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Fanfic: B&S episode 713: part 5/8

Season 7 – Episode 713 – Last dance

By Marea67
About: Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you


“Alright, what is this all about? You two have been acting secretive since you two came back this weekend.” Mateo asks, when Kevin and Scotty gather everyone around the table.
“Yes, you’re all giggly and whispering to each other all the time….” Olivia explains her reason for being suspicious. She grins cheerfully, hoping that it will something fun.

“We were, weren’t we?” Kevin teases, giving her a little tap on her nose. “Well, gather around. We have news for you.” Scotty puts a batch of cookies on the table and sits down as well. He puts Daniel on his knee and he clears his throat.
“We have made a decision this weekend, that we want you to know about.”

“It has to stay a secret for just a little while longer though, can you do that?” Kevin adds. The kids all nod, except Mateo, who clearly doesn’t believe that could happen.
“Ahm, you guys are aware that nothing can remain a secret in this family, right.” He teases and the girls giggle.

“We know, but we’re hopeful, because almost everyone will find out tomorrow, but we wanted you guys to be the first to know….” Kevin starts, grinning as well. “As you know, some more than others, Scotty and I have had to deal with quite a lot of changes in our lives these last few years.

When we got married we never ever really considered having children, but we went from none to one to two to three to four and then five kids, even though with number five came an extra parent to look after the kids, and now … we’ve lost him … and we have five kids to look after…. We love you all, I want you know that…

But … I was starting to believe that if Scotty had known that things would be so rocky between us and that he’d end up taking care of five kids, he would never have married me… and that is the reason why Scotty and I needed the weekend off to talk about this and a few other things…

Scotty convinced me of how ridiculous my idea was and… to prove his point that he would have married me anyway, he has asked me to marry him all over again, to renew our vows….” The smile, that Kevin and Scotty share, says more to the children than anything else.
“Really?” Olivia’s face brightens up. “Are we going to have a party and all?”

“Party and all.” Scotty confirms, amused by the  fact that the taking vows is not as important to the kids as the party.
“Congratulations.” Mateo is the first to say it, but then the girls go crazy and with a scream of excitement they throw themselves on Kevin and Scotty, scaring poor Daniel into hugging his father even tighter.

Amidst all the hugs and screams Kevin catches the look on Mateo’s face. He has a little frown that indicates that there’s something on his mind.
“Is everything alright?” Kevin asks. “The Lockharts are more than welcome to come as well, if you’re worried about inviting your sister?”

“Perfect.” Mateo smiles, even though a bit fake, and he hugs both Scotty and Kevin and again congratulates them.
“Okay, kids, I want all of you to listen…. We’ve sent all invitations out today and everyone will get them tomorrow. So, until then… It’s our secret, okay?” Scotty says.

“Not even Paige?” Olivia begs.
“Not yet… Please.” Scotty asks sweetly. Olivia resigns with a quiet ‘okay’…. “Now, all of you, back to homework and playing.” Scotty lets go of Daniel with a grin. He immediately runs off to play.

Elizabeth and Olivia go upstairs to their rooms, but Kevin and Scotty can hear them debate on what to wear as they go.
“I don’t think they’re going to get much homework done.” Scotty sighs.
“Olivia was done with hers anyway.”

“Ahm…, can I talk you guys…?” Mateo asks carefully.
“Yes, of course.” Kevin had already suspected that there was something on Mateo’s mind. “What’s wrong? You looked a bit sad… Does it bother you to be at a gay wedding?” Kevin wonders.

“What? No! No, I’m very happy for both of you and I’d love to be there, … if you’d still want me to after I’ve talked to you….” Mateo looks really miserable by now and Kevin and Scotty share a look of worry. Now what?
“What’s going on?” Kevin asks.

“While you were away this weekend, I was with the Lockharts and we had a great time. They had picked up my grandmother as well, like we occasionally do, and it was fun for me to be there with my grandmother and my sister and … be a family… I mean, of course, I love it here too, I always feel part of this family as well, but….

“They are ‘Family’, with a capital ‘f’? The real deal.” Kevin smiles. “I have family too…” He winks. Mateo begins to smile.
“The Lockharts have a big house and they want Helen to get to know her grandmother and they have offered to let grandmother stay at their place. Permanently.

They have arranged for a nurse who will look in on her regularly, so we don’t have to worry about her not getting the right treatment. And I think that grandma is going to love it there, she's already crazy about their garden...While we were discussing the changes for grandma… the Lockharts have said that they do have enough rooms and if … if I want… if you two agree…”

He clearly can’t finish his sentence, afraid of how angry Kevin and Scotty will get.
“The Lockharts have asked you to come living with them?” Scotty understands. Mateo nods.

“They will want to discuss with you two as well, but they first wanted to see if I was even interested, before upsetting this family all over again. But I loved it the moment they suggested it. I don’t want to appear ungrateful. I am grateful for everything you two have done for me. I am. I just….”

“Helen is your sister and you’ll have your grandmother back… We get it.” Kevin smiles. They can see that Mateo is upset and Kevin sits down next to him.
“Is it really such a hard choice?” Scotty asks Mateo and Mateo plays with his hands, not sure what to answer. As far as he has come, he still has difficulty expressing his feelings sometimes.

“When I had no one, you guys were there for me. And you gave me the closest thing I had to a family. I love Olivia, Elizabeth, Daniel and Billy too. I couldn’t stand it if I lost them, but …. I thought that I only had a lousy father, and a grandmother who, though she loves me, couldn’t take care of me.

And now I don’t only have my grandmother, but also a sister. A twin-sister! And I want to get to know her and that means that I’d have to be there. But I want to be here too, because I love it here and … I love this family too….” Mateo look miserable and Kevin puts an arm around his shoulder.

“Mateo, go to the Lockharts if you wish. Scotty and I understand… And you’re not going to lose us. This place will still here…You have the key. You’ll always be welcome here, and at Café 429 and at my office, and with all the Walkers….” Kevin ensures Mateo.
"And Wandells." Scotty adds.

“I thought you’d be mad or disappointed.” Mateo says quietly.
“I’d be lying if I said that I’m happy with this. I’d rather have you here with us, you’ve become a part of our mix and mash family, but I’ll be the last one to prevent you from exploring who you are and who your family is…” Kevin smiles. Mateo gets up and hugs Kevin as tightly as he can.

“I am grateful for everything that you and Scotty have done for me. I won’t forget it… Not ever.”
“We know that.” Scotty says and he ruffles Mateo’s hair.
“You taught me what it means to be in a family… You two and the other Walkers….”

“And you’ll always be a part of that family, like it or not….” Scotty smiles.
“Can I still come to your wedding? Or renewal? Or whatever you’re going to call it?”
“Of course! The day wouldn’t be complete without you…” Kevin says.

“Can I go and start packing? I want to move things over this weekend.” Mateo says.
“So fast?” Kevin seems shocked, but then picks himself up again. “Of course, ahm… your life, your choice.. Scotty has to work, but I can help you.”
“That would be great….” Mateo says shyly. He feels embarrassed that he seems too eager to leave, which he isn’t, ... alright, maybe a little bit.

He searches for a way to make the mood more cheerful again.
“Well, at least, each of the other kids can now have a room of their own again and you’ll have the bedroom to yourself….”
“Still, it's going to be weird….” Kevin says.

“Yes. For me too.” Mateo nods. “I love this house and my room and you guys... But whoever gets my room, gets a great room!”
“I think it will be Daniel or Elizabeth. Olivia loves her room too much, but Elizabeth could use some more space now that she gets older…. We’ll see…” Scotty sighs.

Mateo gets up and leaves Kevin and Scotty alone. Scotty relaxes in his chair.
"And just like that, we went from five to four kids.... Still want to marry me?"
"Always." Kevin smiles.


“Mail.” Saul says and he hands Nora her mail.
“Ah, thanks.” She quickly looks through it and she’s surprised to see a nice silver-colored envelop with only her name and address on it, no return address. It must the week of strange, unexpected letters. Curious, she opens the envelop and reads the card and she lets out a cry of surprise.

“Saul! Saul, come and read this.” She hands Saul the card and with a wide grin she waits for him to read it as well. “Well? Did you know?”
“No. I spoke to Scotty yesterday and he never said a word.” Saul answers and he reads the card again.



“So? How far are we?” Kevin asks.
“Wait until my ear has cooled off a bit. I feel like I’ve been on the phone all day and it’s only been 2 hours since the first call came in.” Scotty grins. “I think we managed to surprise them all.”

“Good. I’ve received calls from mom and Saul and Justin. They’re all coming.” Kevin says.
“So are my parents. I don’t think we could keep Jordan away if we’d beat him with stick. Jason called. He’ll be there, can’t say something about Chad, all depending on his film-schedule.” Scotty continues his list. Kevin and Scotty both shrug, having expected that answer.

“Browne and Lena are coming as well. Oh, by the way, Dean, the gardener of The June Flower called back. He’ll have the garden of the hotel looking like paradise, on the day that we renew our vows there…”
“Nothing wrong with a bit of self-promotion.” Scotty smiles.

“Agreed. But then, the garden is beautiful since we hired Dean to change the junkyard jungle behind the hotel into a beautiful serene garden with little bridges and streams and small paths with benches to sit on and enjoy the silence.
“Well, it cost us a fortune, but it was worth it.” Scotty has to agree as well.

“It sure did, but it was worth every cent. So, Dean is in charge of creating paradise.”
“And Angie will take over the kitchen. I’m not even allowed to enter it.”
“That will be welcome surprise.” Kevin looks at Scotty.
“It still bothers you that I did my own cooking on our wedding-day, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, because I repeatedly missed you at my side, but, no, because I know that you’re a perfectionist, and I know that you’re happy that everyone still remembers the excellent food they had at our wedding….”
“One cancels out the other?” Scotty tease, putting his arms around Kevin, begging for a kiss.

“No, nothing can fill the void I feel when you’re not with me.” Kevin answers poetically, and he gives Scotty a long warm kiss.
“Did you ask Saul?” Scotty asks, breaking free.
“Yes, he’ll officiate.” Kevin nods.

“Good. Have you heard from Sarah or Kitty?”
“No, not yet, but Sarah is still at work and Kitty is with Seth at a meeting with Seth’s publisher, so possibly they haven’t seen the invitation yet.” Kevin answers, but knowing his mother’s enthusiasm that will probably not last long.


“Brody, if this is true and Kevin and Scotty are getting remarried, you can’t do this. You can’t let mom go alone to Kevin’s wedding.” Sarah shakes her head on the phone.
“I know, it’s just it’s so busy here in Sacramento, driving up and down to Pasadena would just be a bit too much of a good thing.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way. Mom would…”
“Sarah, I hate this, but your mom has been rather quiet lately and I wonder if she’s really interested to continue this relationship. I love you. You’re my daughter, but…”

“Perhaps if you’d make an effort of your own?” Sarah suggests slightly sarcastically.
“Sarah…. I love your mother. I always have. She knows that…”
“Then make an commitment to her… Don’t always rush off to someplace else, anywhere else but with her….”

“I’ve always been a drifter. I can’t change now.”
“That is just an excuse, and you know it. If you really want to be with mom and you really love her, then be with her.” Sarah begs.
“Sarah, don’t ever doubt my love for your mother. I would do anything for her.”

“Except be there for her and commit yourself to what you have with her.” Sarah points out.
“It is just a renewal of vows…” Brody tries, but when he hears Sarah make an annoyed little noise, he sighs and gives in: “I’ll see what I can do… Don’t tell your mom yet..”
“I won’t. It will be our little secret.” Sarah grins, giving herself quickly a little pat on the shoulder for successfully reuniting her parents…


“Kitty?” The soft, almost whispered words in that gently voice that Kitty knows so well, makes Kitty turn around.
“Isaac? What are you doing here?” Kitty spreads her arms and wraps them around the man who had been so close to her once.

“I’m here to stop the publishing of a book about a dear friend of mine, who made some unfortunate choices in his life…”
“Did you manage to stop it?” Kitty asks.
“I’m very persuasive…” Isaac smiles benevolently. “How are you?”

“I’m doing great.” Kitty nods.
“I heard about Robert. I was saddened with his death…”

“We all were. But .. I’m remarried and I have son and a daughter and a new house and … a few plans on my mind. And speaking of the devil…. Seth, this is an wonderful friend of mine. His name is Isaac. Isaac, this is my husband, Seth.” Seth and Isaac shake hands and Isaac takes the opportunity to ask Kitty what is really on his mind.

“How’s your mother? Is she alright?”
“Yes. Rumor has it that Kevin and Scotty plan to renew their vows …”
“That sounds lovely.” Isaac nods, remembering Nora’s deep love for all her children but Kevin in particular.

“Why don’t I get you an invitation and you can see for yourself how mom is doing?” Isaac can see that Kitty is teasing him and he smiles.
“Does she have someone new?” He asks, as if he doesn’t know the answer.
“You know that there was someone for a while, don’t you? But Brody and mom…. It doesn’t seem to work… She could use someone new… or an old flame?”

“Kitty,… We went our seperate ways, because our families were in different states. That hasn't changed.”
“Come on, Isaac, say yes. I’ll get you an invitation. I swear.” Kitty grins. “I’d have to get one through uncle Saul though, because if Kevin finds out, he’ll tell everyone about it…. But I can do this. Come on, say yes?” Kitty almost begs.

“Well, if you could arrange it… I’d love to see Nora again.” Isaac is more than happy to cave in to Kitty’s enthusiasm.
“Not a word to mom, alright? It will be our little secret.. She’ll be so surprised!” Kitty cheers.


End of part 5/8


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