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Fanfic: A marriage of convenience 2/3

A marriage of convenience 2/3

By marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Yeeeaaaah, there will be NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own B&S, just playing with the boys. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Well, there will be … I don't know... a marriage of convenience?
Author’s note:
1. This is an AU(=Alternate universe), so the characters can be different in attitude or do things one wouldn’t expect from them. If you can't handle to see characters be different than on the show, don't read this one. It's only 3 chapters long.

2. This isn’t set in any particular time-period. I will simply use what I need, when I need it. Maybe it’s most likely science-fiction, because it takes place in a society where homosexuality is completely acceptable and we’re nowhere that far advanced, no matter what time-periode I use. But, no worries, I will not go all techno-babble. They have normal phones, normal trains etc… And maybe the occasional laptop. Just.... go with the flow... ;).




“Scotty! Oh, my God, are you okay?” Justin almost throws himself in the arms of his best friend.
“I’m fine. I’m your brother-in-law now.” Scotty smiles nervously. “And you’re brother has taken real good care of me.”

Justin takes one look at Kevin and the gratitude he puts in his hug takes Kevin by surprise.
“Thank you.” He whispers in Kevin’s ear. “I was so worried about him.”
“I wanted to call you sooner, but Kevin wanted to make sure that our marriage was approved of first, so my stepmother couldn’t come between us anymore...”

“You’re married?!” Nora and William turn their greeting from Scotty to Kevin with so much enthusiasm that it gives Justin the time to pull Scotty aside.
“You got tested?” Justin asks.
“Yes. After all, we had to prove that we had had sexual intercourse?”

Justin sees the awkward and embarrassed look on his friend’s face.
“And you had? With Kevin? Are you okay?” His hands rest on Scotty’s hips and he looks his friend up and down to see if he notices something different about him. He’s also not sure that he’s happy that Scotty lost his virginity to his brother.

“I’m fine, Justin. You’re brother was sweet and careful. And…. I couldn’t have asked for a better first time. Your brother did everything right.”
“Would I lie to you?” Scotty asks.

Justin’s brown eyes stare into Scotty’s blue eyes. Scotty is a terrible liar, he knows that much.
“No. You wouldn’t.” Justin admits.
“No. I couldn’t. Not to you.” Scotty smiles.
“Welcome to the family.” Justin therefore says and he hugs Scotty as tightly as he can.


“So,…” William hands Kevin the drink he just poured. “… I’ve spoken to Wally. Bertha went to see him and told him point blank that she had sold off Scotty and that she’s no longer going to pay for his defense…. She called him entire slew of names, with ‘loser’, ‘imbecile’ and ‘moron’ being the only ones that Wally wanted to repeat. Wally is devastated….”

“I’m sorry. I made it a stipulation that she had to drop Wally.”
“You did the right thing. Wally is hurt, but he has finally seen her true colors.”
“Maybe it is for the best. Scotty and I will visit him later.”
“I’ll go see him tomorrow.” William says.

“Good. He’ll be glad to see you, or I hope, .. once he finds out that Scotty is fine.”
“Speaking of Scotty… Is he alright?”
“I didn’t hurt him. Or at least, I tried not to hurt him and he seems to not have suffered any trauma over what happened between him and me.”

“Do you plan to continue this…” William moves his hand around, trying to find the right words for the delicate question that is on his mind.
“… the sexual aspect of our relationship?...” Kevin offers with a grin. William makes a throw-away motion with his hand and Kevin laughs.

“I don’t know, dad. If Scotty indicates that he wants more, we’ll see where it goes. But for now… I don’t think so…”
“I just don’t want to see him get hurt.” William says.
“I know. I’m aware that he’s just a kid, dad.”




Scotty can’t say that his marriage with Kevin is not a success. It had taken a bit of getting used to. Kevin’s large house had become Scotty’s home. Especially the small forest that surrounds the house is a place where Scotty loves to walk, something he never used to do.

But then, a lot of things have changed. He’s not that skinny anymore. Kevin had given Scotty free reign over the kitchen and Scotty loves to cook for Kevin, and for Justin, who regularly shows up as well. It took time to get used to Kevin hectic work-schedule, but Kevin made his own effort to be home as often as he could, so Scotty wouldn’t be alone too often.

Justin had warned Scotty to not let Kevin walk over him, however Scotty hadn’t seen any troubles. Kevin listened to him, talked with him, educated him and sometimes he even changed his mind because of something Scotty had said, that he hadn’t thought off. It made Scotty feel accepted and heard.

With each passing day their relationship had become more balanced. Scotty crawled out of his shell and became more vocal. Kevin became a bit softer and he laughed more. There was mutual admiration, something that didn’t go unnoticed with the Walker-family, who had always loved Scotty as Justin’s friend and who now embraced him as Kevin’s husband.

Scotty felt like he had stumbled from hell into heaven. After years of being told that he was ugly, unimportant, a waste of time and money, that his existence was pointless and that he was worthless, being with Kevin was like stepping into a warm bath on a very cold day.

Kevin truly carried him, protected him and encouraged him. He was patient and caring and he never tried to get more out of the relationship than Scotty was willing to give. Though they still slept together in the same bed, often in each other arms, sometimes even exchanging kisses, they didn’t take it any further than that.

But, on a day like today, Scotty isn’t sure that is a good thing, or not. The day had been spent at the Walker-mansion and in all it had been lovely day with lots of love and laughter and Scotty leans back in the chair as Kevin drives them back home. He feels lazy and satisfied.

“The food tonight was delicious! I had no idea that you made it.” Kevin says, clearly in awe.
“I love food and I love to cook, but my step-mother considered it a ‘gay thing’ and I was banned from the kitchen. But Nora always lets me cook.”

“That, in itself, is a miracle.” Kevin admits.
“I think I’m also the only one ever allowed to copy a recipe from her cook-book…” Scotty adds.
“No!!! No way!!!” Kevin is really impressed. Nora’s cook-book is sacred in their house. No one is allowed to touch it.

Scotty laughs and Kevin bites his lower lip. Scotty is so attractive when he laughs like that. Kevin lets his hand rest on Scotty’s thigh. How he would love to move up his hand, let his fingers brush against Scotty’s cock and increase the heat between those thighs, but he has promised to behave himself….

Scotty closes his eyes. In his mind he can see Kevin’s fingers move up, caress him, undo the buckle, let his hand enter Scotty’s pants and just… Scotty opens his eyes with a shock. He shouldn’t think like that… Kevin married him out of kindness and he’s not interested in Scotty… Scotty only hopes that Kevin won’t notice how aroused he is….




It’s a weird night. First of all, Scotty isn’t used to being a host to a party, let alone a party given by him and his husband. William, Nora, Justin and Kevin had coached him through the night and he doesn’t think that someone has seen how nervous he was, earlier on.

And second thing, Chad Barry, Kevin’s lover, is here at the house. Though Chad had been most amicable and not a bad word had fallen between them, seeing the handsome actor, Scotty’s feeling of insignificance had returned to him with a vengeance. Scotty has this feeling that Kevin is quietly comparing Chad to Scotty.

And naturally Scotty is failing. He just doesn’t have Chad’s easy way to get along with people and make small-talk or get around difficult conversations. He’s not as handsome and definitely not a guy that gets all the attention, as Chad does. Whenever he sees Chad and Kevin together, he has to admit that they would make a beautiful couple.

So, he’s glad that he had been able to escape the party and have a breath of fresh air in the garden. Autumn is in the air and it’s Scotty’s favorite season. He hears voices and, not in the mood for small talk, he hides away in the shadows, against a tree. He hears laughter. Male laughter. And then he sees Kevin and Chad appear.

Scotty swallows hard. Chad stops and takes Kevin’s hand. Kevin turns to face Chad and Chad leans in to kiss him. Scotty stares at the kissing couple.
“Chad, don’t.” Kevin pushes Chad away. “I’m married.”
“A marriage of convenience.”

“A marriage nonetheless… I like Scotty and I don’t want to hurt him.”
“Come on, the kid doesn’t have to know.”
“But I’d know. It just feels wrong.” Kevin’s answer, as simple as it is, seems to surprise Chad.

“Oh, come on. What can that kid do, that I can’t do a hundred times better?” Chad asks, his question more in humor than in anger.
“He’s rather inexperienced, true.” Kevin nods.
“When was the last time you had sex?”

“In my wedding-night.”
“And that was the last time?” Chad can’t believe it.
“Yes.” Kevin answers with a smile and Scotty is mentally adding ‘failing to satisfy Kevin in bed’ to his growing list of things that he’s not as good at as Chad.

“Oh, come on! You? You, who loves to have sex anywhere and anyhow. In the car, on the yacht, in an elevator…”
“Elevator….? I never had sex with you in an elevator.” Kevin cuts him off.
“Must have been someone else.” Chad clearly teases.

“Your own reflection in the mirror?” Kevin sarcastically replies. Chad sticks out in his tongue in an equally childish response.
“That could be the reason that he was so cold, but very hot…” He then grins.
“Idiot!” Kevin laughs.

“Come on…” Chad wrap his arms around Kevin and pulls him closer for a kiss. Scotty can clearly see that he pushes his lower body closer to Kevin’s. "You know you want this…”
“I do.” Kevin admits. “… but I won’t.” He pushes Chad away again.
“Oh, come on….” Chad makes another attempt to persuade Kevin.

“I said ‘no’.” Kevin’s voice has changed. Still determined and strong, but with a hint of fear and panic. Chad lets him go and looks at him. He nods that he got the message.
“Kevin, it’s fine. Whatever you want. As much as I like to tease, when 'no' really means 'no', then I respect that. You must know by now that I do.” Chad answers.

Something has changed between the two men and Scotty realizes that Chad is backing off due to Kevin’s past.
“I’m sorry. I know I should trust you… I just…” Kevin stammers. Chad caresses Kevin’s face with the back of his hand.

“I know, babe. It’s fine. I’m not angry or upset, you know that. You know what, call me when you get divorced? Or just need to have some quick and hot sex? You have my number…”
“I do.... I will.” Kevin promises.

Chad gives Kevin a kiss on the cheeks and turns back to the path to leads back to the house, while Kevin sits down on a bench, making himself as small as possible. Scotty controls his impulse to join him. He waits quietly until Kevin takes a deep breath, puts some distance between Chad and himself, before he gets up and leaves as well.




“And this is André …” Kevin introduces an older man to Scotty. Scotty and André shake hands. “Scotty, mom has told André about your culinary achievements and he wanted to see that with his own eyes…”
“I’m not that good…” Scotty stammers.

“Nora does not lie….” André disagrees and he signals Kevin and Scotty to follow him. They enter a large kitchen with several different places to cook. “I’ve accepted 4 new students to my kitchen this year, because I have a high standard and I don’t want to teach something to people who are here with their heads and not their hearts.

Scotty, Nora says that you have a natural talent for it. Well, show me. … This is chicken. Prepare a meal as you like. Take all the ingredients you need. It doesn’t have to perfect. I want to see the potential you have… If you’d know everything, like I do, you’d be a chef-cook, like I am. Go ahead. Shock me!” André laughs.

Scotty gives Kevin an uncertain look, but with one nod of his head, Kevin encourages him to take the chance. Hesitantly, Scotty walks up to his cooking-place. He checks the chicken, thinks over what he could make, walks up to the fruit and vegetables that are on display.

The four other apprentices look at him with a smirk. They recognize his uncertainty and it makes Scotty shy. He looks again at Kevin, who nods with an intense look on his face. Scotty touches the fruit, feels which are ripe and which aren’t. He looks at the vegetables and makes a choice.

With every little piece of food, that he touches, his confidence grows. He’s not a chef, but he’s not that bad at cooking either. His motions become faster and more certain. He takes what he needs, puts back what he doesn’t need and then he starts to cut the vegetables.

André nods quietly and Kevin leaves the kitchen. André coaches his students, but leaves Scotty to his own devises. Scotty doesn’t even notice it. He smiles as he prepares the food that he has chosen and he’s oblivious to the rest of the world. André can see this and he smiles too.


By the time that André and Scotty join Kevin again, Scotty is beet-red with a mortified look on his face and Kevin feels worried.
“Is everything alright?” He asks. Scotty shakes his head. Kevin looks at André, wondering what the man could have said that would make Scotty this upset.

“Kevin, your husband is a rough diamond. And I want to polish that roughness away and make him shine.” André say without even bothering with small-talk.
“Really?” Kevin is surprised by the man’s enthusiasm and doesn’t understand why Scotty seems to get even more pale.

“He has a natural talent. Cooking from the heart, not the head. I must train him. I just must. He’s the kind of chef I’ve been looking for.”
“That’s … good news…? Right?” Kevin asks hesitantly, because Scotty still looks like he’s about to pass out. “I don’t get it….”

“I think that Scotty is worried. It is expensive. And he’d be making long days. I’m a slave-driver, remember? And I make very little concessions. Scotty thinks you won’t let him do this. Am I very wrong?” André turns to Scotty, who can’t even nod, out of fear of infuriating Kevin.

“Is this something that you’d want to do? Would you like to become a chef-cook?”
“Oh, God, yes!” Scotty breathes out the words as if he’s been holding them back for hours. “But….”
“Nora and William have vowed to help financially, if Scotty would prove to be good enough.”

Scotty’s mouth just drops open. Confused he turns to Kevin.
“If this is what you want, go for it.” Kevin says.
“I believe in Scotty so much, that I’m willing to pay half of the expenses.” André says. “Provided that, once he’s ready, he’ll take over my restaurant. I’m not getting any younger.”

“But…” Scotty stammers.
“Don’t worry, my dear boy. By the time I’m done with you, you can run any restaurant you want, because, and I’m sure of that, you’ll be better at cooking than I ever was.”

“Rule number one. Never disagree with the chef.” André cuts Scotty off. And at the point, Scotty snaps out of his shock.
“I can’t promise that. Not when it comes to cooking. I'll even disagree with Nora if I have to.”

André gives a fake gasp, but then grins.
“Good boy! Just what I need in my kitchen.” He grins. “We’ll work out the details…” He then says and he nods at both Kevin and Scotty and leaves them.
“Well, congratulations. You’re an apprentice-chef.”

“Oh, my God. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Scotty is nearly in tears and he forgets everything else. He wraps his arms around Kevin and the kiss that was meant to be on the cheek ends up on Kevin’s mouth. In fact, the kiss lasts longer than it should and by the time they break their kiss, they can only grin at each other awkwardly.

“Perhaps we should … ahm… give my parents the good news….” Kevin says, though all he wants is take Scotty to the nearest hotel and just get room…
“Yeah….” Scotty agrees, even though he’d preferred it if Kevin would just take him to the nearest hotel and get a room there.


“Hey Kev. Decided to call me for some hot sex after all?” Chad coos, having seen Kevin’s number pop up on the display of his phone. It remains silent for a few seconds.
“This is Scotty.” Scotty says, nearly squeezing Kevin’s phone in two.

“Oh.” Chad replies, momentarily taken by surprise.
“I …. I was wondering if …. Could we meet? I … I want to talk about Kevin…” Scotty stammers.
“Is he alright?” Chad asks immediately, concern on his face.

“He’s fine…” Scotty replies.
“I’m filming at the beach at the moment, but if you would come to here, I’ll take tell security to let you on the set….” Chad offers.

“Fine with me.”
“I’ll tell you where we are exactly…”


“So, what’s going on?” Chad asks. He looks great as usual. White shirt open far enough to see a part of the broad chest. He’s tanned and healthy and his teeth sparkly white when he laughs and laughing is something that he likes to do a lot. He looks at Scotty, who seems very nervous.

“I … I was wondering…. I just …. Oh, God, this was a stupid idea, I’m so sorry that I’ve bothered you…” He turns around, ready to run away, but Chad grabs his arm instead and pulls Scotty closer to him and Scotty can’t help but realize that Chad is even better-looking from this close.

“Seeing you pivoting around like that, I have an idea why you’re here… The fact that I had a relationship with Kevin is no secret to you. Is that why you’re here?” Scotty nods.“ But you’re not here to .. draw a line in the sand…? … warn me to not to see him again? … At risk of duel at dawn?” Chad asks, a smile on his face. Scotty has to laugh despite himself.

“No.” Scotty answers.
“You need my advice?” Chad guesses. Scotty nods shyly. “About Kevin?” Scotty would by now really it if there was a hole in ground… “Because you want to fuck him senseless…?” Chad guesses right … and Scotty wants to disappear into that hole!

“I’m not going to laugh at you.” Chad says with a grin on his face. “Because I think you’re making a wise decision. I was already wondering how you could ignore that beautiful ass….” Scotty’s face turns red and this amuses Chad even more. “Oh, my God, you’re so green…. That’s so cute!”

Seeing that Scotty is, by now, ready to just run away and hide, Chad become more serious.
“I’m teasing you, of course. So… Do you want to make your relationship with Kevin more intimate?”
“I do.. I just don’t know how…” Scotty says… “I was hoping that maybe you could tell me more… what he likes.. or … what he doesn’t like…”

“I’m not sure I’m the right person to ask. My relationship with him is different from the one you have with him. You’re a friend of his brother and his family loves you. I’ve never really been introduced to the family and I think they think I’m some flaky slut who sleeps around… which wouldn’t be very incorrect…. He’s married to you. …. Kevin and I…. we were… emphasize on 'were' … just having fun and great sex….

I’m more of a predator than you are. When I’m with Kevin, I have no boundaries. I’ve been in this business quite a long time and I’ve slept with more men, and quite some women, than I care to admit to. I take what I want and I know how to get it.

You don’t have my experience, so your approach of Kevin will have to different. I mean, I have no issues with shoving him against a wall and just satisfy him there and then… Can you see yourself do the same thing?” Chad asks gently. He can see that the idea wouldn’t be completely unwelcome to Scotty, but Scotty knows his limits.

“No. I wouldn’t.” He answers. “. You’re right … I’m sorry to have wasted your time.”
“Hey, … not all is lost though….” Chad says with a smile. “You really want him? It’s not some game to you? Or gratitude? Or… convenience? ….” Chad becomes all serious.

“Kevin’s been deeply hurt in the past. Kev and I have always had a clear view of our relationship..His first husband was a terrible lover. The ‘fuck ‘em and leave ‘em to smoke a cigarette’- type of guy. He gave Kevin a feeling of irrelevance. His marriage to Charlie was a lot better. Charlie was caring, tender, sensitive….. but he couldn’t stay faithful is his life depended on it.

Oh, he was discrete from the day he married Kevin, but he was never faithful. I know this, because I was one of his lovers. It’s how I met Kevin, actually. We were …. ‘non-enemies’ … at the time. To my knowledge Kevin never had affair with anyone while he was married to Charlie.

Kevin is a great guy. As ‘free’ as our relationship is… I know he wants stability, honesty, faithfulness, love and loyalty…. And I suspect that those are exactly the things you want to offer… You can give him what he searches for and he can satisfy your needs. Sounds like a good deal to me.”

“Wouldn’t it bother you?”
“No. I want Kevin to be happy, and .. as much as I care for him, I’m unwilling to change myself and my life, because of him… See? Honesty…. I don’t pretend to be better than I am. I don’t make promises I can’t keep. And I don’t believe in ‘forever’…

But Kevin does. And you’re naïf enough to believe it too, then by all means, go for it and nail him... So, what can I tell you?…. Kevin likes to be seduced. He prefers slow and arousing over quick fixes. I think, with your level of expertise, what you should try, is an intimate dinner, just you and him. Move closer to him. Make eye-contact. You have beautiful eyes, use them.

Let him come to you, but make yourself available…. For starters,… loosen those first few buttons on your shirt. You look like you forgot to put on a tie…. You’re very attractive, Scotty, but you don’t know it…. Tease him.. but gently… He’s sharper and quicker than you are… Lick your lips.. focus his attention on them, so that he wants to kiss you…

After that you're on your own… And…. he likes it to be touched, caressed, kissed. He loves to kiss. Kissing turns him on more than anything else….” Chad’s amusement comes back when he notices that Scotty hangs on to every word he says.
“Wow, that’s…” Scotty sighs.

“You know what you should do? Since you like to cook…. Lobster! His absolute favorite.”
“Oh, but he’s allergic to shrimp, wouldn’t he also be allergic to lobster?”
“Nope. He can eat those by the truckload and not have a reaction at all.”
“Great. I can do that.”

“And champagne.. He can handle his liquor quite well, but champagne ….. that does something to him.”
“I can get that too..” Scott smiles. “Thank you.”
“I have only one request.”

“Don’t play with him or with his feelings. Kevin is the kind of man who doesn’t easily give his heart away, but if he does, he does it for the full 100% and if he would then find out that you’re not sincere… Please, I’m begging you. Don’t break his heart….”


“Wow, … what’s all this? To what do I owe that? I mean, … Lobster? Champagne?” Kevin looks up at Scotty, who looks very sexy dressed in black pants and a blue shirt, with the first buttons open far enough to give Kevin a nice peek at his chest. Scotty smiles shyly, the smile Kevin likes to see.

“I just wanted to show you how happy I am to be your husband…. And … that I’m very happy in our marriage….” He looks right at Kevin. Making eye-contact is something that Scotty’s been practicing for quite a while now. “Shall we sit down? I’m … hungry?” He’s actually hungry for something else but food, and, who knows, maybe he'll get it tonight. ... He licks his lips.


Scotty isn’t entirely sure how they ended up like this, but he’s not complaining. He’s on the couch, Kevin is underneath him, his hands are under Kevin’s shirt, caressing Kevin’s back and side and they’re locked in a kiss that makes Scotty want to come up for air, but simultaneously realize that breathing is totally overrated.

It’s Kevin who eventually pushes to break the kiss.
“Scotty, I think, we’re losing control….” He whispers, shifting a bit, because he’s too aroused and afraid that Scotty will notice what should remain unnoticed….
“That was kind of my plan.” Scotty replies, his lips close to Kevin’s.

Kevin pushes him up a bit. There’s a question in his eyes, but he doesn’t ask it. Scotty caresses Kevin’s cheek.
“I want… I want more… Like our wedding night…. I …” He’s clearly mortified, but he pushes on. “Show me. Tell me what you like…. I want…. I want to be able to satisfy you too.”

“Are you sure?” Kevin asks. Scotty nods. He shifts a bit, so his leg is between Kevin’s legs. He cannot ignore the bulge he sees.
“Can I … touch you?” He asks. Kevin nods, unable to answer. Scotty’s hand goes over Kevin’s belly, stumbles over the belt, until he can carefully place it on Kevin’s erection.

Kevin sucks in his breath, surprised that Scotty would actually make such a bold move. Scotty begins to move his hand, adding more pressure. He looks at Kevin, hoping he doesn’t screw this up. Kevin makes a hissing sound.
“That’s good. So good.” He manages to say.

Injected with courage, thanks to the champagne, Scotty undoes the belt, opens Kevin’s pants and lets his hand slide in. He’s a bit afraid, because he has never before touched another man.
“Like this?” He whispers.

“If you keep this up, I’m going to come.” Kevin moans.
“I want you to come. I want to see you come….” Scotty answers, surprised by his own audacity. He pushes Kevin’s pants down even further. Kevin kicks them out and away.

He presses Scotty’s hand between his legs, shows him what he likes and Scotty learns quickly. Kevin is close to an orgasm, when Scotty suddenly remembers how Chad had said that Kevin likes kisses. He takes away his hand. He’s momentarily surprised by Kevin’s moan of protest.

He shifts a bit and he undoes the buttons of Kevin’s shirt. Kevin watches him, but waits for Scotty’s next action. Scotty places his first kiss on Kevin’s chest and he continues to kiss Kevin.. his stomach, his belly…. Kevin moans under the unexpected tenderness, but when he suddenly realizes where Scotty is going with this, he gently tugs at Scotty’s hair to make him look up.

“This may be too much too fast for you…. There are other ways… You don’t have to…”
“I know I don’t have to…. I want to…” Scotty answers. Kevin watches, half in fascination, how Scotty’s mouth moves further down. He can see Scotty hesitation, then his determination.. Scotty’s lips part…

Kevin grabs the seat of the couch to not shove himself deep into Scotty’s mouth. Kevin cries out in pleasure. Scotty is inexperienced, but resourceful and oh so eager. And it doesn’t take long for Kevin to realize that he has to push Scotty’s head away with gentle force.

“I’m close.. I’m going to …. Give me your hand…” He begs. Scotty’s hand immediately curls around Kevin’s cock and, fascinated by the view, he watches how Kevin, with Scotty’s help, pushes himself to the edge. Kevin gasps loudly and to his shock Scotty suddenly feels warm liquid spill all over his hand. He can’t believe that he actually made Kevin come and a smile of happiness spreads over his face.



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