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14 steps to happiness - step 7 - Feast of epiphany

2.10 Feast of epiphany

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Evaluation


“Hey.” Scotty comes into the bedroom, somehow not surprised that Kevin is just about to undress and go to bed. There’s a glass of wine on the bedside table. Kevin walks over to Scotty and kisses him. Just a brief kiss, but Scotty isn’t going to accept this little peck, so he pulls Kevin into his arms and kisses him more thoroughly. Kevin relaxes into the kiss and when Scotty breaks the kiss, he stays in Scotty’s arms, bowing his head and letting it rest against Scotty's shoulder.

“I’ve missed you tonight.” He says softly.
“Oh, oh, what happened?”
“What didn’t happen? …. Remember Mom wanted to make a good impression on this Isaac…?”
“Let me guess, she left an impression, but not necessarily a good one?”
“That about covers it. Care to play on for the dish-washer?” Kevin jokes, as he slides under the covers, Scotty smiles, lying down next to him...

“Do you remember that Kitty lost her baby?” Kevin asks, after taking a sip of his wine, Scotty nods, as Kevin passes the glass to him to take some as well. “Well, tonight, Robert told Kitty that he doesn’t really want another little McCallister, after all.”
“Isn’t that a bit unfair? I mean, she kept saying all this time that she wanted to get married and have children and now Robert changes his mind….?”
“Yeah, so, they argued. And then there were Justin and Tommy.”

“Oh no, please tell me that someone didn’t blab about Tommy and Lena.”
“Sarah did.” Well technically speaking she was the one.”Want to hear some more hot gossip? Turns out that Justin and Lena are not as ‘over’ as we thought. He’s still sleeping with her.”
“No way! She’s sleeping with Tommy and now Justin… I’d like you to stay away from her.”
Kevin laughs out loud. Scotty yawns. He’s sleepy. It’s been a long evening for him too.

“But that is not all.” Kevin continues, he’s on his back and feels Scotty’s arm wrap tightly around him. Scotty turns off the light on his side of the bed and now puts a small kiss on Kevin’s shoulder. Kevin smiles at the little show of affection…. “Julia found out about Tommy’s sleeping with Lena.” Scotty opens his eyes and looks at Kevin without comment. “Then she confessed to having had an affair while she was gone.”

“Please tell me she didn’t.” Scotty shakes his head. He can’t believe it.
“She did. Tommy is upset. She is upset…. I hope they will make it.” Kevin thinks about it for a few seconds. He knows he has to tell Scotty the truth about Jason, but he doesn’t want to fight or argue with Scotty. But he can also no longer keep it a secret.
“Scotty, there’s something else I need to tell you…” Kevin takes a deep breath and quickly says: “Jason emailed me that he’s coming home and that he wants to have lunch with me….” It remains quiet next to him. And when Kevin looks at Scotty, he finds out the reason why. Scotty is asleep.
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, series - 14 steps to happiness

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