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Fanfic: B&S episode 709: part 3/4

Season 7 – Episode 709 – It's my party ...

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you!




“Tommy.” Julia reacts coldly when she sees him.
“Hi, Julia. How are you?” Tommy asks kindly. She shrugs and she doesn’t really bother to answer. Tommy can instantly feel his annoyance grow. “Fine. Whatever. I just came here to ask if there were some papers that you could sign for me.”

“What it is about?”
“Elizabeth and Billy…. I got involved in an accident two days ago and … it suddenly hit me that, with you in here, if anything would happen to me, there would be no one looking after our kids.”

“My father can take care of our daughter…” Julia shrugs.
“Well, actually, no. Since your mom died, your father has moved in with a friend of his. They have no room for two kids.”
“So, what did you have in mind?” Julia asks, giving Tommy a suspicious look.

“I’ve asked Kevin and Scotty if they wanted to look after them.”
“Those two again?” Julia’s voice is sharp. “Wow. You really know how to spin Kevin around your finger. Does he really have to do all your work for you?” Julia’s voice is condescending and Tommy closes his eyes 5 seconds to calm down.

“No. he doesn’t have to do anything for me. At the rate things are going, I will live to be a 100 years old. And Elizabeth and Billy will be most likely mature grownups by the time you’ll get of here 20 years from now. So, no, he doesn’t have to do anything for either me or you.

All I want is for our kids to continue to live the life they have and to be protected, in the unlikely event that anything would happen to both of us.” Tommy bites back. For a moment he believes that he can see a small sign of surprise and perhaps even a hint guilt, over her own selfishness, on Julia’s face.

“Perhaps you’re right.” She sighs, suddenly less defensive. “Knowing Kevin he probably already drew up the paperwork?”
“You know him so well.” It is supposed to come out like a joke, but even Tommy has to admit that there’s a pinch of jealousy in there somewhere. Julia doesn’t answer. She just takes the papers from Tommy and browses through them, before looking up at Tommy.

“If anything happens to you…. Will I get Elizabeth back, when I get out of here?” She asks. Tommy nods, not willing to remind her of Billy anymore. She picks up the pen and she puts her signature on the paper. And another one. Tommy watches her with pain in his eyes. She’s so disconnected from him. She’s just across from him at the table, but he can somehow not reach her.

“Here you go.” She slides the papers over to him. “Anything else?”
“Good.” She gets up.

“I think you should go too.” She says. “We have nothing left to talk about.”
“Julia..?” Tommy tries again.

“I’m tired and I just want to go to my room….” She says. She gives him a quick smile and then turns around to leave. Tommy can only feel this sense of loss again. He puts his papers together and walks away, towards the exit. Julia looks over her shoulder and she sees him leave.

She would love nothing more, than just go with him, but she knows that they won’t let her go. Sometimes she ever fears that she will never leave this place again. She leans against the wall.
“Bad news?” The question startles Julia.

She looks up and she sees a young woman standing there. Her hair is cut very short and it’s too copper-colored to be her real hair-color and she wears glasses that seem to hide her blue eyes more than they seem to emphasize them. She’s not ugly, however there’s a trace of harshness on her face. But when she finally smiles at Julia, she has a nice smile.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just that I was watching you and that handsome guy and … I had the impression that the conversation wasn’t going well.” She sounds kind enough and Julia shrugs as if nothing matters to her anyway. Why shouldn’t she talk to someone else aside from her shrink?

“That was my husband. He wanted me to sign some papers, about putting the care of our kids in the hands of his brother and his husband, in case something happens to him, while I’m still in here.”
“Is he sick or something?”

“No. Just concerned… He had an accident the other day…”
“Ah, yes. That can suddenly make you aware that death is just around the corner.” The girl nods in understanding.
“And… to be honest, I’d be glad to know that Elizabeth is safe with Kevin and Scotty.”

“Kevin and Scotty?” The young woman seems to freeze.
“My brother-in-law Kevin and his husband Scotty. Nice guys. Better than Tommy, … my husband.” Julia explains, a little out of breath, feeling slightly foolish that she’s giving away so much information.

“I’m Julia Walker, by the way.” She reaches out to the other woman, who seems a bit surprised, and Julia hopes that she hadn’t made some stupid mistake. But then the other woman takes Julia’s hand.
“Renee McGregor. They just transferred me to here, because of this.” She says, holding up her bandaged wrist.

“Oh. Sorry.” Julia says. ‘Renee’ nods.
“I lost my son…. He was taken away from me,.. by his father.” She states and she sees sympathy on Julia’s face and she realizes that it’s better if Julia doesn’t know rightaway that Renée is her second name, and that her first one is actually Michelle.


Mateo hands a drink to Helen. She looks very pretty in her red dress and her hair, held together by a red elastic band, is brushed to one side. Mateo remembers that his own mother loved to wear her hair like that too. Of course, his mother never looked this care-free. Helen loves to laugh and Mateo likes to laugh with her.

“You’re enjoying yourselves…” Bradley doesn’t even ask, but simply takes it as a fact.
“It ain’t bad. Thanks for the invite.” Mateo shrugs.
“All Paige’s idea…” Bradley replies equally disinterested in Mateo, though he’s undressing Helen with his eyes, before disappearing into the crowd again.

“What a creep!” Helen says and the words come from the tip of her toes.
“He sure is.”
“Can’t understand why Paige chose him over you.” Helen replies. Mateo notices that her words aren’t meant as a come on.

“Women.” He replies with a shrug.
“That should explain it.” Helen laughs. Their eyes follow Bradley who’s talking to three of his friends. It all looks rather conspiratory and Mateo gets an uneasy feeling, hoping that Helen will at least be safe here.

Bradley high-fives with Brandon and Gabriel first, before also turning to Eli. Mateo frowns. None of the four guys are really terrible, just terribly stuck up, but the four of them, as a group, are an obnoxious gang.
“Is everything alright?” Helen asks, seemingly picking up on Mateo’s nervousness.

“Yes. I hope so.” Mateo answers. “Those guys together just are not my favorite guys.”
“Come on. Let’s dance. That will be more fun than worrying over them.”
“I agree.” Mateo laughs, focusing his attention on her and Helen lets him lead to her to the dance-floor.

Over Mateo’s shoulder, Helen can see how Bradley walks over to the punch. He hesitates to take an empty glass. His hand stops over one glass too long, before he picks it up and pours some punch into it. He smiles unpleasantly and, with the drink in his hand, he walks over to Paige. Helen looks away and focuses her attention on Mateo again.


Kitty coughs and Seth tries to not the let the flare of concern go off again.
“Are you alright?” He asks.
Stop asking me that.” Kitty says angrily. “I have cancer, I had chemo, I’ve been throwing up everything you gave me. How could I be ‘alright’?!”

She leans back into the pillows behind her. She can see that Seth is taken aback and she sighs sadly. She doesn’t need this. She can’t be the one looking after him now.
“I’m sorry.” She says, out of breath by her outburst. “I know you’re concerned and scared…. It’s just….”

“I get it…” Seth hopes its an understanding smile, and Kitty has to close her eyes, or she’ll lose patience and give him another earful.
“Yeah. I’ll bet you know exactly how I feel.” She says between clenched teeth, but then, more friendly, she continues: “Can you please turn off the lights? I’m so tired and I just want to get some sleep.”

“Yes. Sure.” Seth gives her a kiss and nearly runs out the door. Once he’s in the small kitchen of their tiny apartment, he lets himself fall down on the kitchen-chair and stares into nothingness.

He’s tired of worrying, tired of Kitty’s mood-swings, tired of her cancer…. Oh, he knows that they still have a long way to go and that frightens him even more. What if he’s just not cut out for this? What if he can’t give her the support she needs? What if he fails as miserable at being a husband as he fails at being a writer?

He hasn’t written anything in months. It’s like his entire life revolves around Kitty and her cancer and, somewhere, he had seized to exist. Writing… He laughs sarcastically as he opens his laptop to look at an empty word-sheet. It’s been empty for months! The cursor blinks, it almost taunts him to write something. Anything. So he types ‘Qwerty’.

He sits up and places the laptop in a better position. He deletes ‘qwerty’ and instead types up ‘Chapter One’… Brilliant start…. He leaves a few blank lines and types ‘The End’. Well that’s established as well. It will have an end. Always good to know. So, he has a start AND an end…. And now the rest of it… He bites his lower lip, places his fingers on the keyboard…

Death has never seemed so close to me before. Yet, it also seems as if life has never so close to me either. How confusing is it to see a beloved suffer and to know that there’s nothing you can do, but stand by or sit there and try to alleviate the pain with a pointless smile, a meaningless cup of herbal tea or only just a thin paper tissue….”


Paige already noticed that it’s hot in the room, but now she actually starts to feel dizzy. She needs some fresh air, but it’s still too cold outside. She goes into the hallway where there’s not much music to give her this throbbing head-ache. She rubs her head with her fingers, but nothing takes away this strange feeling of not being able to stand on her own two feet.

Bradley. He would be so upset if she got sick now. She can’t take him away from the party. The door opens and closes as Brandon exits the room where the party is. It gives Paige a glimpse at the others dancing to the music and she wishes that she could dance as well.

She gets up and, while holding on to the wall, she moves towards the room that she remembers, is a study.
“Hey, Paige, feeling alright?” Eli’s voice comes from very far. She shakes her head. “You’ve had too much to drink. You need to lie down.”

Paige wants to protest, because she hardly drank anything at all, but Eli gently helps her up the stairs to Bradley’s bedroom, where he puts her on the bed.
“I’ll get Bradley to have a look at you.” Eli wipes the hair from her face and Paige manages a nod, that she heard him and Eli vanishes from side.

What seems to be two seconds later Bradley enters the room. He strokes Paige’s face with a smile.
“You’ll be fine, little one. I’ll take real good care of you.” Paige wishes it that his words wouldn’t sound so … ominous.

His fingers slide over Paige’s dress and she’s aware that he’s tugging at her clothes. She tries to tell him to stop but she doesn’t get any further than uttering a moan.
“I knew you’d like that.” Paige can feel his hand on the inside of her legs, moving up. She shakes her head.

Bradley gets up and she can see him walk away. With the super-human strength of complete terror Paige manages to turn to her side and she manages to grab her phone from her pocket. She feels weirdly heavy. As if she’s moving through molasses. It seem an eternity, before she can lift her phone to her face and scroll down the numbers….

She presses one of the buttons, but her body is too heavy. Too tired. Her phone falls on the ground. She still vaguely wonders if she’s having some sort of attack, when the door opens and Bradley enters followed by Eli, Brandon and Gabriel.
“Told you she’s be out like a light.” Eli laughs. “That stuff always works.”

Paige doesn’t understand what is going on, but she’s suddenly very aware that she’s all alone in a bedroom with four guys and she can’t move a muscle.
“Come on, let’s undress her, make sure the door is closed, we don’t want unexpected visitors.” Bradley orders.


End of part 3/4


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