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14 steps to happiness - step 11 - two places

2.06 Two places

By Marea67
About: Scotty/Kevin
Rate: R
Disclaimer: B&S doesn’t belong to me. Written with love, not for money.
Summary: Scotty tries to cheer Kevin up.

‘The Exorcist’ had not brought the satisfaction needed, but Scotty noted Kevin’s request for ‘anything with Freddy Krueger in it, “cause I really need to see some butchering” with a large smile. The Thornbirds were thrown back in the bag, as Kevin did NOT wish to see anything with priests anymore. ‘Glitter’ was vetoed away by Kevin with a “please, I am not that gay” and eventually they settled for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ because they both agreed that Johnny Depp was hot and Orlando Bloom a delicious added bonus.

Kevin felt relaxed. Scotty had thought of everything. The ice-cream bucket they shared was almost empty, they were laughing at the same moments and jokes. Having seen the movie several times, they commented the movie thoroughly. Reluctantly Kevin had to admit that this was fun. Scotty’s dry sense of humor, mixed with his own sarcasm had made, the last hour and a half, a lot of fun. It felt so familiar, so like when they were together.

This sudden realization made him feel a bit uncomfortable and he looked at Scotty, who was watching the movie. But when Kevin closed his eyes, he could still see the silhouette of the face that was so familiar, he had often touched it and wished he could trace, with his hand, the lines that appeared when Scotty smiled… he would caress his cheeks, circle around his eyes to caress the eyelashes and over his nose to that mouth, where he would then let his finger slowly enter and let it move between those lips, knowing very well that, although Scotty was sucking gently on the finger, he had something else in mind. … And the more innocent the look in those blue eyes was, the dirtier the thought behind those eyes would be.

“Kev? Are you alright?” When did Scotty go to the kitchen? Kevin wondered.
“Mhmm? What?”
“I asked, twice, if you wanted some more ice-cream?” Scotty’s cheerful voice, chased away all other thoughts.
“No thanks, I think my sugar-levels are high enough as it is.” Kevin joked as he realized that not only his sugar-level was up. Kevin shifted on the couch, until he finally settled to put one of the pillows in his lap to hide his erection. If Scotty had seen anything, he chose to look the other way and not to comment, which was just fine with Kevin.

In the kitchen, Scotty’s smile faded. He felt jealous. Kevin had obviously been thinking of Jason and it somehow bothered him. He knew it was ridiculous. He himself had put Kevin out of his life twice, but there was something so addictive to being with him. He just loved Kevin so much and he could not understand why Jason didn’t call. But it is not his place to comment. And he loves being here with Kevin and as hard as it is to keep his hands off Kevin, he will. Because Kevin is in love with Jason and he’s lonely now. If he would make a mistake now and lose Jason, he would be devastated and Scotty will not let that happen.
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, series - 14 steps to happiness

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