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welcome to my fantasies
Fanfic: 55 hours 
15th-May-2013 11:46 am
55 hours

By Marea67
About: Kevin
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, written with love not for money
Summary: Love bingo prompt “I miss you”
Wordcount: 668 words


Only 55 hours and Scotty will be back. It surprises Kevin how much he misses Scotty. Only two months after that disastrous dinner with Jason, and with their lives running rather smoothly since, Kevin can’t imagine his life without Scotty anymore. And now that Scotty is away for a convention on food, Kevin feels that each day lasts a century.

He can hear the clock tick, but the handles don’t seem to move. The day trudges on and it must the 17th or 18th time that he has looked up from his work only to see that time has barely advanced even though he feels that at least an hour should have past. He makes a correction in a statement, something that got overlooked.

Normally it would make him happy to catch a mistake, because he sees that as a testament to his professionalism, but not this time. He checks his watch. Yes, the clock works at it should, unless his watch is slow as well, which is unlikely. Well, it should be, with the price he paid for it!

Kevin is about to take up another sheet of paper when the silence in his office is broken by his ringing phone. The display says “Mr. Wandell” and he picks up with a smile.
“Miss me already?” He asks. He hears Scotty’s laughter on the other side.
“I think it’s you who’s missing out on something.”

“I miss you too.” Kevin is willing to admit it.
“Thanks, but I’m talking about the food. There’s so much we can try. They have amazing new products and the menu is to die for.”
“I envy you already. I have a frozen dinner for tonight.” Kevin is trying to pity himself. Scotty isn’t buying it though.

“Sorry, sweetheart, but I am the one who prepared that frozen dinner. And all you have to do is turn on the microwave. And tomorrow you’re eating at your mom’s, so the food will be excellent too. So, don’t complain.”

“True.” Kevin admits, “But it is not the same to eat without you… Anyway, any reason in particular why you called? Or…?”
“Just to say that I love you, that’s all.” Scotty says.
“I love you too.” Kevin replies softly.

They have a bit more chit-chat and by the time Scotty hangs up Kevin feels a lot better. With a smile on his face he prepares his case and suddenly the rest of the afternoon seems to have just flown by, because it’s time to leave. Walking to the elevator, Kevin notes that most offices are empty already.

Friday seems to be the day that people can find the time to get work done on time. The elevator takes him down to where his car is parked and the drive home goes rather smoothly and without too many traffic-jams and he wonders why this never, ever happens when he and Scotty have a nice evening planned?

In the kitchen he finds the meal that Scotty prepared for him, with the instruction on how long to heat it up. At the bottom of the note, Scotty had written ‘I love you’ and a little heart drawn next to it. He smiles and he warms up his food as Scotty ordered suggested and just as he is to sit down on his couch with a glass of red wine and his dinner, the phone rings.

“Mr Wandell! Calling me again?”
“Had to hear your voice? How’s your dinner?”
“Absolutely delicious, like you said it would be.”

“Still feeling sorry for yourself?”
“Yes, because I still miss you.” Kevin replies smoothly.
“It’s only another 50 hours.” Scotty answers. “And I’m counting down the hours.”

“Me too. I love you and I miss you, but I will survive thanks to this amazing meal that you made for me.”
“You’re welcome.” Kevin can hear Scotty’s smile and he smiles as well. Just a few more hours and they’ll back together and he’ll make sure that he will thank Scotty properly.

15th-May-2013 10:59 am (UTC)
Awww these two Cuties :)
Scotty always looked lik he loves to cook and feed and Kevin loved to eat! May be it is me or Luke/Matt always being kitchen cooking n eating :)
off to watch the cute Valentine Dinner scene now !!!
15th-May-2013 02:10 pm (UTC)
I don't know, but I love the combination Kevin/Scotty/food. My ideal way to spend a weekend.... (or maybe that's too much info...) :P
15th-May-2013 08:54 pm (UTC)
awww! lovely!! And so glad that Scotty called Kevin so many times, he is so different to Jason :)
15th-May-2013 08:58 pm (UTC)
Hadn't even thought about that. :D
16th-May-2013 10:37 am (UTC)
That's what I loved about it as well :)

That and the fact that Scotty wanted to look after Kevin, Kevin willing to admit that he missed him was so sweet :)
17th-May-2013 09:17 am (UTC)
Kevin has to honest about his feelings at some point. Maybe he learned something from Jason's attitude as well. ;)
29th-May-2013 03:13 pm (UTC)
Aawww...so much love.I miss them.
29th-May-2013 08:44 pm (UTC)
Me too. I miss the lovely chemistry. Ssssigh.
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