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Fanfic: On the life of others.... 09/20


By Marea67
About: The Walkers and a few others.
Rate: G
Disclaimer: They don’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: The effect that Kevin has had… in the life of others. With Kevin things don't go as Chad had expected.

Written for the Love-Bingo prompt: lovesickness




Chad checks his looks in the mirror before checking his incoming messages. Still nothing from Kevin. It shouldn’t matter to him that much. After all, Kevin went home with some other guy, just to make Chad jealous, and Chad had retaliated by breaking up with Kevin, which had seemed like a logical decision at that moment.

But it doesn’t sit well with Chad. It hadn’t been the first time that people had tried the jealousy-card on Chad, but it usually doesn’t worked because Chad isn’t a jealous guy. He’s very well aware, that it would be hypocritical, to be upset if his partner would sleep with someone else, if he wasn’t willing to commit either.

But this time it’s different. At first, Chad had laughed over the fact that Kevin had gone home with this what’s-his-name-something-with-an-s. It showed him that Kevin was still his own man and that he kept his own independence. Besides, truth be told, Chad wouldn’t have mind taking the guy home himself.

Of course, Chad just had to call and put a little guilt-trip on Kevin. It had been fun to hear Kevin squirm on the phone, to hear this usually so eloquent man stammer his way through some sort of excuse. And though Chad usually wouldn’t consider himself a good actor, he has to admit that he played the part of ‘betrayed and disappointed’ party rather well.

A little too good perhaps, because the expected call from Kevin, begging for forgiveness hadn’t happened yet. Chad had broken up with Michelle in the meantime, imagining how he’d take Kevin back, with grace naturally, and how he and Kevin could enjoy their time and new found relationship together, without Michelle standing between them.

The feeling of abandonment surprises Chad. This is not how he’s supposed to feel about his conquests. They are usually interchangeable, but this time it’s different somehow. Kevin seems the exception that confirms the rules. Chad misses Kevin like crazy. He can’t think of anything or anyone else and this unfamiliar territory for Chad.

He plays with his phone. Should he call Kevin? But … that’s not how it’s supposed to be. Kevin is supposed to call him, not the other way around…. And suddenly a weird thought hit him. What… what if Kevin isn’t really interested in him? What if the novelty had worn of?'The thought alone makes Chad feel a bit sick.

Chad closes his eyes as an unfamiliar ache courses through him. Is this what it feels like to be ‘love-sick’. He can’t eat, because he’s not hungry. He’s not interested in anyone else at the moment. He can’t even imagine being with someone else. He just wants to be with Kevin.

Chad wants to feel Kevin's hands on his body, smell the scent of his hair, feel him move underneath him or just lie close to him and just hear him breathe. And it’s not just the sex he misses. He wants to get to know Kevin and he wants to argue with him, to just do the dishes with him and watch movies with him.

Kevin never makes him feels as if he’s some idiot. He knows that Kevin is smarter than him, but Chad doesn’t feel threatened by that. It’s almost as if he can’t find faults in Kevin whatsoever. Could it be that he’s really having feelings for Kevin? The thought is amusing, but also unsettling.

Sure, Chad had always said that he wanted nothing serious, but deep inside he wants to be loved, just like everyone else does. And sometimes Chad had believed that Kevin had wanted to give him that love and that he had wanted to reciprocate that feeling. And he has no clue what to do with those feelings.

What if Kevin is ‘the one’? What if he would permanently loose Kevin? Sure, plenty of other fish in the sea. Plenty of other girls and guys to have sex with, but it is not the same… For the first time he feels that it’s not the same… He suddenly knows that he only wants to know one thing. How can he get Kevin back?

He dials Kevin’s number.
“What is it, Chad?” Kevin’s voice isn’t too friendly.
“Kevin, listen… I need to talk to you.” Chad starts.
“I don’t think so…” It feels like a cold front just hit Chad.

“Just meet me, please.” Chad tries not to sound too needy. “I broke up with Michelle…”... Like you wanted me to do… “Come on, just meet me.”
“Northern Light Coffee. Figueroa and Sixth, half an hour.” Kevin orders and he hangs up.

Chad takes a deep breath. He can be there in 20 minutes.And then he has to convince Kevin to come back to him, because he doesn’t want to spend another day, another minute, without him… Chad laughs at his own thoughts. He must be crazy. It’s unreal to feel so strongly for someone else, but it’s something he’s willing to explore with Kevin.


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