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welcome to my fantasies
watched 'Satisfaction' ...  
3rd-Jul-2013 12:21 am
actor luke macfarlane
.. and I wonder, have my humor-glands been removed when I wasn't looking, or do others feel too that this show is completely unfunny? They ALL do a good job, but ... it's just not funny. I watched it, I actually SAT through the entire episode and WATCHED it and I just feel ... sad for the actors?

Luke was nice to watch, but I couldn't stop seeing Nora&Kitty in 'Game night'. I should SO stop watching B&S .... :)
2nd-Jul-2013 11:41 pm (UTC)
Oh YAY, you watched it! Ok, I'm on the fence. It's not laugh out loud 'ha, ha' funny. It's more so.... amusing.
1. The whole fmeat (faux meat) concept was sort of worth a chuckle. "Chicken wAngs" ha, ha!
2. The bit about the 'who is smarter' story line, reminded me of some of these other comedic shows like "king of queens" or "everybody loves raymond" where the humor is based on little arguments or small jibes at each other. "Hypothetical - it means pretend. But you knew that because you're SMART!" lol!
3. The neighbor who kept burning off his eyebrows was rather amusing.

All in all, it had a few good ideas but it somehow wasn't effortless, they didn't gel. Well have to see if the flow of the stories and chemistry improves. I hope so, cause I could use me some Luke M. on a weekly basis...
3rd-Jul-2013 09:22 am (UTC)
I basically agree with all of what you're saying. To me it felt a little worn out, the type of humour that's been done a few too many times and isn't really that innovative anymore.

I didn't buy the bf/gf chemistry either.
3rd-Jul-2013 11:04 am (UTC)
Perhaps it is just that. Old jokes, you can see the disaster coming, the jokes that ensue are predictable and the punchline is not funny anymore.

Funny enough, I like Jason/Maggie well enough. It's the Mark-character that annoys me. I'm watching him and I'm thinking 'What are you? A 14 year old in the body of a 30-something?' I know men mature more slowly, but he got stuck in highschool-mode. There comes a time when a 30+ man/woman acting like a teenager stops being funny.
3rd-Jul-2013 11:09 am (UTC)
Yes, that too - about the manchild. It's an old tv trope. Kind of died with American Pie already, imho. Or I was just never amused by the character at all.
3rd-Jul-2013 10:54 am (UTC)
:) I was by now talking about the second episode, but I fear that the first episode had the same problem as the first, that I just couldn't laugh or even smile, though the 'who's smarter' thing was at least recognizable. :)

I think the actors are good enough on both episodes. I can see WHY it should be funny, but it just isn't... Indeed, there's something 'off' with the chemistry on the show.

And I like the chemisty between the three main actors a lot better when they are being interviewed. I really thought it could be a fun show, but ... there's just something 'off' with it.
3rd-Jul-2013 06:21 am (UTC)
Just from watching the trailers I thought that this wouldn't be for me - don't get me wrong, I like comedies but when the humour is exaggerated to the point of it bordering on stupid and unrealistic, it makes me turn off. I had planned on watching ep1 at least...just to say that I gave it a go, but unfortunately my ISP won't allow me access to any of the sites I've found so far. Initially I was a tad disappointed about that but now I'm thinking that my first impression was right and I'm not missing anything.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
3rd-Jul-2013 11:07 am (UTC)
"stupid and unrealistic".. yeah, that about sums it up. Unfortunately, because Luke is definitely worth watching. :)
3rd-Jul-2013 11:35 am (UTC)
I liked this episode more than the premiere. I think that this kind of comedy needs more episodes in order to make the audience care. There is not a clear argument or SL so we have to know and like the characters before we can laugh. Also, I think is very difficult to laugh if you cannot see yourself in the situations or relate in some way. I only laugh with comedies that are from my country because I can see in it my friends, family, colleagues... and so on.
I like the main characters because they are more universal than the secondary characters that maybe are stereotypes of Canadians? I don't know. I laughed a lot with the "Horse doctor" because it made me remember my years in the college when we watched soap operas with my roomates, first to laugh about it but we always ended addicted to them :D
We'll see in the next episodes. I like Luke's character, the straight hot guy with a brain and a heart, and I think Ryan's and Maggie character's are funny and I like that all of them seem to be good people and are not bitter characters like in a lot of comedies. Leah and Luke have a good chemistry and I hope we see more scenes of Ryan and Luke because they seem to play good together too.
Anyawy, I obviously will not be seeing this comedy if it were not for Luke, but I think it's all so innocent and cute that I will love to see the show renewed. It's not like with Over there or The Americans that I watched them for Luke and Math but I had such a bad time watching them (I hate violence) that it was a bittersweet experience :D
3rd-Jul-2013 12:08 pm (UTC)
I'm not giving up, becaue I like to watch Luke/Leah, they are just not funny. :) And maybe it's true, that the show just needs 'getting used to'.

I have to admit that I like that the main characters aren't the usual sarcastic-bordering-to-cruel type of characters. They are more stupid/silly than mean and they do seem to have their heart in the right place. Now if only they could also be funny.... ;)

Next episode is the 80s throwback episodes it would seem. Curious how that will work out.

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