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Fanfic: B&S episode 706: part 1/4

Season 7 – Episode 06 – Rescue me

By Marea67
About: Brothers & Sisters
Rate: G
Disclaimer: I don’t own Brothers & Sisters – written with love, not for money.
Summary: Ingredients: Take a couple of Walkers, add a few Wandells, a pinch of Holden and a Caplan formerly known as Harper, a dash of Altamirano and Whitley, a teaspoon of Byrolt, Paresa and Salazar and (for added flavor only) a Barry&McCallister. Mix and shake…and… watch it explode.
Warning: It is my very own season 7, you guys! Go with it! ;) Don’t complain! If YOU can do better, post your own story! (I dare you!)


PART 1/4



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“Well, I think you’re about to make the wisest decision in your life.” Roy McGraw says and he places the contract before Scotty
“I will have my lawyer look at it and if he agrees with it, I’ll sign it.” Scotty smiles, taking the contract from the desk and putting it his briefcase, or rather Kevin’s briefcase.

“Not exactly sure about the hours between New York and LA, but I doubt you’d be able to get a lawyer now?” Roy laughs.
“I know. It’s three hours earlier in LA, so not even 9 am there.” Scotty replies with a grin. “But I was smart enough to marry a lawyer.”

“Ah! I see! Cheaper and always just a phone-call away?”
“I wouldn’t say cheaper, my husband is rather high-maintenance.” Scotty jokes. “Plus, he’s spoilt because he has a chef-cook for a husband, so his tastes can be rather exclusive at times.”

Roy laughs out loud and gives his business-card to Scotty as well.
“If you need me… This is my number.”
“Thank you. I can’t believe that I’m actually considering opening up a second restaurant here in New York.” Scotty says shyly.

“Well, it’s all just a signature away. And I’m sure that with your good name and our ability to promote and run restaurants we can make it a huge success…”
“I hope so.. I will get back to you after I’ve spoken to my husband about this.”
“Waiting impatiently.” Roy grins.




“It is surreal.” Tommy answers Sarah’s question.
“Why?” She asks, thumbing through the contract on her desk.

“These last three weeks, I’ve been living with Kevin and Scotty and 5 kids under one roof and it’s somehow insane. Everyone is asking me the same question ‘how are you feeling?’ and all I can think of is the word ‘surreal’. I keep thinking that this is just not happening. At any moment, I’m going to wake up and realize this is all just a weird dream…

And I’ll be in my bed, next to Julia, and the kids are asleep in their rooms and everything will be peaches. But, at the same time I know it’s not going to happen. I came back here around Christmas to be with my family, to have my wife by my side again, to rebuilt my own family, to get Elizabeth back, to provide a safe place for Billy and Elizabeth and…

All my dreams flew out the window. Julia is back under psychiatric observation, while I live with my son and daughter in the house of my brother and his husband and we’ve sort of created this weird co-parent situation where the three of us raise 5 kids… It’s weird. It’s warped. But at this moment, I’ll be the last one to complain…”

Sarah is searching for something sympathetic to say, when she suddenly sees a grin form on Tommy’s face.
“You wanna know what is really weird? Last night I came ‘home’, because that’s how I’m starting to see Kevin’s place as well. And I just walked into the kitchen. Kevin wasn’t home yet, Scotty was still there. He was waiting for me to come home, so he could go to the restaurant..

And, Sarah, I swear, I was this close to giving him a kiss the way I would with Julia…In a 'honey, I'm home'-kinda way.” The stunned look on Tommy’s face makes Sarah laugh out loud.

“That is weird.” She hiccups with laughter. “It’s crazy… I definitely think you’re getting way too close…”
“I know, but Elizabeth is thrilled. She has me. She has her brother. And she has Kevin and his family…. All under the same roof. For her the package is complete.”

“But you can’t permanently move in with Kevin and Scotty. I thought you meant to build a life of your own…”
“I wanted to do that. But with Julia. I didn’t think about being on my own again.”
“And you’re not on your own now, you’ve moved in with Kevin and Scotty?” Sarah understands.

“I know, I know. Billy and I should find a place of our own, and where Elizabeth can live as well, if and when I can get her back…”
“You have a place. You have your apartment.” Sarah reminds Tommy. He shakes his head.
“No. Definitely not going back there. I went back to get my things, but … it’s not my place, it’s Julia’s.”

“Have you considered moving back to mom?” Sarah suggests. Tommy hesitates, wondering if he should answer Sarah’s idea.
“I’ve thought about that too, but Kevin and Scotty don’t seem to mind. I have both my kids close and Jordan lives close too.”
“Ah! You’re other half.” Sarah teases.

“He’s a better parent to Billy than Julia was. Billy has gained weight. The pediatrician is very satisfied with his progress. And two nights ago… I saw and I heard Billy laugh. For the first time in my life I had my son laugh. It's like he's coming to life with all the attention he gets…”

Tommy can’t hide his tears too well and Sarah discretely looks at her stapler, in the knowledge that Tommy is not good at showing emotions in front of others.
“How’s everyone coping with the changes?” Sarah asks. “I hardly see Kevin and Scotty these days.”

“I think everyone has adjusted to me living there. Olivia is a fun girl to be with. I spend last night drawing with the kids. I can’t remember the last time I had actually done that. Elizabeth would always draw with Julia, but not with me. She always had this separation of ‘mommy’-things and ‘daddy’-things….

Olivia isn’t like that at all. And neither is Daniel. Perhaps because they have two dads. Two nights ago, Mateo and I played catch. Again, something I hadn’t done in years.”
“It’s like being a kid again?” Sarah asks.

“Mateo is better at it than Kevin, but not as good as Justin.”
“How is Mateo? I hope he’s not suffering too much from his break-up with Paige?”
“I don’t think so… And I don’t think that you’re too heartbroken by it either, are you?”

“Can’t say I am. I was curious to see if Paige and Bradley would actually work, or if she’d go back to Mateo, once he’d be back, but no, she decided to stay with Bradley.”
“And you don’t mind?”

“Can’t say I do. Mateo is a cute kid and all, but Bradley is a bit older and a bit more mature than Mateo.”
“At that age? Mature? No. He only has sex on his mind.” Tommy tells Sarah.
“Well, maybe you did, but Bradley is a perfect gentleman.” She laughs.

“So, he’s gay?” Tommy decodes.
“No. He’s respectful to Paige.”
“So, he’s gay?” Tommy repeats.

“Tommy! Just because he’s not as into sex as you were at his age, doesn’t mean he’s gay.”
“Who’s gay?” Ryan asks, who just entered the office to give Sarah the mail and invoices.
“Bradley.” Tommy answers.

“Bradley is not interested in sex with Paige.” Sarah explains.
“He’s either lying or he’s gay…” Ryan judges, without even thinking it over.

“No. He respects Paige.”
“So, he’s gay.” Ryan says. A quick hi-five passes between Tommy and Ryan and Sarah shakes her head
“No, he loves my daughter…” Sarah decides.




“Scotty Wandell?” Scotty turns around and he sees a familiar face, even though the name escapes him. “We met. 8 years ago. The play ‘Turnips and honey’… Didn’t survive opening-night?”
“Tim!.. No, don’t tell me! I know this one…. Tim Overbeek?”

“The one and only. Well, technically speaking it’s Overbeek-Cranston…” He lifts up his hand and shows a wedding-ring. “Two years ago.  When we went to Amsterdam, so I could introduce my boyfriend to my family….”
“Congratulations! And that would be Cranston as in Andrew Cranston?”

“Bingo! We were together for so long, marriage was just the next logical step.”
“I know the feeling.” Scotty says, showing his own ring.
“Someone I know?”

“I doubt it. He’s a lawyer in LA.”
“Oh, right! I remember. After the play went nowhere, you decided to go to LA with Michelle. I heard you got a job at an insurance-company? Didn't think it was something for you. You were way to bohemian for that kind of work. And not a bad actor either.”

“The job at the insurance-company should have been my steady income, for a while anyway. Unfortunately Mangopean wasn’t as reliable as they made it sound… But it’s how I met my husband….”
“Listen, why don’t we have a drink someplace and you can tell me all about it. I love it when I can bring new gossip to the theater.... So, are you still acting....?” Tim laughs.




“There is so much information…” Saul sighs.
“Nora, I wouldn’t know where to begin. How will you be able to figure out what may be important and what won’t be?” Jonathan asks and he quietly puts back some of the papers in one of the the boxes.

“Well, that’s the million-dollar question and …. I don’t know. Two days after Dennis gave me the first box, three other boxes got delivered here. He said that he had ‘found’ those as well. He warned me that there may be pictures of William and Connie or William and Holly in those last three boxes. He hadn’t filtered those out, like he had for the first.

Those boxes were in my room for a good week before I even dared to look into them. There is so much paper-work in here. Copies of bills. Pictures. Letters. Notes. Decades of work and all mashed up. Notes from 1984 are with a copy of a bill from 1991. I have no clue how Dennis got them or what he wanted to do with them.

I’m not sure that I’m going to find what I’m looking for in here. Do I even want to find it? Does it really matter now, now that I realize that I don’t know who William actually was? Did he ever really know who I was? He died 6 years ago. Perhaps I should just let it rest, just let it go? Snooping around has brought us nothing but heartache.”

Jonathan and Saul give each other a worried look.
“Have you considered discussing this with Kevin?” Saul asks.
“If there was something judicially, perhaps Kevin could find out more…”

“Oh, you mean the maybe/maybe not accident of William sr.? I don’t know yet…. Perhaps I could talk to him, but Scotty and he are so busy with work and their kids and Tommy… I don’t want to give Kevin even more to worry about.” Nora explains with sigh and she rubs her neck, feeling the tension in her rising again.

“Nooo, perhaps that’s a good idea.” Saul slowly agrees. “But, still, he would be your best ally in this.”
“If you need any help with sorting all this out…?” Jonathan offers.
“No. No. I’m not even if I want to.” Nora shakes her head.

Her fingers run through the papers in the box.
“I don’t want to know what else I never knew…. Maybe I should give myself the same advice as I gave Holly two years ago… Just make a bonfire and burn it all…. At the same time, I’m curious…. What if there is something in there I should know about him….”

Saul smiles warily and shakes his head.
“I’m glad that you are so good at making up your mind as to what you want.” Jonathan laughs.
“I’ll get there… Eventually…” Nora smiles.



“Are you sure? Working with Roy McGraw?” Tim asks.
“Why not?” Scotty asks in return. “He seems to know what he’s talking about…”
“Yeah, but he’s a leech. He sucks people dry.” Tim answers. Scotty seems surprised by Roy’s words.

“Really? Tell me. I’ve been away from New York a long time.” Scotty leans a little closer over the table, all interested in what Tim could possibly have to say. Tim however hesitates, not sure if he should bring this up.

“Well, he does help people to set up restaurants , yes, it’s true. He knows his paperwork, he has the connections and the know-how. Yet, once it’s up and running and you’ll be back in LA, a ‘manager’ that he has appointed will start to run your restaurant, right?” Tim asks. Scotty nods. “Well, those guys are usually the ones with other connections. People you don’t wish to be associated with.

They hire the waiting-staff at the lowest rate per hour possible. They will bill you the full amount. The difference? In their pockets. Nobody on your waiting-team will dare to complain, because they need the money. No one can step forward, for fear for the families.”
“And how do you know all that?”

“A friend of mine used to work at a bar that had been in McGraw’s clutches. He had financial problems and he had no choice. Andrew and I got him out of trouble, which is how he could escape, but… he was too afraid to do something about it.”
“So, basically, Roy hires people to bully those less fortunate?”

“Exactly. If I were you, I’d have that husband of yours check out your contract. Real good.” Tim advices and Scotty remembers the times that he himself had to work for hours for a low income. It had driven him crazy and he had vowed that if ever he would run a place, he'd make sure that everyone would be treated in a fair way.

“I’m glad you told me. I’ve been in financial problems myself. And I hate bullies. I think, that I need to wake up Kevin and have him review my contract….” Scotty says.


End of part 1/4


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