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fanfic: To share this with you

To share this with you

By Marea67

Pairing: Kevin/Scotty (Brothers & Sisters)

Rating: R
Word Count: 1522
Disclaimer: They are not mine. If they were, I wouldn’t be writing, I’d be watching
Warnings: None

Summary: Kevin tells Scotty one of his secrets.

Three intense weeks of working an awful lot of hours in the kitchen, while one colleague after the other become sick with the flu, were taking their toll on Scotty and on this new relationship with Kevin. He knew he had asked a lot of Kevin’s patience. On top of everything Kevin had been given a very difficult case that drained him of his energy. He spent long days at the office. Kevin left very early in the morning, while was Scotty still sleeping. And Kevin was already asleep when Scotty would come home late at night.

With the disaster Kevin/Jason non-communications on his mind Scotty began a writing campaign. He left little notes all over the place for Kevin. Attached to his sandwiches, in his briefcase, amongst his underwear, in the fridge. The first three, four days, there was no reaction, but then, on the fifth day, when Scotty opened the fridge to get some milk, he found a note attached to the carton. Underneath his “Kevin, do you know how beautiful you are when you sleep?” Kevin had replied:
“Not half as gorgeous as you are. Couldn’t stop watching you. Am now late for work.” Followed by a smilie.

Kevin’s replies had popped up on a more regular basis, until Scotty found one sheet on the table on Thursday morning. “Scotty, didn’t want to wake you up. You were sleeping so peacefully. I hate to ask this of you, but can you please, please, please, ask for a day or two off. As much as I love your notes, we have barely been able to be together these last 3 weeks. Please, just a weekend, now that all your colleagues are back on the job? I miss you... Let me know. Kev.”
That afternoon Kevin was in a meeting, so Scotty could do nothing else but send him send him a text: “Have to be back in restaurant Tuesday afternoon. Love. S.” All he got was a reply: “Thnxs, E’thing taken care of. Kev.”


“Why did you bring me here?” Scotty asks. Kevin doesn’t reply. After a few hours’ drive they have stopped at a fence and Kevin opens it with a remote. It closes behind Kevin’s car and to Scotty, looking over his shoulder at the rattling fence, it’s seems a bit ominous. He looks at Kevin. Usually he can read Kevin’s mood easily, but today Kevin is tense and quiet. They hardly spoke on their way up here. Not that Scotty minded. He was tired.

Scotty was surprised by the tall trees here. They created a spectacular play of light and shadows on this sunny day. He was about to say something about them, when Kevin took another curve in the road and before Scotty’s surprised eyes, amongst the high trees, appeared a small cottage surrounded by a garden filled with early flowers.
As Scotty gets out of the car Kevin turns to him with an uncertain smile.

“What do you think? Do you like it?”
“What’s not to like about it? Kevin, this is absolutely a lovely little place.” Kevin starts to beam.
“It’s mine actually.”
“Yours?” Kevin nods. As they pass the small white fence, walking up to the large wooden door, Scotty notices the many small birds flying around. They cheer up the garden with their songs.

The large door opens rather easily and inside the place is decorated in warm colors, natural materials and in all it looks cosy. It has a large fire place and the dinner table is big enough for eight people at least. The leather couch is soft and inviting.
Scotty falls immediately in love with the large kitchen. Once they are back in the living room area Kevin starts to talk:

“I became owner of it in exchange for my help in a difficult case. Classic thing. Too much trust in a friend. Error in judgement. The man nearly lost everything he had. His company, his money, his cars, his houses. Naturally, his ‘friends’ got lost. His family turned their backs on him, calling him a loser. On top of that, his wife, cannot handle the stress, suffers a heart-attack and dies in his arms. Ambulance is 2 minutes too late. He was desperate."
"I met him in a bar. Listening to him I felt sorry for him. I was just starting as an attorney and still an idealist, believing in justice and all that blah blah. I asked if he wanted to give me a chance. All he had left was this house, that used to belong to his wife. He said that he would hand over ownership if I took his case. And he did and I took the case and after a 3 year battle we won. He got back the money he lost, the value of his houses, cars and other possessions and became filthy rich."

"In his lowest period, he met a woman who stood by him all the way, who had shared the little bit she had with him. He asked her to marry him and she said yes. I was best man at their wedding. Off course his old friends and family came crawling out of the wood-work, but he squashed them right back into it. Said it gave him great pleasure. He still sees me as one of his best friends. I could ask him the moon and the stars and he would give them to me on a silver platter…”

“Didn’t he want back this house?” Scotty asked, unable to understand how anyone could turn away from such a lovely place.
“And you never took anyone out here before? Not even…” Scotty bit his lip. He had no right asking the question, but he had to know.

“No. Not Jason. Not Chad. Not Hank. Not anyone. My family doesn’t even know about it. This is my sanctuary. No one has been here for the last fifteen years, but me, the gardener and the woman who cleans it up once a week.”
“So why bring me here?”

“Do you know why he didn’t want it back? He…” Kevin became quiet for a moment, as a dreamy smile came on his face. ”He said, that his wife bought it, because she wanted a place, where she could share the rest of her life, with the man she loved. He wanted me to keep it, so that one day, like his wife, I could share it with the man I love.” Seeing the shy but loving look on Kevin’s face Scotty just melted. He realized what it was that Kevin was telling him and he swallowed away the lump in his throat. “There is a first time for everything and this week, for the first time, I realized that I was ready to share this place with someone. You.”

Scotty murmurs a soft ‘Kevin’ as he wraps his arms around Kevin. His lips finding Kevin’s with ease. Their kiss becomes even more intimate when Kevin’s lips separate to let Scotty explore known territory.
“Does this place also have a bedroom?” Scotty asks, his voice heavy with barely controlled desire.
“Upstairs.” Replies Kevin, no louder than a whisper.

He leads the way up the small stairs to a lavender-scented bedroom, with a huge bed in the centre, the sheets white and ironed. The blue blanket folded at the foot of the bed.
“Oh wow, this place is the perfect setting for a romantic movie.” Scotty remarks.
“Actually…” Kevin let’s his finger slide down Scotty’s spine, his voice becoming low and dangerous. “It’s the perfect setting for a horror-movie.”

The sudden twist in tone makes Scotty turn around, only to feel himself pushed on the bed with considerable force. Not that it hurts, but it does surprise him. Kevin immediately crawls on top of him. Straddling Scotty’s body and forcing his wrists above his head. Kevin brings his mouth close to Scotty’s and in a low menacing voice, contradicted by the mischievous glimmer in his blue eyes, he continues: “… after all, no one knows where you are. This is such a remote area. No one … can … hear … you… scream..”

Scotty tries, unsuccessfully, to look frightened, as he moves to free his hands. Kevin lets go of his wrists.

“Make me…” Scotty’s voice is teasing as his arms snake around Kevin’s waist and pull him down on top of him.”…scream.” Kevin grins.
“It is supposed to be horror, Scotty, not porn.” Scotty is sensually moving his body up against Kevin and Kevin holds his breath for a second.

Looking up at him with a triumphant grin Scotty suggests:
“If I go for the ‘screaming-and-pretend-that-I-am-really-really-scared’-part now, will you than go for the ‘please-fuck-me-no-don’t-stop-faster-deeper-oh-YES!’-part later on?” Kevin looks as if he thoroughly considers the request.
“That's a deal.”


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