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Fanfic: B&S episode 708: part 3/4

Season 7 – Episode 708 – Breaking up is hard to do…

By Marea67
About: Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you!

***** 3/4 *****

Sarah sees Tommy leave his office with Anthony Kerr right behind him. She straightens her skirt first, but then decides not to show herself, when she hears Tommy mention something about ‘last night’. She kneels behind the ‘current files’-cabinet, pretending to be searching for a file, so no one will suspect that she’s listening in, if someone sees her.

“No need to apologize Mr Walker. I have to admit that yesterday afternoon I was charmed by your sister. I know she’s divorced and free, so a little flirtation, a bit of playfulness, wasn’t out of order. However her actions last night at the dinner, made me uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure if I had sent that wrong a signal.”

“I think it was the combination of an early morning, a long drive, a sunnier day than expected, combined with a glass of wine, which was drank too fast, and not enough substantial food to counter the alcohol. My sister is usually more reserved and professional when representing our firm.” Tommy smiles and continues:

“I’m sure that she’s the first one mortified by her behavior last night and that she was not offended by your desire to speak to me and not to her..” Behind the cabinet Sarah feels the blood drain from her face. Anthony Kerr had asked specifically for Tommy? Not her? Had he really considered her to be unprofessional?

“Well, I do hope so.” Anthony Kerr replies. “I don’t mind a bit of fun, but last night your sister crossed the line.”
“I’m glad that you decided to give us the benefit of the doubt and allow to us to have your grapes after all.”


“Good morning, Daisy, please sit down.” Tyler says kindly and she points at the chair opposite of her desk. Daisy sits down, a kind and welcoming smile on her face. “Daisy, I’ve asked you here because we have a problem…” She waves at the monitor and once Daisy looks at it, she sees movement on the screen.

“The view isn’t good, because it’s filmed with infra-red, so we could film at night….” Tyler explains and Daisy looks intensely at the screen. She sees the door open, she sees herself walk in, open an drawer, take something out of it and put it in her pocket. She’s shocked and confused.

“We’d like the necklace back. And also the other things that were stolen.” Tyler says in a cold voice. Daisy gasps at the realization that she’s just been caught red-handed at stealing something. She looks at Cleo and Tyler, both cold and stoic, not a little bit of sympathy or understanding. Tears fill her eyes.

“I ….” She starts to cry and it takes all of Tyler’s willpower to not jump up, shake her up and asking her what she was thinking of. She digs her nails in her arms, waits patiently for Daisy to stop crying before she asks:
“Why did you do it? We had faith in you. We considered to have you take over Cleo’s place.”

“No. That is not true.” Daisy sobs. “You didn’t chose me, Daisy, to replace Cleo. You first picked everyone else and then, when no one met your needs, you finally reluctantly gave me a chance. You didn’t chose me, I was just the last one left on the field.” There’s a bitterness in her words that make Tyler look at her with more interest.

“Did you really feel that way?” She asks.
“Am I wrong?” Daisy asks in return. Tyler weighs her answer before she carefully shakes her head.
“No. Not entirely.” She admits.

“I loved my work. I tried to be the best at what I did. No one noticed me.” Daisy says quietly. “When I heard that Cleo might be leaving, I thought that maybe… who knows… I would have a chance. I knew I was good at my job. I knew most people respected me, and that I knew a lot about the hotel.

I saw what you were doing, but I also saw how each just failed to be good enough… And you asked them all. All except me… And when finally, when there was no one else to turn to, like some name scribbled at the end of the page, you came to me… And I t-t-thought it was un-f-f-fair.” She bursts into tears again, but this time it doesn’t stop her from talking.

“I love this place… My mother used to work here. I grew up in these rooms. I played here, when mom had to work and couldn’t pay for a sitter. The guests are like the family I never had…. I like to see the rooms clean and ready and I’m so glad when you, miss Altamirano, took over and you didn’t throw us out.

I thought that this hotel would finally have a chance to show how beautiful it is and I wanted to be a part of that,… but nobody wanted me…” Her voice breaks again and Tyler sighs, not knowing what to do.
“Do you still have the stolen jewelry.” She asks. Daisy nods.

“They are at my apartment…”
“That’s not very far away from here, is it? Go get them.” Tyler orders and Daisy rushes away.
“She’s not coming back.” Cleo says.

“I’ll take my chances. I think she’s hurt and that she feels taken for granted, Unaccepted. She’s not necessarily evil.” Tyler bites her lip.
“We don’t need thieves.”
“But she never did anything wrong, she got hurt by us and lashed out.”

“That doesn’t justify stealing.” Cleo says.
“No. I agree. But does what she did justify destroying her life? If we fire her....”
“She should have thought about that before….” Cleo is sharp.
“Ah, yes, but the road to hell etcetera, etcetera….” Tyler says softly.

“I’m not sure….” Cleo starts.
“My point is: You do something stupid, don’t know how to fix it, it sure doesn’t solve anything and instead you only make the problem worse…”
“Are we still talking about Daisy?” Cleo asks.

“Listen, I’ve made my share of stupid mistakes in the past. Granted, stealing isn’t one of them, but I’ve done things I shouldn’t have done, said things I shouldn’t have said, believed lies when I should have known better and not spoken the truth when I should have. We all make mistakes and…”

There’s a little knock on the door and Tyler yells ‘come in’. Daisy enters, handbag in her hands. She puts it on the desk and takes out, carefully wrapped in velvet, a watch, earrings, and some other jewelry, including the necklace she had stolen the night before.
“I’m fired, aren’t I?” She’s out of breath.

“Would you blame me if I fired you?” Tyler asks. Daisy shakes her head. She’s white and she trembles, but she still faces Tyler with some amount of dignity.

“I made a terrible choice. A bad mistake. I should be punished…”
“I agree. I can’t let this pass.” Tyler agrees.

“I know.” It’s a mere squeak and Tyler looks at Cleo, who rolls her eyes that she disagrees, but that she will stand by Tyler’s decision. Tyler nods to herself.
“Good, then I want you to pack your things and go home….”
“Yes, ma’am.” Daisy is in tears.

“Get a hot shower, have a good cry, take a moment to catch your breath and become the composed person we know you are. Tomorrow morning I want you here at 7.30 sharp, ready to help Cleo as you always do.”
“W-w-w-w…” Daisy stares at Tyler.

“Cleo and I still believe that you have it takes to be a manager and to run this hotel in my place, if and when Cleo leaves. This will take time and we’re going to make you work your ass off to get ready for that job. If you want it, it’s still yours…”
“…” Daisy is speechless.

“But!!! ....If you ever have a problem again, you come and talk to me or Cleo. Got that?” Daisy can only nod like an idiot. “And something else … if I ever, and I do mean, ever, catch you stealing anything again, I’ll have you dragged out of this hotel, kicking and screaming, by the police for the entire world to see.

I’ll make sure that you’ll never get another job in any other hotel again. EVER! This is the only second chance you’re going to get from me. Don’t screw it up.” Tyler threatens. Daisy shakes her head, still unable to say a word. “Get out of here.” Tyler says with a movement of her head and Daisy gratefully moves to the door.

“And, Daisy,…?” Daisy turns back to Tyler. “If I ever take one of my staff for granted again, because I’m so used t to them simply being there… Tell me…” She smiles and Daisy smiles as well, be it a jittery one.
“I will, ma’am.” She whispers, not entirely trusting her voice yet.

“Go.” Tyler says and Daisy leaves the room. Tyler falls back in her chair and looks at Cleo. “Did I make the right choice?” She asks.
“Don’t know. Only time can tell us if you did. So, why did you do it?”
“Breaking up is hard to do. I wasn’t ready to give up on her.” Tyler explains with a sigh.


Scotty enters Kevin’s office.
“Hi, Lena, is Kevin in?”
“Yes. He’s in his office. His latest client just left.”
“Can I go in?”

“I guess so.” Lena laughs. Scotty knocks on Kevin’s door.
“Kev? Can I come in?”
“Yes, sure.” Kevin smiles when he sees his husband and Scotty closes the door behind him. Kevin’s happiness makes the reason for his visit even more painful for him.

“I’m glad your back. I feel like I’ve done more in one morning than I have in the last few days.” Kevin says cheerfully and he gets up to put away his file and to kiss Scotty. Scotty’s smile is a bit fake and he pushes Kevin gently away from him.
“Kev, I screwed up.” He says.

“Why? What happened?” Kevin asks concerned. Scotty takes a deep breath.
“I was such an idiot… I never wanted this to happen, I just..” Seeing that Kevin has no clue as to what he’s talking about, Scotty starts over. “I drove over to Jason this morning…”

“What? Why?” Kevin asks.
“To tell him…” Scotty rolls his eyes. “I feel so stupid now, but… I drove there to tell him to keep his hands off my husband…” Scotty looks embarrassed and Kevin bites his lower lip to not burst out in laughter.

“That’s kinda…” Kevin searches for the right words. “….cute?” He swallows away his grin.
“Don’t laugh. It wasn’t funny. I was yelling at him and told him to not do that to you again and … Chad was there and he heard everything I said…” Scotty finishes, feeling even more miserable, when he sees the shock on Kevin’s face.

“Chad’s back?”
“Yes. I didn’t know… I didn’t want him to know. I never wanted to see him get hurt.
“Of course not.” Kevin immediately believes Scotty, because he knows that Scotty is not a vindictive person.

“I think he’s really hurt, Kevin. He had… that same look on his face, as you had, when .. when I told you about .. my cheating…” Scotty blinks away a very persistent tear and Kevin pulls his chair closer so he can sit next to Scotty. He wraps an arm around Scotty’ shoulders and pulls him closer.

“I’m sorry, baby.” He says gently. “It’s very sad that Chad found out about it the way he did, but… you had every right to confront Jason and express your anger.”
“I really believed that Chad was still in New Zealand. I would never have said anything if I had known that he was home. I … I hope I didn’t screw up their marriage…”

“Don’t be silly. It was just a stupid kiss, given out of self-pity… Chad should really be able to see through that.” Though Kevin says the words, Scotty doesn’t believe that he agrees with himself.
“He looked really hurt.” Scotty says.

“I’m not surprised. It hurts when something like that happens.” Kevin replies. In his mind he goes back to that night when Scotty had told him that there had been someone else. What if the kiss hadn’t been so innocent from Chad’s point of view? Last night Kevin had been worried that Scotty would read too much into the kiss. What if the same applied to Chad?

“Maybe I should call Chad?” He wonders.
“Would you talk to him?” Scotty begs. “I’m worried.” Kevin nods and takes his phone. He dials Chad’s number, wondering if Chad will pick up. He does.

“Hi, Kev. I’m in a meeting, keep it short.”
“Scotty told me. I’m sorry… I ..” Kevin doesn’t know what to say. He hears Chad sigh on the other side.

“Listen, Kev, don’t worry. I’m not mad at you. Or Scotty. Jason told me that he sprung it on you and I understand that you turned him down… The problem isn’t with you or Scotty, but with Jason and me. But… I don’t want to talk about it now, I’m in the middle of a meeting and I can’t stay on the phone.” Chad clearly wants to end the conversation.
“Okay… Talk to you later?” He asks. He hears a faint ‘yes’ and the line goes dead.


“Mr Kerr asked explicitly for Tommy, didn’t he?” Sarah asks, walking into Holly’s office, and Holly sees no reason to lie about it.
“Yes. He wanted to speak to Tommy.”
“I think that … maybe… I really did misbehave last night.” Sarah slowly says.

Holly closes the door of her office, so the conversation becomes more private.
“What is wrong, Sarah? I thought we were past this. I thought that you were back in charge of your life and that you would be able to act in mature fashion again, but … what Tommy told me about last night, even if he exaggerated, was just not right.”

“I know… I don’t know what came over me either…. I seem to desperately look for some validation… Or something. I have half siblings on one side and half siblings on the other… I blew it with those on the Walker-side and although I’m mostly forgiven, there is still a certain distrust.

The ones on the Brody side didn’t want to know me, when I had time to go to Modesto. And now that I’m working, they suddenly want to meet me. They live in Sacramento and Modesto and I feel like I can’t just go over there and ….”
“Maybe you should.” Holly interrupts her.

“Go there. Get it out of your system. Perhaps that having a real conversation with your half-brothers and half-sisters there, will finally give you a full picture of yourself again.” Sarah’s jaw drops. What Holly says acyually makes sense to her.

“I know, from your mother, that Brody wanted you to go with him and meet his children, but that you wanted to stay here, because Tommy wasn’t fully on the job yet, but he is now. He has slowly taken control of his life again. I suggest that you now start doing the same. Take a week off. Talk to Brody’s children.”

Sarah seems to hesitate. What Holly says makes sense to her, but she has a hard time accepting advice from former mistress of the man who turned out not to be her father. Talk about complicated.
“Maybe I should call Brody… And mom.”
“Oh, definitely your mother…” Holly agrees.

“Yes, mom would like to know what I’m doing.”
“Maybe she’ll go with you?” Holly even suggests. “I understand that, the last few weeks, things are on and off between Brody and her?”
“Yes, maybe I can bring them back together.” Sarah suddenly hopes.


“Hi, Scotty, it’s me, Mateo… I’m fine. No worries. Just wondering. Do you remember that you bought that new pair of sneakers…? Can I have the shoebox? … I need one for a project at school… Yeah, I thought it would be fine, but I thought I’d ask permission first… Okay, thanks! Don’t work too hard…” Mateo jokes.

But, once the line is dead, Mateo’s smile fades. He opens the shoe-box. He takes down the pictures of Paige, that were on the pin-board, over his desk. He puts a few letters and little love-notes she had left him, on top of the pictures. A cd with their favorite songs ends up on top of the notes and pictures.

He takes off the bracelet that she had made for him, and that he had worn ever since, and at that point he hesitates, finding it hard to let it go. It is the only moment where he has to swallow hard to push back his tears. Breaking up is so much harder to do than he had thought. The bracelet dangles on his fingers for a good minute, but then he lets it slip off.

He looks around to see if there’s more, but he can’t think of any more objects. He tapes the shoebox shut and after a long, last look at it, he flings it under his bed. The pictures and all the immediate memories are gone. He no longer has to look at them or wear them. With a sigh he opens his math-book, turns on the radio and focuses on his homework.

End of chapter 3/4
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