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Fanfic: Phone-call


By Marea67
About: Kevin
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, written with love not for money
Summary: Love bingo prompt “I just called to say I love you”
Wordcount: 742 words


Kevin quickly picks up his phone and he scrolls through the numbers on his phone. Quintin, Richard, Robert, … Scotty! Finally! He quickly glances at the clock and presses simultaneously ‘ok’ to call Scotty. The line opens and before Scotty can say anything, Kevin says:

“Hey, honey, I’m sorry, I know we said that we would have dinner together tonight, but I can’t make it. Your plans were just amazing and I know I would have loved the dinner you planned, not to mention all those other sexy things you texted me about. And I really would have loved it to make love to you all night.

But I’ve just been told me to write a statement about something that will hit the news tomorrow and you know how it goes. The boss commands.” Kevin tries to joke, but all there is, is a silence on the other side and Kevin fears that Scotty is furious. His shoulders sink and he tries, with a bit more begging for forgiveness in his voice:

“I hope you’re not too angry and that you haven’t been slaving away in the kitchen all day for our dinner…. I just wanted to let you know that I love you and that you’re so sexy. I can’t wait to be in your arms tonight.” Someone on the other side clears his throat and Kevin stops. Now Scotty is going to either hang up or yell at him.

“Uhm… thanks… but I think you got the wrong number, Kev. I assume that you planned to call Scotty?” Robert asks, laughter hidden in his voice. Kevin feels a blush rise to his cheeks.
“Robert.” He says, feeling terribly awkward…

“I mean, I’d be flattered if you’d think that I am sexy, but at the same time… it would get us nowhere. It’s not like I don’t care for you but, having giving this some thought in the past, when Jason came out, I just have to admit that I’m just not born that way… So, you know, it isn’t you, it’s me….” Robert teases.

“I bet you say to all the boys.” Kevin sighs, appreciating the way Robert takes this.
“Pretty much.” Robert admits. “Can I suggest that you call Scotty instead…?”
“Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?” Kevin grins.
“Oh, hang on, I have another call coming in. Just one sec….”

Robert is gone before Kevin can say something and Kevin waits impatiently for Robert to come back, so they can finish their conversation. It takes longer than ‘one sec’ and Robert is appropriately apologetic.
“I’m sorry to have kept you from your call. Some people think they can get away with anything once they’re on the phone.”

“Tell me about it. I have to call Scotty.”
“Tell him that I’m sorry to keep you at the office and that I ruined your plans.”
“He won’t believe you anyway. He’ll think it’s a Republican conspiracy.”
“… And he could be just right…” Robert says in a low ominous voice that makes Kevin laugh.


Kevin gives his phone an angry look. Scotty’s phone had been switched to voice-mail and though he had left a message for Scotty to call him back, so far, the phone has remained awfully quiet and now Kevin is angry, upset, hungry and feeling neglected. And it doesn’t get better when there’s a knock on his door.

“Come in.” He grumbles in a bad mood.
“Did someone order dinner?” Kevin hears someone ask and he looks up.
“Robert called me to tell me that you were hold up at work.”

“He did, didn’t he?” Kevin suddenly realizes what the ‘held up phone call’ had been all about.
“He suggested that I’d come here and keep you company. Though the building is officially closed, all I had to do was to give the night-guard my name and he just let me go up.”

Kevin smiles at Scotty’s words, happy that Robert had arranged this.
“You must have left quite an impression somehow, someway, because he said to tell you that he loves you too?” Scotty shoots Kevin a suspicious look. You never know with those McCallisters…

“Just a painful mistake…. And I’m glad that Robert is making amends for it.” Kevin says benevolently. He decides that, for now, there’s no reason to explain it to Scotty. He’ll find out the truth sooner or later anyway. The Walker-rumor-mill will take care of that, no doubt.


Tags: character - kevin, character - robert, character - scotty, fanfic - love-bingo

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