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Fanfic: B&S episode 709: part 1/4

Season 7 – Episode 709 – It's my party ...

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you!



also starring


“Come on, Chad, it’s been two weeks and you still refuse to talk to Jason.” Kevin says. Chad shrugs, and Kevin raises his hands to signal that he doesn’t want to fight about it. “I know, I know, I should be the last one to tell you that you shouldn’t take your time. It took me three weeks before I could say just one constructive sentence to Scotty.

But, looking back, I realize that I was only making matters worse. I just shut him out. By not speaking with him, I was also not willing to listen to him or to come up with a solution. And that is what you and Jason should do. Talk to each other, work through this. And …. I don’t mean to play it down, but …. it was just a kiss.”

“You are playing it down. It wasn’t ‘just a kiss’. It was something he started, because he didn’t trust me.” Chad sighs. “I don’t care about the kiss itself. I kiss other people too and, damn, I wouldn’t mind kissing you either…” He gives Kevin a teasing smile. “But it was the intend behind it…. He meant for it to be more than just a kiss.”

“I don’t know…” Kevin says hesitantly, not wishing to speak bad about Jason.
You didn’t want more, he certainly did. And if you would have given in, he would have …” Chad stops mid-sentence, unwilling to consider what Jason would have done. He sees doubt on Kevin’s face and he smiles gently.

“I know, you don’t want to think the worst of Jason. He’s your friend and you love him. In a strictly platonic way. Just like I love Scotty. I would never want to see him get hurt either. So, I get your hesitation, but … I can’t get past it.” Chad sighs. “It’s not the kiss, but his lack of faith in me…” Kevin sits down beside Chad.

“You do have a reputation…” He points out.
“I know. But I made a very conscious choice when I married Jason. I love him. Only him. And there will not be someone else… I … I can’t even imagine anymore what it would be like, to be with someone else. I tease about kissing you, but I cannot imagine actually taking that step of trying something with you, or anyone else. I just want him so much….

And I can’t understand why he cannot feel the same way about me? I knew when we met, that he believed in monogamy, that he was traditional, that he didn’t like to get lied to… He always seemed so honest…. And then this happens. And if it was the first time that he read the lies of the paparazzi, I would understand, but it’s not. He knows better.

I’ve been accused of having ‘secret rendez-vous’ with this or that actress or actor, which were just outright lies. Even once an entire article on how I was cheating at a party, and oh, my poor husband, while the rag simply and conveniently placed the letters of the article over Jason’s face hiding the fact that he was at the dinner table with me… So, please, he should know better by now….”

Kevin cannot disagree with Chad there.
“He’s very hurt. He fears that you seriously want to break up with him.”
“I don’t. But I have to deal with the fact that this marriage will go nowhere, if he cannot learn to trust me. I need him to believe in my love, rather than the cover of some magazine.”


Mateo looks up from his book, when the principal enters the class-room. He’s followed by young girl, who makes Mateo drop his pen in shock and who makes him blink a few times, before he even dares to breathe. She’s pretty. Long black hair frames a thin face with big brown eyes, that seem to stare at him with as much curiosity as he’s looking at her.

What shocks Mateo most of all, is how much she looks like the gir,l who’s picture he carries in his wallet, that of his mother, when she was 16-17 years old. Sure, this girl is dressed more expensively and wears her hair in a different cut, but there’s something about her, that just reminds Mateo of his mother.

“This is Helen Lockhart.” The principal introduces. “Her family just transferred from Washington to Los Angeles and we’re very happy to greet her here, on this school….” He gives the other students a death-stare, daring them to disagree with him, but no one is stupid enough to do so. “You can sit here, beside…uhm…. ”

He waves his hand that Mateo should finish his sentence.
“Mateo Paresa.” Mateo nods. She smiles at him shyly and sits down. Mateo is suddenly equally shy and, from the back of the class, Paige watches them as her lips form a thin straight line and jealousy starts to pop up.


Tommy shifts gear and checks the clock on his dashboard. He still has 30 minutes until his next meeting and it’s just a 10 minute drive away, he can afford to be relaxed. So, he takes the time to sit more comfortably in his chair and just enjoy the sun that is shining on his car and that makes him feel warm inside. Spring just isn’t that fair away anymore.

His phone rings and a few seconds later he hears Jordan’s voice in his car.
“Here’s someone who wants to talk to you.” Tommy hears Billy ‘talk’ to him, followed by the soft reminder from Jordan to Billy that Billy shouldn’t bite the phone… Tommy is still grinning when Jordan takes over again.

“I’m sure that after these wise words from your son, you’ll be more than eager to have your meeting?” Jordan jokes.
“There’s nothing better a motivational speech to get me going.” Tommy laughs.
“Well, got to go. Billy, Daniel and I are going to the zoo.”

“Have fun.” Tommy wishes. Alone again, he thinks about how much he would like to take his son and daughter to the zoo, but, for now, Billy is too little anyway. The zoo is more for Daniel, who has the right age to remember where he has been. Tommy focuses his attention on the road again.

From the opposite direction he sees a big rusty SUV coming his way. One of the front-lights is broken, he notices. He looks at the car in front of him. There’s a kid on the backseat, who’s waving at him. He smiles and waves back. From the corner of his eye, he sees the SUV lose grip on the road.

The car moves from left to right as if the driver no longer has control of the car. It misses the car, with the waving kid, by an inch. In the fraction of the second, Tommy realizes that the out-of-control car, now speeds straight for him. He braces himself, turns the wheel and all that Tommy will remember later on, is the sound a screeching brakes and breaking glass.


“I still cannot understand why your mother couldn’t come as well.” Brody sighs. Sarah shrugs over his words.
“I asked her, but she said that she felt we shouldn’t overwhelm them.” Sarah explains again, patiently.

“I understand that, but, she could have stayed at the hotel. Be here with us. Give you support.”
“I’m not a child anymore.” Sarah answers. The door of the restaurant opens and she can’t help but look up immediately, hoping it will be Brody’s kids, but it’s not them.

“Maybe your kids have changed their mind…” Sarah says softly.
“They’re only 5 minutes late. They’ll come.” Brody replies, as if Sarah hasn’t seen him check his watch every minute for the last 20 minutes.
“Yes, of course.” Sarah replies.

“Though it would of course be a good way to get back at me, for all those mistakes I’ve made….” Brody carefully gives voice to his fears. “I wasn’t the best father…”
“That would be mean and… Oh, here they are.” Sarah sees them enter the restaurant. She jumps up, too eager to meet her half-siblings again..

She hopes that this meeting will work out better than the previous one, when she had gone home with a feeling of being thrown aside as if she didn’t matter. First she shakes hands with is the eldest son Nick Brody jr. She exchanges hugs with Lori-Lynn, the only one who actually stays in touch with Sarah, even if only on the phone.

She then turns to Angie and Cade.
“I’m glad that you decided to give us another chance.” Angie smiles not too genuinely.
“I’m glad that you agree to meet me again.”
“We’re mostly over the shock now.” Cade replies.

“I’m so sorry you divorced that hunky French guy.” Lori-Lynn says. “You two had such a dream-wedding. I would never have let that stud get out of my sight.” A painful wince comes over Sarah’s face and, on cue, the other three kids mutter an annoyed “Lori-Lynn!”

“I’m fine with it. It just turned out that it was a mistake after all…. You can’t live on love alone…”
“…but you can try…” Lori-Lynn finishes jokingly.
“I did. That’s why I got divorced.” Sarah smiles, but it doesn’t reach her eyes.

“We’re sorry we couldn’t make this meeting sooner…” Cade says. “When dad called two weeks ago, that he wanted to bring you and your mother here, we were a bit….” He stops to look at his siblings for the right word, but meets a wall of disinterest from the others and Sarah wonders if she should be amused or upset.

“... Overwhelmed?” Sarah offers. “Yes, we feared you might be. It is therefore that my mother decided not to come. She does however wants me to convey the message that she would have loved to be here and meet all of you…” The words flow from Sarah’s lips like a well-rehearsed line.

She’s aware however of this awful feeling, that she’s had been in credit-negotiations with banks, that went smoother than this talk.
“We all had to free up our calendar to make time for you.” Sarah assumes that Nick jr’s words are supposed to explain why it took a couple of days to come to this meeting. However, it comes across as an reproach to her and slowly her defenses are going up.

“Sorry to have upset your schedules…” She decides to continue smiling like a fool.
“It was inconvenient… but here we are.” Nick acknowledges.
“Yes….” Sarah grabs her menu-card and wonders if it’s too early to order bourbon.


“Here you are.” Scotty is visibly relieved to see his brother-in-law. He hugs Tommy, who immediately winces with pain. “What’s wrong?”
“My ribs hurt like hell.” Tommy says.
“How bad is it?”

“Nothing broken, which is more than I can say for my car.”
“How bad is your car?” Scotty now asks.
“Apparently a total loss.”
“Must have been one heck of an accident?” Scotty says.

“I don’t know what happened. It was all so fast. One moment I'm driving, the next I'm in the hospital.” Tommy answers.
“Yeah, I know how disorientating an accident can be.” Scotty remembers his own feelings right after the accident, that had ultimately killed Robert.

“Is Kevin here is as well?” Tommy wants to know.
“Taking care of the paperwork.” Scotty smiles and Tommy rolls his eyes. Yes, he can leave that to Kevin. And, as if he had known that Tommy and Scotty had been talking about him, Kevin enters the room.

“Paperwork is taken care of. The paramedics are still in shock that you managed to walk away alive. Your car is a wreck.”
“Can’t believe it either. I thought, for sure, this would be the end of me.” Tommy quickly hugs Kevin, who holds him longer than he would usually.

By the time that Kevin lets go, Tommy gives his brother a little squeeze in the shoulder and he smiles.
“It’s alright. I’m fine.” He whispers to Kevin and Scotty pretends to not notice the little moment them. He can imagine Kevin’s worry.
“Can I go home?” Tommy asks.

“Yes, just a few more small tests, but you should be ready in no time.” Kevin answers.
“Good. ‘Cause I just want to hold my kids….” Tommy replies, suddenly shaken with the realization that he nearly got killed.
“Yeah, I get that… I’ll see what I can do.” Kevin says.

“Kev? Don’t tell anyone else about the accident just yet, please? The last thing I need is mom running around me and going on about how I nearly got killed.”
“No promises….” Kevin answers with a grin and he leaves Scotty alone with Tommy.


“Hi. You’re Mateo, right?” Mateo looks up from his book and the first thing he sees are those beautiful brown eyes, that remind him so much of his mother’s eyes. He shakes the memory, as well as the sense of loss that the memory brings.
“Yes. That’s right.”

“I’m not stalking you, or something. It’s just … I lived in Washington before and my friend’s sister was a friend of Sophia McCallister. When Sophia heard I was moving here and that I would go to this school, she told me that I’d probably end up in the same class as Paige and you….” Helen smiles shyly and Mateo relaxes.

“I remember Sophia McCallister. Met her during Christmas two years ago and then again this year. She’s Kitty’s stepdaughter.” He replies, glad to see where her interest in him comes from. “She was nice to me.”
“She told me a few things about you … and Paige… She wasn’t exactly gossiping, just…”

Helen stops upon realizing that, in a way, Sophia had been gossiping.
“She was just providing you with valuable information?” Mateo teases lightly. Helen rolls her eyes, but grins nonetheless. Mateo signals her to sit down and he’s so surprised by her appearance in general, that he doesn’t notice that Paige and Bradley enter as well.

Paige watches how Helen and Mateo smile at each other and a sting of jealousy goes through her. She’s knows she’s being ridiculous. She is the one who broke up with Mateo and she’s the one with the arm of another guy on her shoulders, but somehow it just hurts to see that Mateo is seemingly over her.

She takes Bradley’s hand and makes him follow her to Mateo’s table.
“Hi, you’re the new girl right? I’m Paige Whedon. This is my boyfriend, Bradley.” She smiles proudly and she catches the confused look on Helen’s face, that quickly gets replaces by understanding when Helen sees the little wince on Mateo’s face.

“I see. Nice to meet you. Sophia McCallister told me so many nice things about you.”
“Sophia McCallister?” Paige is baffled. “How… nice…” She stammers as a result. She then turns to Mateo. “Have you thought about coming to Bradley’s party? You should invite Helen to come as well.” She says.

“Oh, I don’t know…” Mateo starts. Helen frowns, realizing that Paige is taunting Mateo.
“I would love that.” She replies. “But…” And she gently places her hand on Mateo’s arm. “I don’t wish to impose…. After all, we don’t know each other that well. ” Her words are as fake as her kind smile for Bradley and Paige.

“I’d love to the party. With Helen.” Mateo answers.
“I’ll get you all details….” Paige replies, visibly offended. She marches away, but stops halfway the classroom and turns to Mateo. He doesn’t notice, because he’s sitting close to Helen and they are both laughing. Paige sighs. Suddenly she feels very sad.


End of part 1/4


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