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Fanfic: B&S episode 711: part 3/4

Season 7 – Episode 711 – Surfer's dream

By Marea67
About: Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you!

***** 3/4 *****

“Wow, Scotty, you’ve outdone yourself. Even the simplest sandwich just tastes delicious.” Justin says, picking away the lettuce first.
“Glad you like my ‘cold buffet’.” Scotty smiles.
“I don’t know about you guys, but this must one of the best dinners I’ve ever had.”

“I agree with you, Chad.” Sarah nods, finishing the last bits of the cold chicken.
“Kevin, Jason, Justin… Any of you interested in some more surfing? The wind is picking up a bit and the waves are getting a little bigger?” Tommy suggests.

“So soon after dinner?” Nora asks.
“We had an early dinner and I didn’t eat that much.” Tommy says.
“I did. Too much. No way I’m getting on a surfboard anymore.” Jason laughs.

“Count me out. I’m fine where I am.” Kevin sighs. With his back against Scotty’s chest and Scotty’s strong arms around him, he has no desire to get up and do something constructive. Scotty smiles and kisses the side of Kevin’s neck. A tender gesture that makes Kevin raise his hand and lazily run his hand through Scotty’s hair.

“Justin?” Tommy turns to his youngest brother, who looks at Tyler.
“Fine, but don’t stay too long.” She says, knowing he’s eager to be in the water. They watch Tommy and Justin leave, but most are just too satisfied with the dinner, and the day in general, to be too interested in them.

Nora can’t stay focused on her magazine, she keeps looking at her children and grandchildren, wondering where this sudden air of peacefulness comes from. Paige reads her book. Mateo and Helen try to fill in a cross-word-puzzle together. Cooper, Olivia, Elizabeth and Evan play with the ball, and Daniel runs from one to the other, also wanting to play, but unable to quite understand the rules, but the other kids are tolerant of the little one and let him have the ball as often as possible.

Then, Daniel suddenly has enough of the game and runs over to Kevin and Scotty, to nestle against Kevin’s chest, his head in Kevin’s neck. Scotty gently rubs his son’s back. The look of love, that Kevin and Scotty share, makes Nora smile. With difficulty Nora looks away from Kevin’s happiness to watch Kitty play with Grace.

They do a little song together, that involves clapping hands and Kitty purposely does it wrong, making Grace laugh out loud, because she got it right and Kitty’s ‘mummy is such a dummy’ sounds hilarious to her. Seth can’t take his eyes off Kitty either, while he makes little notes in his notebook. Nora knows that he’s writing again and that he’s very satisfied with his work so far.

Jordan is playing with Billy, who is fascinated by hands and Jordan’s hands in particular. Just playing with fingers and grabbing them, trying to put them in his mouth is just his number one game. Sarah and Tyler are in a vivid conversation, obviously about what it is like to run a company or a hotel. Chad and Jason just left for a walk along the beach to 'walk off the calories'.

“Can I join you?” Ryan asks.
“Sure! Haven’t really been paying much attention to you, I’m afraid. Are you okay? You don’t feel to excluded?”
“No, I had a great day. Everyone is nice to me.”

“How rude of Tommy not invite you to come surfing..” Nora suddenly realizes.
“He was not rude at all. I can’t surf.” Ryan grins. “But Justin did try to teach me. Maybe next time, I’ll actually stay on the board…” Nora laughs as well, before turning all serious.

“Ryan, I have something to discuss with you. I wanted to wait and not do it today, because today seems such a tranquil and gentle day, that I don’t want to rock any boats, but… I don’t want to wait anymore either…”
“With such an introduction, how worried should I be?” Ryan asks.

“It’s nothing to worry about. I … I had a meeting with Dennis York recently, you remember him, don’t you?” Ryan bites his lip and answers Nora’s question with a nod of his head. “He brought me several boxes with all sorts of old details on William. Receipts, notes, invoices, letters…. Pictures…”

She lets the last word drag a bit and Ryan frowns.
“There were pictures there of him, with a woman, at a food-convention…. I think it might be your mother…” Ryan is shocked by this.
“I’m sorry.” He says. “The last thing you’d want to see is pictures of them together. I can understand that.”

Nora takes an envelope out of her bag.
“Is this your mother?” She asks and she shows him a picture that makes Ryan gasp. Not only is the woman in the picture his mother, but with that broad smile on her face she looks happy and in love. He nods slowly to indicate, that it is Connie, who’s in the picture.

“Then perhaps, you’ll like this one.” She hands him another picture. Connie and William are sitting together at a table, laughing, obviously having fun. The picture is taken at the exact moment that they look at each other. William seems happy to be with her and she’s seems very much in love with him.

It shocks Ryan to see them together. Though he has many good memories of his mother, he cannot see William as anything else but a cardboard character, a picture in a frame, something unreal. And yet, here are both his parents, in one picture, clearly liking each other and each other’s company.

He looks up at Nora.
“I’m sorry. So sorry. This has to be so painful for you.”

“I’m passed that feeling…. I’m not angry with William or Connie anymore. I’ve shown this picture to Holly and she agrees with me… be it reluctantly. I’ve had to deal with the fact that Holly was important to William.. and Holly and I then had to admit that Connie was important to him too. This was not some unimportant, one night-thingy, no matter how much I’d like to trivialize it. William liked her, he … he loved her…”

She had expected that it would be easy to admit this, but it’s not. She’s sees Ryan's distress and places her hand on his wrist.
“He loved her. She loved him. I don't know when or why it went wrong, but, at some point in their relationship, they loved each other.” She says. Ryan looks at the picture, slowly realizing that, in his hands, he holds the only picture he’s ever had of both his parents together and it’s a weird feeling.


End of part 3/4

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