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Fanfic: B&S episode 709: part 2/4

Season 7 – Episode 709 – It's my party ...

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you!


“So, how are my kids?” Kitty asks and she leans back in the pillows behind her. The laptop on her lap wobbles a bit and Jason looks away from his screen to not get seasick. Skype is a wonderful invention, but not always practical.
“They are still alive.” He jokes.

“Well, that is good to know.” Kitty laughs.
“Grace is still crawling around, refusing to get up. I think she’s waiting for her mommy to come home and show her how it’s done. Evan fell from his bike this afternoon. Nothing a band-aid couldn’t fix.”

“Good to hear. Still not having the urge to run over to my mom and drop the kids there?”
“No. Your kids are too much of an amazing distraction from my issues with Chad to get rid of them.”
“Kevin is trying to talk some sense into your husband, but it’s a lot of hard work apparently.”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be talking about myself so much.” Jason says.
“Don’t be ridiculous! I love it.” Kitty insists.
“But I just want to know how you are. And the truth, please, not the ‘I’m peaches’ version you give Nora, which, by the way, she doesn’t believe in.” Jason points out..

“I feel terrible.” Kitty sighs. “This round of chemo is making me even more sick than the previous one did. Seth is here all the time, holding my hand, but I wish he would find something else to do, rather than try to cheer me up. Sometimes I just want to be alone and feel miserable… I’m not complaining. Seth is the sweetest, but he’s so overly concerned about me, that it gets on my nerves sometimes. I found someone who can be worse than Nora.” Kitty grins.

Jason fakes shock and he shakes his head.
“Impossible.” He teases.
“But enough about my misery, tell me yours, don’t hold back. Cry. Sulk. Swear…. Just .. distract me ….” Kitty jokes, but underneath her joke is a request for something else to talk about. “I’m tired of hearing my own voice.” Ja

son stares at his key-board for a few seconds, but then raises his head.
“I don’t know where to start. He won’t even take my calls. He’s so hurt.”
“It was just a kiss. Now, we all agree, you should not have done that, but…”

“No, it wasn’t about the kiss, it’s a trust-issue and … maybe Chad is right and I just don’t trust him enough…”
“But you love him and he loves you. Besides, he has kissed Kevin too, and Scotty. Heck, he even once planted one on Justin, right there in front of us…”

“That was in joke. Even Justin and Tyler had a good laugh about it, because it was done in good humor, publically and with no deeper emotion. No, it’s not the kiss, but the intend behind it. Justin and Chad were just clowning around and I know that neither is interested in the other. And I also know that when Chad kisses either Kevin or Scotty that there is no deeper meaning behind it.”

“Is there with you…?” Kitty asks, suddenly intrigued. Jason sighs and doesn’t answer immediately.
“Jason McCallister! Are you still having feelings for my brother?” This time Kitty’s voice is stronger.
“No. I don’t think so.”

“You don’t think so? At this stage of your marriage you should know so. You either do or you don’t.”
“The problem is that, since I got to know him, I’ve always loved Kevin, to a higher or lesser degree. That night, a certain lined became blurry for me. I know that Kevin loves Scotty unconditionally. I know that Chad loves me too. It’s just… Maybe I don’t love Chad enough?”

“You’re crazy.” Kitty immediately dismisses Jason’s words. “You love him. You’re hurt. And confused. And feeling guilty, but …”
“I know that I love him, but maybe I don’t love him enough. Maybe there should be more of that feeling. And what I feel is just … inadequate.”

“I don’t believe that. What you need to do is get off your butt, go over to him, break down the door, grab him, throw him on the bed and just …. Get him!” Kitty throws up her fists and Jason cannot help but laugh.
“What sort of movies have you been watching lately?”

“I’m currently working my way through the Bruce Lee-movies.” Kitty admits.
“Go there and ‘get him’, right?” Jason grins.
“Exactly!” Kitty cheers and, for a moment, she looks like the ‘old Kitty’, not so tired.
“I need to think it over.” Jason says and he likes that Kitty’s smile is a genuine one.


Tommy sits down on the kitchen-chair and Scotty quickly makes them some coffee.
“Thank you both. This must have created trouble with your own schedules...” He says apologetically.
“I’m just happy that you’re okay.” Scotty answers.

“Me too.” Kevin adds. “Aside from the bumps and bruises, you got out fine.”
“Tell me about it. Everything hurts, but at least I’m still alive.” Tommy waits until Scotty has put the coffee on the table and that he has joined Kevin and Tommy. Tommy clears his throat.

“Listen you guys, I … I have a big favor to ask.” He looks at his brother and his brother-in-law and he wonders if he can even ask for a favor after everything that have already done for him and his family. “It’s a big favor and …. I know that I’m asking a lot… and … I won’t be mad if you say no. I’d completely understand.”

“What is it?” Scotty asks cautiously.
“Well, while I was in the hospital, before you guys came and told me I could go home, I was wondering… what if I had been killed….?”
“Tommy….” Kevin says softly, not even wishing to contemplate the thought.

“No. No. Seriously. I could have been killed.” Tommy insists. “And all I could think of was ‘what would have happened to the kids?’ and…”
“You’ll never have to worry. Your kids won’t get lost in any system. There’s mom, Sarah, Kitty, Justin… Me… Don’t worry.”

“But I do. And after happened last year, I don’t want this to be point of argument. So,…. I was wondering… In the event that anything happens to me and that I’m unable to take care of Elizabeth and Billy…. And that Julia still isn’t able to that either…. Will you two take care of them?” Tommy asks.

He can see a light panic on Scotty’s face as he turns to his husband.
“You’re kinda taking us by surprise here…” Kevin starts slowly. “Now, don’t take this as an immediate ‘no’, it’s just… Scotty and I need to talk this through first.”

“I understand. I’m sort of dumping this on you… again!..”
“Are planning to run away again?” Scotty has to know.
“No, no, really I don’t…. It’s just that this accident reminded me again of how vulnerable I am… we all are vulnerable. I mean, have you thought about who will be looking after your kids if anything happens to you?”

“Justin.” Scotty and Kevin reply simultaneously.
“Justin?” Tommy asks. “I would have expected at least Sarah or Kitty.”
“No. We both agreed that is should be Justin. He’s the closest to them.” And realizing that Tommy shock might also have another reason, Kevin continues: “He was there for us, for them…. Especially in the time that you were gone as well.”

Tommy looks a bit embarrassed.
“Yeah, I know. I … It never even occurred to me that … I even lost my opportunity to be a guardian to one of your kids…”
“You’re Paige’s god-father.” Kevin points out with a smile.

“True…” Tommy has to admit. “Not that I’ve doing much for her lately.”
“If I were you I’d keep it that way just a little bit longer. Puberty, you know, … stay away...” Scotty grins.
“Yes, maybe you’re right…” Tommy smiles now too.

“Listen, Tommy…. I’m sure that Kevin is as flattered by your request as I am, but I really want to think and talk this through with Kevin…” Scotty brings the conversation back on topic. Tommy spreads his hands in a giving gesture.
“No. Of course. I get that… I’m fine with that….” Tommy answers.


“So, you’re not angry anymore?” Seth asks, just to make sure. On his screen he can see that Nora shakes her head.
“No. I was, last week, when Kitty told me that the four of you were going to Boston and why…. I feel like I should have been told sooner. I would have given a party, for everyone to say goodbye and….”

“That was exactly what Kitty tried to avoid.” Seth gently points out. “It was tough enough to find out the cancer was back, that she’d have to go through chemo again, that she would be separated from her family, and she was worried about the treatment not working this time…”

“I know all of that…. So, how’s Kitty? How’s my little girl really doing? The truth, please, not the ‘I feel great’-lies she’s trying to feed me. I know she’s lying.” Nora asks. Seth sighs, knowing he can’t lie to Nora. Besides, he has an incredible need to talk to someone before going completely crazy.
“She’s lost weight. She has trouble keeping her food in...”

“That’s not good.”
“If it goes on like this, she will have no choice but stay in the hospital and be monitored.”
“It will drive her crazy and depress her. She hates hospitals.”

“I know, but if you would see how bad she is… I’d prefer it if she would stay in the hospital, where there are people looking after her. She doesn’t have the energy to fight the cancer…” There’s an anguish in Seth’s voice that doesn’t go unnoticed and Nora looks at him.

“Should I make one of my annoying surprise-visits? Talk some sense into her?”
“No. No! Please, don’t! She would immediately know that we’ve talking to each other. She’s …. I think she knows that it’s bad, she’s just trying to wrap her head around it. And as long as she hasn’t… I’m not allowed to discuss my worries with her…”

“Sounds like Kitty. Thinking that she's protecting you this way...”
“Yes. Except,… she doesn’t…. I’m more worried now than I ever was before, but if I mention anything… She gets upset… which doesn’t do her any favors either. So, I’m stuck between speak up and make her sick, or shut up and get sick myself.”

“I see.” Nora nods that she understands. “Listen, whenever you need to talk, whatever is on your mind…. Let me know. I’m right here. And if you need me there, then I’ll be there…” She frowns over how strange that last sentence sounds to her, but she sees a hint of laughter slide over Seth’s face when he thanks her.


“Well, how did your day go?” Nora asks. She can see how her daughter’s face on the screen turns ugly.
“One of the negatives about Skype. It becomes harder to hide your real feelings and lie about it.” Sarah sighs.

“I don’t know…” Sarah then starts. “I’m trying to keep an open mind, to be friendly and to try and see what makes them who they are, but… They are rather disconnected from each other. There isn’t much interaction between them. They are civil to each other, there weren’t that many ‘sniper’-actions or something. It wasn’t ugly

But listening to their conversations is more like listening to one of Kitty’s political discourses than a family-get-together. They apologize when one cuts off the other one. Can you imagine that we would do that?” Sarah starts to laugh. “We always talk over each other and cut in.”

“If any of you ever would start to apologize, I’d have you put in a straightjacket because there’s something terribly wrong.” Nora laughingly admits. “The five of you always had to talk, preferably at the same time. I think it’s what made you guys so vocal about your feelings… which wasn’t always appreciated either. Remember how mad Robert would get over it?” Sarah grins at the memory of the many times that Robert had tried to silence either Kitty or Kevin, usually without much luck.

“Yes, our blabbing isn’t always warmly received… but I’m not entirely sure that the overly polite way in which the Brodies talk, is any improvement. Well, Lori-Lynn is the exception, but when she says something, it’s often not very relevant, which is cute a few times, but gets old very fast. I’ve met her boyfriend. Nice guy. Not too bright. Both Cade and Nick jr are married. I like Cade’s wife, but Nick jr’s wife is as acidic as he is. A real viper.

Angie is divorced. She’s the only one who has kids. Two. Nice. A bit spoilt, but polite, but they lack that sparkle that our kids have. All our kids whether it’s Paige or Cooper or Evan or Olivia or Elizabeth, they are so vivid, but theirs…. It’s like the Stepford siblings with their Stepford kids. Everyone is so polite. So kind. So robotic. If they would meet us, they’d get a culture-shock.” Sarah sighs.

“Well, I’m glad that I didn’t come along. It all sounds so creepy, that I have chills going down my back.”
“Yes, they’re not the warmest people around.”
“But you will stay a little longer?”

“Yes, I keep hoping that they are just very reserved towards me and that, once they get to know me a little better, they will open up, but… I don’t believe in fairytales anymore.”
“How long will you stay in Sacramento?”

“Probably until the end of the week. Why? Is everything alright?”
“Yes. Fine. Just curious. It’s just… I was just wondering when you'd be back.… I want to go to Boston and see Kitty…”


“So, what do you think?” Kevin asks. Scotty is at the kitchen-table, working on his invoices, and Kevin lets his hands rest on Scotty’s shoulders.
“About what?” Scotty asks. His mind is filled with the details of his invoices.
“Everything. Jason. Chad. Tommy and his request.”

Scotty pretends to continue on his work, but then he puts away his pen.
“Jason…. I feel terribly guilty… Chad…. I don’t know if I should agree or disagree with him, because I feel guilty about revealing Jason’s secret. Tommy… I don’t know… I’m honored and proud that he wants us to do it, but….”

“Yeah, me too.” Kevin admits.
“And Elizabeth is your biological child…”
“That should not be a reason to accept this….”
“Says the guy who was willing to take on his entire family, including me, to get custody.”

Scotty’s sweet reminder puts an embarrassed smile on Kevin’s face and Scotty takes Kevin’s hand and pulls his closer, so Kevin has no choice but to sit down beside him.

“I’ve had some time to think this over, but I can see where Tommy’s concern comes from, now that he nearly totaled his car. These are things that make you think twice about your own mortality. I think we should accept the request… I feel weirdly proud about this…. I mean, years ago, my mom wouldn’t even entrust me with the care of a pet-turtle. And here is your brother and he wants me, well ‘us’, so that includes me, to be responsible for his kids, in the event that something would happen to him.

He could have asked anyone else, but he asked us…. And… I already love Elizabeth and Billy, they are a little bit ‘ours’. The relationship between you and Tommy has improved so much and he’s trying so hard to help us. I think that Tommy is at an important cross-road in his life and I think we can help him….”

“So, it’s some spiritual thing for you?” Kevin asks, not entirely convinced.
“Sort of…. The person that both of us least connected with, is now an important part of our lives. Not because he has to, but because he wants to… I like that idea.” Scotty is almost too shy to admit it.

“Well, to be honest, it does feel good that he’s leaning on me now.” Kevin admits and even more shy he continues: “I like that he’s making his own effort in this… not always successfully, but he’s trying and… these last few years I missed the brother he once was, but now I have better brother than I thought he could be….”

“So? We accept?” Scotty asks.
“If you agree to it…. Then yes…” Kevin smiles happily, but that smile immediately fades again. “This means that we only have Chad and Jason left to worry about.”
“Yes…. Can’t we handcuff those two idiots to the chairs until they talk to each other?”

“Nice suggestion, but it may be unethical.”
“When has that ever stopped you?” Scotty winks. Kevin places a quick kiss on his lips to shut him up, but the little kiss quickly turns into a bigger one, that Scotty finds hard to break, but he stops Kevin anyway.

“You’re worried about them and so am I. I would hate it if they broke up permanently, because I couldn’t keep my big mouth shut.”
“It wasn’t your fault. You just wanted Jason to keep his hands off your man – I love it when you get this possessive of me – and what happened after that was Jason’s own doing.”

“I know. I keep telling myself the same thing, but it doesn’t make me feel any better.” Scotty looks a little sad, so Kevin caresses his face.
“If that’s really the way you feel, then I will see what I can do to get those two to talk to each other again.” Kevin promises and it earns him another kiss from Scotty.


End of part 2/4

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