marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Fanfic: Distraction


By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17-ish.
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, I'm just distracting them.... ;)
Summary: Scotty wakes up on a warm hot sticky night...


He wakes up, sheets clinging to his body. The heat is oppressive. Heat-wave in Los Angeles. Great! And now that he's awake, naturally, he can’t go back to sleep. He looks to his side where his husband sleeps. Or should he say ‘barely achieving a semi-unconscious state’.

He likes what he sees. Kevin’s face is soft now that tension of daily chores has fallen away. He reaches out to one of Kevin’s curls. He has an appointment to get his hair cut, the day after tomorrow. He straightens the curl and lets it go. It immediately returns to its original state. It makes him smile.

Kevin opens his eyes and sees Scotty looking at him.
“Hey. Can’t sleep?” He mumbles, still half-asleep himself.
“No. It’s too hot.”

“Mhmm-hmm.” Kevin closes his eyes again. Scotty waits. Then he can see Kevin blink, brains kicking in.
“Perhaps..” Kevin’s finger follows a secret path, one only he knows exists, down Scotty’s side. “… I should do something about that.”
“Such as…?” Scotty wonders in fake non-understanding.

“Well, for instance, I should point out that, with this heat it is mandatory that you sleep naked….”
“Oh, but one layer of clothes…?” Scotty protests oh-so innocently.
“No. Not acceptable.” Kevin decides.

“Oh, alright. Will take care of that.” Kevin feels the bed wobble as Scotty gets rid of what little he’s still wearing. “Nope. Still hot.” Scotty then says.
“Mhmm, well, that is troublesome…. This means that I have to devise another plan… Mhmm. Let me think…. I could… distract … you from the heat?”

His hand travels down Scotty’s naked body.
“I think,…” Scotty moans. “… that I’m getting way too distracted.” He can hear Kevin laugh softly as his hands rests on a very aroused part of Scotty’s body.

“Yes, it is hard… to stay focused, I mean.” Kevin agrees with a grin. Scotty makes an inarticulate noise when Kevin’s hand squeezes gently and anything else he plans to say gets muffled when Kevin kisses his lips. Scotty moves closer to Kevin, his desire for satisfaction is bigger than the heat. He no longer cares that he’s sweaty or that the sheets cling to his body.

The sheets slide off the bed and Scotty encourages Kevin to let his mouth join his hand. His hands in Kevin’s curls, he can only gasp when it finally happens. Kevin shows him how well he can make his mouth work and it doesn’t take long before Scotty cries out his name and finds his release.

Exhausted, Scotty turns over towards the cooler part of the bed.. Kevin puts his arms around him.
“As good as it was, I’m not sure that it will help me sleep…” Scotty says, but the yawn, which follows his words, betrays that he’s more tired than he lets on.

Kevin only closes his eyes, but he can’t sleep and, after a few minutes, he opens his eyes and he stares at the ceiling for another couple of minutes.
“It’s just too hot….” He sighs. Scotty lifts up his head and turns to face Kevin.
“Maybe I should distract you…?” His hand moves down Kevin’s body and Kevin smiles.


Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - short story

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