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Fanfic: B&S episode 708: part 2/4

Season 7 – Episode 708 – Breaking up is hard to do…

By Marea67
About: Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you!

***** part 2/4 *****

Scotty enters the kitchen to find that Tommy already arranged breakfast for the kids.
“Scotty! When did you get home?” Tommy gives Scotty a welcoming hug.
“Late last night. I wanted to surprise Kevin.” Scotty answers. He hugs Olivia and Elizabeth, hi-fives Mateo, who’s on the other side of table, and turns to his son Daniel.

“Have you been a good boy?” He asks. “Daddy was really happy with your help yesterday.” Daniel beams with pride.
“The girls were sick, very sick and daddy got mad at me and yelled at me…” He tells his dad and the two girls groan, still not entire recovered from the day before.

“… and he said sorry for that…” Kevin adds, entering the kitchen as well.
“I’m so sorry about yesterday.” Tommy says upon seeing Kevin. “Sarah hasn’t heard the last of this. I can tell you that much… You should have seen her last night…. Here, sandwich.”

He slides one over to Kevin, who shares it with Scotty, while Tommy makes another one for Kevin and Scotty, who both agree that it tastes good. Tommy smiles absentmindedly. There’s a knock at the backdoor and Jordan enters, looking still a bit shaken, but cheerful.

“ ...’ You throw up like Olivia and Elizabeth?” Daniel is fascinated.
“Worse.” Jordan confesses and Daniel wants to know more, but Jordan only laughs and puts a half a cookie in Daniel’s mouth and he lovingly tells him to shut up. He turns to Kevin instead. “I’m so sorry that I got sick yesterday.” He says.

“It’s alright. We all survived, didn’t we? The girls are ready to go to school.”
“So soon?” Jordan asks.
“I have an important test today. I haven’t learned for weeks to not get the test.” Olivia defends herself.

“We have music today. I love Miss Jenny. She’s nice.” Elizabeth explains her reason for going back to school.
“Are you sure that you’re not going to need me?” Kevin asks Jordan. “Otherwise I’m going to the courthouse and see how Browne is doing?”

“Yeah, go, I’ll be fine.” Jordan tells him, taking Billy over from Tommy, who has to leave for work as well. Scotty watches Kevin and Tommy take their respective cars, then he sees how Mateo, Olivia and Elizabeth leave. Once he’s alone with Jordan, Daniel and Billy, he turns to Jordan.

“Jordan, I have to leave for a little while. Are you sure you can handle everything on your own?”
“Go ahead, I’ll be fine. “ Jordan says.
“I’ll be back before you know it.” Scotty promises.


“Morning.” Holly says and Tommy mumbles something that equals her greeting. He glares at his sister, who’s stare back isn’t too friendly either. “Is something the matter?” Holly asks and the moment she asks the question she knows it’s the wrong one.
“Tommy thinks he’s better at bringing in new customers than I am.” Sarah answers.

“No. I don’t. I just think that, as a customer, wanting to sell my grapes, I’d feel uncomfortable it the buyer would go for my nuts instead.” Tommy replies and Holly closes her eyes for a few seconds, wondering what on earth had happened yesterday.
“Oh, wow… nice wordplay.” Sarah says, not impressed at all.

“It was just awful to see her coming on to that guy, like some a sex-starved hooker. It was all highly unprofessional.” Tommy explains it a bit more to Holly and Sarah now turns her attention to Holly as well.
“The man is single, attractive and rich. Why shouldn’t I try to mix business with pleasure?”

“Enough!” Holly says. “Sarah, in future, if you want to get your guy, don’t do it on Ojai-time or under the label of working for Ojai, but do it in your own time as Sarah Walker. Tommy if you think you can do better, you’ll have your chance. He’s coming by this morning with a few more questions and the desire to see how we work.”

“You’re letting Tommy talk to him?” Sarah is clearly disappointed.
“Yes. If you wish to get him after that, try it on your own time…” Sarah shakes her head at Holly’s words and angrily walks away. Tommy wants to follow her, but Holly takes his arm instead.

“Tommy, I don’t know what happened yesterday, … though I can guess…. But Kerr is considering not selling his grapes to us… he did say however that he would talk to you, but not Sarah…. You may be right about Sarah's behaviour.…. It could be that he’s just one of those macho guys who prefer doing business with men, rather than women…

Just get him back on our side. We need his grapes, if we want to make wine in a few months. If Sarah is his issue and he feels that she was unprofessional at her job, then I will have a talk with Sarah, don’t worry. For now, your mission is to get him to sell his grapes to us… Nothing else.” Holly warns and Tommy nods.


Jason turns around at the bottom of the stairs and walks over to his front-door to open up. Few people know the code to the first gate, so if someone’s at their door it is because they are known to Jason and Chad.
“Scotty?” He’s a bit surprised but opens the door nonetheless.

The kiss between Kevin and him, the previous night, comes back to him and he wonders if Kevin had said something to Scotty.
“When did you get back?” He asks.
“Last night. Just before you and Kevin came back from your dinner.”

Scotty’s voice has a hint of anger and Jason prepares himself for what is to come.
“I know what happened.” There is an accusation in his voice and Jason winces.
“Can we talk about this someplace else?” Jason asks, realizing that Chad is upstairs and that he can come down any moment.

“No. We cannot.” Scotty answers, insulted because he doesn’t know why Jason would react so secretive. “If you get it into your mind to kiss my husband in my house, I think I have the right to confront you in your house!” Scotty raises his voice. Upstairs, Chad hears Scotty’s voice, even though he cannot hear what Scotty has to say.

He puts away the towel, that he was using to wipe his face, and he moves to the top of the stairs to greet Scotty, when he sees Jason raise his hands and he hears Jason beg:

“Would you please keep your voice down. I’m sorry, alright? I had no right to kiss Kevin, but … it’s complicated… I was mad at Chad… I don’t know…. Listen, if it’s any consolation, Kevin didn’t do anything wrong… It was all my fault. I was the one who started to kiss him…” Chad gasps quietly at Jason’s words.

“I know that…” Scotty answers sharply. “I saw what happened. That’s why I’m here. I want you to promise me that, in the future, you’ll keep your hands off my husband.”
“Scotty, please, keep your voice down.” Jason begs.

“Why? Chad is New Zealand, you’re all alone…” Suddenly an idea comes to Scotty’s mind. “Oh, no, don’t tell me that, after you failed last night with Kevin, you picked up some other guy.” He asks exasperated. Jason gives him an insulted look and bites back:
“Not everyone has the need to jump the first waiter he runs into.”

“You didn’t have to jump the waiter... You already tried to do it with someone else’s husband.” Scotty reminds him sweetly, but with enough of a sting that it hurts Jason.
“What are you two talking about?”

Scotty turns around and Jason wishes that there was a hole in the ground that would swallow him whole. Chad turns his attention to Jason.
“You kissed Kevin?” Chad asks. He’s obviously hurt. And as angry as Scotty might be with Jason, he doesn’t want problems between his two friends.

“It was unimportant.” Scotty answers, trying to sound as casual as possible, but Chad won’t have it.
“Sure, it was! You’re here, telling Jason to keep your hands off your husband, because it was 'unimportant'. Don’t insult what little intelligence I have, by telling me that it was nothing.”

“Chad, I was hurt and angry when I saw the pictures…. I didn’t know anymore what to believe…. I went to talk to Kevin, but he had his own crisis and… I just wanted to ask him out to dinner, just to help him relax a bit…” Jason turns to Scotty. “But all he wanted to talk about was you…. He loves you.”

Jason turns his attention back to Chad.
“I’m sorry. I really am. I was just hurt and all could think of was.. ‘If Chad can do this, so can I’, but Kevin was right. It was a stupid mistake… And it shouldn’t have happened.”
“But it did…” Chad says softly.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Jason answers.
“Scotty will you please just go away.” Chad asks. Scotty looks from Jason to Chad. There’s an apology in his eyes. He’s not even sure if he wants to leave the two of them alone, when there’s so much pain between them, but Jason nods that he should go.

“I’m sorry, Chad…. I didn’t want you to find out like that… I thought you were still in New Zealand.”
“I’m not angry with you, Scotty. Just go.” Chad gives him a hug and gently pushes him to leaving, until the door finally closes behind Scotty and Chad turns to Jason obviously looking for answers.

“So, you kissed Kevin?” He starts.
“Yes.” It’s just whisper. Jason looks mortified.
“You saw some pictures… thought I had cheated on you?… searched solace someplace else?…. With Kevin… And you kissed him?”

“Yes. I didn’t plan it. I didn’t go to Kevin with the idea to do something with him, I swear… I don’t know what happened. One moment he was talking and the next I was kissing him. He wasn’t even doing anything that would encourage me to do it. I… I just did it…”

“Thinking that if I could screw around, so could you?” There’s something in Chad’s voice that Jason can’t identify. He tries to read Chad’s face, he tries to find out if it is anger or disappointment or perhaps even some acceptance, but Chad’s expression is something that Jason has never seen before.

His face is like a mask, and usually Chad is not that good an actor, but this time there is nothing on his face at all.
“I don’t know.” Jason says. “I wasn’t really thinking anything… If I would have thought it over… I probably wouldn’t have done it…”

“Did Kevin kiss you back? Or was what you said to Scotty the truth.”
“He didn’t want me.” Jason admits softly. “Said it would be a big mistake. He told me to go home and call you and talk to you…. But when I came home… You were already here…”

“And you acted like you were happy to see me and like nothing had happened between you and Kevin?”
“I wasn’t acting … I was really happy that you were home. And when I saw you standing there I just knew I had been an idiot… And that I love you so much..”

Jason looks at Chad and he hopes that he has at least convinced Chad of his feelings. Chad grabs his coat.
“I’m expected at the studio. I’m late as it is.” Chad says in a very flat voice.
“Don’t walk away like this. We need to talk.”

“I can’t talk… I just can’t… I need to give this some thought. I need to think…”
“I’m sorry if I made you angry.” Jason desperately tries to pull Chad back.
“I’m not angry. In fact, I’m completely numb. I don’t know what I feel. I just know that I need to get out of here. And fast.”

He turns away and walks out the door towards his car.
“Chad, I’m sorry.” Jason tries again.
“Yeah, whatever, if you say so.” Chad shrugs it off and slams the door shut. He starts his car. He closes the windows and turns on the music. Loud!

Knowing that Chad doesn’t want to hear another word, Jason takes his hands off the car. Without another look at Jason – unless it’s through the rear-view mirror, which Jason can’t see - Chad drives away and Jason feels like he can’t breathe. And despite the warm morning sun, he feels chilled to the bone.


“So, you’re going to do this.” Saul states.
“Yes.” Nora answers.
“You’re absolutely sure?” Jonathan asks.
“No. But if I start, I won’t stop until I’m done.” Nora says.

Jonathan and Saul look at the dozens of empty folders lying around , all marked with years going from 1980 to 2006. To make sure that the draft can’t take them away, Nora put stones on them.
“And you’re going to do this in your garage?”

“Yes, that is stop me from working on it, for hours and hours, and if I’m sick and tired of it, I just curse William for all eternity and lock up…” Nora says.
“It sounds like you’re not really interested in doing it?” Jonathan says. Nora turns to him and runs her fingers through her hair.

“I'm not. But they are here. And now I feel they need to be addressed. If only I could just throw them away, but I can’t… This is about William… If there’s something here that needs to be found, I’ll find it. And if there is not….” She closes her eyes. “Then I can only thank God or whomever that this job is dealt with….”

Jonathan grabs a handful of papers from the box.
“I’ll help you sort it out.” He decides. Saul gives his husband an smile that tells Nora and Jonathan that he had not expected this from Jonathan, but then he takes a handful too and the three of them start sorting out the paperwork based on the year they find.


“Hi, Mateo.” Paige’s voice is a bit insecure. Mateo turns around, hoping she’s alone, but she’s not. Bradley has his arm casually, but possessive on her shoulder. Mateo tries to not see it as a choke-hold, but he does.
“Paige. Bradley.” He nods at both of them, happy to sound rather neutral.

“Listen, since you’re a friend of Paige…” Bradley starts and Mateo can’t help but smile sarcastically. “… there’s a party, on the 28th, at my place.. and we were wondering if you wanted to come as well?” Mateo is tempted to punch Bradley’s face for even suggesting it, but he all he eventually does is smile benevolently.

“I think so, but I’d have to check my calendar.” He couldn’t sound more like Kevin if he had tried. Paige recognizes his uncle’s ‘I don’t want to be rude, but get lost’- tone of voice and she gives Mateo an angry glance.
“I’ll talk to you later.” She says curtly and she pushes Bradley away.

For a moment, Mateo wonders if he feels angry or hurt but then he decides that he’s just indifferent.
“A party!” He spits out the word, slams his locker-door closed with a lot of anger over Paige’s stupid idea and then he turns away to go to get to his next class.

End of part 2/4

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