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Fanfic: B&S episode 713: part 6/8

Season 7 – Episode 713 – Last dance

By Marea67
About: Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you




“What?” Holly stares at Nora. “Are you crazy?”
“No. I’ve done it. I’ve bought a little cozy house, not that far away from the kids, that is one third of this place. I’ve even found a buyer for this house. After William died, a friend had asked if I was interested to sell it. I told him no.

But he kept asking for it, whenever we met, it became our standard-joke. He’d start with ‘Would you..?’ and I’d go ‘No!’ and then we would move on with our conversation. So, I called him and started ‘Would you…?’ and he answered ‘If you’re selling, I’m buying..’.”
“Do your children know about this?”

“No. They would try to make me change my mind and I don’t want that. I’ve considered and reconsidered this move for the last 5 years. I was stuck between the memories of this place and the fear of moving someplace else. But I’ve watched everyone relocate and build new lives. I want that as well.

I want a new start. I know that I said that I never chose this house because it was William’s choice, but…. I think that, if I had been given the chance, I would have chosen this one. I’ve been happy here, I’ve raised five beautiful kids here and I cherish the many memories, but….

This house is getting too big for me to maintain on my own. I’m not getting any younger. I want something smaller, more manageable for a woman alone….”
“I can’t see a reason why you’d have to be alone for the rest of you life….”
“I can’t see a man in my near future either.”

“What about Brody?” Holly asks.
“It would seem that we love each other most when we’re not together. We’re too different. It seems as if his sloppiness triggers my desire to be a neat-freak. His ‘yes’ becomes my ‘no’.

I get annoyed by his casual approach on things and it makes me even more determined to tighten my grip on the situation. If he says black, I want white and neither of us wishes to settle for grey, feeling that it would be let down if we did. I don’t know, they say opposites attract, but I’m not so sure of that.”

“Your family is going to explode when they find out that you sold the house.”
“If it’s a done deal, they have no choice but to accept it.” Nora replies.
“That’s true.” Holly laughs. “But you won’t be scoring any points with them.”
“I know…” Nora sighs and she dreads the day that she will have to tell them.


Scotty walks in the garden of the hotel and he look around. The place starts to look prettier every day. Dean, the gardener walks up to him.
“Do you like it so far?”
“I love it.” Scotty says. “Will it be ready when we get married in a few weeks?”

“It will be, mr Wandell. I had thought that this would be the perfect place. You’re getting married, or remarried, or whatever you call it, at 5 in the afternoon. And this place will be in the shadows, and the leaves on the trees create a beautiful light here. I’ve already had a few photographers come here and take lots of pictures.”

Scotty has to admit that the place looks very quiet and beautiful enough for a ceremony. There’s enough space to put chairs and perhaps a few tables for a cold buffet. At the same time it also feels secluded because of the many higher trees, that give you the impression that no one from the hotel can look in on the ceremony.

“It is gorgeous.” Scotty sighs. “I heard you hired a contractor to help you built a greenhouse?”
“Yes, we thought it might be fun for people to walk in there and see vegetables grow in the middle of this town.”

“It might work.” Scotty answers enthusiastically. “The kitchen would benefit from it.”
“It doesn’t bring in enough to support the hotel, but it might be interesting for Café 429. Oh, look, the contractor is here… David! David, I like you to meet my boss, Scotty Wandell…”

David turns around and the moment David and Scotty’s eyes meet, they both recognize the other.
“It’s been a while.” Scotty says and he and David shake hands.
“Indeed. 2006 or 2007?”

“Not long after William Walker’s death in 2006, that’s for sure.” Scotty smiles.
“The Walker-family…. Now that was something else. You dated Nora’s son… Kevin?”
“And broke up with him twice, before we realized that we couldn’t do without each other… Kevin and I plan to renew our vows here, in a few weeks.”

“Congratulations.” David is genuine in joy over this. “Nora must be happy with that, she loved her kids so much. .. I mean, Nora is fine, isn’t she? I’ve been away for a few years, got back to Pasadena about two months ago.”
“Nora is fine. Proud mother, mother-in-law and grandmother…” Scotty nods.

“I’m happy to hear that. I’ve often thought about her. I enjoyed the time I spent with her. She made me want to go after the things I still wanted in life.”
“Why don’t you come to our wedding? You could meet her again in a casual way?”
“Is she not in a relationship?”

“Not fanatically so.” Scotty says carefully. “It’s more often ‘off’ than ‘on’.”
“I see.” David smiles. “Wouldn’t that be weird?”
“You work for the hotel… It’s not such a giant leap.” Scotty answers, mischief in his eyes.

“I would love to see her again. If just to see if she’s as wonderful as I remember her to be.”
“She is.” Scotty assures him. “I’ll get you an invitation.”




Kevin wakes up and opens his eyes, feeling a bit confused that Scotty isn’t there, but then he remembers why. It is because he’s in his mother’s house, in his old bedroom, and today he’s getting remarried! Then he finds out what woke him up in the first place. There’s another knock on his door, more insisting this time.

“Come in.” He says. He wonders who’d be knocking at his door in this house, where everyone always walks in as they please.
“Well, that took you forever.” Kitty begins immediately to bicker. She brings in the tray with coffee and tea, while Sarah carries the tray that has the rest of the breakfast.

“Had I known it was you, I would have left you standing there.” Kevin returns, holding up his cheek to receive Kitty’s kiss, which he gets, and she hugs him tightly.
“I’m so happy for you.” Kitty sighs. Over her shoulder Kevin can see Nora and Justin enter as well.

“What are all of you doing here?” He looks at the loving faces around him on the bed.
“We wanted to be here for you.” Justin jokes. “In your hour of need and such.”
“Idiot.” Kevin mumbles, while he punches Justin in the side. Sitting with the five of them on the bed they divide the coffee and tea.

“Are the kids awake yet?”
“Tyler is looking after Billy and Daniel. Olivia and Elizabeth are pretending to still be asleep.” Justin says.
“Well, if Tyler is downstairs, why are you here?” Kevin asks.

“Because I asked for all of us to be here…” Nora answers before Justin can. “Just once, I want I want a festivity to go according to plan. I don’t want reveals of mistresses, Or illegitimate children popping up, nor do we need arguments settled today or tents to be broken down or people ending up in the pool.”

“We ‘a’ don’t have a tent and ‘b’ we don’t have a pool either.” Kevin point out.
“There are no running arguments that I know of.” Sarah adds.
“I hope we found all dad’s mistresses and illegitimate children.” Kitty sighs. “because, as much as I love Rebecca and Ryan, I don’t want more of them.”

“Mom, today Kevin and Scotty are renewing their vows. Their wedding-day is the only one that ever went without any trouble, I think we should keep that tradition up.” Justin says, which earns him a silent ‘thanks’ from Kevin. And Nora looks at her children with gratitude in her eyes.

“I just want this day to be perfect. Or, at least, as perfect as possible.” Nora slowly starts. “Even if there’s bad news on the horizon…”
“Bad news?” Sarah asks.
“Mom, if there’s bad news, I don’t want to hear it. Not today.” Kevin says.

“It isn’t necessarily bad, as in someone’s dying, more a bad new in the line of ‘you guys are not going to like this’.” Nora explains. “I’ve decided to sell this house. In fact it’s a done deal. The sale is done. This house must be empty by the end of July…” Nora says the words as quickly as she can and in one breath, and now clearly braces herself for the argument.

But there’s only silence when she looks from child to the other. Sarah is the first to speak.
“ That’s fine, mom. I think it’s time.”
“And if this feels right for you, then I can’t stop you.” Kitty adds.
“The house is, after all, getting too big.” Justin says.

“I agree with Kitty. If this is what you want, if this truly your choice, then I’m 100% behind you.” Kevin answers. Nora’s shoulders sink.
“Is that it?” She asks. “No outcries about how I can’t sell you childhood, forget about the past, give away the legacy or whatever?”

Kitty smiles and places her hand on Nora’s.
“I can only speak for myself, mom, but if there’s one thing that the time in Boston, undergoing cancer-treatment, has thought me then it is that the house itself is not that important. It’s the home you create and who you create it with.

What I missed wasn’t the garden, but the playing with Evan in that garden. It wasn’t the walls in Grace’s bedroom, but seeing her sleep there in her little bed. Those are the things I take with me…. And… even though I’ve moved to another house, I haven’t lost Robert either. He’s still with me every day.

But since Tommy died, I’ve been dreading to come here. I can somehow live with father’s death and my memories of him. Perhaps because there is this feeling that it’s only natural for parents to go before their children, but the feel of this house has changed since Tommy’s death. For me anyway.”

“I agree, we all have our own place, our own home. And now you should make your own choice in this as well. It’s good to move on to something new. Maybe with Brody, or someone else, or just alone. But let it be your choice.” Sarah says.
“I hadn’t expected you all to take this so …. maturely.

Nora isn’t sure if she’s happy or disappointed, but she decides that maybe she should just be happy, that isn’t as big a drama as she had feared.
“I’m lad you all feel that way. And now, I’m going to leave you alone, Kevin, to prepare for this great day.” She gives him a kiss and leaves the room.

“I hate it.” Justin says.
“Me too.” Kevin agrees.
“It just sucks.” Sarah sighs.
“I’m going to miss to place.” Kitty adds.

“Thanks for heads up on this one, Sarah. At least we could react maturely about it.”
“Justin, I was flabbergasted when Holly warned me about this and told me that perhaps we should let mom do this, but after hearing Holly’s explanation, and after giving it some thought, I believed that Holly was right...”

“Well, at least, this way we were prepared.” Kitty says grateful.
“And we managed to surprise mom.” Justin laughs and soon enough they all grin. “Well, I suggest we leave Kevin alone to prepare himself, both physically and emotionally, for what is to come.”

“Yeah, get out, now that all of you have been fed.” Kevin pretends to be offended.
“We’ll send the kids up.” Kitty teases, but that doesn’t bother Kevin in the least.
“Please, do. Tell them, I want my morning-hug…” He laughs and he watches his brother and sisters leave the room as well.


“Can I come in?” Bertha asks.
“Yes, sure.” Scotty answers. He stands in front of the mirror and watches how his black suit fits his body perfectly. He’s usually not that vain, but Kevin and he had spent quite some money on these suits and the result shows.

It is comfortable to wear. Not too warm, not too cold, just… perfect. And that feeling, that he looks great, and that he cannot wait to see how gorgeous Kevin will be, it all only adds to the excitement of this day.
“You look amazing.” Bertha’s voice is soft and she’s obviously in awe.

“Thanks.” Scotty replies with a radiant smile.
“It is strange to see how grown up and mature you look. I guess, in the back of my mind, I still have that memory of you when you were a child … And you’re not… you’re not a child anymore.”

“No.” Scotty admits.
“I’m happy that we get another chance to see you make your commitment to Kevin.”
“I’m glad you’re here. You and dad. It’s amazing that I can have my family at my side for a change.”

“I’m sorry that I was so stubborn the first time around. I was so convinced of my own right. When Kevin showed up on my doorstep, I was shocked…. I never really accepted him as a person in your life. I simply ignored his existence. And then there was someone ringing at the door and I remember coming down the stairs just as he introduces himself to your dad.

It was the weirdest thing. Wally just let him, accepting him. And all I wanted to do was slam the door and keep him out… I heard him talk, trying to convince us to change our minds…” Bertha has swallow away a lump in her throat. “Do you know what I remember most? The way he spoke your name….

Your dad and I hardly talked about you. It was just too painful. I was so focused on the pain, that I felt for feeling like I had failed as a mother somehow. I just couldn’t see past that pain or even understand how deeply I was hurting you. And Kevin came and rubbed salt in the wound.

Here was this man who spoke with so much love about our son and who spoke for you and who acted like he knew you better than I did. And I’m your mother…. How could he think that? How could he assume, that he could know what you wanted and act like he was your …. partner….

It was only after he was gone, that I had to recognize that Kevin hadn’t pretended anything. He had acted as he should have as your partner-to-be. It was just that I would have preferred to go on and consider him a non-existing character in our live and not see him as a real man, who was just hours away from becoming my son’s partner in life….”

“I was upset when I heard that he had driven all the way up to your house and that he had bothered you, when your answer to me had been so clear. But at the same time I was thrilled that he had done it, because it proved to me how much he loved me and to what length he was willing to go to try to make me happy.”

“Oh, he loved you then.” Bertha smiles. “And I think he loves you even more now. Even I could see it. I didn’t want to, but I could see it.” Scotty’s smile is a bit insecure and Bertha can see that he’s tense.
“Are you nervous?” She asks. “He’ll be there.”

“I know. I’m just …. I don’t know. On one side it’s not that big a deal. We’re married, nothing will change that, and yet, we renew our vows for serious reasons. Our relationship has been rocky, sometimes due to events beyond our control. We were involved in a seriousl accident with deadly consequences.

We lost our child, we went through hell, I cheated and nearly destroyed our marriage and it took so long to get Kevin to trust me. There was so much going on. And I’m glad to see everyone happy with the festivities, but … for Kevin and me it means more than just a party…” Scotty sits down.

“I’m sure everyone knows that. We’re just all very happy for the two of you…” Bertha says. Scotty nods, but the breath he lets out is shaky and Bertha can sense that her words haven’t taken the tension away. It is only rising and tears are closer than joy.

She walks up to him and Scotty wraps his arms around her waist, seeking some comfort.
"This all means so much to me." Scotty whispers. "Kevin saying yes. You and dad here. Our kids who'll get to see us...."

She caresses his hair and his back as the first tears come. She closes her eyes. How long has it been, since he had let her comfort him? It's been too long.
“It will be alright, my little baby.” She says softly and she rocks him gently in her arms.


Nora knocks on the door of the room where Kevin is checking himself in the mirror.
“I just spoke to Scotty and told him that he must be the most attractive man at the wedding today, now I’m not so sure. You both look great in black.” Nora sighs, adjusting Kevin’s tie.

“He will be the most handsome man, for me anyway...” Kevin smiles.
“I was talking to Wally last night and he told me about how he had given you his cufflinks to give to Scotty, on your wedding-day…?”
“Yes, I remember Scotty got very emotionally about them.”

“Knowing that I was going to sell this house I started by cleaning up Tommy’s room….” Her voice trembles a bit. “Do you remember that dresser in your brother’s room? Well, I emptied it and it was finally light enough for me to take it away from the wall and vacuum behind it. And there I found this box, with a sticky note on it that said ‘gift Kevin’.

It must have been there for quite a while, because it had a thick cover of dust on it. And I remembered that, on your wedding-day, Tommy had made quite a fuss over something that he had lost, but I had no idea what it was. He didn’t want our help.

So, I went to see Julia, who, by the way, looked very relaxed and is very happy that Michelle has been transferred. She remembered what Tommy's frustration had been all about. It had been about this box and its content.”

She opens the box and Kevin sees a pair of cufflinks, with a large ‘W’ engraved into it. Kevin takes a deep breath when he recognizes them.
“I’m not going to wear those cufflinks. I can see and respect the history that Wally and Scotty have. But that is not so with me and Dad and …”

“Julia left you a little note….” Nora simply says. “I’m not asking you do anything against your wishes. It is all your own choice….” She gives him a little kiss on the cheek and leaves him alone with box and the note. He puts it aside, his mind made up. He combs his hair one more time and checks his watch. Justin will come and get him any minute now…

The box catches his attention again and, because Kevin is curious by nature, he takes the note. If Julia had taken the time to write, maybe he should have the courtesy to read it.

“Hi Kevin, Nora will give you these on a very special day and I’m glad that she found them in time to do so. William gave these to Tommy when Tommy and I got married. At the time William had 3 sets of cufflinks. All with only the letter W engraved into them. One set for each son. William had them made when you were children.

But William never believed that you would get married and he believed, that if he would have given such expensive cufflinks to Justin, Justin would just have pawned them off for drugs anyway. So he gave all 3 sets to Tommy….

Justin eventually got his after he had married Rebecca. But Tommy lost your set when he brought them over to the house. He wanted you to get your set on the day that you married Scotty. William never believed that you could get married if you were gay, but Tommy believed in you and Scotty. He wanted you to have them, because he felt that you deserved
to have them, just like he and Justin had them/would have them.

No one can change what happened between you and William. And if you don’t want them because of him, fine. But I want you to know that, giving those cufflinks to you, was Tommy’s choice and maybe you should could see them as a belated gift from him to you. I wish you and Scotty all my love, Julia. P.S. Tommy’s cufflinks are gone. He sold them in Canada to have money to travel around. J.


End of part 6/8

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