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Fanfic: B&S episode 712: part 3/4

Season 7 – Episode 712 – I remember yesterday

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you

Jason hugs Kevin and steps back.
“Listen, if ever you want to talk to someone…. I know what it’s like to lose a brother…” Jason offers gently.
“Thanks. I know.. I just…. I don’t know.” Kevin stammers.

“Chad wanted to come, but … the press is after him again, now that it’s been rumored that he will play the bad guy in the new movie about Kluv the crusader…. It’s insane.”
“Is it true? He’ll play Kluv’s arch-enemy?” Scotty asks, unable to control his curiosity.

“Careful, comic-geek here. Total Kluv the Crusader-fan” Kevin teases quietly, aware that he’s at his brother’s funeral and that a joke might be considered bad taste.
“Chad is considering. It’s good money, the character is fun and it’s filmed right here, so no need to be away from me for months…” Jason replies.

“I hope he will take the part, because I love Kluv, but … wow! This is exciting….” Scotty grins.
“You’ll be the first to know.” Jason promises with a smile and he moves on to offer his condolences to Kitty.

At that moment, Elizabeth taps her mother on her arm to get her attention.
“What is it, sweetie?”
“Will you hold Billy, I need to go to the bathroom.” She shoves Billy in Julia’s arms and rushes away without waiting for the answer.

For a moment, Julia remains frozen, as if Elizabeth had pushed a skunk in her arms. She looks down on the child she gave birth to several months ago. No longer a breakable baby, but a child who looks at her with big eyes, filled with curiosity as to who this stranger might be.

He stares at her, she stares back. He tries a little smile, careful. He doesn’t know her. Julia looks away, feeling strangely shy. When she looks back at him again, he suddenly gives her his most biggest smile and he makes that little noise that comes with it, something between a laughter and a hiccup. He knows that it always makes the others smile.

Julia can’t help it, she starts to laugh. Billy’s face lights up even more. Julia lets her finger slide along his cheek.
“You’re a funny little guy. No wonder your sister loves you so much…. I wish…” She goes quiet, not daring to speak up what she wishes for.

Elizabeth comes back, but stops when she sees Julia smiling at Billy. There’s a certain tenderness in Julia’s face that Elizabeth hasn’t seen in a long time and there's a smile that actually reaches Julia's eyes. She walks up to Julia.
“Can I have my brother back?” She asks and Julia carefully hands over Billy to her.


Nora is glad to finally be able to step away from the crowd and find some peace and quiet in the garden. It isn’t until she takes a curb in the path that she finds out that she’s not alone in the garden. Jordan is sitting on a bench, looking a little lost.
“Hey, Jordan, can I sit here?”

“Yeah sure.” He moves over a bit so Nora can sit down.
“Are you okay, honey? You look so lost.” Nora asks and she sees that her question takes him by surprise.
“You’re asking me? You just lost a son… it seems to me that whatever I feel is insignificant.”

“It isn’t insignificant if it is important to you. So how are you?... Tell me the truth. Don’t lie to me.”
“I’m sure that I’ll feel better once I know where I’m at and where I’m going and what I can do…”

“How bad is it?”
“I no longer have a place to go back to, I probably can’t stay where I am either. Add to that … I probably won’t be able to finish my school now and I’ve just lost someone I truly considered a friend…. I feel bad…” Jordan answers.

“Kevin and Scotty won’t sell immediately. This will give you some time to look for something else. And where your income is concerned… well, I think that Kevin and Scotty will need you now more than ever…. So, why can’t you finish school…?” Nora can’t see the problem, but she can see that it’s not the same for Jordan..

“It’s more complicated than that. I don’t have much of an income and because Tommy wanted to encourage me to go back to school, he paid for my education. It was a secret between him and me. He didn’t want anyone to know. But he was so grateful for everything that I did for and with Billy and how I tried to get him out of his shell…

Tommy just wanted to give something back, but it had to be something he believed in and finishing my school was something he wanted to help me with and that he could afford to do for me. But with Tommy gone, I can’t afford it anymore. I know that one word to either Kevin or Scotty can change that, but… I have my pride. Not much, but still…”

“Oh, Jordan, there has to be something we can do to help you?” Nora asks.
“Maybe, I’m sure that once this funeral is over and Kevin and Scotty have more time, we’ll be looking for solutions. It’s just that, until that happens, my head is filled with worries.

But what’s even worse: I miss Tommy. We would always joke around on Skype, that’s how he stayed in touch with Billy and me during the day. And when he’d get home, he’d talk to me. It was nice to talk to an adult. He helped with my homework, if I needed help. It was easier to ask him, than it is to ask Kevin or Scotty somehow…”

Nora’s eyes fill with tears and she puts an arm around him.
“It is nice to hear you say that. I didn’t know that he was helping you… Or talking with you so much. He did tell me that he considered you a friend and not just Billy’s baby-sitter. He told me that you would often make him laugh….”

“I miss him ….” Jordan suddenly cries and Nora pulls him closer to let him cry his tears. She doesn’t say anything, there are simply no words to say.
“Don’t worry, Jordan. I’m not going to let you fall. You will finish what you started. Just as Tommy had wanted.” She promises Jordan.


“So, this is like the third time now?” Lena asks, not entirely sure that she believes Tommy latest attempt to break up with her...
“I can’t do this to my family” Tommy apologizes. “I’m sorry if I hurt you.” Say what you want, but he makes it believable.

“I’m sorry that it took you this long to figure it out…You know what? Can you just… Go!”
“Of course, I promise I won’t make this difficult at work.
“I can’t wait to see how you’re going to pull that one off.” She replies sarcastically and, a little embarrassed, he leaves, leaving her alone with her tears….

Lena presses the paper tissue to her eyes. Her mascara must be a mess and she’s glad she’s alone. But at that moment Browne chooses to enter the office. He is surprised to find Lena there.
“I thought that you’d be at the funeral.”

“No. I thought it over. I told Kevin, because I was asked to come, that I couldn’t do it.”
“Too hard, huh?”
“Yes. Tommy was my reason for changing my life around. The only man I ever loved more, than I love him, was my husband,.. but Tommy was very special to me and I couldn’t …

I couldn’t go there … See his family. Julia… I couldn’t face them or the fact that he’s now gone as well. I’m just glad I could make amends with him and that we became friends though…. I don’t know how I would have felt, if we would have left things as bad as they were when we broke up.

To know that he went, knowing there were no hard feelings on my side, gives me some peace of mind.” She wipes her eyes again. “Gosh, I must look like a mess.” She sobs. Browne sits with her and takes another tissue to wipe the black stripes away from her eyes.

“You look beautiful.” He says. And she’s surprised by how kind his voice is.
“You must think I’m a fool. Crying over someone else’s husband?”
“I don’t. You can’t choose who you fall in love with. It just happens. I just hope that, one day, you’ll find someone you can love as much as you loved Tommy. Or your husband.”

Lena nods bravely, deciding to not cry another tear, but her eyes fill with tears again and Browne wraps his arms around her. She lets her head rest against his shoulder and just lets the tears flow. Twice she had really been in love and twice she had lost the man of her dreams….


“Billy is asleep in our room.” Scotty announces as he sits down next to Kevin.
“Good. Daniel and Elizabeth are asleep as well. Olivia said she’d read another chapter and then turn off the lights. Mateo is finishing his home-work, hoping he’ll be all caught up with everything by tomorrow….” Kevin sums up.

Silence hangs between them and Scotty wraps an arm around Kevin. Kevin lets his head rest against Scotty’s shoulder.
“It’s been a long emotional day, huh?” Scotty asks. Kevin nods.
“I hadn’t realized how much it would get me.”

“He was your brother…”
“Yes, but it’s not just that, it was also seeing old familiar faces. Former business-friends of dad’s, friends that Tommy had in high-school, neighbors I had forgotten about and women that mom used to bring over for her knitting-afternoon 15 years ago.….”

“Your family knows so many people.”
“Yes. Sometimes there’s too many of them.. It brought back too many memories. All this talk about dad and Tommy. I just… I miss him… I miss Tommy…. And after today,.. I wish for the first time that I could have one more talk with dad…

Tommy told me that dad had always been proud of me…. I never knew that. But today, I heard if from several people. They would ask me how I’m doing and if I’m married and have kids. And I’d tell them that you’re my husband and that you’re a chef-cook who owns a restaurant and a hotel.

That’s all they really want to know. They’re not really interested in who you are, but only in what you are, what you own and how much money you make. And then I’d tell them that I have a son, a daughter and that we’re looking after this other young man, and that we will have Tommy’s children as well.

And I’d expected several of them to react with contempt that I’m gay. I didn’t expect them to know.… But the common reaction was that they knew I was gay, ‘cause dad had told them that… And I just wish I could tell dad that I’m happy that he did. I wish that he could have met you just once and know that I made the right choice…”

However Scotty doesn’t say anything, he only lets his fingers run through Kevin’s hair in a soothing way. Kevin breaks free from Scotty’s hold.
“What’s wrong?” He asks.
“Nothing. I’m just tired…. I guess it just dawned on me too…. Five kids….”

“We can do this.”
“Yeah, probably. It’s just we went from no kids to 5 kids in barely 2 years. Our family kind of exploded and .. I think my head has as well. I think I just need a good night sleep and perhaps it will be better in the morning…. Okay? I’m going to bed. Are you coming with me?”

“No, not just yet… I’ll join you in a bit… Just need to be alone for a few minutes.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes.” Kevin gives Scotty a warm and tender kiss. He reluctantly lets Scotty go and watches how Scotty leaves the room.

He pours himself a drink, but after just a mouthful he puts the glass back down. He turns off the lights and goes upstairs. By the times he has checked on the children and enters the bedroom, Scotty is already asleep. Kevin stops at the foot of the bed to watch his sleeping husband.

“Don’t worry, Scotty, I know this was not what you bargained for when you married me, but I’m going to make sure that Elizabeth and Billy won’t affect your life too much. I love you and I’m not going to lose you again. I swear.” He whispers, but when he sits down on the bed he suddenly realizes that he has never felt more lonely.


End of part 3/4

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