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Fanfic: B&S episode 710: part 3/4

Season 7 – Episode 710 – Our house

By Marea67
About: Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you!


“Back so soon?” Scotty wraps his arms around Kevin’s neck and gives him a casual kiss. Kevin hums with a satisfied grin while his hands slide over Scotty’s sides to bring Scotty’s body closer to his own.
“Would you believe me if I say that I wanted to be with you?” Kevin says.

“I’d love to believe that, but,… knowing you, you just took a break from work to get some coffee here and I’m just an added bonus… How am I doing?”
“You know me so well.” Kevin grins. The door opens and a man enters the restaurant. “I’ll see what he wants.” Kevin says, regretting that he has to let go of Scotty.

He turns to the man.
“Hi, I’m looking for Kevin?”
“That’s me.”
“Ah…. Yes.. Well, I wanted to talk to you about your son.”

“My son?”
“I think I need to know more about him, before his relationship with my daughter becomes more intimate.” Clark talks nervously.
“Intimate? My son is 3 years old, how intimate can the relationship get?” Kevin wonders.

“3 years old? … I’m talking about Mateo….” Clark’s voice is almost a whisper.
“Mateo? Oh, I see the confusion. I’m Kevin Walker, the legal guardian to Mateo, he’s not my son…. I suppose you’re Helen’s father?” Clark looks mortified and Kevin feels sorry for him.

“Why don’t we rewind the last few minutes and start over?” He suggests with a smile. He sees Clark nod. “Hi, I’m Kevin Walker. How can I help you?”
“I’m Clark Lockhart. I’m Helen Lockhart’s father and I need to know more about Mateo before the relationship between Helen and him becomes…” He stops, out of breath with nervousness.

“… too intimate? I don’t think you need to be worried there. I’m rather sure that Mateo is still very much in love with my niece Paige.”
“That is what Helen says too, but…. I need to know something.” He looks so beside himself that Kevin sees that it goes beyond an overly concerned father.

“Why don’t we sit down, so we can discuss this.” Clark sits down and Kevin catches the questioning look on Scotty’s face, behind the bar. “Do you mind if my husband joins this conversation?”
“No. Not at all.”

Kevin signals Scotty to join them and Scotty takes the coffeepot and teapot with him.
“What is going on?” Scotty asks.
“This is Helen’s father. He wants to talk to us about Mateo.”
“You have nothing to worry about…” Scotty starts, but Kevin places his hand on Scotty’s arm.

“Been there, done that.” He says quietly. “But that leads me to the question of why you’re so interested in Mateo…?”
“It’s complicated….” Clark starts and Kevin and Scotty give each other worried glance.
“Is it ever not complicated?” Scotty wonders with a hint of sarcasm.

“My wife Clarissa and I lived here in LA, years ago… And when we did, we had a maid… Her name was Elena. Elena Paresa. She was good at her work and we liked her a lot. She taught us Spanish, we taught her English. Her husband was a worthless guy, but she was solid gold. So gentle, so nice, so punctual.”

“Mateo’s mother had the name Elena….” Kevin starts softly. “What do you think is your relationship to Mateo?” Clark looks up at Kevin, suddenly shocked.
“None! None whatsoever! I never touched Elena. She would never have allowed me to either. Regardless of how worthless her husband was, she was faithful to him. And I to Clarissa.”

Clark seems so shocked by the idea alone that Kevin and Scotty immediately believe him.
“So we can safely assume that you’re not Mateo’s real father or something… So, what then?” Scotty asks. Clark looks miserable.

“You’re not far away from guessing it right… If Mateo’s mother is our Elena Paresa,… then Elena was Helen’s mother too… Her real mother…” Clark says with a sigh as if the weight of the world just fell off his shoulder. Kevin’s jaw drops.
“Well, we haven’t had that option yet.” Scotty comments dryly.


Michelle approaches Julia carefully.
“Hi.” She says cheerfully.
“Oh, hi. Renee, isn’t it?” Julia asks, glad that she remembers the name..
“Yes.” Michelle answers. “Can I join you?”

Julia nods and makes some room at the table.
“I’m sorry, I was just curious if everything is alright with you. You seemed so upset the other day?” Michelle asks.
“I’m fine now. I’m always upset when Tommy is gone..”

“You seem so sad…. I just wonder…. Oh, I know, I know, I’m not supposed to ask…” Michelle acts all shy and embarrassed, but Julia knows what she wants to know.

“I got abducted last year, fell in the hands of a gang that uses women to sell their babies, I was made pregnant. When the police found me, I was too far into the pregnancy to have it taken away… I had the child, but I didn’t want it. I got all depressed. I only wanted my daughter, but Tommy had made sure that I couldn’t see her. So, in a moment of desperation, I kidnapped her – or so they say…

You see, Elizabeth, my daughter, wasn’t legally ours at the moment. She was under the custody of her uncle and Kevin immediately took it to the cops and made such a drama out of nothing at all.” Julia tells the story without much emotion.
“I’ll bet…” Michelle says softly. “So, now your kids are with our husband?” She asks.

“No. Tommy was too confused by it all. Couldn’t go back to our apartment… Instead, he moved in with Kevin and Scotty. Officially, he’s only responsible for the boy. He cannot get custody over Elizabeth back, until his life is more settled, which it isn’t.. Though he does seem to be getting better at getting his life organized again. Better than me anyway.” Julia replies bitterly.

“Why can’t you get your life organized?” Michelle asks.
“They say I’m a threat to my children. I know it was wrong of me to put that boy in a box in the basement, but … I’m not a bad mother…” Julia says. Michelle can’t suppress the shiver that runs through her.

She remembers Daniel and how tiny he had been, when he was just born. The mere thought that anyone would do that to a child…
“So, where are your kids now?” She asks.
“All of them live with Kevin and Scotty.” Julia answers and Michelle holds her breath for a second.

“Is that safe? They are the gay couple right? I’m not judging… But you hear such stories... About gay guys and little children… I don’t know….” Michelle feels a little nauseous at her own question. She knows that Scotty would never hurt a child and, as much as she dislikes Kevin, she’s fairly sure that he wouldn’t never do harm to one either.

“Oh yes!” Julia immediately replies. “My kids are the safest there. I hate to have to admit it, but Kevin and Scotty are amazing with kids…”
“Do they have kids of their own?”

“One adopted, one is their own and they look after an older boy.” Julia answers.
“And their kids are alright?” Michelle asks, wishing she could just ask flat out about Daniel.

“?Yes. Olivia is doing great in school. Mateo wants to become a lawyer like Kevin and Daniel can’t wait to go to school.” Julia answers tiredly and Michelle’s heart skips a beat at the mention of ‘her’ Daniel.

School. He’s eager for school. Just like she used to be… Julia raises her head suddenly.
“How rude am I? Here I am lamenting my life and I never even wondered...?” She lets the question hang between them, not daring to ask straight out, but also not wanting to offend ‘Renee’, by seeming uninterested.

“I lost my child.” Michelle answers. “Couldn’t cope with it.” Julia’s heart breaks.
“I know what it’s like to lose a child. I lost my son, Elizabeth’s twin-brother, right after he was born… It was so tough to deal with.” Julia says, filled with sudden sympathy for Michelle and Michelle lets Julia place her hand on Michelle's hand to give her the comfort that Michelle doesn't really need.




“John Griffith.” His voice is stern upon picking up the phone.
“Hi. It’s Kevin Walker.” John grabs the phone tighter once he hears who’s on the other side.
“Mr Walker?” There’s expectation in his voice.

“Just thought you might like to know that Eli has changed his mind. He’s testifying against Bradley and Gabriel. He confessed that Brandon and he only went along with it for the fun of it... Gabriel got the pills. Bradley got Paige in place…. The rape was their idea. Eli and Brandon might get a reduced sentence, but at least the two masterminds behind this, might get a better sentence.”

“Well, at least, one of them came clean…”
“Not one. When Eli came forward, so did Brandon. So, it’s two against two.”
“I hope that they will get punished.” John says.

“Me too… I wanted to thank you for your help… Even if I’m not clear as to why you did it?” The question is obvious and understandable and a sad look slides over John Griffith’s face.

“Why? Very simple. I used to have niece. Cute little thing. Young, well spoken, smart. … She made a bad choice where boyfriends were concerned. One night she got drugged and raped… She was so ashamed that she kept it to herself. We never knew about it, until we found her goodbye-note…” John’s voice is strangely flat.

“I’m sorry to hear that…” Kevin says quietly.
“Yes. Me too… I hope that your niece will recuperate from what happened to her.”
“We’re all there for her… Thank you for your help…”
“I’ll send you my bill.” John answers, but they both know he never will.


“Tommy, I’m so happy with what I see.” Jill laughs. “The children are happy, safe and healthy. The house you want to buy is perfect for you and the kids, and not that far away from Kevin and his family, so the transition doesn’t have to be too big… I’m very pleased. And so is your pediatrician……” She adds with a grin, as she continues:

“I’ve spoken to Kevin about something and he completely agreed with me on this.… And if you do too.. Why not ask to get Elizabeth back?”
“Do you think that the court will accept my request?”
“You have a good chance. You’ve made so many  positive changes. You’re on the right path.”

“Will the court see that as well?”
“Yes… I think so. It helps that you have the support of your family, the pediatrician … and me. You’re doing so well, you’ve worked so hard for this, … You deserve to have your family completed again.”

“That is great! … I don’t know what to say….” Tommy stammers. “Except… I’m very happy with this! Can I tell Elizabeth?”
“I’d wait if I were you. Though I cannot imagine that the judge will turn you down, I also cannot guarantee that he won’t. Better wait a little longer .”

“Jill? … Thank you…” Tommy’s words are so sincere that Jill’s smile can only become bigger.
“You worked hard enough for this….” Jill answers.
“Still… I’m getting my daughter back…” These words sound good to Tommy.


Mateo and Helen give each other a concerned look when they discover that both Kevin and Scotty and the Lockharts are at the restaurant.
“Hi, honey, we were waiting for you.” Clarissa says nervously.
“Mom! I’ve told you already. There’s nothing going on between Mateo and me.” Helen replies irritated.

“I believe you, honey, we both do, but we needed to talk to you and Mateo…” Clark answers.
“Mr Lockhart, I swear, we’re just friends.” Mateo stares at Kevin and Scotty hoping that they will at least believe him.

“Mateo, Helen, sit down, please.” Kevin’s voice is his ‘professional’ one and Mateo immediately sits down.
“We’re not in trouble.” Mateo deduces. Kevin shakes his head.
“No, kid, you’re not. Trust me.” He places his hand of Mateo’s. Mateo nods.

Scotty places drinks on the table and then joins them. The adults look at each other, not sure who should speak first, so, as usual Kevin takes the lead.
“Clark and Clarissa, Helen’s parents, came to us with a story that we first found hard to believe, but, after some further investigation… I think that it might be true.

I wouldn’t have allowed the Lockharts to come out to you with their story, when it may upset you and Helen, if there was no valid cause to do so. You know me well enough to know that I would never want anyone to hurt you…. Or Helen.” Kevin speaks mostly to Mateo, who nods, with fear and worry in his eyes.

“Helen, there’s no easy way say this. It’s something that we should have perhaps told you before, but….” Clarissa starts. “Helen, you’re not our daughter…” Helen’s face becomes white and she stares from her mother to her father. She blinks a few times before turning her attention to Kevin and Scotty, wondering why they are here.

“Who is…” She doesn’t ask, but demands.
“Our maid, Elena Paresa, …. She was expecting twins and she couldn’t keep both… We moved to Washington just before you and your brother were born. Once Elena could travel again, she returned to Los Angeles, with her son. And she left you with us.

We wanted a baby, but we couldn’t, and Elena, well, she had a child too many…. Once you and your brother were born… Elena decided to keep the boy, because a boy would receive more respect from her husband than a girl would. And, she was afraid of what your father might do if you were older….”

Helen turns to Mateo, not understanding what is going on.
“Are you saying that Helen is my sister?” He asks, completely not believing a single word he has heard so far. Kevin places two certificates on the table for them to see.
“Your birth-certificates.” He says.

“We have the same birthdays….” Helen notes. “You were born in Washington.” She says to Mateo.
“Yes. I know. My father told that it was because my mom went there with her employers, but got fired there and  she was sent back here…” Mateo remembers.

“She wanted to come back here. Her family was here. Her mother, her sister.”
“My only aunt died when I was four… She and mom were very close…” Mateo answers, staring at the certificates. “But still….”
“But your grandmother is still alive?” Helen asks.

“Yes, but she needs special attention, so she’s in a nursing home. That is why I live with Kevin and Scotty. Kevin was the lawyer who helped me get my grandmother back and he also made sure that I wouldn’t have to return to juvie. …” Mateo answers, in deep thought. “I’m sorry, but I don’t really believe any of this…”

“We have the same doubts. It’s so highly unlikely and yet…” Kevin says.
“At the time it all seemed so logical." Clarissa says. "There still wasn’t that much paperwork. Things could fall through the cracks. We moved from one city to the other. Elena was pregnant and came back to Los Angeles with one child.

I suffered a depression before going to Washington. I had distanced myself from so many people. Most of them weren’t surprised that I secretly had a child. They knew I wanted one and when we started explaining that I needed peace and quiet to have my baby, because I was ‘so delicate’ no one really questioned us. Not to our face anyway.” Clarissa explains.

“At first, I was afraid that I could never really love her as if she were mine, but she became my reason to get up in the morning, to come alive again. She was everything I ever wanted. She saved my life.” Clarissa places her hands on Helen. “I wouldn’t have survived without you. I love you so much.”

“If mom indeed would have given up one of her kids, she would have been smart enough to realize that it would have to be the girl…” Mateo agrees. “I don’t even want to think what dad would have done with a daughter…” He shudders.
“Where is he? You’re real father?” Helen asks.

“Last I heard he was in Miami. I hope he dies there.” Mateo answers without much love.
“I don’t doubt that the Lockharts are telling the truth, but …. This is one huge coincidence.. I think that we need more proof and we’ve been thinking that a DNA test would be a good idea. It would prove the family connection between you two.”

Mateo looks at Helen. He had been amazed by how much she had resembled the memories he had of his mother, but … a sister? Helen looks back at Mateo. Sure they had become friends rather easily and quite quickly established not to be interested in something more intimate, but … a brother?

“It has to be a coincidence.” Mateo dismisses.
“If we had a DNA test done, we’d know for sure.” Helen argues.
“Yes. It would. I agree. We should do it…” Mateo turns to Kevin. He sees Kevin’s little nod that he agrees and Mateo lets himself fall back in his chair.


End of part 3/4

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