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Fanfic: B&S episode 706: part 2/4

Season 7 – Episode 06 – Rescue me

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters – written with love, not for money.
Summary: Ingredients: Take a couple of Walkers, add a few Wandells, a pinch of Holden and a Caplan formerly known as Harper, a dash of Altamirano and Whitley, a teaspoon of Byrolt, Paresa and Salazar and (for added flavor only) a Barry&McCallister. Mix and shake…and… watch it explode.
Warning: It is my very own season 7, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)

***** Part 2/4 *****

“Sarah thinks we’re growing too close. She says we should break up.” Tommy jokes as he’s skyping with Jordan.
“Hon, tell your sister to butt out of our relationship.” Jordan immediately replies, followed by a more timid: “That sure sounds strange. Even for me.”

Tommy’s laughter roars through his office though.
“So, how is “our” son?” Tommy teases. Jordan places the laptop so that Tommy can see Billy in his crib, but in a way that Billy can see his father on the screen, without being able to reach the laptop.

“This big boy is almost asleep. Just had his bottle.” Jordan coos, rubbing Billy’s belly. Billy smiles and yawns. “And your uncle Scotty has been cooking all morning. All sorts of mashed up little dinners for Billy-boy’s belly.” Another tickle on his belly makes Billy giggle. “I’m glad that he’s allowed to carefully try solid food…”

“Me too.” Tommy admits. “I think we should let him get some sleep though.”
“I agree.” Jordan takes the laptop and Tommy can see him place it on the desk in Kevin’s study. The room has been changed into a make-shift bedroom. All Kevin’s belongings are on one side of the room, while Tommy sleeps on the other side.

He sleeps on the mattress that he got out of his former apartment, and Billy sleeps in Daniel’s former crib, now that Daniel is a ‘big boy’ and has a bed of his own. Raffy, Daniel’s former favorite teddy-bear, has taken permanent residency in the corner of Billy’s bed.

“Tommy, I’m going to take Daniel outside, now that it has stopped raining. We’ll play with a ball in the garden. It will give Daniel a chance to get rid of excess energy and it will give Billy time to sleep…. Don’t worry, I’m armed…” Jordan shows Tommy the baby-alarm.

“Have fun.” Tommy tells Jordan and he waits for his screen to go dark. He sighs and leans back in his chair, when a knock on his door makes him sit up again. Lena enters his office.
“Hi. Kevin asked me to drop these off?”

“Ah, yes, these are the contracts I’ve been asking for… Did he make the necessary adjustments that I’ve been asking for?”
“Corrections have been made. Here and here.” Lena leans over him and points out where the places of the alterations, but the moment she’s done, she back away from him.

“Good.” Tommy pretends not to notice it and places the contracts in the top-tray to read later. “Is everything alright for you at Carter & Walker?”
“Yes. Kevin and Browne are both easy to work with, specific in their demands, but always ready to explain it when I’ve done something wrong or give me a compliment when I did it right.”

“Perfect bosses?” Tommy teases.
“I’ve had worse.” Lena admits. “The only thing that is becoming a problem is Scotty."
“Scotty?” Tommy is surprised. He can imagine people having trouble working with Kevin, who can be rather precise, but with Scotty…?

“He’s trying out a few new ideas for his menu and Kevin, Browne and I are the guinea-pigs… I swear I’ve gained 10 pounds since I started working there.” She laughs however at her own words.
“It doesn’t show.” Tommy replies, forever the gentleman, but also glad that it gives him an excuse to have a good look at her.

“Thank you.” Lena nods.
“I’m sorry. Did mean anything by it…”
“I know… I have to go.”

“You drove all the way up here just to give me those documents?” Tommy asks.
She smiles gently, trying to ignore the faint hope in Tommy’s voice.
“No. I was on my way here anyway. I will have lunch with Ryan.”

“Ryan? Well, he’s one lucky man….”
“Yes. If you say so.” Lena nods and she leaves Tommy’s office. Outside, she leans against the wall for a few seconds and she shakes her head. Why do people always assume the worst? Sure, she liked Ryan and he liked her, but she wasn’t interested in him romantically.

In fact, she’s not interested in any man right now, not while the loss of her husband is still so fresh on her mind.
“Hey, were you looking for me?” Ryan asks.
“Yes. We would have lunch?”

“Give me two minutes to lock up and I’ll be all yours.”
“Don’t let your brother hear you say that.” Lena laughs.
“Which one?” Ryan grins.

“Tommy. He thinks that you and I ….” She doesn’t finish her sentence, because she feels awkward to even have to mention it. Ryan merely smiles.
“Should I tell him that we’re not?”
“No. Perhaps it’s better this way. He’s vulnerable. I’m vulnerable. I don’t want to repeat my mistakes.” Lena explains.

“Do you still have feelings for him?” Ryan now asks. Lena shakes her head.
“No. But that doesn’t mean I can’t screw up things in a moment of weakness.”
“That sounds sad.”

“It is. He’s married. I’m a widow. We’re both lonely…. I can’t afford to lose this job, Ryan. I love it. But if I make another mistake like I did last time, Kevin will surely fire me.”
“Hey! I am on your side. It will be our little secret that we’re not an item.” Ryan agrees.


Jason looks at Kitty with concern on his face.
“Are you sure you’re okay? You look so pale..” He eventually says. Kitty looks at him and bites her lower lip…
“Jase, if I tell you something, will you keep it to yourself?”

“Yes, of course…” Jason immediately replies.
“I’ve done another set of tests and … the cancer is back…”
“Oh, my God! And you haven’t told the others yet?” Jason is shocked, but he’s also very sure, that if Kevin had known about this, then Jason would have heard about it.

“I …  First, I had to deal with this myself… I thought I was cured…. No, I didn’t. I knew… it wasn’t like I didn’t know or realize it could come back, but with each positive result I grew more confident… I didn’t expect it anymore. I refused to see it coming…”
“And now…?”

“Seth, the kids, and I are moving to Boston for a while…”
“I … don’t know what to say…” Jason says quietly. “I’m going to miss you.. Since Robert’s death, you’ve been the closest thing to a family that I have…”
“I know… but I can get help there, which I can’t get here.”

“Yeah, yeah, of course. No, of course, you must go… you can’t.. you shouldn’t stay here because of me…” Jason stammers, but he looks so heart-broken that Kitty wraps an arm around him.
“You still have Kevin…”

“Chad is gone, you’ll be gone… Kevin is too busy…”
“Well, I have two jobs for you while I’m gone, if you’re interested?”
“What do you want from me?” Jason asks with a smile, as he sits up and takes Kitty’s hand between his own.

“There was supposed to be a charity auction for the Robert McCallister Foundation. It isn’t a big charity. We never had such attention given to us, but we’ve managed to put a few kids through school, who would otherwise not have had a chance and it was important to Robert….”

“I can do that. No problem. What else?”
“It will tough when the family finds out that I’m sick again… I plan to tell them later this week, when I know more about what will happen in Boston. Will you keep an eye on them? Especially Kevin?

He’s already fully swamped with Scotty’s chance to get a restaurant in New York, Tommy living with him and a couple kids to look after… And of course he has to be there for his clients and the family … He’s there for everyone, but … right now, with Scotty back in New York again, I wonder who will be there for Kevin…”
“If he needs me, I’ll be there.” Jason promises with a smile.


Elizabeth takes off her t-shirt and throws it in her washing-bin. They all have their own bin and hers is as purple as purple can be. There’s a little knock on her door.
“Can I come in?” She smiles when she hears Tommy’s voice. It had taken him some getting used to, to knock before entering her room.

It is something she has grown accustomed to since she started living with Kevin and Scotty. She had quickly requested her father to do the same. Tommy had been amused but he had agreed. You just don’t crash each other’s rooms when the door is closed.
“Come in… I’m ready to go to bed.”

Tommy tucks her in and grabs the book from her night-stand.
“This book?” He asks. She nods. He opens the book when there’s a knock on the door.
“Tommy? Phone-call for you…” Kevin says.

“I’ll call back…”
“You can’t. Take the call.” Kevin answers curtly. Tommy frowns, but gets up. At the door he turns to Kevin with a questioning look in his eyes. “It’s Julia. She has a limited time to call….” Kevin whispers and he hands over the phone to Tommy and walks into Elizabeth’s room.

“Hi, honey. Your dad has a call to take. Shall I start reading to you?” Kevin’s voice sounds appropriately cheerful and Tommy raises his phone.
“Hi, Julia.”
“I was wondering if you would want to come over here tomorrow? We need to talk.” Tommy counts to ten before answering.

“Should I bring you something? Anything you need?”
“No. Just bring yourself.” She answers in a cold voice and she hangs up. Tommy rests against the wall and stares at the ceiling for a good minute, wondering what this will be about.


“I need help. I’m bored. And I do mean… completely bored.” Chad whines on the telephone and Jason can’t help but feel just a little bit smug.
“Oh, why?” He asks, as if doesn’t know the answer already.
“I miss you.” Chad moans in Jason’s ear and Jason feels his desire grow.

Oh, what he wouldn’t give to have Chad here with him.
“What are you doing? Please, tell me it’s something naughty and dirty.” Chad asks.
“Sorry…” Jason laughs. “Making a guest-list for some charity-thing that Robert set up years ago.”

“Oh,..” Chad’s voice is suddenly very sober and normal. “That must be so tough for you.”
“No, not really, I feel as if Robert is with me.” Jason shrugs.
“Tsk, tsk, you’re not allowed to believe in ghosts, unless he’s of the holy variety.” Chad reminds him and Jason laughs.

“Well, that may be so, but I still feel as if Robert is looking over my shoulder.”
“That would make me so nervous.” Chad says.
“So, what are you going to do tonight?” Jason asks. “Jerk off in a motel-room?”
“Again? Been there, done that. Miss you still. Can’t you come over?” Chad grins.

“Why don’t you come here?”
“I can’t. I still have to make some promotional appearances. But then...I’m out of here…. And back with you…”
“I can’t wait. I miss you too…” Jason sighs.


End of part 2/4


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