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Fanfic: B&S episode 707: part 3/4

Season 7 – Episode 07- Bad day

By Marea67
About: Brothers & Sisters
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters – written with love, not for money.
Summary: Ingredients: Take a couple of Walkers, add a few Wandells, a pinch of Holden and a Caplan formerly known as Harper, a dash of Altamirano and Whitley, a teaspoon of Byrolt, Paresa and Salazar and (for added flavor only) a Barry&McCallister. Mix and shake…and… watch it explode.
Warning: It is my very own season 7, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)


03.45 pm


“You did what ?” Tommy says. “And you only tell me this now? You have to cancel the dinner. We should get in your car and drive back.”
“Come on, relax, Tommy. I can’t cancel. Anthony made reservations.” Sarah replies, annoyed that Tommy makes such a fuss over nothing at all.

“And I promised Kevin that we would be back in time. He’s counting on me to be there.”
“Just call him and tell him that you can’t make it. He’ll understand.”
“No, he won’t. He needs me to be there, because..”

“Tommy, I’m not going back just yet. This could be a very important new account.”
“Kevin has a very important account as well. He needs to be in court tomorrow and he needs ….” Sarah doesn’t let him finish.

“Just call him. Blame me. Kevin is a smart guy. He’ll figure something out.” Sarah says. Tommy doesn’t doubt that, but he doesn’t like the idea that he has to let Kevin down.

“Come on, Sarah, be reasonable. Kevin is our brother. This guy is just a new client. Brother trumps client.” Tommy tries with a little humor.
“No. This new guy could be important. And Kevin … Kevin won’t go anywhere and he has people around him. Mom, Jordan, Scotty…”

“Scotty is in New York and, after a day with the kids, Jordan likes to go home and enjoy the silence… And mom? Would you call mom?” Tommy asks her straight to her face.
“No.” Sarah admits. “I would rather not, but, if I have no other choice….. Listen, Tommy, trust me. Kevin will understand. Just call him.”

She walks away and Tommy fishes up his phone and dials Kevin’s number.
“Hey, Kev, it’s me…” The silence on the other side is deafening for a good few seconds.
“Please, … please, tell me that you and Sarah are on your way back here.”

“I wish I could, Kev.” Another silence.
“Is it Sarah?”
“She agreed to a dinner with Anthony Kerr… She just told me about it.”

“Just now?”
“Yes, things were so busy with all the talking and sight-seeing that it had ‘slipped her mind’.”
“Sounds like Sarah alright.”

“Perhaps I should check if I can take a train or something… I feel bad about this.”
“Don’t feel bad. It’s just Sarah being Sarah, putting her own needs first…. Listen, don’t worry about it… Just have dinner and be nice.” Kevin sighs.

“Maybe Jordan can stay a bit longer…?” Tommy offers.
“I…. I don’t think so…”
“Have you heard from Scotty yet?”

“No. Called him four times… He hasn’t called me back yet.”
“I hope he’s alright…. He’ll call you, I’m sure.” Tommy says with a smile. “Again, I’m terribly sorry.”
“Forget it. I can manage.” Kevin answers. Tommy can hear the smile in his voice, but it somehow rings false to him.


04. 02 pm


“Kevin, Elizabeth tried a bit of chicken-soup, but she’s turning green again and I don’t feel so good either.” Olivia tells Kevin and she leans with her shoulder against the wall, her hands pressed to her stomach.
“I was afraid of that.” Kevin says and he goes to Elizabeth’s room.

“I just feel so sick and my head hurts.” Elizabeth’s voice is so small. Kevin wraps his arms around her to comfort her.
“Do you need to go the bathroom again and throw up?”
“I …. I’m not sure… I’d rather not.” She answers between two sobs.

“I get that. Here, let’s put these pillows up… Better?” Kevin asks and Elizabeth nods.
“I want to sleep.” She says.
“Get some sleep then. I’ll close the curtains, so that it’s dark in your room….” Kevin closes the curtains and leaves Elizabeth’s room.

Olivia is still waiting for him and she looks exhausted.
“Want to get some sleep a well?”
“Yes…” He walks with her to her room and he puts in her bed. “I think it’s the pizza we had yesterday. It had tuna on it, but it didn’t taste like what Scotty makes…”

“Did Jordan have some as well?”
“Yes, but Daniel didn’t. He said that he didn’t like the smell of the pizza. Refused to take some.”
“He must have his dad’s nose for food.” Kevin jokes.

“I think I’ll rely on Daniel’s nose from now on.” Olivia tries to smile.
“Get some rest, we’ll see tonight…” He closes the door behind him and sighs. “And now,… clean diaper for Billy and playtime with Daniel…” Kevin rushes down the stairs, bitterly realizing that at least his getting his exercise for the day…


06.15 pm


“This place is just lovely.” Sarah’s full attention is on Anthony, who seems to appreciate this. Tommy’s face becomes even more sour. “I’m glad to be in the company of two such attractive men.” She takes Tommy by the elbow and pushes him, with a sweet smile  her face, towards the table.

“I hope that you’re not inconvenienced by the invitation.” Anthony asks. Tommy is tempted to tell that he is and that he’d rather be home with his kids, but he manages just in time, to put on his professional smile.
“No, not at all. My brother was very understanding…”

Tommy’s mind keeps going back to how distracted Kevin had sound. Would everything be alright with his kids? Or was there an issue with either Daniel, Olivia or Mateo? His attention goes to Sarah as she leans over the table towards Anthony. The first few buttons on her blouse are open, giving her quite some cleavage.

It’s not like it’s the first time that Tommy sees Sarah use her femininity, but tonight for some reason, it seems too put upon. He realizes that she’s openly flirting with Anthony. He hides behind his menu and hopes that it will not get too embarrassing once the wine will be served.


06.21 pm


“These-a’yukkie…” Daniel whines and he puts his fork down.
“Come on, sweetie, you’ve always liked green beans.” Kevin nearly begs.
“Not anymore.” Daniel pouts. Olivia gives Kevin a guilty look. If she would be feeling better she’d have Daniel eating them in no time.

But, at the moment, the mere thought of being close to food, makes her feel nauseous. Elizabeth sits at the other side of the table, feeling equally weak. It bothers her that her father isn’t here, even if she understands that he has to work. She would really like just like to cuddle up to someone, but Kevin has the other three to worry about as well.

“Where’s Mateo?” She asks with a weak voice.
“I called him to tell him what is going on. He’s staying with a friend and won’t be home until late tonight.” Kevin regrets that he had agreed to this, because he could use Mateo’s help right now. “Doorbell!”

He rushes out of the kitchen to open the door, hoping it isn’t some more bad news.
“Hey…. Didn’t know where else to go…” Jason looks defeated and Kevin is pulling his last reserves of compassion together.

“You look like death warmed over.” He says.
“Thanks. I feel like it too.” Jason quietly accepts the invitation to enter. “Kids in the kitchen?”
“Yes… Why?”

“I didn’t want to hear this, but… Chad’s having an affair with his co-star…” Jason says and the shock on Kevin’s face isn’t faked.
“You’re kidding, right? I haven’t been on the net all day. I have two sick kids and hardly had time to breathe… But… you must be wrong. Chad loves you.”

“I’m not. There are pictures and everything….” Jason says. Kevin is spared from further reaction, because Daniel rushes in.
“Dad! Elizabeth’s sick again.”
“Oh, no! Not in the kitchen…”

Kevin rushes back to the kitchen and Jason slowly follows him. On the doorstep he watches how Kevin holds Elizabeth’s hair back, while she hangs with her head over the kitchen sink. Olivia has plugged her ears with her fingers hoping that Elizabeth’s new wave of nausea won’t affect her as well. Daniel tells Kevin that he now he really doesn’t want his green-beans anymore. And then Billy starts to cry ….

“Well, then don’t eat them! See if I care!” Kevin snaps angrily and Daniel’s eyes fill with tears and Kevin lets go of Elizabeth’s hair while she tries to drink some water to wash away the bad taste in her mouth… Daniel’s lower lip quivers and Kevin reaches out to him. “Sorry, babe, Dad wasn’t nice… I’m sorry.”

Daniel cuddles up to him and Kevin strokes his back soothingly, kissing his head…. Jason comes closer and takes over Daniel. He places his hand in Kevin’s neck to force Kevin to look at him.
“Go upstairs and wash your face with some cold water…” He says. “Cool off!” He whispers.

“I’m sorry.” Kevin whispers back. “Jordan called in sick. The girls had to be picked up, because they were sick too. Daniel has been a trooper all day, but he’s getting tired of it. Billy misses his routine. Tommy was supposed to be here, but Sarah changed the plans and … I can’t reach Scotty… I tried several times to call him… He doesn’t call me back…

I have a big case coming up tomorrow and I need to prepare, but I’m exhausted as it is and all this mean that I’ll be up all night to get ready… And the house is a mess as well. Even though both bathrooms are spotless by now, due to the fact I had to clean both of them several times. I’m just….” Kevin’s voice trails off.

“… in need of a good old splash of cold water in the face, two minutes of silence and a deep breath…. Now go upstairs.” Jason says gently. Kevin gives Jason and the kids one more look, but then he follows Jason’s order and goes upstairs. Jason turns around and with a smile he picks up his phone, glad that there is finally something he can do.


End of part 3/4



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