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Fanfic: B&S episode 705: part 1/4

Season 7 – Episode 705 – Private investigations

By Marea67
Brothers & Sisters general
Rate: Can’t go higher than PG-13 as this American Television.
Disclaimer: Just escaping from reality here, not created for financial gain.
Summary: It’s my own season 7. Go with it! If you believe you can do better, write it yourself! I dare you!


also starring


When Tommy enters the kitchen he see his younger brother quickly make a few sandwiches for the children. As Kevin puts the sandwiches in their respective bags, Tommy leans against the doorpost.
“I remember the times when mom wouldn’t even allow you to hold a knife.”

Kevin, startled, turns around.
“Hey, did you sleep well?” He asks with a smile on his face.
“Yes… Had both my kids in my bed, close to me.”
“Wonderful way to wake up, isn’t it?”

“Yeah,.. but then I remembe why they are in my bed, or rather on my air-mattress and… it’s sad.”
“I’m sorry. You want some sandwiches as well, to take to the office?”
“You’ll make them for me?” Tommy asks surprised.

“Yes. I’m busy now anyway. Might as well make some for you.”
“Yes, great.”
“What sort of sandwich do you want? I have…”
“Surprise me.” Tommy cuts Kevin off, but in a gentle way. “I’m fine with anything.”

At that moment the door opens, and quietly the kids take their places to make their breakfast, until Elizabeth comes in last and she closes the door behind her. The moment the door is closed, the kids start to talk and the kitchen is filled with noise.
“Scotty’s still asleep.” Kevin explains before Tommy can ask for something.

“Billy is awake though.” Elizabeth says.
“Go get him and bring him here.” Kevin tells Tommy. ".. before he starts to cry."
“And be quiet! Don’t wake up uncle Scotty.” Elizabeth warns. Tommy jokingly salutes to his daughter and disappears.

Kevin continues to make breakfast for the kids, until Tommy enters with a sleepy Billy on his arm.
“Kev….” Tommy looks at his brother with a concerned look on his face. “What about Billy?”

“No worries, Jordan is willing to take care of Daniel and Billy. He’s good with kids. Amazing even… So, relax… Or you could stay home and do it yourself…? I can’t tell you what to do, but… I don’t want to put pressure on you, but you’re needed at Ojai too and you’ll need a decent income if you wish to take back custody over Elizabeth….”

Tommy looks completely devastated and Kevin understands.
“You hadn’t thought that far ahead, had you?” Tommy is spared an immediate answer, because the kitchen-door is opened and Jordan enters.
“Hey, little monsters!” He greets the kids first and then hugs Kevin.

“Are you sure that you have time to look after Billy?” Kevin asks him.
“Yeah, no problem…. That’s… if your brother agrees?” Jordan turns to look at Tommy.
“I would love that, so I can… I don’t know… make some plans for the future…” Tommy stammers, caught between the wish to stay and look after Billy and just go to work.

“Listen, don’t worry about anything. I’m still looking after Daniel when needed. I can take care of Billy too. Maybe it would be a good thing to go to your work today and have some normalcy back in your life.” Jordan’s words make sense and Kevin nods.
“Come on, let’s go to work. Let Jordan take care of the rest….” Kevin encourages.

Numbly Tommy hands over Billy to Jordan and he watches how Kevin kisses his kids goodbye. Elizabeth gives Tommy a firm hug.
“Go to work, dad. Jordan can do this.” Elizabeth speaks with confidence and, with some doubt still on his mind, Tommy follows Kevin to their cars.

“I have a meeting at Ojai later on, so I’ll see you there. I will make a spare key to our house for you… Ahm, this is Jordan’s phone-number. If you want to know how Billy is doing, call him. He won’t mind.” Kevin is as practical and organized as ever and it overwhelms Tommy a bit.

“Last night, after I went to bed, you spend your time getting everything organized, didn’t you?” Tommy asks, not too hostile.
“I spoke to Jordan.” Kevin confesses.
“Thank you… for helping me to get my life organized again…” Tommy says gratefully.


“Ahm, mom, why are you googling for cattle farms…?” Kitty asks, after a look on her mother’s screen.
“Oh, nothing, just…. Looking.” Nora answers, while she returns to the kitchen with a small coat in her hand. “I fixed the zipper on the coat.”

“Thanks mom, I like that coat so much on Grace, but Grace still hasn’t figured out how zippers work and that pulling at them isn’t going to open them…” Kitty smiles. “But.. you’re changing the subject… Cattle? Are you adding something to fruit and wine?”

“No. It’s nothing. Just… I was just looking for something… and…” Nora stammers and Kitty takes a better look.
“Wait a minute.. Dennis York? Isn’t that…? That isn’ the ennis York, is it?”
“Yes.” Nora replies and she’s rather annoyed.

“Why are you looking for him?”
“I was just thinking about the old days and …. I was wondering if he was really doing as well as he had pretended…”

“He does.” Nora answers. Her voice is even more annoyed. Kitty frowns.
“Is he making problems again?” She asks.
“No. He’s far away on his ranch and he's far away from me.”

“Kitty, just let it be. I’m not snooping around on your computer either to then ask you a million questions or to make you feel like you’re being interrogated by Kevin.” Nora replies angrily and Kitty feels reprimanded. It’s been quite a long time since her mother had spoken to her like this. Nora sighs, when she sees Kitty’s face.

“I’m sorry, Kitty, but there’s no ulterior motive, just some reminiscing. So don’t make such a fuss about it. Alright?” Nora smiles as friendly as she can manage and though Kitty is still suspicious, she decides to let it go. If Nora has a secret that she wants to keep to herself, Kitty isn’t going to push the issue… Not yet anyway.


Dan yawns as he sits down in the ambulance.
“Rough night?” Justin asks his partner.
“There was an accident in my street, went to give help, there was police everywhere, it was hours later, when I finally could go to bed.” Dan yawns again.

“Well, I want a peaceful and quiet day after everything that happened yesterday.” Justin leans back in the passenger seat.
“Any news?”
“Both kids are found. So is my sister-in-law…” Justin sighs.

“Not good?”
“At the police-station they discovered that she needed more help than just medical…”
“Did your brother talk to her yet? Did he get some answers? Like where did she plan to go? Why did she run away?”

“No. The doctor at the police-station advised against it. Said that Tommy could do more harm than good. Anger and fear aren’t the best emotions to have at a moment like that.” Dan nods at Justin’s words. He can see the logic there. He looks at Justin again and yawns even harder than before.

The first call comes in and Dan starts the ambulance.
“Ready for another day on the job?” He asks Justin.
“Nope. But let’s get it over with.” Justin grins and he fastens his seat belt, which is always a smart move if Dan is driving.


Kevin looks up in time to see Lena enter his office.
“Hi.” He greets her with a friendly smile. She smiles back.
“I’ve thought it over…” She says. “I would really like to have this job after all…”
“That is good news.”

“Here’s the contract, signed and all…” She hands him the contract.
“Things were a bit weird yesterday. I guarantee you that it isn’t always like that.”
“I hope not. Yesterday I thought things over and I believe that I want a new beginning as well. And since you want me, despite knowing some of the things that I’ve done….”

She shrugs a bit shyly and Kevin sighs.
“Don’t worry, I think that all of us are ready to put the past behind us.”
“That would be great… I don’t want to be nosy, but is Billy alright? I was worried about him yesterday. He was so light and so quiet.”

“Tommy has an emergency-meeting with a pediatrician this afternoon. She will examine Billy. I can only hope it will not all reflect too much on Tommy as a parent…”
“Could he lose his son?”
“I don’t know. Tommy was as blindsided by Julia’s actions, or rather non-actions, as we all were.”

“What about Julia and Elizabeth?”
“Elizabeth went back to school this morning.”
“What? Is that smart?”
“I told her she could stay home, but … she didn’t want to…”

“Isn’t that weird?” Lena wonders. “Yesterday must have been traumatizing.”
“I think so too, but … what can I do? Elizabeth wanted to go to school as if nothing happened. I just have to make sure that one of us is there when she breaks, I suppose.”
“And Julia?”

“Tommy got advised to not go see her. And… right now… I don’t want to see her. I was too angry with her.” Kevin replies.
“So, what’s going to happen now, with Julia?”
“I think that she needs to go back to getting psychiatric help. In a safe place.”


“Not another one?” Tyler asks, looking at the rapport that Cleo just gave her.
“It wasn’t any of the chamber-maids that worked on the other two occasions.”
“Then, how do they do it?” Tyler says. “The only ones entering are the customers and the chamber-maids. Do we have a ring of thieves working for us?”

“We’ve never had this many thefts in so few days before. And all members of our staff has been working here for more than a year. Why now?” Cleo asks. Tyler shakes her head and can’t offer an answer to this very normal question. “Tyler, we have to get help, before this travels amongst our guests.”
“What do you suggest?”

“A private-investigator. We had one here, a few years ago, following a woman who was cheating her husband… The husband came here and created quite a lot of trouble. The PI helped me to calm everyone down. He was nice, but he was also  good at his work and very discrete. Perhaps I could call him? If he can no longer help us, maybe he can point to someone who can.”
“Very well, give him a call.” Tyler decides.


“Hi, Scotty, did I wake you?” Tommy asks.
“No. I already had my coffee, thanks for asking.”
“Listen, I know that what I’m about to ask doesn’t fall under the usual brother-in-law tasks, but…” Tommy starts hesitantly.

“What is it?” Scotty asks with a little smile on his face.
“I have to go to the pediatrician this afternoon and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me. I thought about asking mom or Kitty or Sarah, but… I don’t want the family involved. I mean, it’s not like you’re not family, but…”

Scotty laughs at Tommy’s attempt to correct his seemingly unkind words.
“I get what you mean.” He grins. “I’d love to come with you. I will make sure that Billy is ready. At what time will pick us up?”
“Quarter past one?” Tommy asks and Scotty accepts.


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