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Fanfic: B&S episode 707: part 2/4

Season 7 – Episode 07- Bad day

By Marea67
About: Brothers & Sisters
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters – written with love, not for money.
Summary: Ingredients: Take a couple of Walkers, add a few Wandells, a pinch of Holden and a Caplan formerly known as Harper, a dash of Altamirano and Whitley, a teaspoon of Byrolt, Paresa and Salazar and (for added flavor only) a Barry&McCallister. Mix and shake…and… watch it explode.
Warning: It is my very own season 7, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)


08.09 am


“Come on, Jason, pick up.” Chad begs.
“Still nothing?” Winnie Pagett, his co-star, asks.
“No. He’s not taking any calls.”
“You think he’s angry.”

“Well, if the news of our supposed affair hit America….” Chad doesn’t even want to think about the consequences…. “He’s would be hurt.”
“I’m so sorry, that a silly misplaced kiss can create such a mess.”
“Well, that’s the gossip-press for you. And it’s not your fault.”

“I feel guilty. If I wouldn’t have been drinking so much I wouldn’t have acted like a stupid cow.” She sighs. Chad cannot disagree with her there. “I’m so embarrassed. When I heard how I had been all over you….”
“I’ve seen people do worse things.” Chad grins.

“I swear, I’ll never drink again…” She sticks two fingers in the air.
“Well, that would be a good start.” Chad admits. “People will get the wrong idea about you if you keep this up.”
“I know… I’m so sorry, if I’ve created troubles between you and your husband.”

“I’m sure that Jason trusts me, but that he would like to have a good explanation…”
“I’ll confess everything to him.” Winnie wants so much for her stupidity to get erased that Chad can only smile, glad that she’s taking this serious.
“Leave the confessing to me…. I think we need to get back on our plane…” He says.


09.18 am


“I have to admit that it’s the only thing that actually makes sense.” Mr Brooks agrees. “Though I also have to say that the two of you vouched for her.”
“I know. So silly. It’s just that she’s practically a part of the decoration in this hotel, that I tend to forget that she’s here.” Tyler sighs.

“I know. That’s why I never suspected her either.” Cleo adds. “Even when I thought it over, I just thought that I would be wrong, that it can’t be….”
“Nothing in her background would signal that she would do something like that….” Mr Brooks is not entire convinced just yet.

“Now that we have an idea who we’re dealing with.. .can you set another trap?” Cleo asks.
“Yes. But first, you’re going to have let her know, gossip-wise, that I didn’t find anything and that it’s a mystery to me and that I’m leaving…. She’ll feel more secure, thinking that she got away it.”

“I can do that.” Cleo nods.
“I will call an associate of mine and… we’ll set a trap…” Mr Brooks tells them.
“I hope we’re wrong.” Tyler sighs.
“So do I.” Cleo agrees.


10.07 am


“Justin! I’m surprised to see you.” Dan lets him in.
“Yeah, well, long overdue.” Justin enters Dan’s kitchen. A small sink, cluttered with dishes and signs of tv-dinners. It reminds Justin of his days when he was still using drugs, living in a mess.

“Haven’t been in the mood to clean..” Dan says apologetically.
“… Or to come back to work.” Just adds and Dan’s smile vanishes.
“Okay. That was fast.”
“Subtlety is not a word in the Walker-dictionary.” Justin admits.

“I’ve been told to take it easy.” Dan defends himself.
“Yes, where your stab-wound is concerned. But they weren’t talking about your life in general. It’s time to get off your ass and get out of this apartment.”
“That’s easy for you to say. I’m the one who got stabbed!”

“Yes. You got stabbed. And that must have scared you. But I want you back on that ambulance. The guy I’m working with now is getting on my last nerves and … I want you back… What do I have to do get you back behind the wheel?”
“Just leave me alone to deal with this.” Dan says.

“You’re not dealing with it. You’re running away from it.” Justin points out.
“I’m not! I just … I don’t know what to do, alright?... I mean. I tried to give help and that guy came at me with a knife.”
“And that sucks, but there are still people who need you out there.”

“There are plenty of paramedics.” Dan shrugs.
“We need every good paramedic we can get and you’re one of the best.”
“Think flattery will get you anywhere?” Dan mumbles.
“I’m serious. We need guys like you.”

Dan looks up at Justin.
“I can’t.” He says quietly and then, after swallowing a few times he admits to it. “I’m scared to go back. Scared it will happen again. Scared that I will freeze again.. Scared that … others can get hurt by my inaction… That guy could have killed you…”

“And a few more inches either way and he would have killed you.” Justin points out. “It sucks that there are people like that… but it could have happened anywhere. It happens every day, that’s when they call us to fix the damage.”
“Would you still really feel comfortable around me? Knowing I wouldn’t defend you?”

“You would defend me. You will when you have to. Listen, that guy caught you off-guard. And you said that you had never really encountered this extreme behavior before… You’re lucky then. Some of us have seen worse… But you’ve run out of luck, this has happened and it happened to you.
And now you’ll have to deal with it and the best way is to accomplish that, is to get back in that ambulance and do your job.”

“But what if I fail again? What if some nutcase comes after us again?” Dan now asks out loud, giving voice to his fears. Justin sighs.
“But what if we got struck by a meteorite this afternoon…? Well, if it happens, it happens, we can’t stop it. There will always be idiots out there, but .. we can’t let them stop us from doing our jobs….” Justin tells Dan gently. “Come on, come back… I need you… I miss you…”


10.58 am


“Mr Walker? This Mrs Fielding.” Kevin wonders why the principal of Elizabeth’s school would call him in the middle of the morning. “I’m sorry to inconvenience you, but … Elizabeth is sick.”

“That’s right. She complained about feeling sick and her teacher had to rush her to the toilets, where she threw up. I don’t think that it’s serious, but we would appreciate it if you would pick her up?”
“Yes. Yes, of course….. I’ll be there as soon as possible….”

Kevin searches for his keys and coat.
“Come on, Daniel. Put your coat on. We have to pick up Elizabeth. She’s sick.”
“Just like uncle Jordan?”
“I don’t know, sweetie.” Kevin answers, wondering if Daniel might be on to something.

“Did you kids eat anything weird yesterday, something that didn’t taste right?”
“I dunno.” Daniel shrugs. Kevin bites his lip, knowing that he has to accept that ‘I dunno’ is pretty much Daniel standard answer to everything he’s not interested in.
“Think a little harder, honey…. Can you get me Billy’s coat?”

Daniel runs off and when he comes back he offers.
“We had ice-cream yesterday….”
“And that didn’t taste right?” Kevin wants to know.
“No, it was weird.” Daniel point out.

“The ice was weird?”
“No. Ice before dinner is weird.” Daniel patiently explains as if Kevin is a child.
“But there was nothing wrong with the ice-cream? It didn’t taste weird? Or look weird?”

“Then we can safely assume it wasn’t the ice-cream.” Kevin grins, wondering if he was ever that picky about words as well. Probably. “Alright, ready to go.” Kevin picks up Billy, but then his phone rings again. Daniel is the first to pick it up.
“Hello, this is Daniel. Wait please.” He hands over the phone to his dad.

Before Kevin can even ask who it is, Daniel answers:
“I dunno.” And runs off to Kevin’s car.
“Kevin Walker.” Kevin says, opening his car to put Billy in his seat. “Olivia as well?... Yes, I’ll come and pick her up….” He sighs, as he makes sure that Daniel’s safety-belt is secure.


12.05 pm


“I have to admit that this all looks amazing.” Sarah sighs.
“Our grapes are known to be the best in the area.” Mr Kerr answers.
“I wouldn’t mind to see even more of the place, Mr Kerr.”
“Please, call me Anthony.” He invites.

Sarah gives him a very pleased smile. Anthony. She likes the name and she likes the hacienda-style feel of the large house. And her host is more than friendly and she can admire the fact that he’s tall, good-looking, sun-tanned and charming…
“My assistant will take over from here…” Anthony says.

“Oh.” Sarah can’t help but feel a bit disappointed.
“…. But I would love to ask you to dinner tonight.”
“I’m here with my brother.” Sarah reminds him, and herself as well. She looks around and she sees that Tommy is talking to one of the farm-hands.

“Naturally, the invitation is for both of you.” Sarah isn’t sure if he’s honest about that, but she’ll take it.
“I’m sure that my brother and I would love to join you for dinner…. Anthony.”
“Good. I will make reservations. Tonight. Six o’clock?”

“Perfect.” Sarah nods. He waves at his assistant and she walks up to them while Anthony says goodbye. Sarah looks for Tommy, but she can’t see him.
“Goodafternoon Mrs Walker… Can I show you the stables?” The young lady asks, and though Sarah isn’t really interested in horses, she nods anyway.


01.27 pm


“Dad, I’m hungry.” Daniel pouts and Kevin turns to him.
“I’m sorry, baby. I forgot to give you lunch…” He apologizes. “And Billy needs to be fed as well….”
“I can help. I like Billy.” Daniel asks against all hope. Kevin is inclined to refuse, but then…

“Would you do that for me?” Kevin asks, hoping that this way he can kill two birds with one stone, which is to get Billy fed and keep Daniel entertained just long enough to sit down for a few minutes. Daniel nods.
“Will Billy and I get sick too?” Daniel asks while he watches Kevin prepare the bottle.

“I hope not, sweetie.” Kevin answers, quickly throwing some jam on a sandwich for Daniel. “I’ve had to mop the bathroom-floor three times already.”
“Olivia is really sick…” Daniel says, still impressed by the amount of vomit he saw. Kevin starts to feel a bit queasy at the memory..

“I hope that I won’t get sick…” He worries, until he realizes that he hasn’t had much to eat this morning either. He takes a sandwich as well and he sits down on the couch, to watch how Daniel give the bottle to Billy. He knows that he should have warmed up one of the mashed dinners, that Scotty has made, to get Billy used to more solid food.

However, he’s too tired and he’s grateful for the few minutes of peace and quiet. Daniel coos and mumbles with Billy, as he always seen Jordan do. Kevin can’t understand a word of it, but he sees how Billy’s eyes are fixed on Daniel and then Billy reaches out for Daniel’s face.

With a smile on his face, Kevin picks up his telephone and dials.
“You’ve reached the number of Scotty Wandell. Please, leave a message….” Again. Kevin doesn't leave a message.
“I hope your other dad is having more fun than I do.” Kevin says quietly to Daniel, but Daniel is too interested in his important task of feeding Billy.

“Kevin! Elizabeth is sick!” Olivia yells from the top of the stairs. For a moment, Kevin doesn’t know what to do. Daniel is too young to supervise Billy… But he’s needed upstairs… He sighs and carefully take Billy out of Daniel’s arms to take both kids upstairs and have Daniel continue the feeding on his bed.


01.58 pm


He’s annoyed that he missed Kevin’s call, because he was busy washing his hands. Kevin hasn’t left a message, so he probably just wanted to chit-chat… Scotty’s fingers slide over the phone and he wonders if he should call Kevin to let him know he has a ticket and that he’s on his way back home.

“Should I ask Kevin to pick me up at the airport? Maybe make it a special little night for the two of us?” He whispers to himself. “I could ask Jordan to baby-sit.” In deep thought, he taps with his phone against his chin, but then he puts his phone away. “It can wait.” He decides for himself.


02.28 pm


“Hey, partner.” Startled, Justin nearly falls out of the ambulance.
“Dan! You’re here!”
“Just joining you for a few hours…. See how it goes…. See if I can get that feeling back.”
“That’s perfect.” Justin’s smile is huge and it gives Dan a good feeling to see it.

“So, move over?”
“You’re not driving?”
“Not yet… Let me get used to it….” Dan answers.
“Whatever you want. Your terms.” Justin agrees, but he couldn’t be prouder of Dan if he tried.


03.07 pm


Nora stares at the garage. Her hands are wrapped around her coffee-cup. She nervously bites her lip.
“Caught you!” She hears Jonathan say behind her.
“What?” She asks, as if she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

“Those boxes. They won’t let you go, do they?”
“No. It’s awful, I know, I said I would let the past be, but my curiosity is eating me alive. Last night, I dreamed that those boxes were following me all around the house. It drove me nuts. If I managed to throw one out, two others would pop up…. Nightmare!”

Jonathan laughs softly and he takes her by her shoulders.
“Why don’t you just give in? Organize the lot. Find out what it is in there. What is the worst that can happen?”
“I could find another secret.” Nora answers.

“If there would have been one, damaging enough, wouldn’t whatshisname have used it?”
“Yes, probably. If Dennis could have hurt William he would have. But something meaningless to a business-man like Dennis can be destructive on a personal level to our family…”

“And maybe it’s just notes and bills and meaningless snippets of paper.”
“Or another secret …”
“And what if there is? Will it really hurt? Can William disappoint you more than he already has? Would you really be flabbergasted because you find out that he’s not perfect?”

“No..” Nora admits and she sighs. “I have to think it over… I don’t want to find out if there are more secrets, but at the same time … I don’t want more secrets either. If there is one, I’d want to know… But I’m afraid to find out that there is another one…”

She abruptly turns away and focuses her attention on Jonathan.
“But you didn’t come here to listen to my problems… You came here to get that contract, that I had to sign, so you can give it to Saul….” And she leads the way, back to the house, with Jonathan right behind her.


03.28 pm


The woman has more decoration than a Christmas-tree. Her nagging voice carries far and the nasal tone of her voice quickly annoys people. She criticizes nearly everything on her path and assumes that she will get a discount for staying at a hotel that is inferior to what she’s used to.

Tyler explains, kindly, that she can take the room or leave it. The woman rolls her eyes, but then accepts the key nonetheless.
“Old, mostly lost money.” Cleo deduces. Tyler nods.
“They still think that they can impress people, when in fact they can’t.”

“See that jewelry.” Cleo is in awe.
“Worth a fortune, but it is all she has left.” Tyler explains.
“She’d better be careful.” Cleo casts a look over Tyler’s shoulder, in no particular direction at all, but she is noticing those around her…

“She’s moving towards the elevator. I think she overheard everything we said.”
“Good. I don’t know whether I want her to take the bait or not.”
“I know… I would prefer it to be someone else as well.” Cleo nods. The door of the elevator closes behind the person they suspect of the thefts.


End of part 2/4


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