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Fanfic: B&S episode 712: part 2/4

Season 7 – Episode 712 – I remember yesterday

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you


“Elizabeth, why don’t you come and sit with me?” Julia asks.
“I want to sit here next to Billy.” Elizabeth answers. Billy is asleep in the buggy next to Elizabeth’s chair. “And Kevin is going to sit here, on the other side.” She taps on chair next to her.

“I want to be close to you, honey, if you need me…”
“I don’t. I just want Billy.” Elizabeth’s face is closed off and Julia doesn’t know how to react.
“Perhaps it would be better if he was with Scotty? Or Justin?” Julia offers.

Elizabeth shakes her head.
“We could go over to them and ask one of them…?”
“Everyone has already asked me. Grandma, uncle Scotty, Mateo and Helen, uncle Justin… but I don’t want it.” Julia can see Elizabeth tremble and clench her fists.

“Is there a problem?” Kevin walks up to them and he casually lets his hand rest on Elizabeth’s shoulder. Elizabeth looks up at him with big eyes.
“Mom wants to me to sit over there with her, but I want to sit here with Billy.”
“Perhaps your mom can sit next to you? “ Kevin suggests.

Julia’s face lights up, why hadn’t she thought of that?
“You promised… you promised you’d stay with me…” Elizabeth’s voice is soft, but the accusation shines through. Kevin winces. It is true that he has said that, there’s no denying it.

“I have. And I want nothing more, but that was before I knew, that your mother would be here too and Julia is your mother… I’m only your uncle.” He points out. Elizabeth doesn’t seem to fully agree with him and it pains Julia to see that look on her daughter’s face.

“You know what? I get it and it’s okay. Maybe it’s best if you just stay with Kevin….” She says and she turns around to not let her daughter see her tears and she walks away… Kevin has a hard time hiding his annoyance. This is not the day for tantrums. From either Elizabeth or Julia.

“Elizabeth,…” He warns, but she fights back.
“Mom didn’t even look at him. He’s my brother, her son. Why does she hate him so much?”
“She doesn’t. She’s very hurt and confused….”

“She’s crazy.” Elizabeth states.
“Don’t say that, baby, it’s so much more complicated than just ‘being crazy’, honey.”
“No, it's not.” Elizabeth shakes her head and Kevin counts to ten in his head and he tells himself that for kids everything is black and white. They don’t understand yet the various shades of grey.

“Stay here with Billy, I’m going to talk your mom.” He says with a sweet smile and he caresses her hair. However, two steps away from her he gets intercepted by Scotty.
“What’s wrong, honey?” Scotty ask.
“I don’t need this. I really don’t.” Kevin whispers.

“Julia wants to sit next to Elizabeth and Elizabeth wants to sit between Billy and me… and now Julia’s the 'offended party' and Elizabeth feels I’m letting her down, because I promised I’d be with her and then I suggested I’m wouldn’t be… She’s a little upset.”

“Ah.” Scotty answers dryly to Kevin’s explanation. “And Julia’s feelings are not your problem. She cannot expect to be gone from Elizabeth’s life for nearly a year and a half, with very little contact between her and Elizabeth, then waltz in here and expect to be received with open arms, as if she’s the best mom in the world.”

“It’s not like Julia CHOSE to be separated from Elizabeth.”
“Elizabeth doesn’t know what happened to Julia. Her perception on all this is different than ours.” Scotty reasons.
“I know, I just don’t want Julia hurt either.” Kevin says.

“Then she either has to tell Elizabeth the truth about everything, or accept that Elizabeth’s lack of knowledge makes her a little unforgiving… You don’t have much time. The ceremony is about to begin.” Scotty can see that Kevin seems to agree with him.
“I only need two minutes….” Kevin says and he walks up to Julia.

“Problems?” Scotty hears a voice behind him ask.
“No, Seth. Not really. Julia is creating a bit of thing..” Scotty answers as vague as he can. “How’s Kitty doing?” He asks, only to get the attention away from Kevin and his possible argument with Julia.

“It’s tough. It’s completely knocked her out of balance…. A few weeks ago, she was fighting for her life, thinking she’d die and now her brother is dead… She can’t get over those two things. She feels it should have been her… and then she 's happy it's not her… Her feelings are over the place…”

“I understand that.” Scotty says. “Oh, by the way, thank you for your offer to leave Daniel with Grace and Evan and your baby-sitter… We hadn’t thought that far ahead.”
“You’re welcome. We immediately knew that we couldn’t take our kids with us. Evan is so impatient and Grace is teething…”

“Sorry to hear that. I’m grateful for your suggestion nonetheless.”
“And how are Kevin and Elizabeth? You and your family in general?” Seth asks now.
“It’s tough. They’re both good at being tough cookies. Dutiful and such. I’m not supposed say this, but I can recognize so much from Kevin in Elizabeth.

And right now they are both holding their breath, doing what they must do… All I have to do is wait for either of them to let go and start breathing again.”
“And collapse will follow?” Seth asks. He smiles, but he’s by no means saying it as a joke or an attempt to belittle the situation.

“Most likely.” Scotty nods. “Other than that, Daniel isn’t too busy with the disappearance of his uncle, I think... He’s too young, too playful. Mateo and Olivia are slightly affected, but Mateo is so busy with his new-found sister that it sort of passes him by and Olivia was never close to Tommy either. Not like Paige and Cooper were.

The other person deeply affected is Jordan. Not only because Tommy and he had become such close friends, so the loss is a personal one, but also because he had already given up his home. His belongings were at Tommy’s house, waiting for the work on the other rooms to be finished…

We all felt, that it would be safer that at least someone was living in that house and his room was the easiest and quickest to finish. And so he stayed there, while Tommy and his kids were still with us…” Scotty’s eyes search the room for Jordan and he’s happy to see that Saul and Jonathan have taken him under their wings.

“Can he go back? To the other place?”
“I think he’d rather sleep under the bridge.” Scotty says cynically. “.. but no, someone else has already taken his place over there, so, no, going back is not an option either...”
“Now what?”

“I don’t know yet. It’s not like Kevin and I can’t help him financially, with the mortgage and such, but he can’t stay there permanently, I think we might have to sell the house… But, we’ve agreed that we’ll worry about that after the funeral… Seth, I think Kitty needs you….” Scotty says, and he points to Kitty, who’s waving at them.

Meanwhile Kevin has caught up with Julia again.
“Let it be, Kevin. I saw her face…”
“Walking away angry isn’t going to help.”

“I’m not angry. Not with you or Elizabeth anyway. I could just feel her rejection and it hurt …. I understand… I know I haven’t been much of a mother to her lately and now her father’s gone too and. … I understand it in my head…. But….” Choked up with tears she taps on her chest to explain to Kevin that in her heart it hurts so bad.

Kevin becomes softer. He takes Julia in his arms and he lets her cry on his shoulder.
“I’m sorry. This has to hurt. I can’t begin to imagine…”
“Are you and Scotty going to look after Elizabeth….” She tries to ask for Billy too, knowing that she should, but the words don’t come out.

“We’ll be looking after both of them, for as long as you’re still in there.” Kevin nods.
“I’m so sorry that somehow Tommy and I are putting so much burden on you and Scotty…. You didn’t deserve that….” She shakes her head.
“I still feel responsible for Elizabeth. And I love Billy….” Kevin says gently.

“I think we need to sit down…” Julia notices how people start to take their seats. “You sit with Elizabeth… I see I can sit behind her… I’ll take that chair, be close to her,… just in case she needs me… This day is difficult enough as it is. No reason to fight… Do what Elizabeth wants….” Julia manages a smile through her tears.


Sitting on the front-row the Walkers listen how Justin, surprisingly clear, calm and in control, talks about his brother in simple words and without over-glorifying him.

“Tommy had many good sides to him ... He was great football-player when he was still in school, he loved surfing, swimming and hiking. Yet, he was willing to let go of all of that when it came to working for Ojai Foods, our family-company. He was proud of his family and his father in particular. … I am not going to stand here and pretend that Tommy had no faults. We’ve all had our moments, where we would have wanted to punch him or hit him…”

Nora looks at her hands and tears fill her eyes, when she remembers that night that she had found out about how Tommy had embezzled the company in an attempt to get rid of Holly. And how his argument with the family, and Rebecca in particular, had escalated in this huge fight…

“My dad worked his butt off building this company, I’m doing exactly what he would have done.” Tommy defends his actions to Rebecca, who cannot believe that he would actually think that this had been a good reason. Nora is beside herself.

“Your father? Your father.. What your father did was unforgiveable! I despise him for it!” She yells at Tommy.
“Well, you sure love living off of it, mom….” Tommy laughs sarcastically and Nora’s anger makes her literally lash out her son.

The sound of her hand hitting his face had left everyone shocked, herself included, but Tommy hadn’t even flinched.
“Wow… Feel better…?... Sometimes I wonder if this family is worth… saving….” And he had walked away….

“…moments where we disagreed with the choices he made…” Justin’s voice trembles lightly as he tries to ignore the memory that accompany these words and that he’d rather not think about right now. “I’m sorry.” He whispers, though he’s not sure what he’s apologizing for, or to whom.

He closes his eyes. His mind brings him back to the moment of rushing into the hospital, where Paige had been brought to in full emergency. Tommy had guessed right that Justin had been high again. It had led to a painful moment of denial from his side and Tommy losing patience on the other side.

“Look, everyone might sit around and feel bad for you, but I won’t.”
“I didn’t ask for your sympathy and I certainly didn’t ask for your help.” Justin replies.
“When are you gonna grow up?” Tommy shoves Justin away and Kevin jumps up to stop them from fighting.

“Get off!” Tommy pushes Kevin away.
“You’re a piece of work. Just like dad.” Justin tells Tommy.
“Get off of me!” Tommy warns Kevin and he turns back to Justin. “I’m not like him. Dad never stopped caring about what you did with your life. I do. I stop right now. I stop today.”

And he really had… For quite a while… And even now, Justin can still feel the sense of loss that it had given him. It had been a shock to realize that he had finally managed to cross a line with Tommy. He regroups himself.

“… or with the decisions he made…” Justin continues.

Kevin tries not to cry at the memory of how hurt he had been by Tommy’s decision to fire him from Ojai. He can suddenly see Tommy sitting there, that night, by the light of the fire in the fire-bowl, talking about Ojai’s financial problems...

“… Dad did whatever he had to do to make it a success. Now, I didn’t always understand his choices…” Tommy starts his argument.
“Yeah, you’re right. He was an enigma.” Kevin can’t bother to hide his anger, his pain or his disappointment.

“You’re not listening to me. He knew that without a healthy and profitable company none of us would feel secure…” Tommy tries to reason. “Now, I’m sorry, I know that this feels cold and ruthless, but I’m doing this for the right reasons, I’m doing it for the family.” Kevin cannot believe his ears.

He’s William Walker’s son too and he’s getting fired from his dad’s family-business ‘for the family’?
“Tommy, did it ever occur to you that dad wanted me to be a part of this business. That he did that for a reason? You can go on about him all you want, this is NOT what he would have wanted.”

“Kevin, you’re my brother and I love you, but this has to be done and I’m sorry, really, I’m not trying to hurt you.”
“Tommy, if you want to draw a line in the sand, please do and put me on one side and stand on the other, but if you do there’s absolutely no going back from that.”

“No… what?” Kevin says angrily. Tommy wants to answer, but Kevin is already walking away….

The memory of Tommy’s whispered plea for understanding makes Kevin blink away his tears just in time to here Justin say:

“… the fact is that Tommy, right or wrong, acted from his heart. He did what he felt was necessary. If, in his mind, it had to be done in some way, then that’s the way he wanted it done and sometimes it would clash with what we wanted….”

Saul rubs his temple. Justin is right with what he says. Saul remembers how he had tried to talk Tommy out of embezzling Ojai Foods and forcing Holly off the board.

“Ojai doesn’t have the kind of cash-reserves you need to make a purchase like that.” Saul says.
“That’s my point. Ojai will pay in shares. We’ll insist on it. And once we’re offered, say 10% stake in the company, which we combine with my already existing sh-…” Saul however cuts Tommy off and jumps up.

“Okay, Tommy, stop, I don’t want to hear anymore. I see where you’re going with this. You seize majority control. Right? Then you vote a new board of directors, and then you fire Holly.” Saul guesses.
“Okay, so, what do you think?” Tommy seems satisfied with the idea.

Saul hesitates before answering.
“No.” He says.
“What do you mean ‘no’?” Tommy asks and he’s slightly insulted.
“I mean ‘no’. This is borderline illegal.”

The way that Tommy looks away makes Saul understand that Tommy is aware of this.
“You would have to falsify documents in order to withhold your identity in the sale. Not to mention if Holly or anyone on the board of directors ever found out that you were working behind their backs, you would be out of Ojai forever….”

“Saul, I owe it to this family to get this company back. This is my shot. You said you wanted Holly out.”
“I do, but not like this, Tommy… I’m sorry, no.” Saul draws his line there and Tommy, angry and disappointed, grabs his beer.

Of course he had gone ahead with his plan anyway. It would be executed as Tommy had planned and it had failed. It had completely backfired and nearly ruined his life… It had cost him dearly. His job, his house, his wife, his child, him marriage, temporarily his family and also nearly his freedom. Saul closes his eyes.

“… And yet, there had been times when he had been right with this gut-feeling…..” Justin says.

Sarah nods in agreement. After all that is what happened after they had found out that William had paid 15 million dollar to buy a land not worth more than 1.2 million.

“Well, I know a firm in Nevada. Maybe they can recommend a good realtor.” Kevin replies, feeling defeated now that even finding William's password hadn't provided any real solution.
“Give them a call.” Sarah immediately reacts.
“No. I don’t want to sell it. Not yet.” Tommy says.

He can see that Sarah is annoyed with the intrusion, but he won’t be silenced.
“Whatever dad might have been, he wasn’t stupid. He knew land. He bought the orchards up and down the West-coast.
“Maybe his judgment failed him when he moved investments inland.” Kevin counters.

“Right.” Sarah agrees with Kevin.
“I’m not signing off on any sale until I see it. I’m sorry.” Tommy says. Annoyed, Sarah looks at Kevin for an answer. Kevin has to side with Tommy here.
“As VP, he does have to consent the conveyance of any corporate asset valued over a million.”

“Well, I’m a mother too. And I’m responsible for the candy yams at Thanksgiving. I don’t have time to road-trip to Nevada. “Sarah says, taking up her files.
“Sarah, it’s five hours each way. We’ll leave early tomorrow, we’ll be back by dinner.” Tommy still stubbornly tries to persuade her.

“… And as company president you do have a fiduciary obligation to make an informed decision.” Kevin throws in his legal advice.
“No, I don’t.” Sarah doesn’t want to hear it.
“Yeah, you do.” Kevin insists smugly.

“Stop saying legal things just to piss me off.” She pauses for a moment. “Okay, if I’m going, you’re going.” She tells Kevin.
“Fine. I love road-trips.” Kevin replies.
“And you’re driving.” Sarah informs him.

“Still love them.”
“Both ways!” It’s Sarah’s final word on this and she can hear Kevin mumble:
“I hate road trips

Sarah smiles. Of course, in the end, Tommy had been right to not give up on “William’s folly”. A safe deposit box had given them the papers to the land and the discovery that it was worth more than 30 million dollars. Enough to solve all their immediate financial issues, even if it had meant that it gave Holly a chance to get her hands on shares of Ojai Foods…

“I think, that sometimes, because he was so strong, so silent and so private, we forgot to ask him about what was going on in his mind.… we forgot, that he had feelings of insecurity and pain just like everyone else….” Justin tells his audience.

Kitty folds up her handkerchief. If there was one thing Tommy and she had shared, than it was the insecurity and pain they had both felt over not being the biological parent to the child they had wanted so dearly.

“…. You don’t have to hide your feelings from me. I probably understand a lot more than you think I do.” Kitty starts.
“I doubt it.” Tommy whispers hard enough for her to hear it. She gathers herself together and starts:

“Okay, let me take a wild guess. What you can’t talk about is the fact that you’re angry because for some inexplicable reason Kevin can father a child and you can’t and now, after everything you’ve been through with Elizabeth, the one thing that she needs the most, you can’t give her, but Kevin can.

And what really sucks is that deep down you resent him for it. And what makes it even worse is that even deeper down, you’re sick of this grudge that you guys are carrying on and you really, really miss your brother.

You know, Tommy, I really wanted to be pregnant. And I would think- how do people like Trish,.. they go out, they don’t even want kids, they have a one-night-stand and she’s immediately pregnant. And of course I’m very grateful that she’s bringing our baby into the world, just as your grateful to Kevin, but … it’s just that little part of you that thinks ‘it’s not fair’…..”

She had seen recognition in his eyes. Her words had reached him, perhaps giving a voice to his own feelings. They had smiled at each other, like they shared a secret.
“Maybe you do understand….” Tommy had said. “… but.. you won’t say anything, would you?” He had asked her.

And, like that, it had remained their little secret. She sobs and looks around. Nora get support from Saul and Sarah, Scotty is firmly holding Kevin’s hand and Elizabeth holds on to Kevin’s other arm, meanwhile Scotty keeps an eye on Jordan and Tyler as well. Cooper, Paige and Olivia sit together quietly.

Mateo and Helen had taken chairs in the next rows, because Mateo had not felt it was his place to sit with the family. She’s glad to see that Holly sits with Julia and holds her hand. Of course, Holly and Julia had known each other well, once… She closes her eyes and focuses her attention on the Justin’s words again…


End of part 2/4

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