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Fanfic: B&S episode 713: part 7/8

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Season 7 – Episode 713 – Last dance

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you


The sun manages to peak through the leaves every now and then. And when she does, she lightens up the golden cufflinks, engraved with a single ‘w’, on Kevin’s sleeves. Nora beams with pride and Bertha dabs some tears away. The lighting in the garden indeed adds a magical touch to the moment when Kevin and Scotty stand opposite Saul, who has just started his speech.

“... A man walks into a lawyer’s office…. It could almost be the start of a joke, if only it hadn’t been exactly the way that the story of Kevin and Scotty started…” Saul tells. “It was a meeting that would lead to a tumultuous start, that saw our family introduced to a young man with bold hair-statement, a matching attitude, who managed to win us over with delicious red velvet cupcakes.”

Scotty grins, as do a lot the guests.
“However, sometimes we’re not ready for the love of our lives when it happens and after a painful break up between them, we thought we’d never Scotty again. Not even the second try could jump-start the relationship. But sometimes something is meant to be whether we expect it to or not.

Kevin and Scotty were destined to be together, because, as fate would have it, they were given a third chance. And this time, it all happened at the right time and at the right moment. A perfect balance had to be found between Kevin, who could be uptight….” He looks at Kevin over his glasses.

“… And Scotty, who could more… bohemian. However Kevin and Scotty managed to find that balance, teaching each other to have dreams that could be realized and one of their dreams was to be married and 6 years ago they made that dream come through for themselves, by a beautiful commitment ceremony.

And, if I may add a somewhat personal detail here, … seeing Kevin and Scotty’s wedding made me dream that maybe not everything was lost for me either and that happiness could still be found…. And I did… I do believe that it was seeing Kevin and Scotty have the courage to go after what they wanted, that encouraged me to do the same.

As in all marriages, not everything was perfect for them. Marriage is hard work and it takes energy, love and patience to make it a successful marriage. Kevin and Scotty had their moments of happiness, but also sadness and yet through it all they had the conviction that they belonged together and that issues were there to overcome.”

Saul clears his throat and adjust his glasses, before moving on:
“We could stop and focus on those that are no longer here with us and the losses that have had a deep impact on Kevin and Scotty, such as the loss of Tommy Walker or Robert McCallister.

But I know that Scotty and Kevin would prefer to focus attention on those who have been added to their family and friends, and who bring them joy and happiness and enriched their lives. Their son Daniel and their daughter Olivia are no doubt high on that list. And so is Mateo Paresa, a young man they took under their wings.

Or the more recent addition to their family, Elizabeth and Billy Walker, who are left under their care since the tragic death of Kevin’s brother, Tommy… The children are loved and protected, raised in the knowledge that each of them is important and special. And in the awareness that the love given to them is unconditional.

It is not always an easy task, something Kevin and Scotty are very aware of. It is easy to lose each other in the avalanche of tasks that they have taken upon themselves. Several children, a hotel, a restaurant, a law-firm and a house to maintain as well. It demands focus, love and flexibility.

And that is one of the reasons why they are here today. To renew their vows, to remind each other, and us, of the commitment they have made and that they wish to continue, stronger than ever before.…. Kevin and Scotty have decided to take off their original rings to renew their vows.

They however did not want new rings, because the ones they had were the symbols of their love then. A love that has not changed or diminished, even if their original commitments have changed considerably…. Kevin, Scotty, I will hereby let you make your vows…” Saul steps back and Olivia steps forward. She lifts up Daniel who places a ring on Kevin’s hand. It is Scotty’s own ring.

“Scotty,…” Kevin’s voice trembles a bit. “…I renew my vows to you and I repeat my promise of love, devotion and fidelity to you. When I put this ring on your finger, a little over six years ago, I had no idea where it would lead to. I had expected changes, but not some of the abrupt about-turns we encountered along the way.

It wasn’t always easy to keep up with them. Especially when I hit rock-bottom, after the accident that made us lose Robert. That loss of a dear friend was immediately followed by the loss of our unborn child…. And I admit, I lost my grip on life… They were the worst of times… and through it all, you stood by me. You tried to be there for me, even when I wouldn’t let you…” Kevin slowly places the ring back on Scotty’s finger.

“Words, that should have been spoken, were silenced. Things have happened that shouldn’t have happened. And secrets that should have been brought to light, remained in the dark. And it wasn’t until I realized that I was about to lose you, that I saw that losing you would be the worst thing that could ever happen to me.

It was that discovery that gave me strength to work my way back to the light and back to our love. I love you. I think, I’ve loved you from the day we met. And … I sometimes don’t understand why you’d bother to stay with me… Because I think you can get someone better than me…. but,…

I’m glad you have a different opinion on that, because I love you so much that….” Kevin can’t finish his sentence, he just looks up at Scotty…. “I love you. Always have, always will.” His last words are almost a whisper. However Scotty heard them loud and clear and he’s overwhelmed by the love he sees in Kevin’s eyes.

He nods quickly to let Kevin know that he heard everything. He’s happy to feel his ring back in its place, where it should be, but with so much more importance attached to it, than ever before. Scotty clears his throat and his hands shake a bit when Daniel gives him Kevin’s ring.

“Kevin, I renew my vows to you as well. Not just those of love and affection… but specifically that of fidelity. I broke that vow in a moment of weakness, and I've regretted that every single day, because I love you so much more than you’ll ever know. And by putting this ring back on your finger, I reaffirm my commitment to you, and also to Olivia, Elizabeth, Daniel and Billy, that my love for all of you remains unconditional.”

The ring slides easily on Kevin’s finger and Scotty looks at his husband.
“I love you.” Scotty simply says. Saul steps forward again. He takes Kevin’s hand and Scotty’s hand and places both of them between his own. And he looks at each of them with a serious look on his face.

“And now, … just so everyone can be a witness to your promises to each other…. Do you, Kevin Walker and Scotty Wandell, once again, promise to love each other, honor each other and comfort each other, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better and for worse, and... to forsake all others... as long as you both shall live?” Saul asks out loud.

“Yes, I do.” Kevin answers.
“Yes, I do.” Scotty answers. Saul smiles brightly and lets go of their hands.
“Then, seal your promise with a kiss.” He orders gently. Kevin laughs and wraps his arms around Scotty’s neck.

Their kiss is longer than required, and they completely ignore the cheers and the applause, until Kevin finally lets go of Scotty. They accept congratulations that seem to come from everywhere. They lose track of each other in the crowd around them, but they accept this, knowing that soon enough they’ll be together again.


“You look amazing.” Paige says, walking up to Mateo.
“You look very pretty… Like what you did with your hair.” Mateo flaps his hand about, clearly shy about the compliment he got and the one he’s giving away. Paige smiles equally shy.

“How are you?” Mateo asks. “I haven’t seen you in a few weeks.”
“I needed some time to myself. To think…. But I’m okay. I hear that you’ve moved in with Helen. That’s amazing.”
“Yes. The Lockharts are good people.”

“Don’t you miss the Walker-Wandell household?” Paige asks.
“Like crazy, but Helen and I have agreed that we will go back to studying at Café 429, like we did before. It’s okay with Scotty and we miss studying together… And … I miss studying with you…” He adds carefully.

“I miss you too.” Paige says. “As a study-partner.” She adds quickly, but they both know that that was not what she meant to say. They stand together uncomfortably until Helen suddenly joins them. She wraps one arm around her brother’s neck and the other around Paige’s neck and brings their faces closer together.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, would you two just kiss and make up. Even I can see how you two devour each other. Do what you uncles did, Paige, and go after who you want. And, Mateo, stop being so ridiculously proud. You know that you want Paige and no one else. Jeez, stop wasting your time.”

She gives both of them a kiss on the cheek and lets go of them, to search for her mother. Mateo and Paige both laugh embarrassedly.
“Sisters…” Mateo jokes.
“Yeah… tell me about it. I have a brother.” Paige grins.

They hear laughter and they look at Kevin and Scotty, who are surrounded by people.
“Do you think it is true? If it’s meant to be you’ll find a way back to each other?” Mateo asks.
“Yes.” Paige answers without hesitation, still looking at her uncles and with them in mind.

“W.. would that also count for us?” Mateo asks. Paige turns around.
“I was an idiot.” She immediately says. “And I want nothing more than to be with you.” Her words are soft, but they make Mateo blush.
“And I with you.” He answers.

Paige takes a step closer and she puts her arms around him. He replies by holding her. He had missed this closeness. Paige looks up and carefully kisses his lips. Mateo replies to the kiss and Paige starts to glow all over. They break their kiss, smile at each other and then kiss again.


“Nora!” Brody spreads his arms expecting Nora to go up to him, but Nora stays where she is, surprised to see him there.
“Brody. I thought you couldn’t come.” She says.
“Sarah talked me into it.” Somehow those words squashes any feeling of joy that Nora had felt.

“How nice of her.” She mutters. At that moment she sees Kitty approach Brody from behind and Nora is confronted with another face from her past.
“Mom, look who I convinced to come here?” Kitty showcases Isaac.

Nora’s face is frozen between horror and happiness.
“Isaac…” She says out of breath. Brody turns around, wondering who Kitty is talking about and why Nora seems so caught between shock and surprise. Kitty’s smiles freezes as well.

“Brody… Well…. This is awkward.” Kitty says. “I thought you wouldn’t be here. That’s why I had Isaac invited, so mom wouldn’t be alone this day.” And then Kitty feels the need to explain further. “Brody, this is Isaac. Isaac was with mom for a while… ahm… Isaac, this is Brody. He’s Sarah’s real father and …. I think I should shut up…”

She can feel misconceptions hang in the air after her explanation and indeed the looks that cross between Isaac and Brody aren’t too friendly.
“That would be a good start.” Nora agrees. “And no one thought it would be a good idea to consult me on this first?” Nora wonders.
“It was supposed to be a surprise.” Sarah answers.

“Me too.” Kitty says. Brody and Isaac both look at Nora, who feels put on the spot.
“Listen, you guys. It’s great that you’re both here, but I was happy being here on my own. I appreciate seeing you again, Isaac, but…” She sighs and she grabs Isaac’s hands. “I’m happy to see you, alive and well. You look great.”

“I didn’t come here to complicate matters. I can see that our lives are still not compatible, but I just wanted to see that for myself.”
“Can’t we just enjoy the party as friends?” Nora offers.
“I would love that.” Isaac answers, assuming that Nora wants to be with Brody, but Nora turns to Brody and she puts her hands on her hips.

“I’m glad you came here at Sarah’s request, Brody.”
“Well, you make it sound like…” Brody starts, but Nora stops him from talking.

“I personally invited you to be my 'plus one' on the day that my son renews his vows and you told me that you were sorry, but that you were too busy…. Fine. I can accept that, if my kids had needed me or I had a job, I would probably have done the same thing. But now Sarah asks you and you can somehow suddenly find the time to come here and be with me? I’m sorry, but that is … insulting.”

“Mom, that’s not how it went. I told him that he couldn’t do this to you and that if he wanted to be with you, he should take some responsibility towards you.”
“And you think it is your place to explain that to him? He’s your father. Yours and few others. You’d think that by now he’d have a clue about how this works….” Nora argues back, while slowly a crowd is gathering around her to find out what is going on. In that crowd, Justin turns to Kevin.

“Wasn’t that the same woman who told us this morning that she didn’t want drama on your wedding-day?” Justin asks his brother.
“Yes, she obviously handed out the memo, but didn’t proof-read it herself.” Kevin sighs and he sees how his mother focuses her attention on both men.

“I love you, Brody, but I have to recognize that you’re not the man I need and that I’ll prefer be on my own, if this is how it goes.” Nora turns around and walks away.
“I’m sorry.” Kitty says to Isaac.

“It’s alright.” Isaac replies. “I think that Nora has made her point.”
“You must be so disappointed.”
“No, your mother is still the formidable woman she always was.” Isaac smiles.

“Yes, she sure is.” Kitty grins. She turns around to see Sarah, looking as deflated as Brody. “I’m not sure if Sarah and Brody would agree…”
“I’m sorry.” Sarah says to Brody.

“Nah, don’t worry, kid, I have this thing about always doing and saying the wrong thing when I’m around her…. Maybe I should just accept that.” He gives Sarah a warm hug and walks towards the hotel.

Nora sits down on the bench, feeling equally deflated, when someone sits down next to her.
“That was quite a show.” David grins.
“David?” Nora’s jaw drops. “Did Justin or Kevin invite you?”

“No. Scotty. I’m building a greenhouse here in the garden. Scotty and I ran into each other and we remembered the ‘good ol’days’ and he invited me. Nothing to do with you.” David tells his little lie.
“I’m so awful. They are both fine men…”

“But not what you’re looking for?”
“No.” Nora agrees.
“Well, if they’re not your escorts tonight…. Mind a dance with me later on?”

“Would you?” Nora asks surprised.
“Well, as long as I don’t have ‘nail’ anything.” He teases and a blush rises to Nora’s cheeks at the memory of her words, so many years ago. “Why don’t I get us something to drink.” David offers.

“I’d love something to drink.” Nora manages to say. Barely has David left the bench to go the tables or Holly sits down next to Nora.
“He’s familiar.”
“David. I had something with him, not long after William died.”

“Oh, now I remember.” Holly grins. “I was semi-dating Saul at the time.”
“Yes. Then.” Nora shakes her head at the memory of how long it would be.
“He’s cute.” Holly has to admit.

“He is.”
“Seems nice too.”
“He is.”

“Seems to like you a lot.” Holly now points out..
“I think he does too.”
“And he seems to be all alone?”

“And you think that I should do something about that?” Nora looks at her.
“It would be ironic.”
“What?” Nora asks.

“If after all the years that we shared William, we’d both end up with our own David.” Holly tries to keep a serious face, but Nora’s flabbergasted face is so hilarious, that she starts to laugh.
“You’re an idiot.” Nora tries to sound like she means it, but then she can’t keep her face straight either and laughs along with Holly.


End of part 7/8


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