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Fanfic: A marriage of convenience 3/3

A marriage of convenience 3/3

By marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Yeeeaaaah, there will be NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own B&S, just playing with the boys. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Well, there will be … I don't know... a marriage of convenience?
Author’s note:
1. This is an AU(=Alternate universe), so the characters can be different in attitude or do things one wouldn’t expect from them. If you can't handle to see characters be different than on the show, don't read this one. It's only 3 chapters long.

2. This isn’t set in any particular time-period. I will simply use what I need, when I need it. Maybe it’s most likely science-fiction, because it takes place in a society where homosexuality is completely acceptable and we’re nowhere that far advanced, no matter what time-periode I use. But, no worries, I will not go all techno-babble. They have normal phones, normal trains etc… And maybe the occasional laptop. Just.... go with the flow... ;).




“Chad! Chad!” A few paparazzi try to catch Chad’s attention.
“Sorry, guys, going in to have dinner..” Chad smiles... “Café 429 is the best restaurant in town and the chef, Scotty Wandell, is a great cook. The food he serves comes straight from heaven… And you can quote me on that.” He winks and disappears.

Inside, Kevin takes Chad’s coat and gives him a hug.
“Thanks for that. I’m glad you could come to the grand re-opening of Café 429.”
“I wouldn’t have missed it for anything…” Chad smiles. “Where’s your beautiful husband?”

“Kitchen. Where else?”
“Naturally. Is he busy or can I say hello?”
“No, go in, but don’t stay too long…” Kevin warns. Chad nods and enters the kitchen, where Scotty looks up, when he sees a face that shouldn’t be in his kitchen.

“Don’t get mad,..” Chad immediately says. “I’ll be out of here in a few seconds. Just wanted to give you hug…” Which he does. “… and give you this…” He hands over something which is clearly a bottle. “.. champagne… for you and Kevin to celebrate tonight…. You're going to have to throw in your own lobster though..” He grins.

“I’ve had one set aside, just for Kevin and me.” Scotty grins and gives Chad a big hug.
“I’m gone. I promised Kevin I wouldn’t distract you too long. Get back to work and prepare me something delicious….”
“What do you want?” Scotty asks.

“Shock and awe me.” Chad replies and then he’s gone.
“I can do that.” Scotty grins, unaware that outside his kitchen, Nora leans over to William.
“I do believe that of all the marriages in our family, the one between Kevin and Scotty is the most successful.”

“I think so too. I hadn’t expected that, but Scotty has changed so much over the last few years. Don’t you agree, Wally?” William asks. Wally nods.
“Completely different kid. Confident. Fun to be with. No longer afraid of his own shadow. I think he’s very happy with Kevin.”

“Don’t you guys think that Kevin looks a little pale?” Nora asks.
“Well, the Landon-case took a lot out of him. Kevin and the case were front-page news for weeks.” Wally replies.
“He’s not getting younger either. Pushing 40, you know.” William points out.

“I know, sweetie, I gave birth to him, remember?” Nora asks sweetly in return. William smiles lovingly and places a kiss on her hand. “No, he just looks worn-out.”
“Well, there’s the case, the death of André and all the legal stuff, Scotty buying Café 429, this grand re-opening… I think it takes a toll on both of them.”

William is about to agree with Wally when he sees Chad leave the kitchen and go back to Kevin. Even from this distance it’s clear that Kevin and Chad are close and William frowns.
“I know it’s good publicity, because he’s popular, but I’d love to see Kevin and Scotty get rid of that flake.”

“He’s a friend of Kevin’s… And Scotty is crazy about him as well.” Justin now joins the conversation.
“I know that Scotty likes him, but I don’t understand why.” Wally says.
“Chad loves Kevin very much, it’s something that Chad and Scotty have in common.”

Nora listens to Justin’s words and sighs.
“I know that there’s nothing going on between Kevin and Chad, but still… those two are awfully close.”
“Don’t worry about it. Kevin is completely in love with Scotty…” Justin grins.




“The papers continue to rave about Café 429.” Scotty smiles.
“I’m glad.” Kevin replies, his mind seems to be miles away though.
“Is everything alright? You’ve been on the phone all morning.” Scotty asks.
“I’m fine.”

“Want another piece of birthday-cake. You can get the ‘25’.” Scotty holds up what remains of the words 25th birthday.
“Ah. No. Thanks. I…. I have something to discuss with you and now that you mention your 25th birthday…”

Scotty looks at his husband, a beautiful smile on his face…
“I want a divorce.” Kevin says. Scotty’s smile freezes.
“Ahmmm, w-what?”

“I think it’s time we put this marriage of convenience behind us….”
“I don’t understand.” Scotty stares at Kevin and Kevin sighs.

“I married you because you were Justin’s best friend and still so young and inexperienced, but now… You 25 years old, you have a good job, a more than good income and … I think it’s time you build a life of your own..”
“What? I don’t want to….”

“But I do… I've had to put my relationship with Chad on hold to be married to you, but… I want to go back to that relationship..”
“Chad?” It becomes even more incomprehensible to Scotty. Chad had never laid any claim on Kevin. Yes, their relationship was friendly, but Scotty had never noticed that there had been lingering feelings of love or lust left in either Chad or Kevin.

“Yes. Chad. He has waited long enough.”
“And just like that, you decide…?” Scotty can’t even finish his question, because Kevin answers:

“I married you because I felt sorry for you, not because I was in love with you. I think I was a good husband, so now, please, give me back my freedom. You’ve grown, you’ve learned things. You’re strong and you’re in a good place. Emotionally, financially and socially. What you need to do is build your own life. Find the man of your dreams. There’s a huge age-gap between us I will always be in a different place than you. You need to find someone of your own age.”

“And you need Chad?” Scotty asks, still not buying into what Kevin just said to him.
“I need Chad.” Kevin repeats with a nod.
Fine. You can have him…” Scotty’s voice trembles a bit. “If you want a divorce, you can get it. I hope the two of you will very happy together.”

Scotty gets up and manages to keep his dignity until he’s out the door, then he rushes op the stairs to their bedroom and with trembling fingers he immediately dials Justin’s number. Upon hearing Justin’s voice, Scotty bursts into tears.
“Justin? Kevin wants to divorce me… I don’t get it…”




The moment that Chad enters the living-room of the Walker house, he can see Scotty sitting there, with Justin beside him and William and Nora behind him, he realizes that this will get ugly. Kevin freezes upon seeing Scotty.
“Mom, dad. I want to talk to you in private…” Kevin starts politely.

“Seriously? We’ve already heard what you’ve done. You dropped someone as kind and as caring as Scotty to be with that tramp?” William points at Chad. Chad wisely keeps his mouth shut.
“I don’t want you talk like that about Chad.” Kevin answers with a frown.

“We just came here to talk to you.” Chad answers calmly.
“I have nothing to talk about with you. I just want you out of my house. You’re not welcome here.” William tells Chad. Kevin gasps. His father had never before denied a friend access to their home.

“Are you telling me that you’re turning your back on me?” Kevin asks bewildered. “You’ve just decided to take ‘Scotty’s side’, even though there isn’t really a side to pick?”
“Scotty’s your brother’s best friend. Wally is one of our best friends. Scotty is practically family! And what is he?” William points at Chad. “Absolutely nothing!

“That’s unfair! Everyone knows Chad and I were together before I married Scotty!” Kevin defends himself.
“Sir, if we could just talk privately? Just for a few minutes?” Chad tries, but William brushes his attempt away.
“No. There’s nothing to say. I want you out of my house.” William repeats.

“If he goes, I go.” Kevin says, Kevin crosses his arms in front of his chest.
“William…?!” Nora begs, she realizes that her son isn't bluffing.
“Then get out and that that piece of trash with you.” William answers.

“Please, I don’t want this…” Scotty gets up, put Justin pushes him back down.
“No. Kevin can leave and I hope I never have to see you again.” Justin tells Kevin and there’s so much anger on his face that Kevin has to look away.
“Come on, we’re leaving…” Kevin says to Chad.

“But, Kevin, …” Chad tries to say something, but Kevin shakes his head.
“Everything has been said. I’m glad that they will stand up for Scotty. I had hoped that they would. And they have…. I’m good with that.” He tells Chad. "Come on.” He gently pushes Chad out the door.

But, in the back of Chad’s car, Kevin’s brave front cracks. Chad orders the driver to take them to the airport and he turns to Kevin. He takes the sobbing Kevin in his arms and he holds him tightly. He lets Kevin’s tears stain his jacket and all he can do is kiss Kevin’s hair and tell him that all will be alright… eventually




William puts down his newspaper and frowns, then he reads the article again. He usually doesn't read the society and gossip, but a picture of Chad Barry had caught his attention, as well as the article.

“… The studio has confirmed that actor Chad Barry, known for his part of doctor Philip on ‘Tempest Bay’ has been written out of the current story-lines for the time being, due to a situation in his private life. Reason for the sudden disappearance of Doctor Philip on the show will be his abduction by the Casseedy-family. No one will know Doctor Philip's whereabouts and the search for Doctor Philip will take several months, until the return of Chad Barry on the set.”

William can’t believe that Chad is doing something so radical to be with Kevin.
“Drama-queen!” William says with contempt on his face.




“Doorbell!” Nora says and she jumps up to find out who it could be.
“Seriously, Scotty.” Justin focuses his attention on Scotty again. “I know that you're divorced, I know that you still love my brother and I know that you’re trying to forget him, but … this will be your sixth date, each time with another man. You’re getting a bad reputation if you keep this up.”

“I agree with Justin, if you continue to date around like this…” William becomes quiet when he sees who enters the room, behind Nora. “What do you want? You’re not welcome here.” Not that he really needs to remind Chad. Chad, however, is not impressed.
“I came here because I need to talk to Scotty and I heard he was here.”

“I don’t think that….” Justin starts, but Scotty quiets him with one movement of his hand.
“Is it Kevin?” He asks Chad. Chad nods.
“There’s no reason to listen to him, Scotty.” Justin tells Scotty and then he turns to Chad. “Kevin can drop dead for all we care...”

“Yeah, well, don’t worry, Justin, you’ll get your drop dead wish somewhere between now and two weeks…. Why did I even come here? I guess I just foolishly hoped that one or two of you might want to say goodbye to Kevin, before he kicks the bucket, so none of you have to wring some crocodile-tears out of yourselves if you would even bother to show at his grave-side!” Chad bites back so hard that the shock hits the Walkers even harder.

“What?!” Nora drops down on one of the chairs. “What’s going on?” William and Justin look equally bewildered and all the color has drained from Scotty’s face. Chad sighs. His shoulders sink and only now do the Walkers notice how tired and sad Chad seems to be. There are lines in his face and he seems to have lost quite some weight.

“Kevin felt so tired a few months ago. So, right after the opening of Café 429, he went to the doctor and the doctor discovered that Kevin’s heart was failing. He needs a transplant, but with his rare bloodtype, that’s not going to happen anytime soon… He has suffered some minor attacks at first, but these last two weeks his situation has deteriorated fast…”

Chad closes his eyes to hide his pain.
“He has told the doctors that next time, they shouldn’t bother to save his life… Just let him go…” The silence, that follow his words, is heavy and no one dares to break it, until Nora gets up.

“I want to see my son. Where is he?”
“I can take you to him.” Chad answers. “We had to go to another city, to a better equipped hospital.… It’s about a two-hour drive.”
“I’m coming along.” William says quietly. “Just grab my coat.”

He leaves the room, but Justin still seems nailed to the ground.
“I …” He looks up at Chad… “God, I never meant that.. I’d do anything to take back what I said… I don’t want him to die…” His eyes fill with tears. “I was angry for what he had done to Scotty, but …. I never wanted this. Not really.”

“I’m sure he knows that.” Chad answers tiredly. “Why don’t you came along too? The car is big enough. And my driver is driving me.” Justin nods at Chad’s suggestion and leaves the room, so that only Scotty and Chad remain.
“That’s the real reason why he divorced me, right?”

“He loves you. He’s crazy about you. But, you were doing so great. He wanted you to live and not be tied down to some old dying man….”
“But he could ask that of you?” Scotty asks. Chad sighs and he shakes his head. He looks Scotty right in the eyes.

“No. I was just supposed to drive with him to the hospital. He came here, that day, to tell his parents about his heart-condition. But then you were here and William got mad at me and we left without being able to tell the truth. Without his family as a safety-net, the net he had counted on, he had no one…. So, … I stayed with him.

I thought that, after a few days, the Walkers would come around, change their mind and then everything would be fine and Kevin would no longer need me… but … that didn’t happen….”
“I want to see him.” Scotty says. Chad nods and signals him to leave the room first.


They rush through the maze of corridors in the hospital and arrive at the room where Kevin is supposed to be. But upon entering the room, they discover that Kevin’s bed is gone. And Chad, Nora, William, Justin and Scotty are left to stare at an empty place. Chad becomes white as a sheet and he moans Kevin’s name.

A nurse walks in and recognizes Chad as the person who’s been with Kevin for so long. Scotty turns to her as well, when she starts to talk to Chad.
“I’m sorry, mr Barry, it all happened so fast… We tried to reach you, but…” Scotty doesn’t hear anything else.

He’s too late. Too late to lecture Kevin on how much he loves him, too late to even let him know that he loves Kevin… It’s too late … Too late for anything and everything. Kevin is gone… The shock is too big. In the far distance he hears Justin call out his name. Hands and arms catch him, but for him the world just fades to black.




“Here’s the birthday cake…” Nora says cheerfully.
“I think Scotty will want it over there.” Chad points at the empty place on the table.
“Table is set.” Justin announces. Scotty looks at the table, checking if he forgot something. No, everything is on the table. He takes a deep breath.

“Are you ready, sweetie?” Chad asks. His hands gently caress Scotty’s back.
“Yeah, I think I am.” Scotty nods. “I’ll go upstairs and …” Everyone knows what he means.
“How is everything with Scotty?” William asks.

“He’s coping the best he can.” Chad answers. William nods and he stares at the tip of his shoes. Apologizing has never really been his thing.
“Chad, I know that we never talked about it again.. The things I said, when I thought you and Kevin were a couple… I was very rude…”

“You had every right to be angry over what Kevin had done to Scotty and I’ve never pretended that I was a faithful boyfriend….. Quite the contrary, as a matter of fact.”
“Maybe, but I want to apologize anyway. You’ve been here for Kevin and for Scotty and you’ve shown yourself as at true friend. I respect that.” William says.

“And so do I, I respect you for everything you’ve done. For both of them.” Justin adds.
“I love them both….” Chad simply says.
“Oh! Here they come…” Nora claps her hands and she watches how Scotty pushes a wheelchair ahead.

Kevin’s face expresses a fake-annoyance over this.
“He loves to do this, I’m not really that weak.” Kevin smiles.
“Or course you’re not.” Nora immediately says. “I’m just happy we can celebrate one more birthday with you in our midst. You really gave us a great scare…”

“I’m sorry … I already told you before, there was a heart suddenly available for me and we had to take decisions on the spot…” Kevin explains again.
“Still, just the memory of walking in to the room and finding your bed gone. I still feel sick at the thought.” Chad says.

“Well, don’t complain, you got a nice little extra out of it, when you hit it off so well with my new male nurse…?” Kevin grins.
“Jason and I are still doing fine… Taking it slow… But fine…” Chad replies with a wink.
“I’m just so happy to have gotten a second chance.” Scotty places a kiss on Kevin’s cheek.

“I never thought that I’d hear of the day that you would faint over me…” Kevin’s smile is tender and Scotty now kisses his lips and it makes Kevin whisper to Scotty: “I love you.”
“Alright, that’s enough, you love-birds.” Justin point out. “Time to sing ‘Happy birthday’ for Kevin.”


“I’m glad they’re gone.” Kevin sighs. He puts away the last of the dishes.
“Me too. I love your family and Chad, but…” Scotty replies.
“I know, it’s time to unwrap my birthday-gift.” Kevin replies mischievously and he pulls Scotty closer and he lets his fingers slide under his t-shirt to lift it up.

He catches the concerned look on Scotty’s face.
“Come on, Scotty, you promised me. No worrying about my heart tonight. We were allowed to have sex weeks ago, but you wanted to wait, you were worried, and I respected that, but…. I’ve waited long enough… I want you. And I want you tonight….”

“I know I promised…. I’m sorry.” Scotty forces himself to put more of an effort into it, but Kevin can feel the internal struggle and he pushes Scotty away.
“Never mind, you just killed my mood. You know what? Perhaps we should never have sex again! And one day I’ll die, but at least it won’t be because we actually had fun!”

He turns around and he’s out of the kitchen, before Scotty even realizes what is going on. Scotty immediately follows Kevin up the stairs.
“I’m sorry, Kev, I just don’t want to lose you.” He yells at Kevin. The door of the bedroom slams closed, but Scotty gets to it and opens it again.

“I would never do anything against your wishes, Scotty, so please, don’t feel like you MUST do it, if you’re not ready for it.”
“Kev, I know all of that. I … I’m scared…but I want it too. I want to have sex with you. It’s just, that… it’s been a while… and….”

“You’re scared, I know, do you think I’m not?” Kevin caresses Scotty’s face. “I missed you during those months we were apart. You have no idea how many regrets I have had that I divorced you.” He quickly kisses Scotty’s lips. “I needed you and your optimism and your lovely smile and …”

Kevin brings his body even closer to Scotty’s.
“I needed your touch, …” Kevin’s fingers slide over Scotty’s chest. “I needed your cooking…” Scotty feels a soft touch of the back of Kevin’s fingers on his belly. “I needed your ….” Kevin doesn’t finish his sentence. He only gently squeezes the object of his desire.

Scotty moans and claims Kevin’s mouth.
“You’re in so much trouble now.” Scotty warns Kevin.
“Promises, promises.” Kevin taunts.
“How’s this for a promise?” Scotty asks.

He spins Kevin around in his arms, and presses Kevin against the door, with Kevin’s back against Scotty’s chest. His hands move forward and slide over Kevin’s belly immediately down to his crotch. Kevin gasps with the shock of how the tables are suddenly turned, but he enjoys the feel of how hard Scotty is.

Any doubt whether Scotty really wanted him is gone now. He pushes his body back against Scotty’s body. Scotty is taller and stronger than him and it turns him on like crazy to be so confined between the door and Scotty’s body. He presses Scotty hand between his legs, wanting more of his touch.

Scotty however doesn’t obey and instead he forces Kevin’s head back and he kisses Kevin’s lips with force and his tongue finds its way in Kevin’s mouth. It only makes Kevin moan louder and press his ass closer to Scotty’s cock.
“I want you.” Scotty whispers. “I want you now.”

Again he spins Kevin around, this time with his back against the door. He invades Kevin’s mouth again, while his hands move down Kevin’s back, further down. He easily lifts Kevin up and Kevin wraps his legs around Scotty waist. Scotty can easily carry him the few steps to the bed, where he throws Kevin on the bed and he starts to undress himself.

Kevin merely grins and copies his husband’s action. Clothes fling to the ground and over the chair and all the while the men can’t keep their eyes off each other. Scotty crawls on the bed on hands and knees. He grabs Kevin’s wrists and pushes them down above his head, seemingly overpowering Kevin.

Kevin only laughs softly, liking the fact that Scotty is slightly aggressive, in the knowledge that Scotty would never really hurt him. With a moan, he submits to Scotty’s hungry kisses until Scotty lets go of his wrists to be able to explore Kevin’s naked body. Kevin moves his body up against Scotty’s to show how much he appreciates it.

As abrupt as it had started, Scotty stops their kissing. Out of breath, breathing heavily to catch some air, he looks down on Kevin’s face, lips swollen from the not so tender, but definitely passionate kisses they had exchanged. He lifts his hand and caresses Kevin’s cheek, his breathing slowly calming down.

“I love you.” He whispers.
“I love you too.” Kevin answers, a loving smile on his face.
“Will you marry me? Again?” Scotty asks.
“Yes!” Kevin replies without hesitating.

“Good.” Scotty answers. “Because I wasn’t about to let you go again….. But first things first…” His thumb caresses Kevin’s lips, they part and Scotty kisses Kevin again. This time their kiss is calmer, but more intense. “Turn over…” Scotty whispers and Kevin obeys without further thought.

The first touch makes him shiver with anticipation. He knows that Scotty wants to prepare him for what is to come, do it right, but all Kevin is dying to feel is Scotty deep inside him.
“Come on, Scotty….” He begs. He can’t see the smile that appears on Scotty’s face.

“Your wish is my command….” Scotty tells him softly. He can hear Kevin hold his breath at the first hint of penetration. Scotty would love to play with Kevin, but he’s simply too aroused to do it. He quickly pushes deeper, holding his own breath when he realizes that he will never be able to last long.

“Do it. Don’t stall. Don’t play… Just… do it…” Kevin’s words unleash something in Scotty. He closes his eyes and he lets his body take over. His thrusts become faster and stronger. Kevin grabs the sheet underneath him for some sort leverage to push back. He counters Scotty’s thrust, lips parted, breathing irregular……

Kevin is lost in the overwhelming sensation of feeling Scotty move inside him. One of Scotty’s strong arms crosses over his chest, holding him close, almost in a choke-hold. Caught between the mattress and Scotty’s body, limited in his own movements by the strong hold that Scotty has on him, Kevin has no choice but to surrender and let Scotty dictate their love-making.

The torture is exquisite and Kevin is closes his eyes tightly, He’s so close,… so close… He can feel Scotty suddenly give one last hard thrust and he screams out Kevin’s name. The hold is so strong, the thrust so deep that it triggers something in Kevin as well and he follows Scotty example….


“See… I’m still alive.” Kevin mumbles, still half covered by Scotty’s body.
“Good. Because I’m just warming up for the second round.”
“Are you trying to kill me???”
“Hey! You’re the one who wanted sex. Now, you’re going to get it…” Scotty grins.

“I’ve created a monster….” Kevin laughs and he enjoys the feeling of Scotty’s body close to his own. He closes his eyes and he almost falls asleep, when suddenly a memory hits him. “Wait! Did you ask me to marry you?”
“Yes.” Scotty answers.

“Are you sure you want to do that?”
“Yes. I had to recognize that you were right to divorce me. We got married for the wrong reason, and now we can do it for the right reason.”
“Which is?” Kevin teases.

“I love you. And I want to be with you.” Scotty replies. Kevin smiles.
“And I love you. I seriously didn’t know how much I loved you until you were gone and I realized that there was a hole in my heart that nothing or no one could fill. You’re right. Let’s get remarried and this time… we’ll do it right...” Kevin promises….


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