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My review of 1.08

May contain ***spoilers****, so don't say I didn't warn you.

And, it's official, I guess, I truly dislike all characters aside from Philip (and his kids)  and Sandra. I agree with Philip, so to Elizabeth I'd like to say: "You know, Betty, divorce is  more acceptable in 1981, so just get OUT and stop whining!"

I'm sorry, but this whole flip-flopping between Philip and Elizabeth.... Come the frack on! I've sat through 3 seasons of Justecca going 'Do you love me, I'm not sure you do, oh you DO love me, no you don't, now I don't love you, now I do, I hate you, I love you, No I don't ..... I'm moving to New York" Just put me out of misery, Betty, and move to Los Angeles. It's early '80, I know a company called "Ojai Foods" The owner, William Walker, likes blondes.....

I cannot sympathize with Elizabeth's upset over Philip's lie. It all feels so fake. I know that Philip lied to her, (NOT condoning it) but he was right. Whether he would have told her the truth or a lie, she would have made a scene (or in Elizabeth's case - give him the silence-and-no-sex-for-several-years-treatment) She sure easily forgot about the 13 years of sex with Gregory behind Philip's back and that he's not the only one who screwed up in their relationship. I think they do well as spies, but please, this whole fake-marriage-drah-mah-mah-mah is getting boring.

Equally boring is the Stan/Nina thing. It made me lose the respect I had for Stan and what little respect I had for Nina. I don't like to see them together sexually (because I don't feel they are romantic), though I'll admit that a lot that feeling is based on the fact that, so far, I still like Stan's wife. I didn't like the dinner-scene much either. There was a certain uneasy feeling about it, I'm not sure, but it felt as if the idea was being created that Sandra wasn't a good cook or something.I wonder if Philip had been the one to do the cooking, because he was very quick with the answer, while Elizabeth had her usually blank stare.

I wonder what Granny's agenda is, but still dislike her. I wouldn't trust her at all. And I don't think that Philip will ever do that again either. I hope he kills her.

I was glad to see snarky Kevin pop up momentarily when Philip wondered how they were going to find an assassin for whom they have no desciption or nothing.

I'm curious about Chris Amadour's secret, there's something about what Martha said that made me think "OMG! You're gay!", but I'm not the most reliable source on this, I see gay guys everywhere and if not, I'll make it up. (Hey! It's more entertaining than seeing ghosts, you know.)

P.S. Wow! Does Philip hold the record for putting on a condom or are they guys even faster than he is...?  :D

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