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Fanfic: B&S episode 708: part 4/4

Season 7 – Episode 708 – Breaking up is hard to do…

By Marea67
About: Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you!

[Episode 708 - part 4/4]***** part 4/4 *****

Jason hears Chad’s car pull up and, relieved that Chad is back, Jason leaves the garden. Once inside the house, he can hear how Chad goes straight up the stairs and he feels a little sad that Chad doesn’t even come to say hello or something like that. He takes a deep breath, tries to relax and goes upstairs as well.

He finds Chad in their bedroom and, for a moment, he has a stupid hope, that this will all blow over, but then he notices that Chad’s two suitcases are wide open and that Chad is putting clothes into them. Chad ignores Jason, but continues packing, though he must be aware that Jason is in the room with him. Jason clears his throat.

“Chad, what’s going on? Are you leaving again? Have you been called back to New Zealand?” For a second Jason considers the possibility that they will go back there together and perhaps have some third or fourth honeymoon, but Chad stops packing and turns to him.
“No. I’m leaving.” He says.

“Where?” Jason asks.
“I’ve booked a hotel-room for now.”
“Here? .. In LA? … I don’t get it.”

“I’ve driven around and I've looked at it all from every angle and …. I’m done. I can’t do this anymore.”
“What are you talking about?”
“We’re breaking up.”

“We’re what?” Jason laughs in disbelief. He cannot believe what Chad just said to him. “You can’t be serious? Why…? Over a stupid kiss? Like you never kiss anyone else! If I had to break up with you each time you’d kiss one of you co-stars, you’d spend more time in court than on the set!”

“This is not some stupid movie, this is real life. Tell me honestly, Jase, what would you have done if Kevin hadn’t turned you down? What if Kevin would have said: ‘Come upstairs with me and have sex with me’… what would you have done…?”
“I… I don’t know… It didn’t happen.” Jason stammers.

“Eeeerrrrr.” Chad buzzes for wrong answer. “Wrong answer, Mr McCallister! You should have said ‘Of course not! I wouldn’t have slept with him, Chad, because I’m in love with you.’, but, no, you simply don’t know if you would have blindly cheated on me or not.”
“Chad, it was just a stupid kiss.”

“No, it was a stupid action. You want to know why I have no problem to ‘forsake all others’? Because I gave you my word that I would. Because the day I married you I made a commitment. Because I love you! … Oh, I knew it! I had everything against me. My past. My bi-sexuality. My fondness of other people.

I knew I had to fight to convince you of my love for you. I knew I had to work hard to earn your trust… But I was willing to do all that, because I love you…. You are the one. For me.. you’re everything.” His eyes fill with tears. “But last night… you decided to make a move on Kevin.

You are the one who walked up to him and you made the very first move…. And you didn’t stop because you realized it was wrong. No. You got stopped by Kein. It wasn’t your decision to stop, it was his.”
“I already explained….” Jason’s answers, equally upset.

“Yes. You did. A couple of photo’s on the net and something just short-circuits in your head… I’m not buying that story.”
“I was waiting for you call me… To explain it to me….” Jason tries, but Chad laughs sarcastically.

“Really? That’s your excuse? You were waiting for my call? My dear, sweet Jason, had the debacle of you and Kevin and Malaysia not taught you that a fucking phone works in two fucking directions?! You, in all your infinite wisdom, could have picked up that stupid phone and called me!

I didn’t know that this nonsense had hit the internet, and by the time I did, I did everything I could to get back at you as fast as possible. And as for the fact that I had to call you and provide you with an explanation, well, that would have worked a thousand times better, if you hadn’t turned the damn thing off!

So, that excuse that you kissed Kevin, because you were so disappointed that I didn’t call you up on the phone, that you yourself had switched off…? That’s worst excuse I’ve ever heard!” He continues to pack, but now it’s so frustrated, that he almost literally flings his clothes in the suitcases.

“We need talk, Chad.” Jason tries again to break the silence between them.
“No. There’s no more need to talk. I’m wrong anyway. I always am. You’re right. I’m wrong. This is…. I can’t win this. You’re like a spider in a web and you wait,… and you wait…. you wait for the slightest slip up from my side.

Because you know that, the moment I might show a hint of slipping up, you can finally pounce on me and tell everyone ‘See, told you so. He couldn’t be trusted.’ And have all your worries and suspicions finally be validated…. I can’t win. I will never be able to win this. It’s just a matter of time.

If you keep searching for the tiniest mistake, waiting for it to happen, then eventually it will happen… At some point I will no longer be able to live with the suspicion and I will slip up. You'll never give me the benefit of the doubt.. I’m guilty, until I can irrevocably prove that I’m innocent…

Until that one day that you will finally have your wish granted and I can’t prove it anymore …. Well, I’m not going to continue living like this, waiting for the blade to fall. I’m done.” He closes the suitcases. “I’ll collect other things some other time. I can’t stay anymore….”

“Don’t worry. I’ll make sure that this will be settled amicably. I can finally see that this will never work..” He brushes past Jason and Jason watches him go down the stairs. It takes him a few seconds to get his body to move as well.

“No, Chad, wait, no, don’t go, not like this…” Jason stammers as he nearly tumbles down the stairs in an attempt to catch up with his husband.
“I’m sorry, Jason. I’ve tried everything that I could think of to prove to you that I love you…, but it’s never good enough …”

He rushes off to his car and throws his suitcases in the back.
“Chad please don’t go.” Jason begs, but Chad gets in his car. He looks at Jason, standing there, all devastated.
“I’m sorry, Jase, I can’t do this anymore.” He says and then he drives off.


When Tommy enters his room, or rather Kevin’s former study, he’s greeted by Jordan, who places a finger to his lips to tell him to be quiet.
“Billy is asleep. I want to keep it that way.” Jordan whispers. Tommy takes a quick look at his son, who sleeps with a little smile on his face. So peaceful.

Then he lets Jordan push him out the door and back to the kitchen, where he brings Tommy up to date with the goings on in the Walker-Wandell household.

“Mateo and Olivia are making their homework. Elizabeth would stay at Annie’s for dinner, something tells me it will be MacDonald meal. Daniel is watching cartoons in the living room. Billy is asleep after his long, hot bath and his delicious veggie/mashed potatoes dinner, especially made by his uncle Scotty…. Speaking of Scotty… He’s at Café 429. Working. And Kevin is delayed at his office. He should be home in about an hour.”

Tommy nods that he got it all.
“Are you leaving already?” He asks Jordan.
“Well, you’re here…. There’s no real reason for me to stay?” Jordan answers.

“I could use some company that is not either under 16 or family.” Tommy smiles.
“What is going on?” Jordan asks. He has slowly gotten to know Tommy a bit. Tommy shrugs.
“Should there be something?”

“I don’t know. You seem sad. Depressed. No, perhaps the better word would be ‘upset’…”
“I went to see Julia. Today....”
“Didn’t go well?”

“No. She refused to see me. She’s not interested in talking to me. She says that she needs to focus on herself. I’m not sure if that is what Julia says or her shrink, but … it no longer matters, because I just realized, about an hour ago, that … this is going to sound weird, but … I don’t miss Julia anymore…. I mean, the kids are okay. I’m fine. I’m slowly getting a handle of my life.

I know I couldn’t have done it without you and Kev and Scotty, but … it’s like things are falling in place. I’m getting a feeling for how things are supposed to work. I would worry if I would be able to be a good father to Billy or Elizabeth, but not anymore… Oh, it’s not perfect, I’m not able to do it all on my own just yet, but … I’m not as lost anymore as I was a few weeks ago either.

And then, I just realized it.. I don’t want Julia to come back and throw everything upside down again.” Jordan isn’t really shocked by Tommy’s words. He knows that Julia and what had happened to her had brought a lot of pain to many people.

First it had been the way she had left, dropping the bomb that Kevin was Elizabeth’s father, then her disappearance, followed by court-case that had nearly torn the Walkers apart and, of course, the period after that, when wounds needed to heal. And then they had found out what had happened to her and they had witnessed how emotionally unbalanced she had become.

“I understand that Julia is a long way from coming back.”
“I know, but where I first wanted her to get better, to come back and to form a family with me again, I no longer feel that need.”
“Are you going to divorce her?”

“I can’t. Not yet. She’s sick. You can’t divorce a woman who’s sick to a point that she could be considered too unbalanced to understand what she’s doing. No. Divorce is not an option right now. But I intend to follow through on her wish. I will start to focus on my kids and on providing for them.”

“Is…. Is this some start up to where you tell me that I’m fired?” Jordan is suddenly worried, but Tommy starts to laugh
“No. It isn’t.”
“Oh, good, because I love all these monsters who live here…” Jordan sighs.

“I’m glad to hear that. No, it’s quite the contrary. I think I may need to depend on you even more in the coming weeks…”
“You have my number….” Jordan says. “Does this also mean that you will no longer visit Julia?”

“Right. I’m not going back until she asks me to… I’m done with the rejections. I don’t want to feel anymore like I’m a terrible person.”
“You’re not.” Jordan says simply. “But it will be hard for you to break up with her now. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through at the moment.”

“I have to do it. For myself and for my kids. I can’t go on like this.”
“Well, whatever you decide, I’m sure that Kevin, Scotty and I will help you where we can.” Jordan says generously.
“Thank you.” Tommy answers from the bottom of his heart.


When Sarah comes home, she’s glad to find Brody there. With the kids at Joe’s house, he’s sleeping in Cooper’s room and it is nice to come home to her father’s amazing cooking-skills.
“Smells good.” She says.

“Sit down quickly.”
“I’ve been thinking about a few things. You asked me to go to Modesto and Sacramento with you and meet your kids.”
“But you couldn’t, due to the fact that you were needed here…”

“I need to do this, Brody, I need to get to know them, really talk to them, exchange stories with them…”
“Whenever you’re ready, we get in that motor-home and we’re on our way.”
“I want to finish a few things here. Can we go by the end of the week?”

“Yes. Yes, of course.” Brody smiles happily and Sarah leans closer.
“Shall we ask mom if she wants to come as well?”
“I don’t think I could convince her to come as well.” Brody sighs.
“We won’t know until we ask.” Sarah points out.

“If you can convince her, I’d love for her to meet my kids…” Brody says.
“We’ll start planning a strategic attack on her. Tonight.” Sarah grins. “After dinner…”
“Sounds good to me.” Brody laugh. He’s not sure what made Sarah change her mind, but he’s glad she did...


Kevin enters the kitchen of Café 429, his phone in his phone.
“Can I talk to you, Scotty?”
“Now? I’m working.” Scotty points out.
“Two minutes only.” Kevin says and Scotty can see he’s serious.

“Ralph, take over for a few minutes….” He instructs one of the others, and then he follows Kevin out of the kitchen. Once they are alone, Kevin explains:
“I just spoke to Chad, he’s in a hotel-room. Jason and he broke up.”
“Oh, no…” Scotty reacts upset. “Over a kiss?”

“It’s not so much the kiss, as the fact that Jason took the first step by attempting to kiss me. Chad can’t get past that… He might have, if it had been the other way around….”
“I feel guilty.” Scotty says.
“It is not your fault. Or mine…. We have to remember that.”

Scotty seems to be not too sure about that, judging by the way he stares at his feet, so Kevin forces his head up.
“Hey, sweetheart, they have to solve their own problems… The kiss was a symptom of their issues, not ours.”

“I know… Kev? You do know that I love you, right? I know that yesterday you were disappointed, that I hadn’t contacted you, but … I was just so focused on surprising you, that it didn’t occur to me that you might need me.”
“I know, babe, I was overreacting. I know you love me. And I love you…”

“Really?” Scotty asks, but his smile is slightly teasing and Kevin pulls him closer for a long overdue kiss.
“Is that proof enough?”
“I might need more of those, before I’m entirely sure….?” Scotty tries. Kevin laughs.

“I’ll keep that thought warm, until you get home.” He winks. “Now get back to work…” There’s one more kiss, that lasts longer than Kevin or Scotty had planned, but eventually Scotty return to the kitchen and Kevin is left alone to think about Chad and Jason, until he prefers to focus his mind on Scotty instead.

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