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Fanfic: B&S episode 712: part 1/4

Season 7 – Episode 712 – I remember yesterday

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you!



also starring


Scotty enters the room, but stops when he sees, that Kevin is making the final adjustment to his clothes. Say what you want, but Kevin looks good in black. Scotty takes a deep breath.
“Hey, are you ready?”

“No. No, I’m not. I don’t want to go.” Kevin answers.
“Have you seen him yet?”
“No, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it when I went with you, and going with Justin and mom didn’t make a difference.”

“I’m sorry. I had hoped…” Scotty starts.
“Me too. It all feels unreal. Of all the weird ways to go…. A shark-bite that left him to bleed to death?”
“It’s rare, but it’s not like it hasn’t happened before…”

“I know. It happened before. It ias something that you have in the back of your mind. Getting into these waters means that there you might, a chance of one on I-don’t-know-what-number, that you might be attacked by a shark.”
“It is more likely to get in a car-accident, true, but…”

“Why did it have to happen to him? Why now? Why, when everything was going his way? The timing of it all just sucks….”
“I don’t know, baby, but you need to face this … We have a funeral to go to.”
“I know… Are the kids ready?”

“Yes. I just wonder if it is smart to take Billy with us…”
“Elizabeth won’t go without him. She’s holding on to him as if he’s her teddy-bear that will protect her from all evil.” He sighs. Ever since she found out that Tommy had died Elizabeth had been overly concerned with Billy.

“I think it’s more the other way around. That she wants to protect him…” Scotty softly disagrees, not wishing to start a fight. Kevin shrugs.
“Whichever way it is, they need each other right now…”
“Julia will be there too..”

“At this point, I don’t care much about Julia and/or her feelings. There will be someone with her to keep an eye on her, so she won’t try to escape or something. I told the institute that if she would start to make a scene, I’d personally kick her out.” Kevin says and, judging by the look on Kevin’s face, Scotty doesn’t doubt it.


“Thank you that you brought the dress.” Julia says. “I would have expected Kevin…. Or Scotty.”
“They are all very busy..” Tyler replies. “Tommy’s brothers and sisters are very busy with the funeral and with supporting Nora, who took it all very bad. And I was glad that I could take one thing off their list..

“How’s Elizabeth coping?” Julia asks.
“When Kevin eventually told her the next day, she was crushed. Very upset. She cried a lot that first day, didn’t want to eat… And then she came out of her room the second day and started to focus her attention on Billy. He’s even become more important to her now.”

Tyler wonders if she should have mentioned Billy, but she can’t tiptoe around it. She likes Billy and she’s in awe of Elizabeth’s dedication to her baby-brother.
“It’s alright.” Julia says, as if she senses Tyler’s concern. “I know that I should … accept him…”

Tyler helps Julia by zipping up the dress, that she’s wearing.
“I’m not judging, but I find it hard to not mention him. He’s a part of our lives.” Tyler says, swallowing back the 'if you don't care about him', that is on her lips.

“I know. Since I heard about Tommy’s death, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, reviewing things in my mind…. I talk a lot with Renee.”
“Who’s Renee?” Tyler asks, wishing to move away from the topic of Billy.

“My friend. She has lost a baby too, like I did with William, Elizabeth’s twin. I think we relate to each other so well, because we have that sort of pain in common. The loss of a child can cut so deep.” Julia replies.
“I’m glad you have someone to talk to.” Tyler says friendly.

“Yes, me too. She’s very kind and compassionate.” Julia smiles and Tyler wonders what ‘Renee’ would be doing in this place, but she understands that she can’t ask.
“I have to go back. You’ll be escorted by someone from here and I want to be Justin.”

“Yes, of course, no, please, I’m just glad your brought me the dress. I hope Justin can handle it all? He doesn’t wish to dull his pain with drugs?”
“No. We talk a lot and he talks to Kevin, Sarah and Kitty as well.”
“Good… I’ll see you at the funeral then?” Julia’s eyes beg Tyler to stay, but Tyler feels too uncomfortable.


“Are you ready?” Saul asks, gently letting his hands rest on Nora’s shoulders. She rubs her cheek against his fingers and her eyes fill with tears, but she catches herself in time, pushes her handkerchief to her eyes and nods as she turns to him.
“I’m fine. Just…. Can’t stop crying.” She’s almost apologizing.

“We had not expected anything else.” Jonathan replies, giving her a hug.
“I see him everywhere.” She whispers. “Making his guacamole in the kitchen when he came back from Mexico, going over invoices with William in the study, playing in the sandbox in the garden, when he was five.

I see him jumping in the pool to get Paige to swim again. I still see him in his bedroom getting dressed on his wedding-day. He was so nervous. So scared that Julia wouldn’t show up or change her mind…. I see him in the garage, working on his car… I never knew that there was so many memories of him in this house...”

Saul closes his eyes tightly to make sure that he will not be overcome with grief himself and he focuses on supporting his sister.
“I hate to push this, but we have to go. Funeral will start soon.” Jonathan says softly.
“I know.” Nora nods and with Saul’s arm around her shoulders she walks up to the door.


“I can’t do this… I just can’t.” Kitty nearly hyperventilates.
“Come on, Kit, you’ve spoken up a million times before.” Sarah’s says with an equally shaky voice.
“Those are political speeches! Not my brother’s eulogy. That’s not the same.” Kitty replies sharply.

Sarah raises her hands in surrender.
“I know. I’m sorry if I came across as thinking that this would be easy for you. I know it won’t be, but the alternative is that someone else will have to do it. And…. I can’t see it be me either.”

Sarah unfolds her paper tissue only to crumple it up again in powerless frustration. She shakes her head, reacting when the door opens. Kevin and Justin enter and hugs are exchanged in silence, knowing that, for once, no one can say anything to make the others feel better.

Kitty sits down and holds up the piece of paper in her hands.
“Can’t do this.” She says softly. “Just can’t…. But someone has to say something….” She looks at Sarah with hope in her eyes.
“I’m sorry. I’d be a mess.” Sarah shakes her head.

Justin takes the eulogy from Kitty and reads it.
“…Can’t even pronounce half the words…” He mumbles and without further thought he hands it over to Kevin, who quickly reads it with the eye of a lawyer.
“I’ll do it.” He says.

Justin, Sarah and Kitty look at each other, knowing that the word ‘…again’ should follow Kevin’s words, even if he doesn’t say it.
“Maybe I should just man up and…” Kitty swallows hard, but Kevin shakes his head.
“It’s fine. I’ll do it…”


“Justin, I’ve gotten the dress to Julia. She seems calm enough.” Tyler wraps her arms around him.
“Good. The last thing we need today is more drama.” Justin mumbles.
“Is everything alright? Or at least, as alright as a funeral can be?” Tyler asks.

“They always make me feel like such a loser… Like I have nothing to say… Like Kevin, Kitty and Sarah have better ways of saying what we all feel, than I do and that’s not true. I read Kitty’s words and they will not mean anything to me. Not even the fact that it will Kevin saying them, can make a difference.” Justin sighs.

“Speak your mind.” Tyler encourages. “If you feel that you want to do it this for Tommy than do it.”
“But … I don’t like Kitty’s monologue… It’s all expensive words…..” Justin shrugs, feeling a little silly for making such a fuss.

“Then say your own words.” Tyler suggests. “Tell Kevin that you want to do the eulogy. In your own way, with your own words. You have the right to do it. They are no better than you and I don’t think that they feel they are…”
“I have nothing prepared.” Justin says.

“Yes, you do. You know what’s in your heart, all you have to do is give words to that feeling and you can do that…. Look, there’s Kevin. Tell him….. Kevin? Justin wants to speak to you.” Tyler calls Kevin back. From the look on Justin’s face, Kevin can see that Justin doesn’t fully agree or isn’t completely happy with Tyler’s words.

“What is it?” Kevin asks. Tyler nods at Justin to tell Kevin, but Justin fidgets a bit, unable to bring himself to say something. “Come on, this is me. What is it?” Kevin asks patiently.
“I… I want to do the eulogy. But in my own words,.. not Kitty’s…” He stammers.

Kevin frowns and Justin believes that his brother will refuse him, but Kevin gives a relieved sigh.
“Are you sure your want to do this? I don’t mind doing it, but I’d rather be with Scotty and be there for Elizabeth and Billy.”

“It’s the last thing I can do for him. Let him know how important he was….”
“If you’re really, really sure? I don’t mind doing it, but if you want to do this, you’re more than welcome…”
“Yes. I want to do this….” Justin nods that he has decided.


End of part 1/4

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