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Fanfic: Thirty


By Marea67
: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine. Written with love, not for financial gain.
Summary: Scotty’s 30th birthday is at the time of Kitty’s operation and all focus goes to her. Dedicated to micqu "Happy birthday, girl!"


The smell of coffee wakes Scotty before anything else does. The bed moves, the pressure of hands leaning on the mattress… Warm lips gently caress the skin of Scotty’s neck and with an almost purring moan Scotty slowly turns around. The lips, that before kissed his neck, now cover his mouth and Scotty lets the kiss deepen for a few seconds.

Kevin breaks the kiss.
“Happy birthday.” He says, but his smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes and Scotty knows why.
“Any news from the hospital?” He asks. Kevin shakes his head.

“Well, that’s good news, right?” Scotty tries to cheer him up. “We know that Kitty pulled through the operation, we know that Ryan is fine. No calls means no danger, right?” Kevin looks at his handsome husband, just awake, hair sticking in all direction… The genuine kindness in his eyes is almost too much to take.

“I know. I keep telling myself the same thing.” Kevin smiles. “And right now, I have another worry.”
“Which one?” Scotty asked, concern on his face.
“Someone’s 30th birthday. I hadn’t forgotten.” Kevin smiles sweetly.

“I never thought you had, but I can see that this is not the time to celebrate and… that’s alright with me. We can always do it some other day, when Kitty is feeling better and when she and Ryan are back home….”
“Would you really not mind?” Kevin seems surprised by Scotty's words.

“No…. Can have I my coffee before it gets cold?” Scotty gives Kevin the sweetest look he can make and Kevin kisses the tip of his nose.
“Of course.” The tray is simple, but the coffee smells the delicious, the sight of breakfast makes him hungry and the two white carnations in a glass are a nice touch. Kevin really made an effort.

“These are beautiful.” Scotty smiles.
“So are you.” Kevin kisses him, just long enough to arouse him, but not long enough to lose control. They finish their breakfast in bed by talking about the weather, their work, Kitty and Ryan, but eventually they put their tray aside and Scotty smiles, curious about what gift will follow.

The slow kiss is just the start. There’s no need to rush, but Scotty is eager to move along. Kevin can only smile at the realization of how much his husband wants him.
“I love you.” Scotty sighs, when Kevin’s hands finally start to move below the shoulders. “I love to be kissed by you, but….”

“There are things you like... better?” Kevin teasingly lets his hand rest on the bulge that he sees under sheet and Scotty’s shocked little noise makes Kevin laugh out loud. Without further delay, Kevin shoves away the sheet. His fingers hook under the elastic band of Scotty’s shorts and within seconds there are no more clothes on Scotty’s body.

Kevin is momentarily distracted by Scotty's beauty, but then he spreads Scotty’s thighs and he lets his hands possessively caress Scotty’s upper-legs. His hands move from Scotty’s knees up to the centre and he can Scotty’s breath hitch when his fingers finally caress Scotty’s erection. A grip tightens, a tongue tastes and a mouth engulfs.

Scotty pushes his body up. His fingers spread over Kevin’s head so he can put pressure on him. He wants more, so much more. Scotty closes his eyes. All he feels is Kevin’s mouth bringing him closer and closer to the edge.
“Don’t stop.” He begs continuously while Kevin arouses him even more.

Kevin stops for a moment, just long enough to prepare for what is to come. Scotty’s disappointed moan is music to Kevin’s ears. His fingers play with Scotty, continue to caress and arouse him, although he knows that Scotty won’t find satisfaction this way…
“Kevinnnnn…..” Scottty begs and he reaches for Kevin’s head.

Kevin jerks his head back to make sure that Scotty can’t reach him.
“Ah-ah!” He warns. Scotty gives him a frustrated glance and Kevin takes pity on him. “Well, alright then, it’s your birthday after all.” He teases Scotty. He bows his head and Scotty lets out a tortured moan, now that he’s instantly aroused again.

“Please, please….” Scotty whispers and this time Scotty will not let Kevin stop. As his hands find a firm grip in Kevin’s hair, he shoves himself deeper in Kevin’s mouth, he can feel the way Kevin tries to stop him, but Scotty is too close to care about it. One more thrust. And another… and then … the freefall!


Kevin hands Scotty his keys and he lifts up the box from the trunk
“I don’t understand why mom couldn’t get this herself.”
“Your mother wanted to be with Kitty tonight, because Robert had an appointment somewhere and she didn’t want Kitty to be alone.” Scotty says patiently.

“Could you open the door? This thing isn’t getting any lighter…. And I want to go to the restaurant to get our dinne before my back gives up on me…” Kevin complains. Scotty laughs and opens the door to Nora’s house. It’s dark in the hallway, because Nora is at the hospital with Kitty.

Scotty wants to reach out for the light-switch, when suddenly all the lights get turned on.
“SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He hears from all directions.
“Oh, my God!” Scotty backs away a step, really surprised by the sudden noise, but then he starts to laugh. He turns to Kevin.

“Did you know about this?” He asks.
“Yes. I had an idea, when the family told me not to worry about your 30th birthday.” Kevin answers.
“Did you seriously think we would forget?” Justin asks, giving Scotty a strong hug.

“We couldn’t. We love you.” Nora kisses him on both cheeks and Scotty becomes all shy at all the attention.
“Happy birthday, uncle Scotty.” Cooper’s words are echoed by Paige as they both wrap their arms around his waist for a strong celebration-hug.

“Thank you…” Scotty manages to say, before Sarah gives him a kiss as well.
“Thirty years old today....” Saul sighs with a happy smile on his face. Seeing Saul’s joy fills Scotty with happiness as well. Rebecca pushes a card in his hands and kisses him as well. Scotty opens the card. Before he can read it however, he hears:

“Really, Scotty? Did you think that our in-laws would pass up on a reason to open a few bottles of wine?”
“Robert?! … Aren’t you supposed to be at the hospital?” Scotty isn’t sure which overwhelms him more. The fact that Robert is actually here or the warm and friendly hug he gets from Robert.

“Kitty insisted that I’d be here in her place… I hope you don’t mind?” Robert laughs. Scotty shakes his head. He’s too surprised to say anything. “Read the card…” Robert insists. Scotty opens the card again and sees the shakily written ‘Happy 30th!” from Kitty. Underneath, more firmly, is Ryan’s name, written in his hand-writing .

Scotty’s eyes fill with tears. Kevin hands him two envelops.
“I intercepted these two this morning…” He says with a sweet smile. Scotty can guess by just looking at the hand-writing.
“This one is from my mom. And this one from dad.”

“I thought so.” Kevin grins.
“Dinner is ready.” Nora yells over the noise and as everyone moves to the dining-room, Scotty stops Kevin.
“Did you arrange this?”

“I might have mentioned … a thing … or two..” Kevin answers with a knowing smile.
“I love you and your family so much for this….” Scotty is clearly overwhelmed."They didn't have to... I would have understood."

“I know that. But that isn't who we are... Or who they are ... They love Kitty and they are worried about her, but they love you too. Perhaps we're not celebrating your 30th birthday as lavishly as I would have liked to see, but .... that doesn't mean we don't love you... Or that we would forget about you. Happy birthday, baby…”

Kevin takes his husband in his arms and kisses him. For a moment they seem lost in their kiss, until then the yells from the others, to join them for dinner, bring them back to the party….


Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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