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Fanfic: B&S episode 711: part 1/4

Season 7 – Episode 711 – Surfer's dream

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you!



also starring


“Your honor, I firmly believe that my brother will be completely able, with the help from his family and friends, to look after his daughter Elizabeth and his son Billy. The house he bought is being made child-secure as we speak and he can prove that he has a income that can provide for the children.

He’s not moving that far away from the relationships that he and his children have established over the last few months. It will not bring a huge change to the live of Elizabeth, as her father’s house is just further up the street from where she lives now. So, we cannot see that there will be a major impact on my niece’s life.”

Kevin takes five seconds to let his words sink in and then continues:
“When I asked for custody over my niece, a year ago, it was because I wanted her to have a safe and stable place to grow up in and I wanted someone to be there who could make decisions for and about her.

I felt that, with Julia and Tommy both gone, without us knowing where they were, they couldn’t provide my niece with the home she needed. However, since my brother’s return I’ve seen him take a responsibility that he had lacked before. For his work. For his wife. For his kids.

And, we hope, that he can now work towards a safe place where he and his children can be a family again, and where his wife can hopefully join them soon. I feel that all his efforts should be honored. And I therefore request that the custody over Elizabeth Walker is returned to her father, Thomas Walker.”

Judge Zisman looks up from the paper-work.
“I told you that I wanted to see the girl’s parents to find out why they had forsaken their duty towards their daughter. You’ve provided me with a detailed account of what happened. I’m shocked at what happened to mrs Walker in particular.

I wish to honor Mr Thomas Walker’s hard work. From everything I’ve read, I believe that he has made some giant changes in his life and I sincerely hope that he will be able to maintain this… However, at the heart of this request is a girl. I gave you, Mr Walker, custody over her, because it was needed that someone protected that girl.

And now I have to decide over this young woman’s fate again. And it’s something I will, again, not do lightly. I want to review this case thoroughly and weigh the words spoken by you, Mr Walker, but also the written testimonies from your social worker and your pediatrician…. I will let you have my answer as soon as possible…”

“Thank you, your honor.” Kevin mumbles in acceptance and he signals Tommy to get up and he gently pushes Tommy towards the door.
“Is that good or bad?” Tommy immediately asks, once they’re out the door.
“What? What happened?” Justin immediately joins them.

“Nothing happened. And I don’t know.” Kevin scratches his head. “There’s no real reason to stop you from getting custody back. You’re getting full support from every angle. Maybe she just wants to make sure that’s she’s making the right choice…. I had really hoped that she would have said ‘yes, you can’ right away.”

“Yes, me too. So, it’s not necessarily bad? She could still say yes?” Tommy asks nervously.
“Yes. And I think she will.” Kevin says with confidence.
“Can’t wait to tell Elizabeth.” Tommy sighs.

They leave the courthouse and all three men simultaneously go for their sun-glasses as the sunlight blinds them.
“Wow, you can really notice that spring is back…” Tommy sighs, for one moment he soaks up the sun.
“Time for lunch?” Kevin asks.

“Café 429?” Tommy suggests.
“Nah, too far off course. I need to be back in the courthouse in two hours. Ahm, how about Northern Light? Haven’t been there for a while? Does it still exist?” Kevin wonders.

“It does. Had lunch there with Holly two weeks ago.” Tommy answers.
“Yeah, wherever, you guys. But fast. I’m hungry.” Justin says.
“You’re always hungry when someone else is paying, Justin.” Tommy jokes.

“True.” Justin doesn’t bother to deny it. “Have you guys already seen Kitty?”
“Scotty and I saw her last night.” Kevin answers. “She looked well enough.”
“Yes, she’s still not over the effects from the chemo though.” Justin points out.

“Agreed, but at least she was allowed to go home…” Tommy says.
“I’m happy to have her back home, I have to say.”
“Yes, me too, Justin.  And so are Chad and Jason. I can tell you that those two heaved a sigh of relief…” Kevin grins.

“Yeah, that’s right. How are they?” Justin wants to know.
“It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for them. Chad not only found himself working on his relationship with Jason, but he’s also been helping Jason look after Evan and Grace. …”

“How did he do?” Tommy grins.
“Remarkably well actually. Jason said that it had been a pleasant surprise. It helps that Evan and Grace know Chad, but so far, they had only have to look after the kids occasionally and even then, for just a night, but now Chad and Jason had to be there daily for several weeks.”

“Well, everyone survived.” Justin shrugs.
“Agreed… Hey, you’re right. Northern Lights is still here.” Kevin notices. They find a nice place in the shade and a young waitress immediately pops up to take their order.

“I used to come here. Had my first argument with Scotty here.” Kevin sighs.
“Long time ago. Was that the kids charity thing?” Tommy remembers. “You got totally wasted and Justin had forgotten to tell Tyler, that it was a black and white event and she showed up in green…” Tommy remembers, Justin winces at the memory.

“Yeah, that was really embarrassing. More for her, than for me.”
“Not the smartest move on your part, no.” Tommy admits, but that is too much for Justin.
“Don’t distract the attention away from the fact that you and Julia had been caught having sex on the mink coat of one of mom’s friends.” Justin reacts and Tommy grins embarrassedly.

“It would seem that you’re not the only one with a good memory.” Kevin says and Justin’s smile becomes even bigger.
“I was completely sober that night. Though you weren’t. But I wouldn’t have said so, when I saw you dancing with that cute waiter.... Whatever happened to him?” Justin winks.

“I have no idea….” Kevin pretends not to remember that it was his now-husband Scotty. “But I have very good memories of that night…”
“Not too much info please.” Tommy says, but no longer with the same sarcasm that it would use to have. “It was the night I told Julia I was sterile. I really thought she’d hate me for it.”

For a moment Tommy’s mind is back to the uncertainty of those days, but Justin’s soft tap on his wrist distracts him.
“Lunch is here.” Tommy hears Justin say.
“Good, I’m hungry.” Tommy says, putting the memory back on the shelve.

“How’s Mateo dealing with the fact that he has a twin-sister?”
“Well, the DNA test proved that they were related and then it really sunk in. We’re all trying to adjust to the idea. Helen and Mateo talk a lot. He has shown her and her parents where he used to live. It was quite a shock.

I’ve never heard him tell so much about himself. The difference between them couldn’t be bigger. Helen has had a rather sheltered life, loving parents, enough money to not have any worries. Mateo on the other hand….” Kevin makes a throwaway motion with his hand. He doesn’t need to explain more to his brothers.

“It was touching though when Helen met her grandmother. It would seem that Elena had told her mother about her choice and Elena's mother had always wondered what had happened to her other grandchild, but she never told anyone Elena’s secret. It was Elena’s wish that Helen would be safe and protected.”

“I guess, it must have been a shock for Helen to find out that she had escaped a certain hell.”
“It was sure a culture-shock for her, that’s true.” Kevin agrees. “It has given Mateo and Helen quite a lot to talk about.”
“Are Paige and Mateo back together, by the way? I saw them all laughing and having fun at Café 429, when Dan and I dropped by for some coffee.” Justin asks.

“No, not officially. Mateo and Paige both have a lot to deal with at the moment. Mateo with Helen and Paige with the aftermath of the attempted rape.
But I do believe that Paige is happy with the fact that Helen is ‘just the missing twin-sister’ and not a potential enemy.” Kevin smiles. He notices the little stop both brothers have when he mentions the court-case.

“I know what you guys think. I should have done it myself and I shouldn’t have left it up to John Griffiths, but …”
“No.” Tommy stops Kevin. “I think you made the right choice there. I wanted to strangle those bastards with my bare hands for what they had done to Paige, and I think that you and Justin were feeling the same…” He sees both his brothers nod. “But we can’t take the law into our hands. Stepping back was a good idea.”

“They did get a fair sentence.” Kevin sighs. “…. Under the law anyway.” He adds, betraying that the sentence should have been higher in his opinion.
“Well, they were tried as minors… I can only hope that they will never do something like this again.” All three brothers are quiet for a few seconds, eating their lunch, each having their own thought, when they see a car drive by with surfboards on its roof.

“Can’t remember the last time ….” Tommy sighs, his eyes fixed on the boards.
“Spring-break a few years ago?” Justin suggests.

“We didn’t really surf that weekend. We just argued, fought and battled.” Tommy remembers.
“Isn’t that the way we always surf?” Kevin grins.
“True.” Justin nods.

“And before that…. When Justin went to Iraq?” Tommy tries to remember.
“No, after that, there was that time when we had that charity-thing with mom…. Robert and Kitty were trying to get pregnant…. Rebecca already knew she wasn’t our sister, but couldn’t deal with it….”

“I proposed to Scotty that night…. It was your idea.” Kevin points at Justin…
“One of my better ones.” Justin nods.
“The best.” Kevin sighs. “He turned me down…”
“What?” Justin asks. “Why?”

“I don’t know. I offered to have our relationship registered, explained to him the insurance benefits… medical, dental, vision, accidental death and dismemberment …”
“Death and dismemberment?” Justin nearly chokes on his sandwich.
“Yes. You would assume that he’d be happy to hear that, but he turned me down…”

Though Kevin sounds insulted, both Tommy and Justin can see that he’s only joking and that he’s well aware of his own stupidity.
“Go figure…” Tommy hiccups with laughter.
“A few weeks later, I fall to pieces, get all mushy and sad and propose to him again and he says yes…”

“And here we thought women were difficult….” Tommy shakes his head in fake-sympathy.
“You guys got it so easy.” Kevin comments and he waves the waitress back for another coffee.

“So, speaking of proposals,… Is you wedding still on track for September?” Tommy asks.
“Tyler has picked a dress. We want to hold it at the hotel, but we’re still thinking that over. I still want Hawaii and Tyler wants it on the beach. She doesn’t care where, as long as the weather is good.”

Their conversation gets interrupted by a ringtone and Kevin checks his phone. A loving smile comes to his face and he answers.
“Hi, sweetie….”
“Hi, Scotty!” Tommy and Justin immediately echo.

“Yes, they’re saying ‘hi’ … No. Just having lunch, I have to be back at the courthouse in …” He checks his watch. “… about an hour… I’ll be home in time. Before you go to work. So will Tommy.” He can see Tommy nod at his words. “I promise…. Yes… I know, Jordan has school tonight…. Bye sweetie…” He says.

“We love you, Scotty!” Justin and Tommy both say loud enough. They hear Scotty’s laughter on the other side and they grin as well. Kevin closes his phone and shakes his head.
“I hate you guys…” He says with a broad smile on his face.
“We hate you right back..” Tommy replies and he ruffles Kevin’s hair.

For a moment the boys just quietly enjoying their meals until Tommy puts down his fork.
“I have a terribly brilliant idea.”
“Oh-oh.” Justin reacts. “I remember those.”
“Me too.” Kevin’s eyes narrow, expecting something really terrible.

“They say the weather will be great this weekend. Why don’t we all go to the beach? Do a bit of surfing? The kids can play. I think the water is too cold for them to swim, but a day away from home would be nice…. You, Scotty, me, the kids. Perhaps Justin and Tyler want to come along…?” Tommy stretches the invitation to Justin.

“Why don’t we ask Sarah and Kitty too? Paige, Coop and Evan would love to be at the beach….” Justin suggests.
“Maybe Helen wants to come along as well.” Kevin thinks out loud.
“Of course, if mom finds about this…” Tommy frowns.

“We’ll ask her. And uncle Saul… No secrets.” Kevin says.
“We could meet at mom’s and drive up all together.” Justin now suggests.
“Watch out! Make way! Empty the beaches! Save yourselves! The Walker-clan is coming!” Tommy jokes.

“No way am I driving behind Kitty, she drives so slow that snails flip her the finger, when they pass her on the freeway!” Justin protests and the mental image proves to be too much for Kevin who nearly chokes on his last bite. Justin pats him on the back, while Tommy shakes his head, with a smile on his face.

“You guys, I’ve missed this…” He says.
“Yeah, me too.” Justin admits.
“I had forgotten how weird our conversations could get…” Kevin sighs. “Well, if we all agree, we’d better spread out and get everyone to join us Saturday….”


End of part 1/4


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