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Fanfic: AU K/S Can't lose? 1/4

Can’t lose? 1/4

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty, with a dash of Chad and Jason.
Rate: There will be NC-17
Disclaimer: I may borrow the idea of K/S, the story is mine. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: AU…  so as usual:

This is an AU (Alternate universe) and this story is definitely sci-fi-ish and characters may or may not react out of character or not be who they are in the original. If you can't handle that, don't read this story.

The game 'Pyramid' is from Battlestar Galactica. The inspiration comes from the following scene between Apollo/Starbuck from the Battlestar Galactica episode ‘The man with the nine lives’:

Starbuck: (optimistic) "I can't wait to get to that gambling deck. I got a new system that can't lose."
Apollo: (suspicious and sarcastic)  "Can't lose?"
Starbuck: (dog-gone sure of himself) "Nope."
Apollo: (smirks and reminds Starbuck of.... ) "The gaming chancery on Pinius."
Starbuck: (less happy): "Awww, that's not fair."
Apollo: (smug) "I didn't think so either, especially since I lost a secton's pay betting your last system."
Starbuck: (positive again) "I know where it went wrong."
Apollo: (sarcastically) "So did I. I lost a secton's pay."

And then I wondered, what if Scotty would lose something, just like Apollo had, and what if it was due to someone else, someone like Starbuck.... Only Scotty got a higher price to pay...... ;)


Planet: Erica
Town: Pinius
History: Discovered in 2154, Erica is small planet where the most important source of income is its mining industry, mainly gold. The town Pinius is the largest town and every Friday and Saturday miners come to spend their money and gold in the stores and in the brothels and sleep off their drunkeness.


Scotty wishes that someone would shoot the guy who’s playing the piano. The ploinking got on his nerves an hour ago and all the plinking doesn’t help much either. He watches how his boyfriend, Chad, plays with his Pyramid-cards. The game is too complicated and Scotty can’t understand half of the rules. In fact, he doesn’t like gambling at all.

But Chad is good at the game and his smile is smug. Scotty hopes that playing this high, and with this much money on the table, is a good idea. Though he had systematically refused to put any of his own wages on the table, he doesn’t want Chad to lose either.
“Are you going call or not?” The man sitting opposite of Chad and Scotty asks his question in a slow and insulting way.

Most  men have gotten out of the game, and Chad only has one ‘opponent’ left. And that worries Scotty. He might not know too much about life in the big city, considering that he spends most of his life cooking for the miners in the camp, even he knows who Chad is going up against.

Kevin Walker is filthy rich and owns half the city, including the saloon/brothel they are in now. The girls and boys who are selling their bodies in this place, all work for him. He’s known as a boss who’s merciless, but fair. And his cold blue eyes and amused grin worry Scotty more than he cares to admit.

Chad has had too much to drink and Scotty worries about how much he’s in control over what is going on.
“I have to play…” Chad replies. “I got this system and it can’t lose. My hand’s too good.” He grins and Scotty gives him a worried glance.

“So you’re very sure that you can win this?” Kevin asks amused. Scotty looks from one man to the other.
“Yes. I’m so sure, that I’m even willing to go so far as to say that if I lose, you can have my boyfriend for the night.” Chad slurs.

“Excuse me?” Scotty whispers, and he watches how Kevin looks him up and down, his grin getting even wider.
“I’m not sure your boyfriend is alright with that one.” Kevin laughs. “He looks bewildered, to say the least.”

“Of course he’s alright with that. He knows that I would never put that pretty ass of his on the line. I only do that because there’s no way that I can lose this game.” Chad replies with confidence. Kevin looks at the cards that he’s holding and then bends over to Scotty.
“Are absolutely sure you want to do this?” He asks.

“Don’t worry, Scotty, I love you, I would never do anything to hurt you.” Chad says.
“You have to understand, … ahm, Scotty? Is that your name?... if he loses… your ass will be mine tonight. And I do intend to… collect … and enjoy…” Kevin warns, a threat in his voice, despite his amused smile.

“I’m sure that Scotty is not afraid of that.” Chad answers, still sure of himself.
“He may not be, but I’d like to hear that from the man himself.” Kevin insists. Both Chad and Kevin now look at Scotty, who, nervously, has no idea what to answer.
“Say yes, Scotty, trust me.” Chad coos.

“I will collect, if he loses. He’s selling off your body.” Kevin points out once again.
“Sweetie, I only do that because I know that I cannot lose....  I love you.... I would never hurt you, baby.”
“Famous last words, baby, love is sweet, and all, but it’s still your ass on the table … and in my bed tonight… if he does lose.” Kevin says.

Scotty looks from Kevin to Chad, wanting to trust Chad, but not entirely happy with the fact that Chad is putting his body, rather than his own, in this deal.
“I … I don’t know… I hate gambling… and ..” Scotty stammers.
“I can’t lose, baby, I swear to it.” Chad reassures him and Scotty wants to believe him.

“Alright… Alright, I’ll do it.” He says reluctantly.
“Okay, let’s get this straight…. Pardon the pun…. If Chaddy-over-here loses this game…. you, Scotty, will be mine, to do with as I please.... tonight…. This is your last chance to back out of this deal, Scotty. I won’t blame you if you did.” Kevin warns him.

He leans closer to Scotty and Scotty isn’t sure if Kevin is daring him to say ‘yes’ or rather daring him to say ‘no’, but he’s daring Scotty to do something and that both excites and terrifies Scotty. He closes his eyes and makes a decision.

“Yes, if he loses, I'll be yours.…. Play.” Scotty tries to smile and appear secure of Chad’s victory, but he’s not sure of that at all and he’s not enough of an actor to fake it. Kevin signals the dealer to play the next batch of cards. Chad grins, he should get his last card to fulfill the pyramid and win… Victory is his!

But the dealer turns one more card and Chad feels all the blood drain from his body.
“Cap-stone. End of game. All players lose.” The dealer announces in a very calm and uncaring voice.

Scotty’s lips part. He should have known! He hears Chad gasp at the realization of what this means.
“You lose.” Kevin says.
“But .. but.... you didn’t win.” Chad points out. There appears a smile on Kevin’s face. Scotty lowers his head and bites his lip.

“Him winning or losing was irrelevant to the deal. It was all about whether you would lose or not. And that is what happened. You lost…. And now I have to pay the price….”
“N-n-no…. Listen… I’ll sleep with you, just….” Chad stammers to Kevin.

“I’m not interested in taking you to my bed. Your boyfriend however... Whole different ball-game… .” Kevin answers with a smirk.
“Come on. He didn’t even want to do this.” Chad begs.
“I’ve asked him twice if he agreed. And he did. Twice.”

“Please, mr Walker, I beg of you….” Chad starts.
“Stop making a fool of yourself, Chad. You lost. End of discussion. Mr Walker is right. He gave me fair warning that this could happen... You knew this would happen, right?” Scotty asks point blank. Kevin can’t bother to lie.

“It was highly probable that the capstone would be in the next batch of cards. With 4 capstones still in the game and with us being so far into the game, the chances were getting increasingly higher that that particular card would be drawn and the game would end.” Kevin explains gently. Scotty nods.

“Fair enough. You won.” He says. Kevin snaps his fingers and two of his body-guards step forward.
“Bring this young man to my room. Make sure he’s prepared properly.” The order is cold and impersonal and with a sigh of resignation Scotty allows the two men to take him away.


He hadn’t been too sure of what ‘preparing properly’ would entail, but he had been brought to a shower, where he could wash himself, which was slightly weird, because the men stayed in the shower-area with him, making sure that he did it right. Once done, he had discovered that his clothes were gone.

One of men had mere shrugged:
“You will get them back tomorrow-morning. Lie down on the bed.” Incredibly aware of his own nakedness he had sat down on the bed and the men had pushed him down on his back. Not forcefully, but it had been clear that resistance was futile.

Even more embarrassing had been how they had prepared him by applying the lube, without much of his consent, though he hadn’t put up much of a fight either. It had been exciting and scary at the same time. A not completely unwanted intrusion. He couldn’t believe how aroused he got, by the way the men prepared him.

But the men themselves didn’t even blink or show any sign of interest or arousal on their parts. By the time they had stepped away from the bed, Scotty is more ready than he thought he could be, but at the same time disillusioned by how little effect he had had on the two men and how impersonal it all had been.

Scotty hears a clicking sound and it takes him a few seconds to realize that he’s chained to the bed. Fear mixes with arousal even more, but before he can say something, his mouth is covered with tape, so he can’t speak. As if by some signal, unheard by Scotty, both men place a sheet over his body and leave without a word. A few seconds later, Kevin Walker enters.

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