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Fanfic: AU K/S Can't lose? 2/4

Can’t lose? 2/4

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty, with a dash of Chad and Jason.
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: I may borrow the idea of K/S, the story is mine. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: AU… so as usual:

This is an AU (Alternate universe) and this story is definitely sci-fi-ish and characters may or may not react out of character or not be who they are in the original. If you can't handle that, don't read this story.


As if by some signal, unheard by Scotty, both men place a sheet over his body and leave without a word. A few seconds later, Kevin Walker enters.


Kevin throws but one glance at Scotty and crosses the room, where he pours himself a glass of champagne. He lets himself fall in one of the large chairs, rather ungracefully, and he takes a sip. He lets his glass dangle between his finger-tips.
“So, you’re my ‘prize’ for tonight..” He seems amused by his own statement.

He places his glass on the side-table and walks up to the bed, where he gently removes the tape from Scotty’s mouth. His thumbs caress Scotty’s cheeks.
“I’m sorry, my men are used to people who don’t come here voluntarily…. I hope they didn’t hurt you?”

Scotty can’t say if Kevin is really concerned or just mocking him, but he shakes his head nonetheless. Under the sheet he’s still half-hard from the impersonal, but not painful treatment he had gotten.
“I assume them prepared you?” Kevin asks, kicking off his cowboy-boots and flinging them in the corner.

Scotty can only nod, still unable to say a word.
“Am I going to need those to restrain you?” Kevin asks, pointing at the hand-cuffs at Scotty’s wrists.
“Noh..” Scotty finally manages to whisper.

“Good. They can be so impractical, a real hindrance when you’re having sex with a guy…” He stops talking, seems to think over his words and then adds: “I suppose that also goes for girls….” He ponders some more and then finishes his sentence with in a slow and calculated manner.

“… But I usually leave the girls to my men to deal with and only watch the sex… Just to make sure there are no excesses in punishment… Men can so easily get carried away, can’t they?” His blue eyes make immediate contact with Scotty’s blue eyes and Scotty can’t for the life of him figure out if Kevin is mocking him or being sincere.

“I-I-I s-s-suppose so.” He stammers, his voice nothing more than a whisper. Kevin smiles and his hand travels, over the sheet, from Scotty’s knee to his belly, where it rests. Scotty can’t help the impulse to move his body closer to Kevin’s hand and a little smile plays around Kevin’s mouth.

Over the sheet, Kevin’s index-finger draws a circle from Scotty’s belly-button over the upper-thigh, between his legs and back over the other upper-thigh to his belly-button. It straightens the sheets under his fingers exposing how aroused Scotty is. To Scotty it seems as if his cock is ready to explode.

Kevin merely smiles, bites his lower-lip and then he straddles Scotty’s body and reaches out over him to untie the hand-cuffs. First, he takes care of those attached to the bed, so he can bring Scotty’s hands closer to him. Then he un-cuffs Scotty’s wrists. He takes away the cuffs in an almost tender way and he caresses Scotty’s wrists, to make sure there are no markings.

Then he brings Scotty’s hands to his lips and kisses the insides of Scotty’s wrists as if to kiss away any pain he may have caused. The unexpected tenderness makes Scotty even harder than he was before and he moans softly. Slowly Kevin pulls Scotty up, so he’s in a seated position.

On his knees, Kevin looks at Scotty, he makes Scotty drown in those blue eyes. He places Scotty’s hands on his shoulder and Scotty’s fingers seem to automatically thread behind Kevin’s head. Kevin pulls him closer. Scotty’s lips part and he closes his eyes. He had expected a forceful kiss, but instead he gets a gentle touch of lips.

It’s all casual and playful. He can feel Kevin take off his shirt and Scotty can only feel the desire to bring his body even closer to Kevin’s. They only break their kiss to take off Kevin’s tank-top, while Kevin pushes down the sheet that is between them. His strong hands move down Scotty’s back and he presses Scotty’s lower body to his own.

Scotty sighs as he feels that Kevin is aroused as well. Kevin’s hands cups Scotty’s face and he breaks the kiss. He looks at Scotty, seeking eye-contact with him and Scotty is surprised by the sudden vulnerability of that same man, who so easily teases and plays with Scotty’s feelings.

“So far, Scotty, there’s no harm done… You believed in your boyfriend, you made a stupid decision and you’re willing to pay the price. I appreciate this… I hate it when people make promises they don’t keep. You showed me that you’re willing to keep your word. But … I’m not going to do anything against your will.

I’ve never been in love myself… in a place like this, where sex is something that’s for sale and feelings of love are only as deep as your wallet can afford, you end up no longer believing in love… But I know that some are more fortunate than me and some people do fall in love…

I do get that you are in love with Chad and that you got carried away in your desire to please the man you love.…. I admire your guts to got this far with me…. And that you stick to your word. So… I’m giving you one chance to get off the hook.. If you say ‘no’ to me now, I will leave this bed and let you sleep until the morning and that will be the end of it….

I’m not going to hurt you, rape you, punish you or anything. I won’t be mad… I just want you to be honest…. If you want me stop… I’ll stop… Right now, right here. .. This is the only option to get ‘out’, that you will get from me though… B

eyond this point… I won’t stop at anything…. I will fuck your brains out, because…. You’re one of the hottest men I’ve ever met and I’d be a fool if I wouldn’t take advantage out of the fact that you’re in my bed…. I know that, under normal circumstances, I will never get a guy like you…. And if I can get you.. I’ll make you see the sun, the moon, the stars and all the fire-works that’s out there…..”

It almost sounds like an ominous promise, but Scotty is hanging on to every word Kevin says. He can feel all his desire focus itself on that hard place between his legs. The strange turn of events this night and the enigma that Kevin Walker is, holds him under a spell and Chad is forgotten and all Scotty can think of is the man who’s in his arms now.

“I can only hope and pray that you say ‘yes’.” Kevin whispers against Scotty’s mouth. Scotty melts under the tenderness.
“Yes!!!” Scotty replies, letting out the breath he’s been holding. Kevin seems to be surprised by Scotty ‘yes’.

“Are you sure?” He asks, visibly confused.
“Yes.” Scotty repeats. Kevin gives him an uncertain smile that displays his disbelief, but then something changes in him and he returns to the man he was before. He smiles and he uses his upper-body to carefully push Scotty back on the bed.

He continues to kiss Scotty until they are both out of breath. Only then does he rolls off the bed and he takes off the rest of his clothes. He tears away the sheet that covers Scotty, exposing all of Scotty’s naked body. Scotty realizes somewhere deep inside that he should be scared, but he’s too aroused to be scared.

Kevin’s eyes are filled with lust as he looks at the naked man on his bed.
“You’re even hotter than I thought you were….” Kevin says, clearly in awe, and he climbs on the bed, parting Scotty’s legs to get between them. Scotty can see Kevin’s cock, longer and bigger than Chad’s, and he wonders if he can take it in.

He reaches out to Kevin, letting his fingers caress the hardness from the bottom to the top and back down. He looks up at Kevin, suddenly a little shy over his own forward behaviour, but Kevin smiles and he takes Scotty’s hand. He makes Scotty caress him some more, clearly liking the fact that Scotty is touching him.

“It will be alright…” He promises Scotty and he prepares himself. Scotty cannot help the fact that he begin to tremble due to the mixture of arousal, fear and expectation. Kevin notices it. He lifts Scotty’s hips a bit, gently pushes in, allowing Scotty to relax and adjust at his own pace.

Scotty cannot remember ever having been this aroused. His entire body begs for a release of tension and at the same time he’s terrified to let go. The first careful thrust takes his breath away, every other thrust that follows takes his mind away. He pushes up, he adjusts to Kevin’s pace and he wants to every feel every inch of Kevin.

He moans and squirms, giving in to some primal urge to surrender, until Kevin rolls them over, so that Scotty is on top of him and he can set the pace himself. He moves on top of Kevin, he breathes heavily, sweat forming on his chest and back. He just fucks himself on that cock that is harder and bigger than anything he’s ever felt before.

Kevin watches in amazement how the young men on top of him loses himself in their love-making. He’s fascinated by the deep lust that Scotty displays. He can see that Scotty is close, so close, and he reached out to Scotty’s cock, which is trapped between their bodies and he begins to squeeze ever so teasingly.

For Scotty it’s the last bit of encouragement he needs. He gasps in shock, calls on about every deity he can think off as the orgasm rushes through him, zapping all the energy out of his body, making him sink down on Kevin’s chest, feeling his warm release being squashed between them.

He still trembles from the strength of the orgasm and he can feel Kevin’s fingertips caress his back.
“You did good, baby, you did good.” Kevin soothes Scotty, every touch eliciting shocked little movements from Scotty’s body.

Out of breath, wondering where this passion had come from, slightly ashamed that he had lost himself like that, all the while enjoying Kevin’s gentle touches, Scotty is trying to find out by what hurricane he just got hit. Slowly he realizes that he can still feel Kevin inside him… hard…

He closes his eyes in desperation. Oh, God, he had failed to satisfy Kevin. The true meaning of this kicks in. Kevin’s reputation as merciless comes back to him. Surely he’ll get punished for such a colossal mistake… he lifts his head with a shock.
“I’m sorry.” He gasps. “So sorry… I just…”

“Shhhhhhh…it’s alright.” Kevin smiles. “We have all night… I’m harder to satisfy than anyone else on this planet, I fear.” They roll to their sides and Kevin pulls away. Scotty hopes that it will only be a temporary retreat and not a permanent one and he’s surprised by his own feelings.

Like real lovers, they remain in each other’s arms, kissing, caressing and just enjoying their peaceful moment. Scotty closes his eyes under Kevin’s gentle touch and slowly but surely sleep takes over. Kevin smiles and decides to give Scotty a little time to rest, before he will wake up Scotty again….


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