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39 steps - step 5 - 2.12 Compromises

The 39 steps
August 20, 2008
It’s 39 days to go until the start of season 3 in America.
There are 39 episodes for season 1 and 2. (Not taking the unaired episode in account or the original pilot, as not everybody can see those)
I started to watch the episodes again. One episode a day.
And then I got the plan to write a small scene for every episode. (Never more than 1 page long)

2.12 Compromises

By Marea67
About: Jason
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Compromises?

“So,…. Decided to give me the silent treatment after all?” Robert asks.
“No. Just busy.” Jason replies, not looking up from the paper he is reading.
“Oh, come on. You’ve been here for half an hour and you couldn’t even say ‘good morning’.”
“Good morning, Robert… Happy now? Can I go on reading my paper?”
“I thought that last night we settled this Isaac outing you….thing.”

“Yes, so did I, until I just overheard Kitty and Travis talk about how fortunate you are to have Isaac on your team and that he’s so good at his job…. It sort of galled me. Silly, I know. That man nearly destroyed my life, I should really put it beside me and forget about it.” Robert notes that cynicism is becoming more and more a part of Jason lately. He hasn’t seen Jason in a long time, but these last two days… it’s noticeable. And it saddens him. Then Jasons sighs and softer he says:

“And they are right. Isaac is a good man for the job. A shark. He knows his politics, inside and out. I spoke to his yesterday, before I found out what he did. And he’s smart. So the logic of his being in your campaign doesn’t escape me. He is an asset to your campaign. I, however, am not. I couldn’t sleep last night. I kept thinking about everything that has happened these last few months and about how we discussed that there are things worth making compromises for.

And to tell you the truth, this campaign is not one of them. Not for me. This is your campaign and I want you to win, because you are my brother. But in all honesty, Robert, I’ve never been all that interested in politics. I don’t want to be here. So, tomorrow, after the results are in, I’m going back to LA. I have a congregation there, that I have put on hold since my return from Malaysia, to help you. But I should be there, with my people, not here.”

“Jason, you’re my brother….” Robert tries. He’s shocked that Jason would leave him. Jason has always been there for him. Jason gives him a cynical smile.
“Yes. And last night, I watched you wipe away my anger under the rug for the sake of your campaign. It’s a compromise you were willing to make. And I was very hurt by that. Although I can understand it, logically, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt like hell.” There is a little silence.

Then he continues: “Kevin is Kitty’s brother, but you won’t see him ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’. That doesn’t mean he loves Kitty any less or that he doesn’t keep track of what is happening to you. He has his own life. And I… I want mine. Mom always believed in you. Unconditionally. And she always made feel I had to do the same. But I don’t have to. Politics is not my compromise to make, it’s yours.”

“If this is about Kevin…..”
“It’s not. It’s about what he reminded me off. That I am Jason McCallister and not ‘the brother of…’. Robert, I believe in you. I will pray for you, I will cheer for every vote that you get on election night, but…. That is where it stops. My mind is made up, Robert, I’m leaving.” With those words Jason leaves the breakfast table, before Robert will go into debate with him about this.
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