes up when Kevin’s hand caresses his cock. He turns in Kevin’s arms, so he can face Kevin. Kevin can see clearly how Scotty is embarrassed and aroused at the same time….
“Can I ask you something?” Scotty asks carefully, trying not to think of Kevin’s stroking hand.

“What do you want to know?” Kevin’s voice is soft and seductive and Scotty has a hard time focusing on his question.
“What did you mean by ‘under normal circumstances’, you would never get a guy like me. You can take anyone you chose.”

Kevin makes a little noise, a sarcastic little laughter.
“With my reputation? Who’d want me?”
“You’re attractive, rich, powerful….” Scotty can’t help be point out, moaning softly when Kevin’s hands squeezes him even closer to loss of coherent thought.

Kevin doesn’t reply, he has other plans.
“Turn over.” Kevin orders and Scotty complies. He immediately feels Kevin inside him. The thrust is hard and fast, but not painful and it only makes Scotty want more of Kevin inside him.

“You know what?” Kevin whispers in his ear. “Your boyfriend is a complete idiot. If you were mine, I wouldn’t give you away over a stupid game..” The thrusts are deliberately slow to make Scotty feel Kevin as much as he can. Scotty can feel himself get pushed against the mattress and he starts to push back.

“I would never allow anyone to touch you..” Kevin moans. “I would treat you like a king and shower you with rose-petals and gifts and … love …” Scotty moans as Kevin’s fingertips ever so lightly caress his skin. Another deep thrust makes him grab the pillow to find something to hold on to as he cries out under the building tension in his body.

“I would make love to you every night, until you would beg me to stop loving you…” Scotty can’t even imagine at this point that he would ever beg Kevin to stop what he’s doing now. “I would love you and honor you and forsake all others… Give you the best of me… ” Kevin’s words hit a nerve in Scotty.

For as long as he can remember he had dreamed of being loved and cherished by a man, swept away as by a wave, his romantic soul desired ever-lasting love and commitment. In a way, Chad had fulfilled a need. Not quite as romantically and as all-consuming as Scotty would have liked, but he had always believed that Chad did as good as he could do.

Now, with Kevin deep inside him and Kevin’s hands on his body, bringing up feelings Scotty never even knew he had, he’s not so sure anymore. Kevin is the predator, he can still see that. Scotty knows that he should feel embarrassed or at least humiliated for having been pushed into this by Chad and Kevin, but at this point he just doesn’t care.

He can’t even conjure up the image of Chad in his mind. All he can think of is Kevin. Kevin behind him, inside him, touching him, caressing him. All other thoughts are just gone.
“Oh, please, please… pllllease..” Scotty cries, not exactly sure what he’s asking for.

Kevin is moving faster and Scotty just wants it to stop and at the same time he wants it to go on for all eternity. He hangs on to that little moment between holding back and giving in. He’s so close to coming again, but he wants Kevin to be satisfied with him this time and so he tries to push Kevin to surrender as well.

It becomes a physical and psychological tug of war between them. Kevin can feel how Scotty fights back his desire and he smiles. This beautiful man is even better and more giving than he had expected. He closes his eyes and decides to give Scotty what he wants.

His grip on Scotty tightens. His thrusts pick up speed and he closes his eyes to ban all other thoughts and only focus on this beautiful man underneath him. With a loud scream he pushes Scotty hard into the mattress and he comes deep inside Scotty. Scotty gasps in shock at the chain-reaction that it creates inside him.

Teeth clenched, he goes over the edge with such strength that there are tears in his eyes and that he’s still out of breath by the time he regains some awareness of life around him. He’s tired from all the energy he had put into the sex and even Kevin’s tender touch can’t make him calm him down any faster.

Sex has never had such a profound impact on him before and he feels slightly disappointed that it’s over already. He can feel his body let go of the tension it had held earlier and Scotty wouldn’t have mind if it had lasted just a little bit longer… He fights his desire to sleep or to rest. Instead, he turns to his back and he notices that Kevin sits at the foot of the bed, watching him.

“You’re good.” Scotty says, slightly more in awe than he had wanted to show. Kevin’s smile is a sad one and he wraps his arms around his knees.
“I’ve had a lot of experience….” He says, but it’s clear that it’s not something he’s happy about. Scotty raises an eyebrow as a silent request for more explanation.

“You asked me why I couldn’t get a guy like you… To answer your question…. I don’t believe in the possibility anymore. I’ve seen too much, gone through too much. I’m sincerely happy for men, like you, who can still hope on love, believe in love everlastng, but I can’t…”
“I get that I may crossing the line here, but …” Scotty doesn’t dare to ask. Kevin shrugs.

“It’s no secret. I was sixteen, when I got kicked out my house by my stepfather. My mother cared more for him and his kids than for me. I had heard that this planet was a real heaven filled with gold, so I smuggled myself on board a freighter-shuttle, which would bring me here….

The journey lasted longer than I had thought and I got hungry. I was very careful, but I got caught. The captain of the ship was a man named Gary. He… ahm… made me pay for my journey by taking me to his bed...”
“But you were still so young….” Scotty says quietly. Kevin shrugs again.

“Well, first of all, I wasn't exactly a virgin. I had slept with men before. And I was realistic too and I could see that there wasn't really anyone who actually gave a fuck about what would happen to me. No one cared if I was dead or alive.

In the month that I had travel from Earth to Erica I didn’t leave the captain’s room. I was a slave to his moods. He kept threatening me that he would jettison me into space, with the garbage, if I so much as tried to protest.

And I think he would have. A runaway kid? No one knew where I was or that I was on his ship… he could have killed me once he was done playing with me… But he didn’t. Maybe it would have been better if he had… I don’t know… Then one night he pours me a drink and tells me that we’re about to land on Erica. I had made it.

He offered me the drink. I had never taken alcohol before. I felt like I had paid my dues and that was it… So I drank what he offered me… It tasted bitter. I started to feel light in my head. Couldn’t keep my eyes open… I just fell asleep. And I woke up in the middle of a forrest, in a tent, that belonged to a lone miner…”

“That cannot have been good.” Scotty gasps in shock.
“It wasn’t. I had no idea where I was, from which direction I’d come from or in which direction I should go.. There were no paths that I could see and I barely had any clothes on my body and it was autumn and getting pretty cold at night.

He introduced himself as Ben… No last name. Never found out what it was until he died… He had bought me from Gary. He wasn’t getting younger and he needed an extra pair of hands. I was there for the hard work. I had to help him with the cabin he was building… And he taught me how to search for gold….

We moved from the tent into the cabin before winter…. I worked, I cooked, I kept the place clean… I was…… I was his fuck-toy whenever he wanted me….” Again there’s a shrug, and Scotty can almost feel the wall of loneliness. “…I stayed with him for 5 years. At first out of fear, after all, I had nowhere to run…. Then I got used to the abuse after a while. I became numb to it….

I got used to the rhythm of working of my ass off. Getting up early, work all day, cook, clean, go to bed, and up again next day…. I was on automatic pilot. The days just past and I never spoke to anyone else but Ben, who wasn’t much of a talker…. I never saw anyone else either. No one ever came to the camp. Ben had no one either, it seemed.

For all I knew Ben and I were the only ones on this planet, if this planet was even Erica and not some other planet that Gary had dumped me on….”
“How could those two take advantage of someone so young?” Scotty wonders. Kevin looks up.

“Gary had told Ben that I was 18 years old, when I was only 16. He said I just a slender boy. Ben believed Gary and never asked me anything. By the time I was around 19 I had been Ben’s property for 3 years and it really no longer mattered. I didn’t feel anything anymore.

Ben used me when he needed it, but as not as often as Gary had. And I got used to being used. And Gary had enjoyed to see me in pain, Ben didn’t. He just fucked me and let me go to my own bed. Or I would remain in his, when it was very cold. My body was just another tool to get something done…” Kevin’s voice becomes softer.

“How did you get away?” Scotty asks.
“He got sick. Very sick. I was not a doctor and I couldn’t help him much. But I tried. He almost got better, then he got worse again... I think that Ben knew that he wouldn’t live long after that.

Because he told me that, once he ws dead, I had to go to the bank in Pinius and give them a piece of paper that he had written. And then one morning, in the winter, I woke up and he didn’t.” Kevin states calmly. “I looked amongst his possessions, if there was something worthwhile, and I found the gold, that I had found for him, and that he had kept hidden.

I found the piece of paper, that he had mentioned and I read that he had scribbled down that, in the event of his death, everything should be given to me. I threw his body on the horse, got on the horse as well and then I told the horse to go, figuring she’d know where to go. After all, whenever Ben needed supplies he’d go by horse….

The horse brought me to Pinius. I dropped Ben’s body at the sheriff’s office, and he quickly found out from the doctor that Ben's death was a natural one. With that information I went to the bank with the piece of paper that Ben had left me. I handed it over, as he had instructed me to do, and they created an account for me and transferred everything to it….

Arranging paperwork and everything…. Money and gold really buys you everything and everyone….” Kevin adds sarcastically. “I had no idea of what I had exactly or how rich I was.. All I wanted was a hot bath, a good meal and a soft bed….” Scotty can’t help but smile at Kevin’s wish-list.

“So, how did you end up here?”
“Like I said…. Money and gold will buy you anything and anyone. I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was very tempting to go overboard, but …. I had lived with too little for too long.

Then one night I see this girl get beaten up by some man…. I interfered and she introduces herself as Rebecca. A runaway kid, like me. She told me about this place and how badly the girls and boys were being treated…. That night their ‘protector’ disappeared and I took over…. Better working conditions, more money, better clientele.”

“And the original ‘protector’?” Scotty asks.
“Had an unfortunate accident and died.” Kevin waves it away as unimportant.
“That’s where you reputation comes from?”

“Let’s say, that I’ve bought out quite a couple of crooks and slave-drivers.”
“Bought out?” Scotty asks, not entirely believing it.

“Or arm-wrestled them out of here in other ways. Some left to no never come back, some of them are still around,… we will just never see them again….. The advantages of large forests and a lot of open terrain…."

"And did you also work here? I mean, as a.....?" He can't finish, because Kevin begins to laugh and he shakes his head.
"No. Never.... After all that had happened I vowed to never let a man take me again. I'd never get on my knees for a man again, if you catch my drift... But enough about me.. What about you? What’s your story?”

Scotty seems surprised by the question, but, after a quick moment to regroup his thoughts, he answers:
“Nothing important. Grew up on Earth. Loving, caring family. My dad wanted me to take over the company he had built, but I …. I’d rather cook. I told him I wanted my own restaurant and then he told me that if that is what I wanted I had to work for it. I got a job as a cook in the mining-camp and that’s where I met Chad.”

“Ah. The love of your life…” Kevin smiles. Scotty smiles too, but it doesn’t completely reach his eyes. He feels weird about how drawn he is to Kevin. Chad is his boyfriend, but it just feels too good to be with Kevin. He should be afraid of Kevin, knowing his reputation, but he feels completely safe and for some reason he trusts Kevin one hundred percent.

“Sorry.” Kevin says, seeing the change in mood in Scotty and fearing that he had made a mistake. “It’s inappropriate. I mean, the two of you are lovers and here I am, holding you to some foolishly made bet… And…. I’m sorry, I think it’s time I leave…” He leaves the foot of the bed. It confuses Scotty.
“No, please, don’t leave.” He begs.

Kevin stops at the door and turns to Scotty.
“I don’t know what I was thinking…. I saw you and him enter the club and… I liked you from the moment I saw you…. I don’t know what came over me… I just wanted you…. But it’s wrong….

You’re no one’s property. Not Chad’s. Not mine…. But if you would belong to someone, it would be him, I suppose…. I had no right to interfere. I shouldn’t even have kept you to your word. It was just wrong…” Kevin suddenly looks so lost and vulnerable, that Scotty wants to get to him straightaway, but before Scotty has been able to fight off the sheets, Kevin is gone….


The knock on the door wakes him from an uncomfortable sleep and Scotty sits up, hoping it will be Kevin. It’s not. It’s one of the two men from the previous evening, carrying a breakfast-tray filled with all sorts of treats. It all looks so delicious. He eats some bread and drinks some coffee.

He looks around, a bit uncomfortable. His clothes are still gone and he’s naked under the sheet. He wonders what he should do next. There’s another knock on the door and he looks up, expecting the man to return for the tray, but it’s Kevin instead.
“Hi.” He says, slightly shy. Scotty mouths a ‘hi’ back.

“I… ahm… I came to bring you your clothes..” He puts a little bundle on the food of the bed. “There’s an envelope there too… I… ahm.. I assume that if I hadn’t pushed Chad and you the way I had, then maybe he wouldn’t have lost his money or you your bet… So, in all fairness, I’m giving it back….”

“Thank you…” Scotty whispers, not sure what to say… “I’m sure he’ll appreciate it…”
“I guess there’s nothing left to say….” Kevin says.
“No.” Scotty has to agree. For a moment they just look at each other, eyes meeting and conveying more than they should.

Kevin turns around and walks to the door. Scotty wants to stop him but he doesn’t know how. Kevin opens the door and Scotty opens his mouth to say something, but there’s no sound. That is when Kevin abruptly turns around and crosses the bed-room in a three steps. Without much tenderness he takes Scotty’s head between his hands and he kisses him profoundly.

“Scotty,…” Kevin moans, breaking the kiss. “I don’t know what the future holds for you, but you’re smart and you’re funny and you’re sweet ….and you’re cute… And you’re hot as hell. … Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you’re second best. Don’t settle for second best… Because you deserve the best there is… You deserve that….”

Scotty’s too surprised by Kevin’s sudden passionate kiss and by his passionate speech and he doesn’t know how to react, but he doesn’t have to do anything. Kevin gives him once last feather-light kiss on the lips and then he’s gone, leaving Scotty hopelessly confused by his own feelings….


Scotty leans with his head against the door of the apartment, that he and Chad share. He tries to find courage to go in. Chad will be so upset about everything. How can he even explain that Kevin had been more of a gentleman than Scotty had expected? How can he explain that Kevin had given him the option out, but that he hadn’t taken it….?

How can he explain that Kevin has been the only one on his mind from the moment he left the brothel to the moment he got here and he was reminded of his boyfriend?
“Let’s get it over with…” Scotty whispers and he goes in and carefully closes the door behind him.

He mentally prepares himself for the barrage of questions, accusations and apologies, but Chad is not in the small living-room, or in the kitchen. Scotty enters the bedroom and he stops. Chad is on their bed, in a deep sleep. He hasn’t even registered that Scotty just got back.

Someone else has however. Next to Chad, in the bed that Chad and Scotty had always shared, is another man, he seems shocked to see Scotty. He grabs one of the thin blankets and pulls it over his naked body.
“Who are you?” He asks, completely surprised..

“I could ask you the very same question.” Scotty replies.
“My name is Jason…. And you are?”
“Scotty. I’m Chad’s boyfriend.” He points with his thumb at Chad’s sleeping body. Jason’s face displays disbelief.

Then he slowly gets up from the bed, taking the blanket with him. The sudden loss of Jason’s warm body, as well as the warm blanket, wakes up Chad. He opens his eyes and the first thing he sees is Jason.
“Jason….” Chad mumbles, a smile spreading over his face.

“Chad… It would seem that you forgot to mention last night that … you have a boyfriend…?” Jason points at Scotty. Chad rolls over and sees a furious Scotty at the foot of the bed.
“Oh, no…. No… Scotty…. This is not what you think…..”

“It isn’t …?” Scotty asks. Jason’s laugh is sarcastic.
“I would like to see you explain how we didn’t fuck last night…. With me still here in the room and just tumbling out of your bed…” Jason can see Scotty shakes his head. Whatever Chad will have to say he doubts that Scotty will ever believe him again.

“I got drunk … and… I don’t know… it seemed like some … I don’t know… Jason started talking to me… and I just … Man, I really don’t know….” Chad tries to get his thoughts organized.
“I don’t know either,.. but I’m out of here..” Jason answers and he turns to Scotty, while trying to maintain some dignity.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know he wasn’t available. He never said he had a boyfriend, I just assumed that….”
“Don’t worry… As of now Chad is completely available…” Scotty decides.
“No, Scotty, you can’t be serious… I ….” Chad tries, but Scotty is already gone.

Jason slowly gets dressed in the living-room. Eventually Chad emerges from the bathroom as well.
“I’m sorry that you got caught up in all this…” Chad starts.
“So am I.” Jason answers
“Listen, you’re really attractive. Maybe you and I could…?”

Jason smiles sarcastically.
“I don’t think we should. Not if you intend to make things up with Scotty.”
“I don’t think we can… He warned me last time, that he would not forgive me a second time… He’s not coming back…”

Chad suddenly begins to cry, realizing that he just lost Scotty. Jason remains where he is, waits a few seconds and then says gently:
“I’m sorry, but I won’t be the rebound-toy either…. Get over Scotty first… And then…? Well, if we’re meant to be, we’ll run into each other again.” Jason says. He picks up his coat and leaves the apartment.

Once outside, he takes a deep breath, and he walks over to corner, where Chad can no longer see him. A large black car waits. Jason smiles and gets in.
“Did it go according to plan?” Kevin asks.
“Of course.” Jason answers. “Piece of cake.”

“Good. And here, my dear reverend, is my contribution for the new roof on your church and you have my gratitude for showing up so fast last night, and provide comfort for poor Chad….” Kevin’s smile is wicked and Jason folds up the envelop that contains Kevin’s check.
“Glad to be service….I’m always yours, you know that.” Jason nods politely.

“I know…” Kevin grins and he watches how Jason gets out of the car near his church. Kevin sees him walk away and he remembers the young man who had once worked for him until he had found God. Kevin had made all traces of Jason’s past disappear so could be a minister in the church he loved…. Money well spent, as it turns out.

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