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Fanfic: B&S episode 711: part 2/4

Season 7 – Episode 711 – Surfer's dream

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you!

***** 2/4 *****

“I’m not made out of porcelain.” Kitty bitches. “I love you and mom, but, please, I’m fine!”
“And I’m worried.” Seth says.
“I know you are.” Kitty replies gentler.

“I’m glad that you’re feeling better…. I really am, but only a few weeks ago, you could barely hold up your head.…”
“I know, Seth, but …. I’m feeling so much better now. And if you really want to be with me, just sit with me and work….”

“If that is what you want…?”
“Yes, the weather is getting better, I love to sit outside in the shade and just enjoy the fact that I have yet another spring to see. Why don’t you take your laptop and write while you sit with me and spy on me…. I’d prefer that, to you just gawking at me waiting for me to pass out at any second…”

“I wasn’t gawking… Well, maybe a little.” Seth admits sweetly. Kitty plans to reply to him, but her phone rings.
“Saved by the bell.” She says. “Hi, Justin…. What? The beach? I don’t know. I should stay out of direct sunlight, you know that. But I’d love to…. I’ll asks Seth.

Seth? Justin was wondering if we wanted to go the beach next Saturday? Kevin, Scotty, Tommy and their kids are going as well, so I’m sure Evan would love it and you too… But, can we?” She looks at him expectantly.
“Yes. We’ll make sure you stay out of the direct sunlight as much as possible.” Seth says.


“You mean, actually go out and see some real sunlight, rather than office-lights?” Sarah asks in fake shock, while she looks at Tommy as if he had just gone mad. “And on the beach? Sand in your food? Never mind the other places it crawls into…?”
“Yeah, that. Do some surfing, have fun, gossip….”

“I have to admit it’s been ages since we’ve done that. I can’t even remember the last time I took Paige and Coop to the beach. There was no need to. Mom had a pool. Always easier to go to…” Sarah sighs. “Yes, I want to come along… Sounds like fun.”
“While I’m here…. Should I invite Ryan as well?” He wonders. Sarah shrugs in answer.


“Hey, Chad. Keep it short, I’m about to go into the courtroom.” Kevin says switching his phone from ear to the other.
“Just wanted to know if you and Scotty and the kids would be interested in dinner at our place this weekend?”
“Ah,…. Normally, yeah, but … we’re trying to rally the family to go the beach….”

“The beach? That sounds like lots of fun.”
“Why don’t you and Jason come along?” Kevin asks, not believing that Chad will accept.
“If it’s a family-thing…” Chad starts.

“Hey! You’re extended family, besides if Jordan can come alone, why couldn’t you two come as well?”
“I’d have to ask Jason….” Chad says.


“Don’t touch that!” Scotty pushes Kevin’s hands away from a bottle of red wine. “I need that for the special dinner we’re preparing for tonight.”
“I’ve been in court almost all day. I need a drink.” Kevin counters.
“Take that one instead. More expensive, better taste.” Scotty points out.

“Ah! The good stuff!” Kevin picks up a bottle and opens it. He holds up a glass, silently asking Scotty if he wants some as well, but Scotty declines. “Scotty, I need to talk to you about something… Ahm….”
“Is is about Saturday? You’re mom already informed me that we’re going to the beach?”

Scotty can see Kevin wince.
“Sorry, I wanted to discuss it with you first, but the family-gossip was once again faster than me… Listen, if you can’t, or you don’t want to, I’d totally understand. It was something that suddenly came to us this afternoon and,….”

“Almost the entire family is going. Only Saul has declined. He and Jonathan had already made other plans and they didn’t want to cancel at the last minute.”
“Oh.” Kevin says flabbergasted. “The entire family?”
“Yes…. The kids can’t wait and Helen is coming too…” Scotty grins at Kevin’s shock.


“They are going to the beach!” Julia says. Michelle looks at her.
“How do you know?”
“I called Tommy, if I could talk to Elizabeth. He let me. She told me…. They’re going to a beach. And I’m stuck here.”

“I’m surprised that Tommy and Elizabeth are going together…” Michelle says.
“Renee, the entire family is going. Nora, Sarah, Kitty, Tommy, Kevin, Justin and then some.” Michelle’s stomach flutters. Daniel? Will Daniel be going to the beach as well? She had never been able to take him there, though it was her dream to do it, one day.

“Is that smart? There are quite a lot of young kids, aren’t there?” she asks.
“Well, there will plenty of people watching them.” Julia shrugs.
“Aren’t you worried about Elizabeth… They can get lost so easily.”
“Not really. Tommy and Kevin will never let anything happen to them.”

Somehow Michelle doesn’t like the idea that Kevin would be more focused on Elizabeth than on Daniel.
“But he will bring this… Daniel?… That’s his name, right? Daniel? You’ve told me about so many kids… Will he not be more interested in watching Daniel?”

Julia frowns, thinks over the question, but then she shakes her head.
“No. He will look after them both.”
“Then… why are you upset? Elizabeth will be safe. She will have fun and she’ll have both her dads there. Tommy and her biological father….” Michelle gently rubs it in that she doesn't consider Tommy to be Elizabeth's father.

“That is exactly my problem. Tommy gets to do all the fun things with her. And me? I’m stuck here…. It should be me. I should have been the one on the beach with Elizabeth. At the rate this is going, with all these pointless talks with shrinks and endless analysis of my ‘issues’, I’ll never get out of here and be a mother to my child anymore.”

Julia is nearly in tears. Michelle closes her eyes and counts to ten.
“Children. Don’t you have another child?” She says. “The faster you accept him, the faster you’ll be out of here.” She tries to remain patient.
“I don’t want him.”

“And that’s why you’re here. The only way, for you, to get out of here, is by being nice to the other kid. Can’t you see that?”
“I will never accept him.” Julia shakes her head.
“Then Tommy will keep you locked in here.” Michelle reminds her.

“I hate Tommy. I hate him so much. I wish he was dead.”
“Keep talking like that and you’ll be kept here, because you’d be a threat to your family.” Michelle tries to reason with her, slightly frustrated that Julia can’t see the obvious.
“And still I want Tommy dead. DEAD!!!!” Julia cries. Michelle throws in the towel and lets Julia cry.




Finding the right spot to sit wasn’t so hard after all. With a lifeguard-tower in sight Nora feels that it's safe. And soon enough wind-shelters are put up so Kitty can sit out of the sun, while watching the children. Though the water is indeed too cold it doesn’t stop Mateo, Helen, Paige and Olivia from giving it a try.

Kitty sits in the wind-shelter, away from the sun. Billy is with her, while Seth is playing with Grace and Daniel at the shore line, where they try to build sand-castles in the wet sand. Jordan and Chad help them and Kitty cannot help but smile at the sight, until Sarah joins her.

“I had forgotten how relaxing this can be. Cooper is playing with Olivia and Elizabeth. Paige, Helen and Mateo are looking for sea-shells. And I finally have time to read a magazine and be with my favorite sister.” Sarah sighs. It burns on Kitty’s lips to say that she’s Sarah’s only sister, but then she remembers that those words are no longer true.

“Thanks. Were the others ones that bad?” She asks therefore. Sarah looks up, seemingly surprised by Kitty’s words.
“I’m sorry, I’m so used to saying that and I'm so used to hear you reply ‘of course, I’m your only sister’…. Guess it’s no longer true, huh? … But, yeah, you’re my favorite..”

“That’s nice to hear.”
“I’ve missed you while you were in Boston. I knew you wanted some space between yourself and the family, with you going through another round of treatment, but… I wished that I could have been with you.” Sarah caresses her sister’s arm.

“I’ve missed you there. I love Seth and I love mom, but they can drive me up the wall.”
“And I don’t?” Sarah grins. Kitty shrugs and then she grins as well.
“You do it differently.” She concedes.

“I’m glad that you’re feeling better and that you’re back home.”
“Yes, me too. The days were getting so long and I missed my kids so much. I’m very happy that Jason wanted to help me and that it gave him and Chad to play family.”

“Do you think that they will want to have kids?” Sarah wonders.
“How could they not?” Kitty swoons looking at her husband playing with their daughter.

“Kit, I know that I’ve been impossible sometimes, these last few years.”
“Well, you had a lot to deal with.”
“Maybe, but after meeting the Brody family, I finally realized one thing: This, all of you guys, this is my family. I’m a part of this family and not the Brody family.”

“Awww, you love us?” Kitty teases.
“Endlessly. I’ve been thinking that it might be nice to have a big family-party again. Soon.”
“At mom’s swimming-pool?” Kitty adds. Sarah’s eyes light up and Kitty leans closer, finally feeling that the relationship between her and Sarah is getting back to normal.


“No.” Chad’s answer is so definitely that Seth and Jordan start to smile.
“You seem rather sure of yourself.” Seth says.
“I love kids. I’ll gladly babysit for Kitty and you, or Kevin and Scotty. I even wouldn’t mind Paige and Cooper, but I’m always happy if I can give them back…”

“So, no pitter-patter of children’s feet in the halls of the Barry-McCallister mansion?” Jordan teases.
“No. I guess I like my freedom too much.”
“What about Jason?”

“If he had his doubts than he’s cured by now after taking care of Evan and Grace, full time, for several weeks. It was quite a learning experience.” Chad laughs.
“Well, I’m glad that the two of you have found way back to each other.” Jordan answers.
“It’s still not perfect, but it will work out.” Chad decides to be honest about this.

“Speaking of Jason, where is your husband?” Seth wants to know.
“Surfing, with Kevin, Justin and Tommy. Something about getting his revenge on Kevin. A long running thing between them.” Chad laughs. Jordan gets up and looks at the waves to see if he can see any of the four surfers.


“Don’t those two ever stop?” Jason wonders, slowly paddling with his hands to move on.
“Justin and Tommy? No. Never. When we were young, there used to be days when Tommy would get up at sunset and not come back until late at night. He lived in and on the water… And 10 years later, Justin was just like him.”

“And you?”
“Nah, I preferred to be on the beach…. And look at the surfers…”
“All look and no touch?” Jason teasingly asks.
“I wouldn’t say that… but don’t tell Tommy.” Kevin grins.

“Are you two gossiping again?” Tommy manages to put his board next to Kevin’s, while Justin talks to Jason.
“Just talking about the good old days…” Kevin answers. “Your surfer friends…”
My friends? If I remember correctly, you got to know some of them more intimately than I did.”

Upon seeing the surprise on Kevin’s face, Tommy laughs.
“What? You think I didn’t know? Come on, even dad knew that you were quite good at getting the guys you wanted.” Tommy says and Kevin cannot completely ignore the negative feeling that comes over him.

“Yeah, … bet you had a good laugh at how ‘easy’ I was.” Kevin cannot hide the bitterness he feels suddenly. Tommy sits up.
“No. I think dad and I were proud of the fact that you, in your own way, were just at good at breaking hearts as we were. And as Justin would be…. Keeping up the family-name, so to say.” Tommy answers.

“Breaking hearts?” Kevin asks. “I must have missed that one.”
“Dad wasn’t supposed to know or hear it, but gossip travels fast … Even way back then… Even about things that should have stayed ‘in the closet’, so to speak.” Tommy explains. Kevin’s smile is cynical.

He doesn’t quite believe Tommy and he turns to Jason and Justin, to ask them, not to stray too far away from them, when Tommy grabs his arm.
“Kev. I’m serious. I know dad never said anything to you, but I know that he was proud of you in his own way. He may have fought with you, but to the outside world, he never had a bad thing to say about you,…”

“Of course not. Anything to keep up the front that we were one big happy family and that I was straight-and-just-waiting-for-the-right-girl.” Kevin replies bitterly.

“No. He may have had issues with the fact that you were gay, but he never pretended that you were straight and he would not allow anyone to make a bad comment on you. He loved you… He just… He didn’t know how to give you that message.” Tommy can see that Kevin still doesn’t believe him and so he comes out with his last card.

“I know that he never had the chance to tell you. But now I do. I am proud of you. I was way back then. And I am today. I didn’t understand you, I have made bad jokes about you, but… I could see the courage it must have taken you to come out. And deep inside I’ve always been proud of the fact that you were honest about who you are.”

Kevin is dumbfounded by the passion and honesty that Tommy puts in his words.
“Thank you… I think.” He carefully says, not knowing how else to respond. Tommy laughs suddenly.
“Come on, the water is making me go all soft. Time to get something to eat…”

He moves away and Kevin follows him more slowly. His mind is still reeling from what Tommy had said to him. Tommy turns to see if Kevin is following him and, to Kevin, he never resembled more the 17 year old Tommy, who had once been so carefree and full of laughter and mischief.

He catches up with Tommy.
“Tommy? I’m proud of you too and I can’t wait for you to have Elizabeth back. She couldn’t have asked for a better father.” Kevin says. Tommy’s smile becomes even bigger and together they try to join Justin and Jason.


End of part 2/4


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