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Finally, some good Matthew Rhys news....

.... And I'm glad that Matthew will do something else besides "The Americans". Just a few bits and pieces from an article from Wales on line, for which I would love to give the link but it seems to be off the air right now.

Hollywood star Matthew Rhys has faced the biggest dilemma of his career – playing Mr Darcy or following the British and Irish Lions..... However, he won’t be appearing in a remake of Pride And Prejudice – instead Mr Darcy features in Death Comes To Pemberley, which revisits the characters five years on from Austen’s novel.... Death Comes To Pemberley is the jewel in the BBC’s 2013 Christmas schedule....

“The thought of playing Mr Darcy is getting to me slightly as it’s such an iconic role,” admitted Rhys, whose previous costume dramas include Dickens’ The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

As he waits for filming to start, he will read Pride And Prejudice but he won’t be watching the 1995 TV mini-series in which Firth famously emerges from a pond in soaking wet clothing.

“There shouldn’t be too many comparisons with Colin Firth as he’s a different Darcy – the one I’ll be playing has now mellowed and has kids.”

All I can say is, Mr Rhys as Mr Darcy.... I can live with that. :) It certainly will be different from The Americans and I hope it will be more interesting to watch as well.  
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