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Fanfic: On the life of others.... 11/20


By Marea67
About: The Walkers and a few others.
Rate: G
Disclaimer: They don’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: The effect that Kevin has had… in the life of others. Kevin thought Scotty a very important recipe.

Written for the Love-Bingo prompt: love potion




“So, is there?” Olivia asks. Scotty smiles. She just turned 19 years old and she’s so pretty. And he believes that she’s in love, because she’s glowing a bit.
“A recipe for love? A lo-o-ove potion? Something that really works? … Of course it exists.” Scotty shrugs. “Just look at Kevin and me.”

“Really? It exists?” Daniel looks at his dad with the big questioning eyes of a 10 year old.
“We can all get the right ingredients… All you have to do is mix them up right…” Scotty answers and he ruffles Daniel’s hair.

“Which are the ingredients?” Olivia wants to know. She smiles because she already knows so much about Kevin and Scotty.
“Well, to start with… You need fresh butterflies. For your stomach. For when you meet that girl or guy who will be your true love.” Scotty says.

“Oh my god, You’re gay…” Scotty can’t truly imagine why he hadn’t picked up on it before. Kevin seems a bit shocked and Scotty can hear Kevin warn him to take this seriously. Of course, he can’t. “I will not be prepped anymore until you admit you’re a gay.” Scotty insists.

“… and red velvet cupcakes…"

“Well, I’m more than just the witness at the pool-party. I’m Scotty Wandell from Oxford, Mississippi, son of Wally and Bertha.” Scotty replies.
“There’s a Wally Wandell?”

“… and Indian food… to which you add a dash of flirting.”

“How did you get so cute?”
“I was born this way, what’s your excuse?”

“You need chocolate chip ice-cream, and a family-cabin with a tree-house, a disagreement or two… lots of wine.... You add laughter and giggles and lots of kisses… More wine… To balance it all, you need… disagreements so you can make up. And tears, because too much sweetness can make you sick…. And .... even more wine

You need a generous gesture, care, an air-mattress and lobster with butter. In fact most crustaceans will do, … except shrimp... And if you can put your hands on it, because they are rare, you’ll want a heart-felt proposal and a wedding amidst flowers, surrounded by family and loved ones. And wine… And light-bulbs.”

“Light-bulbs?” Olivia grins.
“Light-bulbs.” Scotty repeats with a smile and he can see that Olivia suddenly remembers the reference. “And you might also want to stock up on good memories and big dreams. Stay away from car-accidents and too much wine. They can both be rather destructive to the love-potion. It can make the love lose its power….”

His smile turns melancholy.
"But what you need most of all is the ability to face each other’s faults, realize the other one is never perfect, no matter how much you’d want them to be. Only then, there can be forgiveness…. A key-ingredient.”

“You did this! You ruined our marriage! Everything we fought for. And for what? So you can groped by some 24 year old?”
“I get it. You’re angry.”
“I’m not angry! I’m in pain and you put me here! The person who’s supposed to love me than anything….
“Kevin, I…”
“You were supposed to be better than this..”
“I’m not. I’m just as lost and damaged and screwed up as the rest of you…. I’m not perfect, Kevin. I’m not perfect….

“Sounds like a lot trouble to me…” Olivia smiles.
“Yeah, it is. Takes a lot of hard work and a lot of patience. But it’s worth it in the end…”
“What is?” Kevin had just walked in and heard his husband’s last few words.
“Our love potion.”

Kevin kisses Scotty, in front of their kids, who roll their eyes.
“You can’t tell them, you know that. They have to learn to make their own…” Kevin grins and bends over to Olivia to kiss her on her head. “Why? Are we in need of a love-potion?” He asks Olivia. She shakes her head.

“Maybe.” She then replies to complicate her answer. “I don’t know. Met a guy who’s cute…. Butterflies… Not sure if it’s the right butterflies though.”
“Don’t worry…. All you need is your light-bulb moment…” Kevin grins at Scotty.
“What is it with you and light-bulbs?” Daniel wonders. Kevin, Scotty and Olivia can only smile. They will explain it when he's older.

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