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About 2.16 Prior commitments....

I just watched again last night and I love it.... I love that K/S finally got married, which I wanted them to do... but this episode also annoys me!

I was wondering ... wouldn't it have been more beautiful if K/S had married in a tuxedo or something? It's not that I didn't like their clothes (I just prefer them not to wear any at all, but, sigh..... that's a whole different conversation)... I don't know. I was somehow disappointed by the clothes, more by Scotty's than by Kevin's however. It's not 'ugly', but it doesn't really make Scotty look good either, not like a grey or black suit would have.... I think.... I have the fashion sense of a brick wall, so I'm usually not the one to judge.... but that color somehow didn't look good on Scotty (in my eyes)

And as much as I still love this episode and the scenes between K/S, I just wish that someone would have stapled Kitty's mouth shut. That entire speech still ticks me off so much. The ".. This isn't the first time Kevin's been married..." nonsense was embarrassing enough, but to, based on some story about their childhood, call Kevin's most important day (HIS equivalent to his wedding-day) a 'second wedding' always annoys me to no end. Most of the speech doesn't seem to have much baring on Kevin/Scotty at all, but on herself.

As much as I grew to dislike Sarah, I still would have prefered it if SHE had made the speech.

Then there's the stupid moment of the forgotten rings (No? Seriously? Kevin? Forget the rings? No way!) ..... Grrrr .... and the fact that Kitty has to emphasize that it's "Tommy's ring" and "My husband's ring" that they are actually sharing rather than their own ones..... I don't know. ... Let's say that I'm always glad that the ceremony is over.... Finally! And that I no longer have to look at that stupid blue dress of hers that ALWAYS shows up between Kevin/Scotty in every screencap I make. It sticks out!

But Nora can still make me cry. Damn, that "You and Scotty deserve this night to be as romantic and memorable as anyone else's..." still makes me cry. (Too bad that Kitty didn't get that same frakking memo!)

And shall I not mention the fact that Kevin ran away from his wedding-night, to run to his sister, with the idea that there's a halfbrother out there, based on some stupid picture from many years before?

But Kevin and Scotty got married, that is all that really matters......

I'm probably just overreacting..... Right?

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