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welcome to my fantasies
About 2.16 Prior commitments.... 
6th-Mar-2013 11:57 pm
kevin/scotty  4.24

I just watched again last night and I love it.... I love that K/S finally got married, which I wanted them to do... but this episode also annoys me!

I was wondering ... wouldn't it have been more beautiful if K/S had married in a tuxedo or something? It's not that I didn't like their clothes (I just prefer them not to wear any at all, but, sigh..... that's a whole different conversation)... I don't know. I was somehow disappointed by the clothes, more by Scotty's than by Kevin's however. It's not 'ugly', but it doesn't really make Scotty look good either, not like a grey or black suit would have.... I think.... I have the fashion sense of a brick wall, so I'm usually not the one to judge.... but that color somehow didn't look good on Scotty (in my eyes)

And as much as I still love this episode and the scenes between K/S, I just wish that someone would have stapled Kitty's mouth shut. That entire speech still ticks me off so much. The ".. This isn't the first time Kevin's been married..." nonsense was embarrassing enough, but to, based on some story about their childhood, call Kevin's most important day (HIS equivalent to his wedding-day) a 'second wedding' always annoys me to no end. Most of the speech doesn't seem to have much baring on Kevin/Scotty at all, but on herself.

As much as I grew to dislike Sarah, I still would have prefered it if SHE had made the speech.

Then there's the stupid moment of the forgotten rings (No? Seriously? Kevin? Forget the rings? No way!) ..... Grrrr .... and the fact that Kitty has to emphasize that it's "Tommy's ring" and "My husband's ring" that they are actually sharing rather than their own ones..... I don't know. ... Let's say that I'm always glad that the ceremony is over.... Finally! And that I no longer have to look at that stupid blue dress of hers that ALWAYS shows up between Kevin/Scotty in every screencap I make. It sticks out!

But Nora can still make me cry. Damn, that "You and Scotty deserve this night to be as romantic and memorable as anyone else's..." still makes me cry. (Too bad that Kitty didn't get that same frakking memo!)

And shall I not mention the fact that Kevin ran away from his wedding-night, to run to his sister, with the idea that there's a halfbrother out there, based on some stupid picture from many years before?

But Kevin and Scotty got married, that is all that really matters......

I'm probably just overreacting..... Right?

7th-Mar-2013 09:37 am (UTC)
No... no! you are not overreacting.

I don't like that episode at all. I love the fact that they go married, but I would have loved to see them in dark suits too, not necessarily tuxedos though. The wore dark suit and tux for Kitty's wedding, why not on their own? I didn't like neither of their suits! Those colors were mehhh! (LOL)
And I would have replaced Kitty with Saul. but since the storyline included Saul still being in denial about his sexuality and not talking too much to Kevin, it prevented a nice and thoughtful speech.
I actually liked the fact that they forgot the rings. they wanted to get married as soon as possible and had an awful lot to consider and organize. (Scotty standing in the kitchen for his wedding day was a huge no-go!!!) but I would have liked to see them get their own rings. only the two of them, followed by a long kiss.

your newlywed husband running off to got to his sister's to reveal another possible half-sibling... hm... that would have been a good reason for annulment! or decapitation! Scotty is far too nice and accepting. I missed some scenes with angry Scotty. (during the whole show!)

and well, Nora wanting a real wedding for her gay son... that's so Nora. I loved that scene. the way she looks guilty and the way Kevin is moved to tears.

so... nope you are not the only one feeling the way you do :)
7th-Mar-2013 11:02 am (UTC)
Exaclty. I loved THAT they got married, not HOW they got married. Saul would have been a good choice too, hadn't thought of that. He's good at giving speeches.

Maybe if it had been that they just forgot the rings, it wouldn't have bothered me so much, but now Kitty had to mention them as "Tommy's ring" and 'My husband's ring' after giving a speech that already got me frowning.

It was AND a terrible speech AND the foolishly forgotten rings AND the emphasize on the fact that it weren't the rings that K/S had chosen. It just added insult to injury somehow.

Oh, yeah, he 'Scotty ... obviously... will cook..." I mentally skip that part every time..... :D

Phewwww! I'm glad that I'm not the only one.. :)
7th-Mar-2013 10:22 am (UTC)
I agree with all your comments. I love this episode because it was about their wedding and that was something that I could never have allowed me to dream about at the start of season 2. And I was all the season 2 dreading that Kevin would choose Jason over Scotty, so when I knew that Kevin will be marrying Scotty I was totally happy :D

But, yes the episode has a lot of annoying things:

Scotty’s tuxedo: yes, it’s quite ugly. I think that from season 1 to season 3 they tried to make Scotty less gorgeous than he is, with the clothes they choose for him, the hairstyle… maybe they wanted to emphasize that Kevin choose the “boy next door” over the gorgeous actor and priest and well, in real life Luke is as gorgeous as them (more gorgeous IMO) so they needed to do something to make him less attractive.

Kitty’s speech: ITA with you. All the speech was about her, she never ever mentioned Scotty and the part about her marrying Kevin before was quite embarrassing and silly.

The forgotten rings: That was quite stupid too and I hated it. And they made this even worse when in the final of season 5 Kevin said he will have a heart attack because Cooper joked that he has forgotten Suc rings! Really?

The ran away from his wedding night: that was the worst of all. Really unnecessary and disrespectful. They would never have written this if the wedding was about a straight couple.

And one you have forgotten, Scotty cooking for his own wedding! WOW Unbelievable. Although it gives us the wonderful scene with Scotty and Nora that is still one of my favorites.

But it has a lot of good things too:

Kevin and Nora scene: probably one of the best of all the seasons. It was amazing.

Kevin road trip to convince Scotty’s parents to assist the wedding: that was one of the best things that Kevin did and that showed how much Kevin loved Scotty.

The scene when Kevin meets Scotty before the wedding. This scene was so well acted and romantic. And Kevin and Scotty in the wedding itself were amazing. All the little gestures, smiles and looks were perfect and showed how much in love they were.

So in the end I loved the episode :) and I can see it feeling nostalgic and warm, not like with season 5 that only watching 5 minutes of it I start to feel angry and depressed. Lol!

And well, we have a DVD extra commentary of this episode with Matthew and Luke! :D This is the best thing ever!

7th-Mar-2013 11:13 am (UTC)
And Kevin and Scotty in the wedding itself were amazing. All the little gestures, smiles and looks were perfect and showed how much in love they were.

It is what MADE the wedding for me, Kevin and Scotty standing there, hands united. (I always have this silly idea that Luke is more nervous about this scene than Matthew is, perhaps - as a gay man - it's more personal to Luke than it would to be Matthew...)

Watching back I'm still amazed by the chemistry between Matthew/Luke, every scene they play is so sincere, feels so real, no matter how stupid the storyline (season 5!) they're just there, in the moment, and I completely forget that I'm watching two actors..... Alright, enough drooling!

7th-Mar-2013 08:12 pm (UTC)
They did the commentary for that episode? I completely missed that. Must watch again.
7th-Mar-2013 08:33 pm (UTC)
It is hilarious. They should have done more of them. :)
7th-Mar-2013 09:32 pm (UTC)
Yes, it was only released in the Region 1 DVD and it was not in the region 2 DVD.

You still can see it here:
8th-Mar-2013 12:54 am (UTC)
Thank you Laira for that link.Loved it.
8th-Mar-2013 06:24 am (UTC)
Oh! That explains why I hadn't seen it. Boo for region limitations. But thanks for the link!
7th-Mar-2013 04:15 pm (UTC)
Oh, the wedding-episode .. I still have mixed feelings about it, too.

I think their clothes weren't the best choice, but I guess it could have been worse. Scotty cooking at his own wedding day? Well.. Maybe he wanted the food to be perfect, and I guess cooking makes him less nervous, so .. I can live with that. The forgotten rings? Oh well, they were in a hurry before they got married, with only a few days for preparations. I even smiled a little about the "Tommy's ring/ my hunsband's ring"-thing. Maybe because we already had the beautiful scene with Scotty's father's cufflinks delivered by Kevin.

But.. Kitty's speech!!! :(( I still can't get over it. The first time I watched it I couldn't believe it. Kitty never was my favorite character and she annoyed my many times during the show, but her speech definitely was the WORST moment ever! I could have lived with her childhood story if she would have used it to .. don't know .. break the ice? and would have said something meaningful about Kevin and Scotty afterwards. But she never even mentioned Scotty, or did she?! It felt like the speech was all about her! How can anyone be so self-centered?

And Kevin running away after the wedding and leaving Scotty alone at home with a little note.. I still don't get why they did that. It was like "oh, he might be married now, but it's obviously not important to anyone expect Nora, so let's have him run away without even having the decency to wait 10 minutes for Scotty fo finish his phonecall and tell him in person"..?!

I still like the fact that they got married, but the episode ..Not one of my favorites
7th-Mar-2013 08:36 pm (UTC)
Agreed with your last words. I like certain aspects of the episode, but it's not one of my favorites either.
7th-Mar-2013 08:16 pm (UTC)
I just have to say that generally speaking I find Calista Flockhart very annoying all the time. But I think that we may be forgetting that this series probably was intended as a vehicle for her career, having fairly recently come off Ally McBeal. The whole B&S series starts out centred on her, if I remember correctly.

Other than that, yes, this episode is very uneven.

I don't really like the ceremony at all. But I do like the things leading up to it, especially the roadtrip.

I don't think it's weird for Scotty to cook for his own wedding, though. If they were going for something small with just immediate family, it wouldn't be too much work. And he'd be in control of what was served - even with Nora in the kitchen with him!
7th-Mar-2013 08:54 pm (UTC)
Yes, the show was supposed to be about three strong women Nora, Sarah and Kitty, It doesn't however give a free license for giving a bad wedding-speech. For someone who 'writes speeches for a living' she doing a terrible job. :)

I wasn't a fan of either Calista or Rachel, never could sit through more than one episode of either Ally McBeal or Six feet under. I started watching for Matthew, (Sally Field and Tom Skerritt were just an added bonuses, too bad William died so quickly!) and ended up falling in love with the Walkers, and becoming a fan of Luke and Dave in the process.

The roadtrip with the 3 brothers was amazing, so was the reaction from Tommy/Justin when they realized that Kevin was talking about getting married.

I also love the sweet little scene between Nora and Scotty in the kitchen.
8th-Mar-2013 01:00 am (UTC)
I was going to comment about the episode.Then I saw the link laira26 posted.went there and watched it and now I am a blubbering mess.I forgot what I was going to say.Now I remember only MR/LM commentary for the episode.I miss k/s all over again.'sob' 'sob'.Let me go and have a good cry.
8th-Mar-2013 08:59 pm (UTC)
awww! Sorry for that :) They really are amazing, aren't they? Wonderful boys. I listened it again yesterday too and I miss K/S all over again too :)
8th-Mar-2013 10:07 pm (UTC)
It was hilarious. I was laughing through the whole thing.Then at end I had a heavy heart.Why,Why...they are fictional characters...lol...I am trying to knock some sense into my own head.:-)
Matthew Rhys is a sweetheart,right?He has such a easy rapport with his fellow actors.Luke called him Matt.He kept making digs at Dave Annable..tweedledee and tweedledum....lol...About his own acting at one point he was saying...flawless...flawless...lolol.
In the scene where Saul says,I am gay...Luke is saying "And Scotty is waiting outside wondering,where is my husband".They point out the 'ran away on the wedding night',that we all hate..lol...
If I go on I will quote the whole thing...so fangirling over...thanks again.
9th-Mar-2013 12:09 pm (UTC)
This Episode bothered me a lot, it was almost like you are getting a Kevin and Scotty wedding so deal with what ever you get!! It was not well thought out like Kitty's @ all it Annoys me !!!

But What matters in this episode really is Kevin and Scotty's little MAGICAL moments, You cant create Chemistry like that ..
Kevin running away @ their wedding night was just a Shamble!!! what bothers me more is one of the writers of this episode is Greg Berlanti !!
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