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Fanfic: B&S episode 705: part 3/4

Season 7 – Episode 705 – Private investigations

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you!


“Mr Walker, I have examined Billy and I’ve been informed by the police about your wife’s condition, as well as the family situation. I have also received the files from the hospital in Kansas, where your wife was staying and where Billy was born….” The pediatrician says.

She looks at Tommy intently to see if Tommy understands every word she says. She can see how he holds on to the little boy as if his life depends on it. Tommy is pale and he looks like he could faint at any minute from the tension inside him. Thankfully, his brother-in-law seems to be more in control.
Tommy nods slowly, concern written on his face.

“How bad is it? He’s really not healthy, is he?” He asks. She shakes her head.
“Billy is malnourished and he will need to get stronger. Fast! He will need extra vitamins and extra feedings… I have here the schedule that needs to be kept…..”

She hands him a sheet of paper and Tommy quickly reads it. Tommy’s head spins. How can he do that? Where will he find the time? Should he hire a nanny? Panic brakes out and sweat forms on his forehead as he feels as if someone is suffocating him. He feels a hand on his back.

“Breathe, Tommy!” Scotty’s voice is calm and soothing. Tommy stares at the feeding schedule that show him the 4-hour intervals and the volume that Billy is supposed to drink and he shakes his head.
“How am I supposed to do this?” He asks, looking up at his brother-in-law.

“We’ll work something out.” Scotty says and he takes the schedule from Tommy to read it as well. “Doctor, would it be a big problem if the night-feeding would be one hour later?”
“Would that be more convenient?” The pediatrician asks in return. Scotty shrugs.

“I’m not sure yet. I was just wondering if it would have such a big impact…” He sees her inquisitive face and he sighs and he explains: “I own a restaurant and I come home around one or two in the morning. I could take care of that feeding, while Tommy lives with us. I’m usually too awake to go to sleep anyway.

But that is just me trying to find solutions. I have no idea what my brother-in-law’s plans are and I certainly can’t make decisions without first discussing them with my husband.” Scotty sighs. “I’m just thinking about the options we have… or rather that Tommy might have.” Tommy gives him a sad smile. He’s glad that Scotty came with him.

“No. It wouldn’t be bad if a feeding would be a little later than scheduled, but he needs to eat regularly and with smaller portions, so that he will keep more inside and learn to cultivate hunger again… Mr Walker, you have to understand that the situation is serious. Are you sure that you can take care of him on your own?”

“I’m not entirely on my own… I have my family… I don’t know yet. I need to think about everything you just told me and how I’m going to fit all this in my life and still be able to keep my job, have a place to live and look after my daughter and my wife….” Tommy answers honestly.

“Mr Walker, you wife has been institutionalized, I know that much… Do you even have some plan on how to move on?” She asks. “Your child is in serious need. He needs help! He needs food! He needs his medicine! He needs attention and love. You can’t just go on with a ‘we’ll see’ attitude. That’s not good enough.” The pediatrician warns Tommy.

Tommy is flabbergasted by what he considers an ‘attack’ on him, but Scotty remains calm.
“Doctor, I’m sure that Tommy is very aware of the gravity of Billy’s situation. We’ll put our heads together to see what help Tommy, Elizabeth and billy wirr require and then we will make sure Tommy gets it.”

The woman looks at Scotty who is calm and practical. He meets her stare with a stoic look on his face. If there’s one thing he has learned from Kevin is that sometimes silence is the best weapon. He searches for that calm core in himself and he faces her worries from that inner peace.

“Very well.” She then says. I want to see you back here next week, Mr Walker. And I would like to hear from you then, how you’ve solved this situation. I believe that you’re willing to find a solution. I hope you will get the help you believe is waiting for you. But... If there isn’t an amelioration of Billy’s condition,… I will have to report that…”

Her warning makes Tommy feel even more desperate. He has already lost custody over Elizabeth, what if he loses Billy as well?
“No pressure, huh?” Scotty says sarcastically. “Well, don’t worry. I’ll rally the troops and aside from that, we’ll see about what we can do about an intervention.

My husband is a lawyer and I’m sure that he will be able to pull a few legal strings. Plus we have an adopted daughter and we have a young man under our wings as well. We’ll talk to that counselor to see what we can do to make sure that Tommy won’t lose Billy. They’ve been through enough!”

Scotty gets up and helps Tommy to put the little coat on Billy’s body. Billy hardly responds, he’s safely asleep with his head on his father’s shoulder.
“Thank you.” Tommy whispers and Scotty nods, while he gives Tommy a little nudge to go the door, so that they can leave this office.


“Hey, pal, how are you?” Justin asks. Dan’s waist is wrapped up in bandages.
“Hurts like hell, but thank God, no vital organs hit. A lot of blood for a shallow wound.”
“You’ll be back on the ambulance before you know it.” Justin answers with confidence.
“Thanks to you. You were amazing out there.”

Justin shrugs shyly and he mumbles something about having been in a war.
“So, what does that mean?” Dan asks.
“I had to learn to defend myself. That is why I always carry a bit of rope with me. When something happened over there, everyone wanted you to be there for everyone.

And they wanted it RIGHT NOW!!! And I get it. Those are your comrades dying, hurting, crying and bleeding, but I can’t be there for 10-15 men at the same time. I could only focus on one at a time. And they all wanted my immediate attention and if they didn’t get it, it could sometimes become very ugly. Usually there was always someone there to remind others to let me do my job...

But not always. It’s why I always had a piece of rope with me.Twice, in the field, I’ve had to fight for the right to make my own choices and it meant I had to tie someone down to do my job. The emotions are understandable, but … I need to do my work in all safety as well and that means not have someone breathing down my neck, screaming and yelling at me.”

“Still, it was amazing.” Dan winces as he tries to sit up.
“Easy with that. We wouldn’t want that wound to open up again.”
“No.” Dan says quietly. Justin has a good at him and suddenly he feels worried.

“What is going on?” he asks..
“I don’t know.”
“Yes, you do.” Justin disagrees with Dan. Dan sighs.

“I had heard about violence being used against paramedics, even had training for it and such, but today…. I just froze… It never happened to me before. I thought I was prepared and then it happens and I just freeze…”
“You were caught off guard. That is normal. It never happened to you before.”

“But I should have…. I don’t know. … I should have done something.”
“Dan, the first time it happened to me I completely freaked out afterwards. I nearly let someone die because I was too afraid to stand up for myself and for those who need me.

Next time, you will react differently. Now you know that it can happen and how fast it can happen. You can’t know that until it actually happens to you. You can’t train for that, it just happens to you and you either react or you don’t.”
“I’m not sure that I’ll do better next time.” Dan says with a miserable face.

“Well, you shouldn’t be too worried about that now…” Justin says replies.
“But I am. And frankly. I wonder if I’ll be able to get back on the ambulance again after what happened today… I want to help people, Justin, but not at the expense of my own life…”


Back in the kitchen of his home, Scotty makes coffee, while Tommy puts Billy back in bed.
“What time will Jordan be here?” Tommy asks, when he comes back in.

“In about 15 minutes. Which is good, because I’ve been doing some thinking and I have something I want to discuss with you… I don’t want to take over your life. If you don’t like what I’m proposing than it’s fine with me too.”
“I’m listening. At this moment I feel too tired to fight you over anything anyway.” Tommy replies apologetically.

“I’ve been doing some thinking, and I have to discuss this with Kevin also, but… we still have a study that we don’t really use at the moment. If Kevin and you agree, you could perhaps stay there with us for a few weeks.”

“Unless you want to go back to your apartment? But I don’t think so. Am I right?”
“No. I can’t stay there anymore. I never really liked the place and I hadn’t realized how much pain and sadness Billy was going through. The apartment wasn’t my choice. It was what Julia wanted… ”

“So, is Kevin’s study an option for you? Billy can sleep with you, we’ll put his crib in there and like that his night-feedings won’t have to disturb Elizabeth or any of the other kids sleeping upstairs. I can help you at night, when I come home from work, as I suggested at the doctor’s office?”

“Scotty, I don’t know… I’ve already asked a lot you and Kevin. You’ve been looking after Elizabeth for more than a year now, I can’t impose on you two any further…”

“I’d rather you did.” Scotty wipes Tommy’s words away. “Can I be honest? Kevin and I have been worried about Billy, and Elizabeth too. We noticed how lifeless Billy was and we noticed that Elizabeth wasn’t feeling too comfortable around Julia. We also noticed that it’s love at first sight between Elizabeth and Billy. She needs to be with him and I think he needs her too…”

“And I want to be with my kids…” Tommy admits.
“Good. Can we both agree that Billy and Elizabeth need a bit of peace in their lives? And that you can’t accomplish that by dragging Billy from place to place?” Tommy nods.

“Well, then listen. We have a room for you and a bed. We have a place for Billy. We already a room for Elizabeth. There will you, Kevin and I to take care of 5 kids. We can do that. Aside from the fact that your family will help as soon as we ask, we will also have the help of Jordan and we’ve already seen that Billy likes Jordan. J

ordan’s already looking after Daniel when Kevin and I can’t. He knows how complicated your family is….” Scotty laughs softly.“Think about it. You can be with your kids, together under one roof. You’ll have a place to sleep. And the food isn’t bad either…” Scotty teases. Tommy hesitates.
“I’ve already asked so much from you and Kevin….” He says, rubbing his face. “I can’t … ask for more.”

“You’re not asking, I’m offering…” Scotty replies.
“This wasn’t supposed to happen, Scotty, I swear… I was going to do the right thing this time…” Tommy’s eyes fill with tears. “I would get my marriage back on track. I’d be back with the love of my life… We’d have the kids we wanted. I’d get Elizabeth back. Be her dad.”

“I know… And it can still happen… I believe that you can be the dad you want to be and that you can have your kids. I don’t know about Jules, but I know that you’re ready to take the responsibility to be a dad. And you will get that responsibility back. Just let Kevin and me help you get back on track.”

“I don’t know.. I don’t know…” Tommy stammers. “I feel like I will never get back on my feet again.”
“You will.” Scotty assures him. “Will you please consider staying with us?”
“I will.” Tommy promises. "If Kevin agrees too."


“Brody! What a surprise!” Sarah smiles upon hearing her father’s voice on the phone.
“Yes, I can imagine… It’s been a while.”
“Mom will be so glad to know that you’re still alive.”

“I hope so. I plan to call her later today. I tried to reach her, but she wasn’t home?”
“She had something to do. She didn’t say what. Not that she would owe me an explanation anyway.”

“No. Of course not. She doesn’t owe me one either.” Brody admits. “And I’m not checking up on her… I’m calling for you. I’ve been speaking to my kids and after some long talks and a lot accusations flying around, I have finally reached a point where I got through to them and… they want to meet you…”
“They do?” Sarah’s mouth drops open.

“Yes. They can’t wait to sit down with you and have a real conversation this time.”
“I can’t begin to tell you how happy that makes me.” Sarah sighs.
“I want all my kids to be together and to get to know each other.”

“I agree… I just need to find out when I can do this… I can’t just leave with everything that has happened.”
“Why? What happened?”

“There’s been quite some drama. With Julia and Tommy. Right now I can’t just simply leave to join you, because Tommy and Holly and Ojai need me…”
“I see. Well, call me when you know more. I want to do this as soon as possible…”


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