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Fanfic: B&S episode 710: part 4/4

Season 7 – Episode 710 – Our house

By Marea67
About: Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you!


Jason takes a deep breath and pushes on the doorbell. Insistently long.
“What?!” Chad throws open the door.
“We need to talk.” Jason says.
“I have nothing to say.” Chad closes the door again. Jason rings again.

“Now what?!” Chad gives Jason an angry look, but Jason is not impressed.
“Chad, will please stop being so stubborn and childish! I just want to talk to you and if, after that, you still feel we’re through, then I will accept it as well, but…”
“I’m done!” Chad closes the door again.

“Fine! Be a like that!!” Jason yells at the closed door. He walks back to his car, opens the trunk and grabs something from it. He returns to the front-door. “Open up and let me in, Chad, or I’ll break down the door…..!” Jason warns. It reminds quiet for a few seconds, but Jason is convinced that Chad is watching him.

The door slowly opens and Chad leans against the doorpost.
“Seriously? You’re going to break down this door? With that pathetic little crowbar?” He asks cynically. Jason gives him a sheepish look.
“I had nothing else in the car…” He then shrugs.

Chad steps aside, making the doorway free to enter.
“Stop making a spectacle of yourself and get in.” Chad says tiredly. “Just leave that crowbar outside. I don’t want you swinging that thing around in an angry state of mind.” Jason drops the crowbar near the entrance and enters their house.

“Why didn’t you simply use your key?” Chad asks, once Jason has closed the door behind himself.
“You said that you would change the locks, remember?”
“Oh. Yes. I said I would…. I haven’t.”

“I didn’t know that…” Jason says.
“I heard that you’re staying at Kitty’s place?”
“I’m looking after her kids, while she and Seth are in Boston for her cancer-treatment.”
“How is she doing?”

“Bad. But Nora is there now, to give support to Seth and Kitty.”
“Where are Evan and Grace?” Chad now wants to know, looking to see if perhaps Jason still had them in his car.
“With Justin and Tyler. I had to ask them to look after the kids, because I needed to talk to you.”

Now that they are back on topic, Chad immediately puts up his wall again.
“I don’t really want to talk about anything.”
“We have to. I’m going out of my mind… I still believe that we can fix this and that we still have a marriage. I can only hope that you feel the same.

“I do. I just don’t think we can.”
“Run that by me again? What are you talking about? You think we can make it, but you don’t want us to?”
“I do. I want us to. But I don’t think we can.”

“You’re giving mixed signals here.” Jason says exasperated.
“My point is. Yes, under normal circumstances we should be able to get past this. It was just a kiss. You, Scotty and Kevin all have tried to convince how meaningless it was and how quickly it all stopped.

I love Kevin very much too. I can understand the attraction. I can understand your pain, when you thought that I had cheated on you. And I can even logically explain it to myself why you did it. I get it. I understand. But… That doesn’t change anything. I know why, but it doesn’t make it right.”

“I never said it did.” Jason tries.
You were not supposed to be the one who would cheat. I thought that if one of us would fail in this, than it would be me. I had this unshakable faith in you… Unrealistic, I know, Kevin already gave the entire song and dance on that one. But…”

“If it had been the other way around you would have wanted me to forgive you. Why can’t you show me the same courtesy?” Jason asks.
“But it shouldn’t have been ‘the other way around’. You are the strongest one of us two. If you can’t make this work…”

“Me? The strongest one? Is that what you expected me to be? Do you have any idea what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone like you. Half of America is in love with you and you can pick anyone you want and you don’t even have to be picky about it, because you go either way. Boy or a girl. Or both!”

“Yes! I know that. And of everyone on that I could have picked, I picked you… because I loved you. I trusted you.”
“And I love you, Chad. But, it’s not always so easy. When I see who you could go for, who you could chose to be with, I wonder why you would limit yourself to me. And me only.

I know. You say you love me and I want to believe you and each time I tell myself the same thing. And I know it. I know it. I shouldn’t trust the gossip websites and I should trust you and I should remember that you love me and I should have faith in you… But it’s a hard battle.

I’ve had some time to analyze what happened and .. I constantly have to put all my energy in reminding myself how I should look at things and in fighting this feeling that somehow I’m not enough. Not sufficient…. And that night… I was just low energy. I couldn’t fight anymore. I just wanted to give in to my insecurities and just let go….

And maybe, I also chose Kevin on purpose, because … I knew that I could no longer fight it, but I knew he would stop me… He wouldn’t cheat on Scotty, not with me, not at that moment… I just knew that, deep inside… I love you, Chad… Will you please give me another chance…?” Jason asks.

Chad takes a step back and leans against the wall. He suddenly looks very tired.
“I don’t know… I love you too, but this really, really hurt me… I trusted you… More than myself…. I know that you'll always have a reason to doubt me, but if I now have to start doubting you in return....” Chad confesses in a small voice. Jason moves closer and caresses his face. He wipes away a tear.

“I know. You won't have to. And I’m so sorry.” Jason places a tentative little kiss on Chad’s lips. Chad turns his head away, but Jason makes him look back and kisses him again, more forceful this time. Again Chad turns his head away.
“This is not a solution.” Chad says.

“I know. But maybe I should remind of what we have and what we stand to lose.. Maybe you’ve forgotten it. As I had.” With the next kiss, Jason can still feels some resistance, but then Chad gives in. He replies to Jason kisses by wrapping his arms around Jason and pulling Jason closer.


Kitty sighs and puts down her spoon.
“Will the two of you please go take a walk? I cannot eat, while the two of you stare at me, following my every move. You make me nervous.”
“Honey, we were just worried.” Nora explains

“I know. But I’ve kept in my food last night and this morning. I feel a little better, but you two make me so nervous that I feel like I cannot eat…. Please, just leave me alone for a while….” Kitty’s request makes both Seth and Nora get up.
“If you’re sure…?” Seth says.

“I am.” Kitty insists, leaving Nora and Seth with no other alternative but to leave her alone for a while.
“She looks better.” Seth has to admit.
“And she’s right. She’s kept her food in for a nearly a day now… It’s a good sign.”

“Do you think this is just a false hope or …?” Seth asks.
“I don’t know. She’s fighting cancer, not the flu. But I’d like to say that it’s a good sign that she’s hungry again and that she seems to have found her fighting spark again. She seemed to have a bit of color on her face… Or was that just wishful thinking?”

“No. She definitely looked better today than these last few days… I just hope, it’s not some temporary spike that will only make her feel worse later on….” Seth sighs.
“I hope it’s not. Let’s hope for the best. It’s all we can do…” Nora sighs as well. She cannot completely hide her fear for her daughter’s life.


Chad comes out of the bathroom, towel around his waist, and Jason sits up to admire the view. Chad sits down at the foot of the bed.
“This is not the magical solution.” He says softly.
“I know.” Jason nods. “But, please, let it be a first step to finding a solution?”

Chad wraps his arms around his knees.
“I want it to be…. I’ve missed you…” He seems almost embarrassed to admit it.
“I missed you too… I … Maybe we needed this break? To realize that living without each other isn’t what we want either?” Jason offers.

“Been talking to Kevin?” Chad asks, but his smile is kind and warm, there’s no accusation in his words.
“Scotty, actually. I felt terrible when Kevin told that Scotty was upset over our marital problems. He felt responsible.”

“They are good friends.” Chad acknowledges. “I’m glad that they were there for both us and not picking one side.”
“I think that they were on your side…. But, that’s alright, because they should have been. I’m the one who made the mistake…”

“A mistake… Yes. And I don’t want to punish you for it forever… I was hurt by your lack of faith in me, but… perhaps I should work on it harder.”
“And I should learn to trust you. Especially since you’ve been working hard to earn that trust and …. You should have it…”

“Let’s work on that together then.” Chad suggests and he jumps off the bed and grabs his suitcase.
“Where are you going?” Jason asks.
“Well, I need to pack a few things… You live at Kitty’s place, remember?”

Chad can only admire how cute Jason looks with a blush on his face. He had forgotten all about Kitty’s kids.
“We’d better pick up the kids and go to their house. We can’t bring them and all their belongings here.” Chad states the obvious.


Kevin is glad to be home and he’s glad to discover that his husband is already in bed, when he enters the bedroom.
“You’re early!” He says to Scotty.
“I was too distracted. I’ve asked Angie to close up and I just went home early.”

“Guess what I did? I’ve filed the request for Tommy to get Elizabeth back. He has the back-up of Jill and the pediatrician…. And he’s interested in buying a house.”
“I know. He has asked Jordan, if Jordan would be interested in one of the rooms, so that he’d be close to the kids and away from the place he’s staying now. Jordan is over the moon.”

“I think that Tommy is finally in charge of his life again.” Kevin can’t hide the fact that he’s proud of what Tommy has accomplished.
“I wonder what it will feel like to not have Tommy, Elizabeth and Billy in our house anymore. It’s going to be so quiet.”

“Yes, but we’ll finally have the house back as we had intended it to be. For our own family…” Kevin replies softly, and he bites his lip. Scotty knows that for Kevin, Elizabeth is a part of him too, but that she can’t be. Kevin sits down in bed, next to Scotty.
“Elizabeth is going to live with her dad.” Scotty says.

“I know. It will be weird, but … she knows the truth now. She knows that she’ll always have a safe haven here too and it’s not like she’s moving back to Seattle.” Kevin replies.
“I’m glad that the kids will be able to continue to see each other. Daniel has already confiscated Billy as a little brother.”

“He has, hasn’t he?” Kevin smiles lovingly. “I think I can see the benefits for us too… I’d have my study back.”
“We would finally be able to put up the bookshelves we always wanted to have and finally ‘unite’ our law-books and cook-books and have them make one happy bookcase.”

Kevin gives Scotty a bewildered look.
“Alright…. Exaggeration is also a form of art, I suppose.” He says slowly, but there’s a twinkle in his eyes.
“Perhaps we could finally make some changes to our house again?” Scotty thinks out loud.

“That would be nice. I feel like that’s been brought to a halt as well…. But what will we be do with Elizabeth’s room?” Kevin asks and he lets his head rest against Scotty’s shoulder.
“A giant walk-in closet?” Scotty suggests. “A place where we can store all our clothes.”

“Now there’s a thought, but what will we do with the extra place this would create in our bedroom?” Kevin wonders.
“Create a jungle where we can chase each other like half-naked wild men?”
“Only half-naked?” Kevin seems displeased at the idea.

“I think completely naked would be too embarrassing.” Scotty answers, seriousness thrown completely overboard.
“I see, half naked would only be half embarrassing…” Kevin understands. “Can’t wait to see you swing on the chandelier though.”

“We’d have to buy one first.” Scotty points out dryly and Kevin starts to laugh, Scotty joins him, and soon enough they are reduced to two giggling fools.
“I can’t remember the last time I laughed this much.” Kevin eventually manages to say, out of breath.

“My side hurts.” Scotty admits. “We’re really mean for being so happy that Tommy may leave… but I can’t help feeling like I’m getting my life back somehow.”
“Don’t apologize. You’re right. We did the right thing to help Tommy, but … I’m ready to reclaim to our house.”

“I’m glad that you feel that way too.” Scotty turns to his side. “And Mateo…. Finding his sister…. I bet his head is still spinning.”
“Not just his. I’m happy for him though. And Helen is a great girl.”
“Agreed. I think I may actually like the Lockhart-family in general.”

“Me too. They’re smart. I sure hope that we will have made new friends…”
“That would be nice for all concerned.” Scotty agrees. His fingers slide over Kevin’s arm in a gentle way. Kevin makes a humming sound to let Scotty know that the touch is appreciated. Scotty smiles at the little noise and kisses Kevin.

“Oh, and Chad called me… He’s temporarily living at Kitty’s place… with Jason.” Kevin smiles.
“I’m glad that they are giving their marriage another try.”
“Yes. Me too.” Kevin admits.

“Is it possible that we’re all finally where we should be? That we’ll finally have some peace and quiet?” Scotty’s voice has too much hope for Kevin’s liking.
“In this family? … That will be the day!” Kevin replies.
“I sure would like it if we would finally have that. We could use some calmer times in our lives.”

“I would like to have them as well, but … I’m afraid it would only be the proverbial quiet before storm. And to be honest, I’m done with the storms. They create too much damage. So, I think I prefer to settle for less calmness followed a little breeze instead.”
“Me too.” Scotty takes Kevin in his arms. Kevin reaches out and turns off the light.




Episode 711 "Surfer's dream" will be posted 7 April 2013.
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