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Fanfic: On the life of others.... 08/20


By Marea67
About: The Walkers and a few others.
Rate: G
Disclaimer: They don’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: The effect that Kevin has had… in the life of others.  She must have known all along. Julia.

Written for the Love-Bingo prompt: falling in love



1.11 Family day

“You know,” Kevin starts. “… when people ask me, how can you let your sister spew all that right-wing garbage on television and not disown her, I tell them it’s because I know she loves me. I know she wants what’s best for me and what’s best for this country. But the day you start working for that guy, it’s not about what YOU believe in anymore.

It’s about what he does. And there’s not one single thing in all this legislation, in all these speeches, that suggests that HE will do what is best of me. In fact there’s a lot evidence to the contrary. All I’m asking is that you consider that before saying yes to this offer. That’s all.”
“Fine. I will.” Kitty answers.

“Really?” Kevin seems stunned by her promise.
“Mmmhmmm, really.” Kitty nods. “You know… why is it that this family thinks I’m incapable of rational conversation…” Kitty wonders, but upon Kevin’s first ‘well’ she raises her finger. “Ah-ah!” She shakes her head. “Court is adjourned.”


Kitty can’t remember how the conversation had gone from hunting to same-sex marriage, … and in hindsight, perhaps she shouldn’t try to find the connection either, but the fact is, that she now has to listen to the usual rhetoric. Unnatural. Against God. The bible says… Just between man and woman. Each have their own place.

She closes her eyes feeling a familiar headache come up. It’s that muscle in her neck that locks, the one that makes her bite her lip and lets her face become all tensed. Here we go again. Shut up, Kitty, she tells herself. Just. Shut. Up. Stay out of it. This is not your fight. These are your people. They are the ones who are supposed to be right.

“The mere thought, that one man could fall in love with another, is ridiculous…” She hears a man say. And she has to agree. It should be wrong, weird, unnatural, not the way it’s supposed to be, but… Her memories go back to the pool-party several weeks ago, when Sarah had invited this young man with the tucan-hair, Scotty.

It’s not supposed to be like that, but it happened right under her nose. She had seen the way Kevin had looked at Scotty, and she didn’t have not a single doubt about Scotty’s feelings for her brother. How can she sit here and pretend like it doesn’t exist or as if it’s ridiculous, as the man had called it, when she had seen it right in front of her and she had absolutely melted at the sight of it?

She puts down her fork and smiles sweetly at her hostess, Elly.
“Elly, you must be so happy to hear that Bill married you because of your vagina. I can’t think of a more romantic reason than that...” Elly chokes the bite she just put in her mouth.

“I’m sorry?” Elly practically whispers.
“Well, Bill married you only because you have a vagina and because you have a womb to carry his kids. I suppose that now that you’re no longer able to have them, he’ll divorce you soon… Or just stone you to death…. Or was that for something else, according to the bible?” Kitty fakes not knowing the answer.

All conversations stop and all eyes are Kitty, who suddenly remembers her own warning to herself to stay silent, but she can’t help it.
“I’m sorry if I appear rude, but I have three brothers and all three of them are great guys, who love sports, a beer or a glass of wine, they are good at hunting and hiking.

One of them is working for my father, one of them fought in Afghanistan and one of them is a lawyer. And if you would see the three of them together, you wouldn’t be able to tell which one of them is gay. In fact, I’m betting that you’d think it was Justin, when in fact it’s Kevin.

He’s a very smart lawyer and a great brother, who’s always there for me. He’ll go to hell and back to protect his family and his mother in particular. So, I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t treat him like some second-class citizen just because he happens to be attracted to people of the same sex as he is.

I believe he deserves the same right to be happy and married, with the person he loves, as anyone else does. Bill, if you married your wife only because she happens to be female, then, I believe, you got married for the wrong reason.” Kitty watches Elly’s cheeks turn red.

“And please, feel free to call me a hopeless romantic if you wish, but I would like a man to marry me because he loves me, because he likes to be with me and because he wishes to grow old with me. And you see, the weirdest thing is, Kevin hopes to one day marry the man of his dreams, for exactly that same reason…..”

The silence that follow her words, makes Kitty once again aware of how strong this wall is that stands between her and a lot of the other people at the dinner-table. She sees how Elly swallows away anything hateful that she was about to say, but she’s obviously furious.

“Well, this just proves that certain topics should not be discussed over dinner..” Elly jokes unsuccessfully. The round of laughter that follows is equally awkward, but Kitty doesn’t care. She will not be silenced. Kevin had been right. She had always wanted what was best for him, and that is what she must remember and fight for.


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