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Fanfic: A marriage of convenience 1/3

A marriage of convenience 1/3

By marea67
About Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Yeeeaaaah, there will be NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own B&S, just playing with the boys. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Well, there will be … I don't know... a marriage of convenience?
Author’s note:
1. This is an AU(=Alternate universe), so the characters can be different in attitude or do things one wouldn’t expect from them. If you can't handle to see characters be different than on the show, don't read this one. It's only 3 chapters long.

2. This isn’t set in any particular time-period. I will simply use what I need, when I need it. Maybe it’s most likely science-fiction, because it takes place in a society where homosexuality is completely acceptable and we’re nowhere that far advanced, no matter what time-periode I use. But, no worries, I will not go all techno-babble. They have normal phones, normal trains etc… And maybe the occasional laptop. Just.... go with the flow... ;)


“Don’t you think it’s about time you re-marry?” Justin asks. His brother Kevin lowers his news-paper and gives his younger brother a flabbergasted look.
“Why?” He asks. His eyes become more narrow and he registers every look on his brother’s face.

“I have the perfect candidate for you?” Justin wishes he wouldn’t sound so desperate.
“Really? Do I dare to ask?” Kevin asks sourly.
“Scotty.” The name of Justin’s best friend comes out like a squeak and Kevin cannot help but laugh.

“I’m sorry, but are we talking about your best friend here? The one who shrivels up when you say good-morning to him?”
“He’s shy?”
“'Mortified when making eye-contact' would be the better description.”

“Well, with Bertha Wandell as a stepmother… who could blame him?” Justin argues.
“It’s not my fault that that his father married that witch…. No, I take that back… calling her a witch is an insult to all witches, I might get sued.” Kevin grins. “She’s a bat out of hell.”

“And with Wally in prison, she’s really trying to destroy Scotty now. Which isn’t too hard. He’s already devastated that Wally is accused of a crime, that no one believes he committed. The family is deeply in debt due to Bertha’s spending-sprees for her daughters and …. She wants to sell Scotty.”

“Sell him?” Alright, Kevin knows that it’s ‘not done’ to discuss this, even though it’s rather normal for young men and young ladies to be sold off into marriages of convenience to suitors who have a lot of money. The new wife or husband becomes a possession. It’s not uncommon for the new spouses to be used and then dumped when their services between the sheets are no longer required.

This usually happens when they turn 25 years old and become ‘adults’ according to the law. Kevin knows the feeling. He himself was sold off at the age of 19 to a man 38 years his senior, though not exactly because the Walkers had wanted to do this.

The Walkers had been in terrible financial troubles at the time and his husband had been a bad solution. A quick fix that hadn’t been good for Kevin. Abusive and alcoholic, his husband had mocked Kevin’s inexperience in bed, tried to alienate him from his family and he had settled his jealous fits, about Kevin’s perceived interest for other men, with his fists or his belt.

The Walkers are a close-knit family and they had been horrified with the way their son and brother had been treated. His father, William Walker, had worked day and night, with the rest of the family, to buy Kevin back, and two years later Kevin could finally get divorced from his husband, even though he wasn’t at the legal age to do so yet, but he was free again.

However, the two years of degradation that he has suffered at the hands of his husband had left its scars on his soul and when Kevin met his second husband, Charlie, a year after his divorce, he had been wary about getting involved again, but Charlie had been different. Softer, gentler, very much in love with Kevin…. and, yet, Kevin had always felt like he had missed out on something in his life. He hadn’t been unhappy with Charlie, but he had never been 'madly in love' with him either.

He had wanted Passion with a capital P. He had wanted to feel the butterflies flutter in his stomach, like he had heard his friends talk about. He had wanted… a lot of sex? Good sex, not the messy stuff he had had with first husband. But wild, untamed and passionate sex, ... the kind of sex that Charlie had sought elsewhere.

Not that Kevin blamed him for it. Charlie never lied about it and Charlie always came back to him. In fact it was pretty clear that, with his past, Kevin just wasn’t ‘ready’ for hot sex. He dreamed about it, but didn’t dare to pursue it, not until after Charlie suddenly died and he had met Charlie’s last lover, Chad Berry, and realized that he couldn't wait for 'the right moment' and that it was time to live.

Chad Barry is one of those actors who’s living proof that you don’t always need talent to make it in the film-business. And Kevin would be the last one to complain about his current sex-life. Chad is creative, careful enough, interested and has the sex-drive of a rabbit on Viagra. Really, he can do it anywhere and anyhow.

The problem with Chad: He’s in love. Deeply and passionately. With himself. He’s great fun to be with, but not someone you would want for a life-time commitment. Alright, perhaps not entirely fair. Chad seems vain and self-centered, but he  has a way of seeing life, his career and himself as one of the best jokes around.

And that brings him to the topic of Scotty. Of course, he knows Scotty. Not that well, with his 21 years, Scotty is 15 years younger than Kevin. But Kevin remembers him mostly as a shy, unattractive, socially-awkward and stuttering young man, how wears glasses who just don’t do anything for his face.

The one time they had met, Kevin’s ‘nice to meet you’ had made the boy turn beet-red and suddenly very interested in his shoes. It wasn’t like the kid had left a bad impression. He had been just so terribly awkward. Especially because Bertha Wandell, Scotty’s stepmother had been there as well.

Her sharp voice had dominated the night and she had been constantly picking on Scotty. She had belittled him, humiliated him and insulted him. He could do nothing right and the sharper her tongue became, the more the boy had withdrawn into a world of his own, a place where her painful comments couldn’t hurt him anymore.

Kevin sighs. He has to recognize that a kid like that in the hands of someone like Kevin’s first husband … it would be his death. Justin looks at him and Kevin knows that Justin expects him to come up with a solution. Because that’s what he always does.
“I’ll see what I can do for him. Perhaps we can help his family financially.”

“Scotty wouldn’t want that.” Justin says.
“Perhaps Scotty should consider that if he has a better plan, he’s more than welcome to put it on the table. The alternative of getting into a pre-arranged marriage may not be a much better solution.” Kevin replies.


Five hours later, Justin enters the dining room and he looks upset.
“Justin, phone off.” William grumbles. His rule is ‘no telephone while we’re having dinner’ and all his kids have to obey that rule.
“I know, dad, but please listen to this…”

He presses a button on his phone.
“Go ahead, Scotty, you’re on speaker, everyone can hear you.”
“I’ve been sold off…” Scotty is unmistakably crying. “Someone has offered a amount of 1800.000 credits to marry me… No questions asked.”

A gasp can be heard around the table. It’s an enormous amount.
“The stipulations are beyond ridiculous. Bertha will sell me and she and my sisters will no longer be allowed to be in touch with me…”
“Well, that would be a big loss.” Justin replies sarcastically.

“Why would anyone have me break my ties to my family…?”
“Good question.” William answers softly… “What else is there?”
“She’s to drop all defense for my dad. My dad will no longer have a lawyer to defend him.”

“Can anyone do that, Kevin?” Justin asks Kevin, who’s a lawyer as well.
“Sure. If those are the stipulations. If Bertha wants to get rid of Scotty and get the money, she’ll have to accept it.…” Kevin has a frown on his face. “If she agrees, we’ll have to see what we can do for Wally.”

“Has she agreed, Scotty? Or is she still thinking it over?” Nora now asks.
“It’s done. There’s a man downstairs. He’s here on behalf of the other party. He has all the paperwork with him. It’s already been signed by my husband-to-be. All I had to do is sign it as well.” Scotty’s voice trembles suspiciously.

“They say that all I have to do is pack my things and leave…. But Bertha already packed a lot my things and I only have one room here anyway…. I can come and pick up the rest of it when my husband allows me to.”
“Scotty…” Justin’s voice trails off. He feels awful.

“I don’t even know who I’m marrying, where I’m going… Justin, I’m scared.”
“How can we help?” William asks.
“Don’t know. There’s nothing… My step-mother has accepted the deal and .. I have to leave…”

“Kevin! Is there nothing you can do?”
“Not on such short notice…” Kevin shakes his head.
“We don’t know where he’s going or if he’ll be safe…What if his husband is a bastard like your first one was…???” Justin’s voice is shrill with fear for his friend.

Scotty gasps and then they can hear him sob again. It makes Kevin realize that Scotty knows about his past and he’s not sure that he’s happy that Justin discussed it with his friend, no matter how close they are.
“I gotta go. I’m being called.” Scotty says between two sobs.

“Take care of yourself, Justin…” There’s a click and the line is dead. The Walkers look at each other and unease take over. Certainly there must be something they can do to save that poor boy?


“You’re sure that you will go to your own home? The weather is so bad.” Nora sighs.
“I know, mom, but I have a long weekend and I want to spend it in my own place.” Kevin says gently. He gives her a kiss on her cheek. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll call you when I’m home.”

“Why doesn’t Carter drive you tonight?”
“Because it is a bad night. And I can drive too. I don’t always need my driver…” Kevin answers and he turns to Justin. “And you, in the meantime, don’t worry about Scotty. I’ll see what I can do for him.” He hugs his brother and then leaves his parents’ house.


Scotty feels lost. He had signed the papers and his step-mother had received her cheque. All her worries are over. She no longer had to fight for Wally and she has enough money for herself and her daughters and she had gotten rid of Scotty, as well as a stack of useless papers and the shares in Ojai Food, the company that belongs to the Walkers.

Wally had gotten a few shares, because of his long friendship with William, but that was when Wally was still with his first wife, Holly. The Walkers had never liked Bertha much, so the friendship between the Walkers and the Wandells had faded slowly and all that had remained was the friendship between Scotty and Justin. And some old shares in Ojai Food.

Scotty trembles and not just from the cold, but also from fear. It’s too dark to still look out the window. There’s only rain anyway. First hard rain, now a sad drizzle that makes, what little he can see from the outside world, look all gloomy and desperate and he starts to tremble again.

What would his husband be like? Oh, he hopes he isn’t as terrible as the first husband of Kevin Walker had been. He remembers the horror-stories, that Justin had told him quite well. He looks at the driver of the car, who seems to effortlessly find his way in the drooping sadness around him and Scotty tries to remember his name. He can’t .

He’s too scared to say something. Would that even be appropriate? To speak to the driver? He has no idea. Is this driver working for his husband or is it just a one off job? He does seem to know Scotty’s new husband though, because he tried to comfort Scotty, by saying that he had gotten married to ‘a good man’.

He closes his eyes and he says a quick prayer. Please, dear God, let this be right. Don’t let him hurt me… Anxiety grabs him by the throat and he feels as if he’s going to throw up. He doesn’t notice the pair of eyes that fix on him. The car pulls over and the driver gets out, he turns to Scotty’s side of the car and opens the door.

Scotty stumbles out and empties his stomach, feeling even more stupid than before. He feels a hand on his back and when he looks up, he sees the driver give him some refresher-tissues and a bottle of water.
“Thank you.” Scotty whispers nearly in tears.

“You’re scared, aren’t you?”
“Yes.” Scotty whispers, he still hasn’t found his voice.
“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. Do you need some fresh air or are you ready to get back in the car. We’ll be at your new home in 15 minutes.”

Scotty’s feeling of loneliness only gets stronger. He’s disconnected and lost. He doesn’t even dare to look at the driver, afraid of seeing contempt in the man’s eyes, because he’s such a pathetic loser. Scotty closes his eyes and tries to breathe in some of that fresh, cold air, before having to return to the car.

“I’m fine.” Scotty says quietly and he goes back to the car. He looks around him. It’s dark, but the lights of the car shine on a long quiet stretch of road and it doesn’t make him feel better. It feels like a road to nowhere. No one knows where he is. He could get killed out here and no one would ever know it or miss him.


Scotty leaves the bathroom. The hot shower had done him good and with the fire on, in the fireplace, the large bedroom looks and feels pleasant. He sits down on one of the chairs, at the tip of the seat, ready to jump if anyone would come in and wonder what he’s doing there.

He finds the hot tea that he had asked for and there are some cookies as well. He nibbles at the cookie, tea in hand, and he carefully looks around. He hears a voice outside the door.
“Fine! Have a good night, Carter!”

Scotty stands up slowly, realizing that whoever is going to walk in, must be his new husband. His heart beats fast and, unknown to him, his eyes become wider and fear installs itself in them. The door opens carefully.

Whomever Scotty had expected to walk in, it certainly wouldn’t have been Kevin Walker.
“Mr Walker?” He’s flabbergasted. He doesn’t know Kevin all that well. Justin is insanely proud of Kevin, but somehow Kevin and Scotty had almost always missed each other. One usually had left before the other had come at Nora and William’s house.

He had only met Kevin once and the man had indeed left a deep impression on Scotty. Handsome, successful, funny and clever and in possession of a family that clearly loved him. All the things that Scotty would never have or be.
“Did Justin arrange this with you?” Scotty asks hesitantly and clearly confused.

“No. I heard about your stepmother’s plans, by accident, in a restaurant, a couple of days ago. I was waiting for my lover, when Bertha and her annoying voice pierced the peace in room. She went on and on about what a waste of time and money you were and that she would get rid of you.

She told her friend that Sir Melchior was willing to offer 70.000 credits for the right to marry you. I immediately decided to jump into action. I didn’t tell anyone, because I wasn’t sure that I didn’t know if I could do it. I didn’t want to give you false hope, but I felt I owed to your father to at least give it a try.

I remember your father, from before he met your stepmother. I remember your mother also. She loved you very much and so did Wally. I wasn’t going that let that woman destroy your father or you any further.”
“Thank you.” Scotty is visibly shaken. Kevin pours himself a drink and walks over to Scotty.

“Have you eaten?”
“Yes, the driver made me a quick omelet and showed me the showers and gave me this bathrobe to wear, while my clothes are being cleaned. I hardly had time to pack.”
“Yes, sorry, we’ll fix that later.” Kevin smiles.

He gives Scotty a hesitant look, before starting a topic that he knows they have to discuss.
“Scotty, I’m sorry to say this, but… in order for this marriage to considered valid, we’ll have to… ahm… you know.

Scotty feels the heat rise to his cheeks, but he’s simultaneously glad that Kevin seems to feel just as awkward about this as he does. He nods.
“I know….” Why does the bed suddenly seem so huge?
“Oh. Nearly forgot. Give me your hand.”

Scotty places his hand on Kevin’s and he watches how Kevin puts a ring on his finger. It’s a little too big, but it doesn’t matter to Scotty. Kevin places a ring on Scotty’s hand and with trembling fingers Scotty places it on Kevin’s finger.
“So, that makes you officially my husband. Apart from that ... other technicality….”

He points at the bed, reminding Scotty that they still need to have sex as prove that their marriage is also a physical relationship. Scotty can feel his stomach flutter with fear.
“I understand, from what Justin told me, that you aren’t that … experienced?” Kevin’s voice is gentle and caring and Scotty shakes his head quickly.

“Okay… We’ll take it slow… No worries….” He raises his hand and caresses Scotty’s cheek. “Trust me. I don’t want to hurt you… I know what it’s like to get hurt and I wouldn’t put you through that.”
“Justin told me a few things…” Scotty's voice is soft and Kevin can hardly hear him.

“He doesn’t know half of what happened to me… And he doesn’t have to. And neither do you, because I wouldn’t make you suffer like that… Is it alright if I kiss you?” Kevin asks. Scotty knows it’s inevitable and  he nods slowly. Kevin’s thumb slides over his lips, making them part a little.

Kevin is surprised by how beautiful Scotty is, now that he sees him up close. Scotty hides his face by staring down and he always looks away when spoken to, but now Kevin can see how blue his eyes are, and how long his eye-lashes are.
“You’re beautiful.” He says and he can see that Scotty is surprised, maybe even shocked.

Kevin places his other hand on Scotty’s side. He can feel that Scotty is very tense.
“Relax. Close your eyes.” His words are only a soft suggestion, not an order, but they make Scotty aware of how close Kevin is to him. Scotty closes his eyes, but can’t stop it when he starts to tremble with fear.

Kevin can feel it and he shakes his head, wondering why on Earth Scotty would be so scared? He moves his lips closer to Scotty, but feels a bit hesitant to kiss him. Scotty hadn’t had a choice in this and it bothers him. Plus, he’s Justin’s friend. And a lot younger than Kevin…

Kevin puts his hesitations aside. The marriage still needs to be accepted by the law and that means that there has to be proof of sexual intercourse. He bridges the last bit of space and then his lips come in touch with Scotty’s. He can feel Scotty’s urge to withdraw, but Kevin’s hand is firmly at the back of Scotty’s head.

He doesn’t really force the kiss on Scotty, but he doesn’t give him much space to get out of the kiss either. He doesn’t really have to. After the original attempt to pull away, Scotty slowly surrenders to the kiss, as does Kevin. At first they both keep their mouths closed as much as possible, but eventually Kevin decides to take a bit further.

With the tip of his tongue, he gently tries to get access to Scotty’s mouth. He can feel Scotty tense up again, then relax. His lips part to let Kevin in. Their kiss deepens and Scotty starts to feel light-headed. He’s never really been kissed before and Kevin is far more experienced at this than he is and he manages to sweep Scotty right off his feet.

Kevin slowly breaks the kiss, playing with Scotty’s mouth, not entirely taking distance from the kiss, but not pursuing it as deeply as before either. His hands carefully begin to explore Scotty’s shoulders and upper-arms. Scotty lets him, staring down, not daring to look up at Kevin, until Kevin lifts up his chin and steals another kiss.

He pulls Scotty closer to him and Scotty just melts. He doesn’t notice that Kevin ties lose his bathrobe or that it falls to the floor. He’s naked in Kevin’s arms. It should frighten him, because it’s a fast move, but Scotty is too lost in Kevin’s tenderness and the never-before explored feelings that course through him, to really notice it.

Kevin pushes him gently to the bed and Scotty can’t keep his eyes off of Kevin, not sure what he feels. He can see how Kevin looks at him from top to bottom, a little smile forming on his lips. And only now does Scotty start to feel terribly naked.
“You’re beautiful.” Kevin says. Scotty gasps in disbelief.

Kevin opens his shirt slowly and throws it on the floor. He gets on the bed and lies down next to Scotty and he pulls up the sheet over Scotty’s body.
“You’re scared, aren’t you?”
“A little bit.” Scotty admits. “I know that you won’t hurt me…”

“Justin would kill me.”
“I know.” Scotty smiles despite the weirdness of their situation. “I just … I’ve never even been this far. No guy has ever shown any interest in me… And….” Tears start to cling to his eye-lashes. Kevin caresses the tears away.

“Trust me. I know what I’m doing. I won’t laugh at you or make a fool of you…” He places his hand behind Scotty’s head and gently pushes Scotty to another kiss. “Just close your eyes….” His hand wanders over Scotty’s naked body, as far as he can reach, but he ignores how aroused Scotty is, to not frighten him.

Scotty relaxes under the gentle strokes and his body begins to respond by moving closer to Kevin, quietly begging for more. Quickly Kevin gets rid of the rest of his clothes. Scotty is aware that Kevin is naked beside him, but he tries to ignore the implications and he tells himself to trust Kevin.

Kevin is Justin’s brother, Kevin had been in an abusive relationship, Kevin knows that Justin will kill him if he’d hurt Scotty. It all sings in Scotty’s mind like a broken record. Trust Kevin. Justin would. Let Kevin take control. Trust Justin’s judgment. None of the Walkers had ever hurt him and he could not imagine one of them would start now.

He turns towards to Kevin, whose hand playfully comes in touch with Scotty’s cock. Scotty gasps at the touch. He’s never been touched by anyone else but himself and a mixture of shame and arousal washes over him, with arousal eventually winning as the dominant feeling.

Kevin’s fingers brush from the base to the tip and back and Scotty moans in Kevin’s hair. The sensations just overtake him. When Kevin’s grip becomes more firm, Scotty completely loses all self-control. His reactions become unstoppable and he cries out, partly in ecstasy, partly in disappointment, when he comes all over Kevin’s hand.

“I’m sorry…” Scotty whispers, fearing that Kevin will not be very pleased with his lack of self-control. “I’m so sorry, I just…. I couldn’t stop it…” He feels Kevin’s arms around him.
“It’s okay. Don’t worry, it’s a natural reaction. I’m not angry. Was this your first time, … by someone else?”

Kevin can feel Scotty nod. Kevin continues to cover Scotty with small, playful kisses and Scotty relaxes again. To know that he hadn’t completely screwed up, in Kevin’s eyes, makes him feel better. He sighs when he feels Kevin’s warm mouth on his chest, leaving a trail of kisses, where his fingertips had been earlier.

It’s all slow and sensitive and very caring and the release of the orgasm starts to mingle with the relief that he’s not in bad hands and that he’s safe, after his earlier scare today. His mind stops working and his body takes over. His fingers spread in Kevin’s curls and he presses his belly closes to Kevin’s lips, conveying how much he likes what Kevin is doing.

Kevin gently pushes Scotty to lie on his stomach and he continues to kiss Scotty. His shoulders and his back receive the sweet massage and kisses that make Scotty relaxed to a state of half-sleep. His body surrenders to Kevin’s fingers. He’s aware that Kevin’s hand slips between his legs, but it can’t bother him too much.

Kevin plays with him, arouses him again and Scotty moans. His legs spread further to give Kevin more access and Kevin’s hand rest on his ass for just a quick squeeze that makes Scotty jolt from almost sleep to half-sleep, and Scotty becomes aware that Kevin reaches for something behind him, either in or on the night-stand.

Scotty doesn’t want to think about what this means. He knows what must come and why, but he refuses to think too far ahead.
“It’s going to be fine. Just relax.” Kevin whispers in his ear and Scotty closes his eyes tightly, inadvertently tensing up when Kevin’s finger begin to prepare him.

Kevin turns Scotty on his back again.
“It’s alright… you’re doing great… just relax, baby….” Kevin coaches him, but when Kevin enters him with one finger, Scotty’s first reaction is to get out of bed and run. As if Kevin had anticipated this reaction, he pushes Scotty back on the bed. There’s a smile on his face.

“It will fine…. Don’t be afraid…. I’ll try not to hurt you.” Kevin promises. One hand caresses Scotty’s chest and belly and plays with Scotty hardening cock, while Scotty grows accustomed to what Kevin’s doing. When he opens his eyes, he sees that Kevin’s eyes are on him, checking his every reaction. Kevin gives him an encouraging smile.

“It’s good, Scotty, you’re doing great.” As soothing as Kevin’s words are, Scotty has to take a deep breath nonetheless when a second finger is added to the first one. Again Kevin calms his down, makes him relax to the touch, while he continues to keep Scotty aroused.

It doesn’t take him long to get ready after the third finger is added. When he now looks at Kevin’s face, Kevin is more focused and his cheeks have more color, while sweat is forming on his forehead. This hasn’t left him unaffected apparently and somehow this is even more arousing to Scotty.

“Kevin…” He begs only softly, because, although he’s terribly hard by now and eager to feel Kevin inside him, he’s also afraid that maybe he’s not ready yet. However Kevin seems to have reached the same conclusion, that he should move on, while he still can.

Kevin positions himself a bit better and he tries to remain calm, this should bring both of them pleasure and not just himself, but he’s been playing with Scotty for quite a while and he’s so aroused himself. He carefully pushes on, hoping that the gasps from Scotty aren’t made out of pain, but he doesn’t think so.

Scotty is tight and he seems to tighten even further around Kevin, something that turns Kevin on even more.
“Relax a bit more if you can, because,… you’re going to make me come too fast….” Kevin warns, with what little brains he still possesses.

However his words don’t really register with Scotty. It’s all too new and too much for him. Kevin tries to thrust calmly and evenly, but has to give in to his own feelings. He has waited too long and his body demands satisfaction. His thrusts become harder and underneath him Scotty cries out his name.

He takes Scotty’s cock, but he hardly needs to do more than that. Inexperience showing, Scotty just comes again and it’s the last straw where Kevin’s own control is concerned. He pulls Scotty even closer to him, pressing his cock even deeper than before and he simply lets go….


“Did I hurt you?” Kevin asks, his arms around Scotty, holding him close. Scotty shakes his head, before answering.
“Mmmmno, you didn’t. Well, a bit, but …. I don’t know… It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be…”

“Nice to know that….” Kevin can’t help but grin. Scotty raises his head with a jolt, suddenly realizing how awful his words must sound.
“Oh, my God! No!.. I meant… well, I thought…. I never meant to suggest that….” He stammers.

“It’s alright…..” Kevin laughs. “I just would hate if I had hurt you. It got a bit … hectic… in the end…” There seems to be an apology lurking in his words and Scotty smiles.
“No. No real pain. Not as much as I expected there would be….” Scotty answer more coherently. “You took real good care of me…” He adds.

“I’m glad to hear that…” Kevin answers in all sincerity. “I remember how degraded I felt after my first time with my first husband. I was in so much pain… Felt so humiliated…” Scotty lies even closer to him, not sure if he want to comfort Kevin or just because he likes the protected feeling that Kevin gives him.

“I’m fine… Just incredibly tired. That’s all.” Scotty ensures Kevin.
“Want to sleep?”
“Close your eyes then…” Kevin says and he kisses Scotty one last time.


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