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Fanfic: Dating


By Marea67
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S and/or K/S aren’t mine. Written with love not for money.
Summary: Set after 2.09 (Kitty's wedding) and before 211 (Jason's return) - Kevin takes Scotty out. Will it go better than their first ‘date night’?
Author's note: This one was supposed to be longer, but after a year on my computer, I give up, throw my hands in the air and present it as it is. :)

Written for the Love-Bingo prompt: dating


Scotty knows that it’s ridiculous to be so nervous about this. It’s not like it’s their very first date ever, even though it is their first date since they got back together. For someone who’s uptight and organized himself, Kevin sure has the ability to throw Scotty’s life upside down.

There’s something weird about having your first date with a guy, after having moved in with him and after having slept repeatedly with that same guy. Aren’t things supposed to go the other way around? You meet, date, get to know each other, have sex…? Of course, they had already done that a year ago, without much success.

He sits down on Kevin’s bed and wonders what makes him think it will be better this time? Scotty fears that Kevin is still quietly in love with Jason. Scotty is pretty sure though that he, Scotty, is completely and totally in love with Kevin. But is that enough to build a strong relationship?

He jumps up and he wipes his hands clean on his jeans. It will have to be good enough. He takes another look in the mirror. Good enough. Kevin had said it wouldn’t be anything too fancy and that is fine with Scotty. After all this time at San Estephe he wouldn’t mind a bit of a change of scenery.


The salmon is delicious and it would seem that Scotty enjoys his food as well. Kevin relaxes a bit. It’s not easy to take anapprentice-chef to another restaurant, even if he’s just an apprentice. But it would seem that this place has Scotty's stamp of approval.
“I’m glad that you like this restaurant.” He says therefore.

“The fish is delicious…” Scotty smiles, even though, in his mind, he’s listing the ingredients that are overly present and those that should have been there, but aren’t. He knows that he should stay quiet. He knows that Kevin has grown wary of taking him to any place. And in a lot of ways it’s his own fault.

He had been the one who had fought fiercely to be “independent”, only to end up on sleeping on an air-mattress on Kevin’s living-room-floor, because he was broke…. Of course, giving off mixed signals isn’t always the best way to make your partner more comfortable.

Even though Scotty tries to be kind towards the kitchen of the restaurant, Kevin can see him add and delete ingredients from the recipe.
“I’m glad you really like it.” Kevin replies, but anyone in the place would have been able to guess that the smile is as fake as they come.

“I’m trying, Kevin.” Scotty sighs.
“I know.” Kevin says as neutral as he can. He knows he has no right to be angry or disappointed. If he would be listening to another lawyer, he’d probably disagree with his statements or undermine his thesis as well.

“I like the music they play.” Scotty tries to take away the attention from the food.
“Really?” Kevin bites his tongue to not tell Scotty that the music reminds of a funeral he attended recently. Scotty takes another bite to not have to answer, because he actually hates the music. It reminds him of funerals for some reason.

“Come on, Kev, meet me halfway on this.” Scotty suddenly says softly. “I feel like everything I say is wrong and everything I don't say is wrong as well. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t…”
“I’m sorry.” Kevin places his napkin on the table. “I guess I’m just not that hungry.”

“What do you want from me?” Scotty now asks.
“I don’t know. A year ago, I wouldn’t have considered taking you to a place like this, for fear that you’d bite my head off for suggesting such an expensive restaurant, tonight I dare not ask you because of what you might think about the food.

You’ve become so picky about food that I hardly dare to ask you out, I no longer have the nerve to cook for myself or for others. And I love to cook. I’m not completely ignorant when it comes to the kitchen, you know! But it all has to be the Wandell way or it’s just not ‘good enough’….”

Scotty looks at his wine-glass. He’s not drunk enough for a fight and he can see Kevin’s point, even if it does surprise him that he can make Kevin nervous.
“And I’m really trying to not make a mistake with you.” Scotty sighs. “Like kissing you halfway our dinner.” He adds to joke lightly.

“I think that right now, getting kissed by you would certainly be a nice distraction.” Kevin teases right back. Scotty’s smile is seductive.
“I want nothing more, trust me, but now…. You’re not going to get it.” He leans a little over the table to invite Kevin to continue on this different and more comfortable path of teasing.

Kevin merely smiles sweetly, nods, gets up and kisses Scotty on the lips. Something everyone in the restaurant could see, if they would be watching them. Flabbergasted, Scotty looks up at Kevin, whose smile now becomes smug at having Scotty beaten at his own little game and Scotty gives Kevin a little nod.

“I think we should skip the dessert…” He says in a rough voice, suddenly feeling a strong desire to anyplace but here.
“Good idea. Lesser calories to take in.”
“And I know how to work off those we did take in….” Scotty grins.

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