marea67 (marea67) wrote,

just another test

If you're wondering what I'm up to:  Photobucket, where I upload all pics and where you can download them as well, has decided to come out with 'new, improved Photobucket', which honestly SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! from every angle. Half the features don't work. All the pics that were larger than 768x1024 (think promo-pics 2000x3000) have shrunk as they have decided that it's suddenly no longer allowed to have pics bigger than 768x1024. You used to be able to click on the thumbnail, be directed to the picture where you could download.... well, no more!
I have watched this disaster slowly become a bigger one over the last two weeks and I've been patient and I have TRIED (I'm not against changes) but I've reached a point where I have a few suggestions where PB can stick their new-improved sh**-place and I'm looking for another photosharing place. And I'm trying out different ones.  so if you see all sort of weird pics come by... That's the reason.

Let's see what this will do and if this works. ;)

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