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Fanfic: B&S episode 708: part 1/4

I don't know what is going on, but LiveJournal is acting weird again, so heré's the chapter. no pics etc. to it. If I go to HTML my post disappears.

Season 7 – Episode 708 – Breaking up is hard to do…

By Marea67
About: Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you!


To his shock Scotty can see Jason move closer to Kevin and then his lips are on Kevin’s. Scotty gasps quietly. Kevin doesn’t move, doesn’t pull Jason closer, but he doesn’t push Jason away either. Scotty feels like he can’t breathe and then Kevin’s hands come up, they slide along Jason’s arms to his shoulders and that is when Scotty cannot bear to watch any more.

“Stop!” Scotty raises his head and opens his eyes at the sound of Kevin’s voice. “This is a bad idea…” Kevin holds Jason at arm’s length and Jason isn’t trying to break that boundary. “I get it. You’re hurt. Chad’s been publically seen with his female co-star and you’re doubting him and your hurt by, what you think is, his betrayal.

And I’m tired and I had a bad day and I cannot fathom why Scotty hasn’t called me back, and I’ve had a bit too much wine… but this…” And he lets his finger go between Jason and himself. “.... This is a bad idea!”
“Kev…” There’s something pleading in Jason’s voice.

“No. You love Chad… You’re angry and hurt, but I believe that you still love him. And I believe that I love Scotty. Wait. What? No, I know I love him…” Kevin rambles and Scotty can’t help that he has to smile. “’Course I do, what am I talking about? Point is. It would be a big mistake.

If there’s anything that Scotty’s cheating has taught me, than it is that cheating is not a solution or even a consolation. It is a stupidity. And if and when Scotty will contact me, he’s going to get an earful on why he ignored me all day, but… I’m not going to cheat on him.

And, be honest, Jason… Are you absolutely, 100% sure, that, without a single doubt, Chad cheated on you?...” Jason shakes his head. “See, you’re not… Then perhaps you shouldn’t throw your marriage under the bus just yet and listen to what he has to say, before you screw up.

Because if we would continue this,… not that we will, because I won’t let you, not with me anyway… but if you would do this, there’s no turning back. You can’t undo it if you find out that you were wrong.”
“I’m sorry. You’re right…” Jason sighs, feeling suddenly rather sober as well.

“No, I’m the one who’s sorry…. If I’ve given you any idea, any indication, that I wanted more than some friendly company then….” Kevin starts to apologize, worried that Jason’s action had been based on something he had said or had done, but Jason puts a finger on Kevin’s lips.

“Shhhh. You didn’t… I don’t know what came over me. I just.. I heard about Scotty. And you were worried and concerned. And you believed that he wouldn’t think about you… and I’m sure that you’re on his mind as much as he is on yours…. And I just got mad at myself for letting you go..

And mad, because I don’t understand why Chad can’t be as concerned about me, as you are about Scotty…. I … got jealous…” Jason admits. Kevin nods that he understands what Jason is talking about.
“Go home and call Chad…” It is the only advice he can give Jason.

Realizing that Kevin will walk Jason to the door, Scotty steps away, even further into the shadows. His head is spinning from what he had seen and what he had heard. At the door, he sees how Jason turns to Kevin.
“Are you angry at me?”

“No.” Kevin answers.
“Are you going to tell Scotty about this?”
“I don’t know yet…. I don’t want to keep a secret, but …. Things are good between us and I don’t want him to get the wrong idea.”

“Are we still friends?” Kevin supposes that Jason wanted to ask the question more teasingly, but the fear, of how his kiss might affect his relationship with Kevin, is certainly present. Kevin knows that Jason doesn’t have that many people who he considers friends.

“Yes. Of course. Just…. You know.. In the future… keep your kisses - no matter how good they are – for Chad…?” Kevin replies, half in joke, half in seriousness… Jason smiles, all be it a sad smile and then he leaves. Kevin closes the door behind him and, without seeing Scotty, who has carefully hidden himself in the shadows, he returns to the kitchen.

He once again checks his phone. Still no messages.
“Come on, Scotty, where the hell are you?” He asks out loud and he throws the phone on the table. He looks so miserable that Scotty feels sorry for him.

“I’m right here, baby.” He says therefore, finally making his presence known to Kevin. Spooked, Kevin jumps up and sees his husband standing there. For a moment his face doesn’t seem to know whether it should express fear, shock, pain, anger or joy, but of all the warring feelings, eventually happiness wins out…

“Scotty…” Kevin whispers. There is so much need in his voice that Scotty crosses the kitchen in a few steps and takes Kevin right in his arms.
“I’m right here, baby, I’m right here.” He whispers in Kevin’s hair, his arms are tightly around Kevin and he has no intention of letting go.


“Well, William, another sleepless night.” Nora raises her cup of warm milk with honey to the picture of William, which is in the kitchen. “What am I supposed to do with those boxes? Is there something more I should know? Do I even want to know if there’s something?

Why didn’t you trust me? Why did you keep all those secrets? If you didn’t kill your father, why did you never just tell me that your father died in a fall? There’s no shame in that…. Of course, now I can also kick myself because I never asked you anything about your past.

Why did I never wonder what had happened to your parents? Why did I never raise the question? Why did I have that blind spot about them, like I had my blind spot about Holly? … And why the heck do I even care? Why don’t I simply burn the whole damn thing, sell the house, move in with Brody and … forget it?”

She sighs, realizing that she won’t get an answer from William, no matter how many questions she has. She picks up her phone and searches Brody’s number and she sends a text: ‘Sorry. Love you. N.” She puts her phone on her nightstand, not expecting Brody to reply before the morning, but within 2 minutes she gets a reply. “Love you 2. B.”


Jason lets the door fall closed behind him, leans against the door and sighs.
“Jason? Where have you have been? I’ve tried to call you like crazy.” Startled, because he didn’t expect anyone to be home, Jason looks up and is face-to-face with his husband.
“Chad! You’re here… You’re home…” Jason stammers.

“Yeah. My work on the film was done, I only had a few more interviews to give…. Then I saw the latest nonsense on the gossip-pages and …. I tried to reach you… You didn’t pick up the phone… I canceled everything and just took a plane back home..”
“I’ve been …. bombarded with messages and… all.” Jason cannot hide his pain.

Chad is clearly upset by Jason’s pain and he quickly rushes over to Jason to take him in his arms. Jason lets his head rest on Chad’s shoulder, appreciating the sensual touch of Chad’s hands sliding down his back, pulling him closer and letting Jason know how much he missed him.

“I was afraid of that, babe. I’m sorry.” Chad forces Jason to look at him, so Jason can see his face and so he can see whether or not Chad is lying. “It was a hot day and Winnie had a couple of drinks. She can usually handle booze better than that, but that day… I don’t know … maybe it was the lack of food too… the alcohol must have hit her the wrong way…

She was all over me. It was kind of embarrassing. But, I want you to know…. It wasn’t me… I didn’t encourage her. I wasn’t interested in her. And, more importantly… I was completely and totally faithful to my beautiful husband… Several papers are posting ‘retractions’ or ‘the real story’ tomorrow, thanks to Winnie….”

It only takes Jason one look at Chad to see that Chad is telling the truth and he feels rather stupid... Jason bows his head, realizing that if Kevin hadn’t turned him down, he could have seriously jeopardized his marriage.
“I love you. I’ve missed you.” Chad tells him.

There is so much love in his eyes and, again, Jason wonders why he had doubted Chad so much. It is always so easy to trust him, when he's around Chad, but not when Chad is away.
“I love you too… And I’ve missed you as well.” Jason’s fingers thread with Chad’s.

“Let’s go upstairs. I’m tired and all I want to do is sleep in your arms….” Chad asks and Jason smiles at him. He follows Chad up the stairs to their bedroom. He forgets about Kevin and, for him, the kiss no longer matters. He’s just glad that he didn’t screw this up after all.


The door of the hotel-room opens easily and she enters the room with some hesitation. She knows the owner is still away. She knows the detective is gone, unable to find something, because she had been laying low ever since she found out that Cleo had hired an PI.

“The perks of being a grey mouse. You don’t exist.” Daisy whispers bitterly to herself. Her gloved hands open one of the drawers and they caress the jewelry-box with tenderness. She opens it. The beautiful necklace, laced with rubies, stares back at her. She takes out of the box and without hesitation she puts in her pocket.

She puts the box back in its place, closes the drawer without leaving a fingerprint on it. She leaves the room, quickly takes off her gloves and puts the gloves in her pockets as well. She makes them as flat as possible, so no one will notice they are there. By the time she leaves the hotel through the service-entry she has passed six people, who wouldn’t remember seeing her then next day.


“See, nothing a hot shower, and a glass of hot milk with honey, can’t fix.” Scotty grins.
“True. Kevin admits. “And it’s even more delicious if your husband washes your back,… amongst other things… or makes you your milk and honey…” Kevin kisses Scotty on the tip of his nose.

“I think we’re both more relaxed now.” Scotty winks, but Kevin’s smile fades a bit.
“Are you sure? I mean, I could understand if you would be angry over the kiss.”

“I don’t know if I can be the offended party here. You didn’t ask for a kiss. I saw what happened from my perspective. One moment you were upset that I hadn’t called you, wondering if I had forgotten about you… The next Jason was all over you…. From my point of view, I didn’t see anything that would indicate that you were coming on to him.” Scotty answers in all honesty, but still Kevin isn’t entirely convinced, because he still seems worried.

“I don’t know. I wonder what I did, that made him think, that he could do what he did…” Kevin says, clearly not all too awake anymore. Scotty laughs softly.
“Isn’t there some song about the ‘voodoo, that you do’? That must be just it…. Voodoo..” Scotty teases. “Just relax, babe, everything is fine.”

A hesitant smile comes back to Kevin’s face.
“I hope so…” He puts away his cup and nestles closer to Scotty. Scotty protectively wraps his arms around his husband and he kisses first the top of Kevin’s hair, taking in the delicious scent of Kevin’s wet and curly hair.

Then he pushes Kevin to look up to him and he kisses Kevin’s lips.
“I love you. I’ve missed you…” Scotty tells Kevin, gently caressing Kevin’s cheek with his thumb.
“I missed you too…” Kevin admits. He quietly begs for, and gets, another kiss.

“I’m sorry that it was all for nothing.” Scotty says.
“If it didn’t feel right for you, then it wasn’t right. But at least you tried. You didn’t just talk and dream about it, but instead, you went in, you had a good look around, you saw possibilities and you made a choice. I think you’re amazing for taking the chance.”

“I haven’t entirely given up the dream for a second restaurant, but… it can wait. I want to just concentrate on the first one and make that my priority. That and my family.” He silences any remark, that Kevin could have given, with a kiss and, knowing they won’t do more talking at this point, Kevin turns off the light…


“So, do you believe that your latest trick will work.” Justin is already in bed and Tyler sits down beside him.
“I don’t know yet… I hope not.” She pulls up the sheet and carefully folds it between her fingers, only to let it go again. It tells Justin that she’s not sure about something.

“Why? If you catch her, it will be the end of the stealing in our hotel.” He reasons. Tyler smiles at the ‘our’ that slipped in there. She doesn’t correct him, but only sighs.

“If it is Daisy… as Cleo suspects… then I’d be very disappointed. I like her. I trust her. I still refuse to believe that it is her… She’s such a part of the hotel, I realize now. Ever since she started working for us, she’s been reliable, always on time, always ready to get her job done.… Like Cleo… I find it hard to accept, that I might have been so wrong about her. I’m supposed to be able to judge people and see what kind of person I’m dealing with…”

If it is her…” and Justin really emphasizes the ‘if’ because he doesn’t quite believe it himself. “… then you need to know why. People who are in trouble do strange things. This perhaps doesn’t say anything about your assessment of her character, but of her own personal trouble she’s in.”

She leans against him and he puts an arm around her and kisses her head.
“I’m sure that whatever happens, you’ll make the right choice.” He says. She lies down and he follows her example. He takes her in his arms and she plants a little kiss on his chest.

“I’m caught between two evils. If I hope that she’s not the thief, then I have another one, and I’m completely clueless as to who it might be. But if we’re right, then it solves the thefts at my hotel, but I won’t be happy about it, because I have to fire someone I really like and who I really trusted…..” She softly explains her conflicting feelings.


END OF part 1/4

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