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Fanfic: B&S episode 705: part 2/4

Season 7 – Episode 705 – Private investigations

By Marea67
: Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you!


“You took your time to fucking get here!” Justin looks up at the man who’s coming at them. He’s larger than life and definitely not in a friendly mood.
“Sir, we got here as fast as we could. Now, if you step back and let us help him.” Justin replies calmly.
“That’s my son.” The man informs them, as if that gives a good reason to be rude.

“What happened to him?” Justin asks, opening up the young men’s shirt.
“He collapsed.”
“Was he drinking? Using drugs?”
“My son don’t use any o’that.” The man boasts.

“Is he taking any medication?” Dan asks.
“Always healthy.”
“Not now.” Justin mumbles and he listens to the chest. “Heart’s beating…”

“What’s you doing to my boy?” The man comes closer. A wave of alcolhol-breath engulfs Justin.
“Sir, I need space to work…” Justin reminds him, in the hope the man will back off. Dan steps closer.
“Sir, why don’t you let my colleague do his job and… ah!!!” Justin jumps up at Dan’s scream of pain.

A blood-red stain appears on Dan’s shirt. He turns to Justin with a stunned look on his face. He raises his hand.
“He … st… stabbed me.” Dan says. Justin doesn’t hesitate and turns to the attacker as he grabs a rope that he always carries with him.

“Sir, put that knife down! Now!” Justin orders. The man reacts nervously as sirens indicate that police-cars are approaching. When the man casts a panicked look over his shoulder, Justin grabs the opportunity and takes hold of the man’s wrist, without a thought he pushes the man’s hand down, while he lifts his knee, knocking into the man's wrist.

The man utters a scream of pain and lets the knife fall. Despite the man's size, Justin isn’t afraid. He turns the man’s arm on his back and pushes him to the ground. He places his knee in the hollow of the man’s back and manages to first tie up one hand and then the other one as well.

Helplessly the man yells out curses, while Justin pays no more attention to him. He runs up to Dan and puts a rolled up bandage against the wound to stop the bleeding. Though there's a lot of blood, judging from from the short knife, the wound cannot be deep. He wants to help Dan into the ambulance, but Dan pushes him away.

“ I can get into the ambulance on my own. Help the patient instead.” He tells Justin. He staggers a few steps and loses balance and he probably would have fallen if Justin hadn’t caught him. He supports Dan and helps him into the ambulance. From there, Dan watches the madhouse that explodes before him. The police arrives at the scene. He can see Justin holler orders about keeping the tied up man away from him.

The heart-machine that has been hooked up by now, starts to beep irregularly and Dan knows this is bad, but he’s unable to help Justin. He also hears that Justin is calling in the fact that is Dan is stabbed and that he needs a second ambulance. A police-officer starts to help Justin to give CPR and Dan feels desperate over his inability to help.

The second ambulance comes on the scene. Dan can hardly keep his eyes open from the pain in his side. The second ambulance takes the young man away, the father gets shoved into a police-car and Justin jumps in their ambulance.
“Hold on, Dan, I’m getting you to the hospital as fast as I can.” Justin promises.


Dennis York browses through the magazine on his desk, before flinging it in the paper-basket. There’s a knock on his door and his secretary comes in.
“Mr York, there’s a Nora Walker here to see you. She has no appointment.” The thin line that her lips make, makes Dennis understand that she doesn’t agree with something as insulting as not making an appointment. .

“Nora Walker? You must have misunderstood the name?” He grins, unable to believe that she could be right.
“No, sir. I haven’t.” The dissatisfied pout is proof of the fact that the thought alone would be ridiculous to her. He sighs. Of course, his secretary rarely makes a mistake. It’s why he hired her.

“Do you have her on the phone? Or is she really physically here?”
“Physically here.”
“Then…. Let her in.”
“Yes, sir.” She leaves his office and a few seconds later, Nora enters the room.

“Nora.” He’s really surprised to see William’s wife in his office. For a moment he had even played with the idea that maybe there was another Nora Walker. It had been simply unbelievable that it could really be her.
“Nora! To what do I owe this pleasure?” He asks.

“I would like to know the truth behind this …” She places a news-paper article on Dennis’ desk and he picks it up. His smug smile vanishes.
That…. is a long time ago… Where did you get that?”
“Doesn’t matter…” Nora starts.

“What are you trying to prove by this?” Dennis asks.
“Nothing… I … I don’t understand what happened. I guess…” Nora closes her eyes, embarrassed to the core, that she needs to ask help from Dennis York. “I guess I want to know if William killed his own father… And what do you know about all of this?”

“I can’t tell you anything.” Dennis says.
“Come on, Dennis. It’s been nearly 60 years ago. Does it matter after all this years? Can’t you just tell me the truth? Just between you and me? I’m not trying to set you up or anything. I just want the truth.”

“And the truth is, that I don’t know what the truth is.” Dennis answers. He takes a deep breath and then gently explains: “I’m not trying to hurt you here. Listen, this was in the autumn of 1954. I was 16, William had just turned 19. I didn’t know him that well, but I knew his dad.

William sr was a nasty piece of … horse manure…. He was violent and had a bad temper. I could see that in the way that he treated his animals and  how he treaded those who worked for him. I’ve seen him hit and kick his son around as if William was nothing. I’ve seen the bruises on William’s body from where he had been hit. Things were just like that, way back then. Nobody did anything to protect William from his dad.

William worked hard to keep the farm running. It wasn’t that the farm couldn’t sustain itself, it was that William sr just let everything go to waste and then he would blame his son for his own failures. I started working on that farm when I was about 15 and trying to make an extra buck to help my support my mom after my dad had run off.

I just went there, did my chores, got paid and I would leave again. I didn’t notice much the first year I was there. I was too busy with my work, but the second year, something had changed. William no longer took the abuse. He managed to stay well away from his dad. It was as if turning 18 had flipped a switch in him or something.

He and his dad argued a lot. We could hear them yelling insults and death-threats at each other all the time. The wooden ladder to the hay-loft was an old thing and William had warned his father that one of these days someone would break his neck on that thing. Senior answered that he wouldn’t mind if it were Junior.

Junior replied that he’d rather see Senior dead before that would happen… An hour later Senior is found at the bottom of the ladder with a broken neck…. But we never knew whether he was pushed or if he fell.”
“But William was with you when his dad presumably fell….? You testified to that…?” There’s a long silence after Nora’s question. Dennis seems to consider his options.

“Dennis, did you lie about it?” Nora now asks.
“I don’t know. It’s not like I actually saw hi in the barn killing his dad. I never saw him near the barn either. But that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t have been in there. He could have entered the barn without me noticing it, or enter and leave through the other door. He coul have killed his dad….”

“But you testified that he was with you.” Nora points out. Dennis sighs and throws his hands in the air.
“What else could I do? I was 16, not the smartest kid in school, glad to at least have this job. I understood that if William would go to prison, I would lose my job for sure. If I would lie and provide him with an alibi… William would owe me one. With his father dead by accident, William would inherit the farm and I would have a job…” Dennis shrugs.

“But this also means that you had a permanent weapon against William?” Nora understands.
“Yes. Unfortunately the knife cuts both ways. I couldn’t rat on William without admitting that I had committed perjury. I was the one who had lied under oath.”

“So you held each other tightly by the balls.” Nora mumbles, but it’s loud enough for Dennis to hear and he chuckles at her words.
“It never brought us much pleasure, I can tell you that.” He then says and even Nora has to laugh softly. Her entire strained attitude fades.

“I’m not any further now than I was when I came here.” She sighs.
“What were you looking for, Nora? What was the purpose of all this?” Dennis asks, and for a moment Nora considers not answering. It’s none of his business anyway, but then she feels likes she owes him an explanation for her presence in his office.

After all, he hadn’t sought her, she had come to him. She had entered his domain, his house.
“I guess I was looking for William.” She sighs. “I’ve found out so many negatives things about him, since he died… I sometimes feel that I was married to a stranger. I never knew him.” She expects a nasty remark or, at least, a sarcastic snark but Dennis is very serious all of a sudden.

“I’m not surprised. I don’t think that anyone of us ever really knew him. He was the sort of man who would only show you what he felt you needed to know. He did that with you and with me and with Saul and everyone else around him. I thought I knew him too. We had a history. I trusted him, because he had to trust me too.

I did the dirty jobs for him, so I believed he trusted on my silence. Not just because I couldn’t tell anyone the truth without implicating myself, but because I was loyal to him. When he asked me to help him with Voley Foods I never thought twice about it. It seemed alright. It all made sense. And then, all of a sudden, I was in prison… And William testified against me. I never saw it coming. The embezzlement charges, yes, that was the chance I knew I was taking.

What I didn’t expect was that William would betray me… I worked with him, closely, for quite a few years. I thought I knew him and then… I sat there in court, looking at him, wondering who that stranger was that was signing my fate…” Nora listens to Dennis and she can see no more bitterness on him. Not like a few years ago.

“Did you somehow manage to forgive him?” She wonders.
“No. Not him. But I have no further gripes with you or your family. I just want to live the remainder of my days as far away as I can from anything that has to William Walker.”
“Thank you. I think, …. I think that I’ll leave you alone then.” Nora sighs.


“Mateo! You’re back in school… Were you sick?” For a moment Mateo is tempted to tell Paige that it’s none of her business, but then he changes his mind.
“It was just something that I ate, I think. I feel better now.” He tries to remain casual.
“Mateo, about what I told you the other night…”

“We broke up. I get it. We have nothing left to talk about.”
“But we can still be friends, right?” She asks, realizing that she's wrong when she sees the disbelief on Mateo’s face.
“Not now, Paige.” He answers.
“But Kevin and Scotty…” She starts.

“You see your uncles whenever you want. Just giv me some space to get over this…. I wasn’t the one who fell in love with someone else during the holidays. It hurts that you broke up with me. It hurts! Is that what you want to hear? Does that stroke your vanity? Well, fine! It hurts like hell. Now leave me alone. I’ll get over you. Just leave me alone!”

The door of Mateo’s locker slams closed and that is the end of the conversation as far as he’s concerned. He walks away and he leaves Paige to stand alone next to the lockers.
“Hey, is something the matter?” She turns around and she’s face-to-face with her new boyfriend, Bradley.

“No. Nothing. I just wanted to talk to Mateo, but….”
“He made a drama out of it. I guess that’s what you get when you move in with a couple of gays. You become a drama-queen too.”
“Those ‘gays’ are my uncle and his husband.” Paige frowns.

“Sorry. Hey, you know I was just joking, right?”
“It wasn’t funny.” Paige answers.
“Well, sorry, I should have realized that those words would get to you. But your ex-boyfriend shouldn’t make such a fuss over nothing, alright?” He gives Paige a kiss and she drops the subject.


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